Thunder single attack mode too unstable

Thunder single attack mode too unstable

Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:45 am

In the first round of the Western Conference playoffs G2, the Thunder 95-102 lost to Jazz at home. The Thunder's offensive end did not have much change. It was still the Big Three's singles, but was targeted defense. The three shots totaled only 19 shots from 58. The Jazz fully exploited the advantages of the inside and occupied an absolute advantage in rebounding. Mitchell took over NBA Live Coins the attack at the crucial moment, and the Thunder's Big Three missed the game one after another. The Jazz stole the home advantage of the series.

In the G1, the Thunder's Big Three teamed up with 80 points. Anthony's personal ability scored 9 points at the end of the first quarter to help the Thunder pass through the initial difficulties; Williams shot less often but converted and Adams's pick-and-rolls and cut the quasi-three. Double data; the most impressive performance is Paul - George, the audience hit 8 three points, each time the Thunder need to score, George can stand up and solve the problem. Thunder does not have too many complicated tactics, is to rely on the offensive talent of the three-point giant to single-handedly after the simple election, simple but crude but effective.

The Jazz only lead the opening, Mitchell and Gobert started a wave of 11-2 climax. Judging from the entire game, the Jazz did not play the league's top defensive level, the restrictions on the Big Three can not be considered successful. And the Jazz has been trying to attack the Thunder and the rookie Mitchell's debut in the playoffs, but the Jazz has a clear gap between the offensive talent and the Thunder, and it is difficult to beat the Thunder if it is not based on defense. At the end of the game, the Jazz's defense has basically collapsed. Weihao has sent out 4 assists in a single game. The Thunder team takes a wave of the game.

Today's opening is very similar to the first one. The Thunder made two turnovers and three turnovers in a two-minute game. The Jazz made a 9-0 lead. In addition, Jazz used personal defense against George, limiting his catch and possession of the ball. The opening of the Thunder for the Thunder was Wei Xiao, two forced breakthrough layup hits, one broke through the assist corner Anthony, and then together with Brewer brushed a counterattack, responding to a 9-0 tie with the Jazz.

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