Basic Path of Exile Acronyms

Basic Path of Exile Acronyms

Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:50 am

AD – Attack Damage. This is damage that your character deals. In Path of Exile, ‘attacks’ are particularly damage managed non-magical means. Any skill using a weapon or fists is known as an attack. Spells usually are not. The description text for every single skill will specify whether it is another panic attack or a spell.

APS – Attacks Per Second. Your character incorporates a certain attack speed, and can attack a particular number of times each second. Your APS is dependent upon your stats, items, skills, and also a host of other elements. To check your APS, call at your character sheet.

BIS – Best in Slot. This acronym is employed when someone is discussing what item to put on in each slot on the character. An item can be a “BIS item” if it’s the absolute best item for maximizing the efficiency or power within your build.

DPS – Damage Per Second. This is the total damage your POE Delve Currency character can perform dealing in one second. Unfortunately, this is difficult to calculate in Path of Exile, as being the tooltip damage is frequently incorrect. External programs like Path of Building (on that later) help you accurately calculate your DPS.

EHP – Effective Hit Points. This describes the total of damage your character has the ability to mmoah withstand before dying, factoring to all sources of injury mitigation. Your EHP depends on your total life pool, energy shield, armor, and skills.

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