The warriors are now planning for the playoffs

The warriors are now planning for the playoffs

Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:36 am

The warriors seem to have lost interest in the first season of the regular season. They have played 67 or more in the past three seasons and are the first in the league. The warriors still have a chance to win first place this season, but this is no longer an important goal for the team. They want to be healthy and healthy. For the currently injured curry, klay Thompson and durant, the warriors' plan is a minor injury that will allow them to recover completely without any hidden trouble.

The warriors in 2015-16 eaten kui, in order to create 73-9, they are not at the end of the season were rested player, garage and Craig Thompson plagued by injuries in that season's playoffs. The warriors last season in terms of maintenance of players to do well, the Lord to the playoffs all alive, with 16-1 performance of terror, including playoffs 15 wins in a row to create the record in the NBA.

The warriors were not seriously injured, and durant had a minor costal cartilage fracture that was expected to be re-examined two weeks later, and the injury could be healed in three weeks. Treasury's ankle injury is already almost better, but the warriors team in order to safe, deliberately delayed garage, added a recuperation consolidate cycle, so that the database recovery better. Thompson's right thumb is expected to be sidelined for two weeks. The warriors' only uninjured tycoon, draymond green, has revealed his team's plans to treat three all-star players.

"Now we are in such a situation, if the three players have to play, they can play the game, but there's no important role to play, is more important for them to stay healthy." "Green said. According to the meaning of these words, green if the warriors will now play very important game, Kevin durant, garage and Thompson can actually play, but, now there's no need to let them play warriors fight.

The regular season is not a goal for the warriors, and the warriors are now 2.5 games behind the rockets, and in theory they can catch up. It's just that the warriors aren't interested in chasing rockets, they don't have to be the first in the west. For the warriors, it is more important to be healthy than the west.

"If they stay healthy, they will be the best team in the world." That's the name of billups. He also analyzed why the warriors in this season's regular season compared to the past three seasons have declined, he said: "I can tell you with his own experience, when you've won the championship, and you have reached the finals for many times, then the regular season will become boring, I don't want to say so, but that's it. You will seek real challenges."

The warriors have had a better season in the regular season than they did last season, which is a defensive intensity. The warriors' defensive efficiency of 103.7 this season is the sixth in the league, the first time the warriors have fallen out of the league in the first five games of the last four seasons. Last season, the warriors were ranked second in the league with an efficiency rating of 101.1.

The warriors are now planning for the playoffs, and they won't be able to get the regular season. With the big 3's injury, it's time to get back in early April, and then spend more than a week looking for it, and hopefully they'll be able to get into the playoffs with a lot of energy.

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