Should the Cowboys trust Chaz Green to be future starting RT?

Should the Cowboys trust Chaz Green to be future starting RT?

Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:51 am

While fans and analysts alike rush <a href="">Chaz Green Jersey</a> to figure out ways to fill the gaping holes at cornerback, safety and defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, there is another issue lurking in the shadows.
While the Cowboys’ offensive line is viewed as the most dominant unit in the NFL, they are only as strong as their weakest link.
At the moment, that link isn’t all that weak. While Doug Free may be the worst player on Dallas’ offensive line, he is still among the better right tackles in the NFL. However, at 33 years old with a myriad of injuries taking their toll, Free is likely on the precipice of a major decline in his playing abilities.
Furthermore, Free is going into the last year of his contract and unless he kick slides himself into the fountain of youth, that will likely end his tenure in Dallas.
Former third-round pick Chaz Green is typically viewed as Free’s eventual replacement, but should he be?
Why he should
The biggest reason Green should be tabbed as Dallas’ future starter at right tackle is because he’s proven to be a capable player on the field:
Ethan Young @NFLDrafter
Who is this and what have they done with Chaz Green? Another solid rep. Showing a ton of growth early in this game.
9:16 AM - 14 Aug 2016
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Green showed a ton of improvement in getting out of his stance, creating space and maintaining a half-man relationship with a defender (the three laws of pass protection).
On this play, you see Green (the left tackle) explode into the drive-catch phase of pass protection. The Cowboys appear to be utilizing a BOB (big-on-big) call for the left side of the protection. Green shows solid discipline and mental <a href="">Terrance Williams Jersey</a> processing to not get sucked into blocking the blitzing linebacker. Instead, he carries out the block on the defensive end.
One of the reasons why Dallas selected Green in the third round of the 2015 draft was because of his movement abilities. Despite lacking in other areas, Green has silky smooth feet that allows him to recover and block pass-rushers where most linemen would fail. This play is a great example:
Jim Jeff @CowboysGifs
3:45 PM - 27 Sep 2016
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Green gets out of his stance and to his landmark with relative ease and quickness while trying to obtain the half-man relationship. Because of a poor punch, the defensive end is able to briefly get to Green’s edge with a path to the quarterback; however, Green’s quick feet allow him to recover and get in position to maintain the block.
The best part of Green’s skill set is that it continues to show development. While some players stagnate once they get into the NFL, Green has developed nicely with his fundamentals that were lacking when he entered the league.

He is by no means a finished<a href=""></a> product, but he has shown he has the tools necessary to become a solid right tackle in the NFL with a little more consistency in his pass sets and a better punch.
Why he shouldn’t
Even though there is a ton of optimism surrounding Green’s development, it doesn’t matter at all if he can’t stay on the field.
Green’s college career was marred by injury as he dealt with ankle injuries and a torn labrum, and it hasn’t gotten any better in the NFL. He missed his entire rookie campaign because of a hip injury and parts of 2016 because of a foot sprain before being put on injured reserve because of a back issue.
In the NFL, the best ability is availability, and Green has proven that he can’t stay healthy.
Best course of action
Until Green shows that he can stay healthy, it would be foolish to place any trust in him being the starting right tackle.
It is one thing for the Cowboys to continue to trust a player like Sean Lee, who, before this last season, failed to stay healthy for an entire season, when he has proven to be a Pro Bowl caliber player when active. Even though Green has looked good in his appearances with the starting line, his performances are nowhere near Pro Bowl caliber.
Thus, it would be smart of Dallas to acquire their right tackle of the future, immediately.
If they decided to go the free agency route, a player like Luke Joeckel would be a great option. If they wanted to go the draft route, they could grab a guy like Ryan Ramczyk or Taylor Moton in this first couple rounds or a player <a href=""></a> like Antonio Garcia with a mid-round pick.
Still, the answer to the original question is clear: Chaz Green isn’t the future starting right tackle the Cowboys are looking for, and it’s time for Dallas to find a player who is.

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