The rocket league have nintendo Switch platform

The rocket league have nintendo Switch platform

Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:55 am

"Fusion of car, ball game the rocket league have nintendo Switch platform, the game developers Psyonix today through official blog released updated plan in the future, especially for the Switch version launched the picture mode option.

This spring, developers will upgrade the Switch version of the rocket league, which allows players to choose their own images. The two modes are: performance mode and quality mode.

In performance mode, the Switch edition of the rocket league base model resolution of 900 p, 720 p handheld model, two mode frame rate will be at 60 FPS, in order to guarantee the frame rate, resolution is dynamically adjusted. In the quality mode, the base mode resolution is increased to 1080P, while the resolution of the handheld device is still 720P unchanged, but the special effects are increased and the frame rate drops to 30FPS. The above update to the Switch version was launched in March. From February to may, there was a lot of competition and the launch of DLC.

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