Irving's knee injury has been repeated

Irving's knee injury has been repeated

Tue Mar 27, 2018 3:45 am

Today, Kyrie Irving is 26 years old. This is his first birthday after joining the Celtics' determination to prove his self. It should be worth celebrating well. Not to mention the Celtics who are recovering themselves and who are in a nervous schedule. It will be a great opportunity to release pressure.

But at this time, Kyrie Irving and his teammates have completely lost their feelings. The pressure on Owen caused by the 26-year-old's birthday night is enough to make his life unforgettable.

According to FOX Sports, Kyrie Irving's left knee injury has not healed and he has not stated his position. This has already caused some people in the Celtics to start worrying about Owen's left knee injury leading to his possible reimbursement for the season. Sex.

In the match between the Celtics and the Pacers on March 12, 2018, Kyrie Irving left his left knee injury early. At the time of the team medical examination it appeared that Irving’s injury was not serious and he needed only proper rest to return to the game. But then his recovery is not optimistic, which makes players who are interested in the title fight worry.

Coinciding with this time, some reports of Kyrie Irving’s injuries have continued to emerge, beginning with news from Boston local reporter Tony Massarotti. What he knows is that Irving's knee injury has been repeated. He is in need of other treatment options for his left knee injury. There is obviously no sign of recovery for a period of time. Accepting the surgery is almost a foregone conclusion.

Subsequently, The Score media confirmed the reliability of the news. After pointing out that Kyrie Irving suffered a knee injury, the recovery process did not go smoothly. In response to outside inquiries, Celtic coach Brad Stevens said he will take another healing method to deal with Irving's injuries. The specific method is temporarily unknown.

According to Woj, a famous basketball reporter in the United States, Kyrie Irving always hoped to reduce pain during recovery, but the recovery process did not progress. However, given that Irving's knees were not structurally damaged, the Celtics still believed that adequate rest was the best way to treat them.

Choose surgery or patient repose? Diverse opinions have caused the pessimistic attitude about Owen's injury to ignite. This is similar to the attitude of the next-general Spurs host about Leonard's injury. Is it also the rhythm of the meeting?

In reality, the Celtic team atmosphere is still very united, but teammates have enough of those half-truths rumors. As the brothers fighting side by side, all of them hope to get the exact reply from Kyrie Irving's recovery of his injuries rather than being made to suffer from the endless sound of the outside world.

Since the injury to his left knee in the match against the Pacers on March 12, Kyrie Irving has missed four games in a row. With the exception of the Orlando Magic who beat the Eastern Conference, the Celtics failed to win in the face of the Wizards and the Wizards. The last Marcus Morris faced the Thunder's lore, afterwards had been erased by the violation in the referee's report.

This is the predicament of the Celtics at this time, the lack of a number of core members of the team has not had the spirit of the first half of the season. Kyrie Irving’s injuries are as if the Boston Celtics’ helplessness and unwillingness this season.

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