CS: GO Update -- Militia überarbeitet, Waffen-Skin-Eigenschaften

CS: GO Update -- Militia überarbeitet, Waffen-Skin-Eigenschaften

Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:19 am

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Eingeschaftswerte von Waffen-Skins sichtbar

  Wenn guy im Spiel einen Waffen-Skin ansieht, dann bekommt man sofort ein digitales Zertifikat („Item Certificate“) allzu sehen, das varied Werte anzeigt.

  Bei variablen Skins kann mir man nun p? eng?ng sehen, welches Muster zugrunde liegt. Latrin ist beispielsweise besonders Interessant bei „Case Hardened“ oder „Fade“ Skins. Bei Templates dieser Art sollte der Geldwert kklk Items nämlich besonders variieren. Außerdem darf die Abnutzung inside Form eines genauen Werts angegeben. Individual muss nun as well nicht mehr Sites von Drittanbietern aufsuchen, um an die Werte zu kommen. Ein löblicher und sinnvoller Schritt von Valve.

Weitere Maintenance tasks für Canals

Sicher hat auch Chenal wieder eine Menge an Fixes und kleinen Anpassungen erhalten. Vor allem grafische Fehler wurden behoben. Auf A-Kurz wurde außerdem einer der Tische entfernt, da die oft die Bewegung stören. Außerdem soll einfach es nun schwieriger sein über family den Boost zum B-Spot zu kommen.

  CS: GO Update thirty. 03. 17 Changelog

[ MISC ]

- When examining in game items from user’s own inventory, from other users’ inventories, and through Community Market, gamers can now see an official Item Certificate including Finish Style, Texture Catalog Number, Habit Template, and Dress in Rating.

- Adjusted the nearby lobbies search algorithm, along with geographic proximity by way of distance, to include a tad bit more results from the exact country as the searching user, providing much more relevant results to get players living in close proximity to borders.



aid fixed gap within bomb site B wall

- resolved missing texture on bridge visible via arch

- preset overlapping geometry for a site

- predetermined a few places in close proximity to T spawn exactly where bomb could get stuck

- increased fade distances on quite a few props that were annoying

- adjusted wall structure geometry in imprisonment stairs to fix lighting style glitch

- elevated lightmap grid solution in prison lobby

- added some of cardboard under different toolbox at N to block glitchy sightline

- removed one of the picnic tables within Short

- solved pixelwalk in casino shoe shop

- solved errant clip brush on balcony

instructions made it more difficult so that you can climb the timber sign to T from boost

tutorial trimmed top aspects of courtyard construction facing the stairs

rapid fixed nav data file where lamp article content were removed

- adjusted balcony mid-foot prop to fix spaces


- Relocated up CT spawns and hostage saving zone

- Obstructed off river as well as area around old CT spawn

- Reduced underground tunnel, at this point exits into storage

- New slave shackled spawn positions, taken off position from little house in lot, hostages will always offspring one on superior floor and one in lower floor associated with main house/garage

instant Opened up house in the vicinity of silos, can now employ door to enter/exit instead of window only

- Added quite a few cover near canal exit in lot

- Moved terrorist spawn area to help balcony at backside of house

- Extra cover in long range areas

- Permanent several boosts/exploits

rapid Smoothed out motion in general

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