8 Simple Ways to Get More Instagram Likes and Followers

8 Simple Ways to Get More Instagram Likes and Followers

Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:48 pm

Here are 8 simple strategies to get more likes and followers on your Instagram account.

People who have been using Instagram for years are dying to know about the tricks to get more likes and followers. Although marketers and businesses have cracked the code, people who use Instagram for personal purposes may find more difficulties in this avenue. Sure, there are some shortcuts, but it would require some budget for one to purchase it.

If you want to learn how to get more likes and followers without spending a dime, here are some simple tips you can do.

1. Use the proper hashtag - The right hashtags can help you showcase your photos to the people who are not exactly following you. So be sure to research for popular hashtags appropriate for your content.
2. Write descriptive captions - Storytelling is basically the fastest way to get people to engage in your post. To achieve this goal, make sure to use descriptive captions that many people resonate to.
3. Interact with Influencers - Instagram influencers are not like celebrities who will only respond to you whenever they can. It is actually the job of influencers to interact with their audience and to ensure that there is a form of communication between them and their followers.
4. Develop a style - Instagram is a creative outlet for many people. To stand out, you must develop a recognizable style. To achieve this, use a single filter for all of your photos, and nothing else.
5. Post consistently at the right time - It is important that you post photos consistently, preferably on the hours when most users are active. You can choose either to post your photos on lunch breaks or after school and working hours.
6. Tag your location - Posting an image taken at a particular location will never be enough if you do not geo-tag it. Many people use Instagram to find photos of restaurants, resorts, spas and many more. By using a location tag, you are able to show your posts to a new audience.
7. Promote your Instagram account - You can promote your Instagram account by posting your photos on Facebook.
8. Try live videos - Just like Facebook, IG has a live streaming option. People scroll through their Instagram feed, sometimes, out of boredom. You can get the attention of people by going on IG live.

There are so many reasons why people make it a goal to get more likes and followers. If you are one of these people, then make sure that you create a clear strategy. Follow the simple tips above to help you boost the number of your following.

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