The jazz has also attacked the SUNS behavior

The jazz has also attacked the SUNS behavior

Sun Mar 18, 2018 3:04 am

In a match between the SUNS and jazz yesterday, the players clashed and today, the NBA's official ticket, the sun forward Chris and Dudley were fined $25,000 each.

Sir In the match yesterday, a big lead, play to section 3 and 6 minutes and 55 seconds, the sun's Chris because he missed a dunk, in a bad mood, and then the jazz point guard Ricky rubio full speed fast break, Dudley rubio directly, this also angered the jazz players, the two sides nearly big confrontation in the field. Fortunately, the referee stopped the players and the situation did not go further. Eventually both Chris and Dudley were ejected.

After the game, the jazz has also attacked the SUNS behavior, Sir Dennis linxi said publicly, general manager of alliance is not doing enough to protect the players, for these pitch Yin action travel for no more effective, more processing measures. I don't know if linsey's words will be fined by the league.

The jazz's 116-88 victory was the most important thing for the jazz to get into the playoffs. After the victory, the jazz were 39-30, moving up to 7th in the west and 9-1 in 10 games.

Rankings remain competitive in the west and, of course, the jazz and 8 of the spurs winning percentage is the same, and including the fifth forest Wolf, pelican 6, 9 Denver, one of the biggest games gap only 2 games, so to speak, every day in the outcome of the game will affect the overall ranking changes.

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