Smoking Does Nothing For You

Smoking Does Nothing For You

Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:25 am

Well, hold on a minute, we all know the negatives of smoking outweigh the positives, but saying smoking does NOTHING for you is a bit steep isn't it? If there was no pleasure involved with smoking cigarettes, why would people get hooked in the first place?

That's the biggest danger of the smoking trap, and that is what the Corporate nicotine companies have worked so hard to lead you to believe, that there is a pleasure involved in smoking, that it gives you confidence, that the reason it is so addictive is simply because it is so good Cheapest Light Cigarettes. This is one of the biggest lies in the history of mankind, and everyone, whether or smoker or not, has bought into it.

Why do people start smoking in the first place? They hear all the government campaigns saying not to, they hear their friends who are already smoking saying not to Cigarettes Supplier, yet they still try one because they think "Those people MUST be getting something out of it"

That first cigarette tastes disgusting, so they think "Wow, that was terrible, I'm never going to get addicted to these things." Unfortunately, that is the very reason we get addicted. Whether it is just an experiment, or wanting to look sophisticated (Did you ever see someone smoking look sophisticated?) or macho, or whatever the reason, the belief that one won't possible get addicted because of how bad it tastes Buy Cigarettes Online Uk Cheap, is exactly what turns them into the smoker.

Nicotine is a drug, no two-ways about it. When a drug starts to leave your body, you feel discomfort, it might be a small subtle feeling, similar to hunger, but all your brain knows is that it wants another cigarette, so eventually the smoker has another one, and feels great relief. However, and here is where the danger is, that relief doesn't come across as relief, because it is only a subtle nicotine pang that is being relieved, so it is mistaken as pleasure. The smoker, having relieved their nicotine withdrawals, feels better, and assumes it is because the cigarette has made them feel good.

Now can you see why I say smoking does nothing for you? All it does is relieve withdrawal!

Here are some common misconceptions about what smoking can do for you. Smoking has at one time or another been attributed with the following: Boosting confidence, Helping someone sleep, Helping someone concentrate, Helping someone relax, Calming someone down, Boosting focus, Waking someone up in the morning, and so on.

Look at that list again, tell me, how can one thing do all of those things? Some of them contradict each other! It's like how smokers say "The one in the morning is the best Cigarette Tobacco For Sale," or "I can't cope without one after a meal". How can a cigarette taste differently at different times? Unless it is only performing the function of relieving nicotine pangs, and nothing else. The longer you go without nicotine, the more you enjoy smoking, strange coincidence there.

It should be pretty easy to quit smoking Duty Free Cigarettes, and in truth, it was for me. However, before it became easy for me, I failed several times. Only once I really understood that smoking was doing nothing for me, did I find it easy to quit.
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