Secretary of the Flooring

Secretary of the Flooring

Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:04 am

opinion, there will be no less anti-dumping cases in the future. After Canada finished, we have begun to prepare for the United States, and we have heard that companies in the United States are also doing this work. Russia is positive, and I will estimate that later, including Knobsbang is also there, and in the future there will be no Middle Eastern areas, and Australia will not have any anti-dumping measures. In addition, most places have. If
you can directly distribute products for export, my personal opinion is that direct distribution is a good choice. Another point is that it has nothing to do with anti-dumping. There are more things to talk about standards, and I myself still have an idea. I would like to mention that the things that we just raised are the same, even if you are Mead Corporation. There are also 5,500 rpm papers for 46 grams. When I propose to use the AC
standard, can I turn 6,000 rpms into 5,500 rpms? Only on this basis can you do it. Some of my personal ideas are also for your reference. Can you reduce the indicators? Thank you!Secretary of the Flooring Enterprise Alliance: Gao Zhihua Entrepreneur of the CFA Enterprise Alliance, as well as the various government departments that are invited to, the leaders of the associations, and the comrades of the media. As one of the conveners
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