How to choose the correct hair stick

How to choose the correct hair stick

Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:05 pm

Hot hair is more expensive than a hair curler. Let's calculate how long it will last for a hot hair? Cold curls are easy to relax and generally stay for 3-4 months. If it is blanched, it will last longer than cold. If the hair is hard, there is no problem in half a year. These are also different from person to person. Personal hair is not the same thing. If you don't take care of yourself often, your hair will not be able to keep up. tyme iron creates silky smooth and longer lasting curls in minutes!

And buy a hair stick, as long as it is not bad, you can use it all the time. And for the fairies that are easy to get old and new, the same roll may be liked this week, and it will get bored next week. Then the curling iron can solve this problem. I want to roll it and think about it straight. If I want to make a big roll, I want a small roll to make a small roll. I want pears to be pears. In short, you can play any hairstyle!

Most critical! Is the curling bar size right? For hair sticks, I think the key is to choose the size! For hand remnants, the wrong size is not the desired effect! The fairies who bought the hair sticks surely know that the hair sticks are of a size, 24mm, 26mm, 32mm...various sizes are available in all sizes.=]tyme iron short hair[/url] is a revolutionary product

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