The use of relatively outdated products

The use of relatively outdated products

Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:00 am

In the launch of the PC version of PES3, Konami did not stop its expansion of the pace of the market, in PS2 This comparison pc more pure entertainment platform, the North American market and the Korean market has launched a WE7 international version, these versions of We and the March 1, 2003 launch of the WE6 International edition similar, are based on WE7, and on this adjustment, such as the game style of North America, the menu of Korean culture and the addition of multi-language interpretation.

The first official Simplified Chinese version of WE7 will also follow with PS2 's formal entry into the Chinese market. It is not difficult for us to see that we have entered our heyday, and continue to expand their market share, although this use of relatively outdated products to slightly change the occupation market strategy is still debatable, but it is not difficult to see that we in this expansion of the nature of the sales strategy, is forming a new upsurge.

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