Verdict Near Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online in 'Light' Cigarette Suit

Verdict Near Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online in 'Light' Cigarette Suit

Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:36 am

Verdict Near Marlboro Lights 100S ">Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online in 'Light' Cigarette Suit

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. - Demanding $21 billion in damages, a lawyer for hundreds of thousands Cheap Newport Cigarettes of Illinois smokers argued in court Monday that Philip Morris USA pulled off a fabulously lucrative 30-year con job by passing off its "light" cigarettes as safer than other varieties.

A verdict could come as early as Friday in Cigarettes Wholesale the closely watched case, which is testing a new line of legal attack that could embroil cigarette makers in massive lawsuits for years to come.

None of the plaintiffs who testified in the class-action lawsuit suffers smoking-related illness. Rather, they claim they were defrauded by a false promise that light cigarettes were safer because they would deliver less cancer-causing tar.

They want Philip Morris to repay $7 billion they have spent on Marlboro Lights and Cambridge Lights cigarettes over the last three decades -- and to pay an Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes additional $14 billion in punitive damages.

"This Newport Carton company was aware all along that they were scamming the American public," plaintiffs' attorney Stephen Tillery said at the start of six hours of closing arguments in Madison County Circuit Court. "It's time to end the ruse."

Defense attorney George Lombardi countered that the smokers' case was itself a fraud. He pointed out that Philip Morris never advertised its light cigarettes as safer.

Nearly identical cases are pending in 10 other states, including California. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Brown Williamson Tobacco Corp.

At issue is whether cigarette makers were obliged to reveal that smokers compensate for a lower nicotine dose by smoking more, inhaling more deeply and even holding their fingers over the ventilation holes. surgeon general, urged them to bring out lower-tar brands.

"They're trying to make it sound like Philip Morris knew something about these cigarettes that we Carton Cigarettes should have told the world," Lombardi said. "It's not true, judge. There Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes was no deception."

Judge Nicholas Byron, who has heard the six-week case without a jury, signaled that he was thinking ahead to possible punitive damages when, during a break, he said he was looking into directing Philip Morris to pay part of any judgment directly to charitable institutions.

The judge said neither side had a slam-dunk case: "I would like to take a coin and flip it."

The Cigarettes For Sale Online Illinois case rests on internal documents from Philip Morris, including testing on ventilated Marlboro Red Cigarettes light cigarettes. The plaintiffs contend the tests showed that the light cigarettes were more toxic than regular Marlboros.

The defense, however, argues that the light smokes deliver exactly what they promise: lowered tar and nicotine content. Philip Morris also points out that only recently have scientists begun to question whether light cigarettes really are better for health.

Taking a deep drag on her cigarette after court recessed, Susan Miles, one of the class representatives, expressed frustration at the heavy marketing of light cigarettes that hooked her on nicotine almost 30 years ago. "I hope consumers are aware of how they've been misled," she said.

Then she paused. The truth is, even though she's suing Philip Morris for fraud, Miles still thinks lights are healthier -- contrary to allegations in the case.

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