Kobe later described that feeling

Kobe later described that feeling

Fri Mar 30, 2018 3:36 am

In the 20th season of his career, Bryant has been suffering from injuries. His ankle injuries, sore shoulders, and overall pain and fatigue have caused him to miss many matches. He was forced to play in a selective manner. Usually, the contest with traditional rivals, the live broadcast of the United States, and the last visit to the arena would be given priority. At the same time, he would avoid thunder on the schedule and try not to play back to back. Along the way, Kobe was very careful to retain his strength for his curtain game, but by the second half, you can still feel obviously that Kobe can't move. https://www.lolga.com/

Kobe later described that feeling as if you did your best to finish a round of tragic series and then suddenly discovered that you couldn't even stand up. You had to work hard to keep your legs alive. The significance of the suspension and dead ball seems to be just to give Kobe some breathing space. "(Fatigue) is also one of the enemies you have to fight against," Kobe said. "When that time came, I had no way out. I gasped, hoping to breathe in some vitality for my legs."

Yes, in the cheers of celebrities, Kobe had returned to the peak of the night with the support of his former teammates. However, as long as there is a chance of a dead ball, his attention is mostly focused on how to rejuvenate himself. The Lakers are up to 15 points behind.

"After the score catches up, I say, 'Well, turn it over harder.'" He said. "Then the ball is constantly being sent into the net nest, the score is getting closer and closer. 'Well, both legs lose consciousness. , but I have to rivet a goal and then score another goal.'Sure enough, I made another shot and I thought,'That's another goal.'"

According to Kobe, there was a ball that night that made him unforgettable. At about the last minute of the game, Kobe had forced a three-pointer on the left to help the Lakers narrow the points to one point. "I swear to God that I felt short-termed by the three-pointer." Bryant said. "I feel like I'm short of a shot. When I jump, I don't feel the existence of my legs. When I'm empty, they seem to disappear. The same thing, I thought, 'Oops,' the ball gave me a feeling of being short and biased, so I kept my posture in the ball as I flew to the hoop, hoping to change the ball's trajectory. With my eyes following it, I've been flying into the net so far, 'My God, this ball actually went in.'

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