False Favorites Horse Betting System Dissected (Not Reviewed) By John Burgess

False Favorites Horse Betting System Dissected (Not Reviewed) By John Burgess

Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:55 am

Regular readers of my articles will have heard me talk about the punters I refer to as 'the butterflies'. These are the people who eagerly buy the latest over-hyped horse betting systems, try them for a week, then dismiss them as useless unless they have doubled their money in that week. They move on to the next system, just like a butterfly moving from flower to flower, and never settling on any one bloom for any length of time.

Prudence - it's the old adage, only bet with money you can afford to lose. Z Code System This is your business. You need to invest in your business. But you have to prepare for the worst, and that your business could fail. So set aside a betting bank, an investment fund if you like, that you are willing to work hard for, but ultimately you could lose. Self-Restraint - a typical gambler will have very little self-restraint. A losing run can be demoralizing, whereas a string of winning bets can produce feelings of elation. Both scenarios can lead to judgment being affected if not controlled. Never be tempted to double up to recoup losses. Equally you should never be seduced into thinking you have found the Holy Grail of betting and start staking money you cannot afford to lose.I haven't written this article with the intention of putting you off betting. In fact, quite the opposite. But I want to stress that if you are aware of the mistakes most punters have made, including myself on many occasions, you will find avoiding them that much easier. I constantly try to adopt all the above, and as a result I do pretty well with several horse betting systems I have developed for myself.


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