Marlboro Gold Cigarettes The two items

Marlboro Gold Cigarettes The two items

Mon Nov 26, 2018 10:16 am

State good raise Newport 100s for Sale duty to manage smoke

On July 26th the state administration of taxation announced the first half of the taxes situation. Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In United States Reporter pays focus on a group of figures, May Carton of Newports Online ten, cigarette wholesale link usage tax rate increased through 5% to 11%, and the wholesale link to garnishment 0. 005 yuan/piece through the volume of consumption tax. Through the first tax collection time period in June, 6. thirty four billion yuan of intake tax was calculated from your price of cigarettes in the at wholesale prices link, an increase of 3. 43 billion yuan year-on-year, a rise of 118. 13%. The actual consumption tax levied through volume is 580 mil yuan, representing a internet increase. Marlboro Gold Cigarettes The two items additional up to 4 billion yuan. (28 July)

Can increasing taxes control smoking in the end? Let the Numbers speak on their own. On the one hand, the first tax selection period in June had been 6. 34 billion yuan, 3. 43 billion yuan higher than the previous year, a growth of 118. Newport 100s Cigarettes 13 %. On the other hand, according to the calculation associated with tax returns of cigarette industrial wholesale enterprises, on May 15, solstice, 31 this year, the amount of cigarette commercial from suppliers sales decreased by fifteen. 9% year on year.

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