The team must deal with Carlson's renewal

The team must deal with Carlson's renewal

Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:47 am

In the last home game of the Senators this season, Captain Eric Karlsson sent three assists, but still could not help the team to win, eventually losing to the visiting Winnipeg Jets 5-6. After the game, team coach Guy Boucher announced that Carlsson will not follow the team's last three road games so he can spend more time with his family, which means the core of the team. End all the season's journey.

After the game with the jets ended, many fans noticed that Carlson slipped silently to the goal and slid the ball in his clothes, leaving him with a blank face. This move seems to be ordinary, very careful and fear. In 2012 Carlson signed a seven-year contract with the Senator. The contract will expire at the end of the 2019 season. This means that the team must deal with Carlson's renewal this year, so that he will not be a free agent after the team's talent. As one of the top guards in the league, Carlson of the two-time Norris Prize winner is certainly not satisfied with his current contract amount. He wants to find a contract that meets his own value, at least with PK-Suban. Almost a million level contract. And whether the team is willing to pay this fee is still two. So this year's transfer window overwhelming trading rumors made everyone think that he would leave at any time, but when rumors were most prevalent, Carlsson appeared very professional. He clearly expressed his willingness to stay in the team, saying that improving the team's record should be It is far more important than his own renewal, and he did so, putting all his attention into training and competition.

Fans who are concerned about hockey news all know that Karlsson has just suffered the loss of his son. Just as he and his wife Milinda were preparing to welcome their baby son, Axel, but suddenly heard the news of the child’s death. Carlsson missed the team's few games, but just as everyone would have never returned this season, he resolutely returned to the game. Although his eyes were full of sadness, he still had a strong will. Support yourself to complete the offensive and defensive again and again, and put the team on their shoulders. We can't look like Carlsson's face when he heard the news, but it must be a painful and painful discomfort. Maybe we haven't had the same experience, but everyone has experienced a similar experience, tears, despair, and painful collapse.

At the beginning of the season, Carlsson was troubled by injuries. He missed several senators and the team's performance plummeted and he withdrew from the playoffs early. The reason for his injuries came from the playoffs last season. Carlsson, who was injured in many injuries in the foot, played in the face of constant pain. In the playoffs against the growing confrontation, he dragged his team to the Eastern Conference finals. In seven games, averaging nearly 30 minutes per game, this is an alarming number. Although the senator regretted losing to the final champion Pittsburgh penguin, the Swedish defender won the respect of everyone with his courage and courage.

The torture of injuries will not destroy the determination of a fighter, but the family's misfortune can easily overwhelm an upright man. It is difficult for us to return to the playing field like Carlsson’s psychological burden. This may be due to his strong sense of responsibility as a captain. However, the continued sluggish performance of the team has made this soldier more and more disheartened.

Now that the season is coming to an end, Karlsson's renewal problem has returned to the table again. Sensitivity of the Senate’s management, Carlsson’s unfavorable attitude in Ottawa, and family’s misfortunes may have made the player’s skill and beauty worthy. He took the hockey ball as a commemorative trick. It also reflects his true portrayal from the side. Where Carlson is next, we will keep an eye on it.

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