7 Keys to Intimacy - How to Enhance Intimacy in Your Relationship

7 Keys to Intimacy - How to Enhance Intimacy in Your Relationship

Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:48 pm

Good sex transcends even Provitazol Review clunky or halting foreplay, so don't let yourself get overly focused on whether or not you think planning for sex is romantic. Furthermore, couples often report not being in the mood at all until after they began to get intimate. So, rather than waiting for the mood to strike, invite the mood in by acknowledging a mutually beneficial time for both of you and then join each other in the goal of sensual exploration. You might be pleasantly surprised (or even amazed) at what happens.Intimacy flourishes in an atmosphere of trust. And trust flourishes in an atmosphere of reliability. This means that some element of predictability is a good thing. It doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't bring surprise into your sex life (that's a good thing, too, when both partners are open to it)... what it means is that planning for sex-in essence, being able to count on it because you're both committing to making it happen-is a way to nurture that trust and reliability so vital for intimacy. We don't reveal our deepest, most vulnerable selves when we don't feel safe, when we don't trust the other.Acknowledging that sex is important and that you will make it part of your schedule (in other words, committing to this) goes a long way to supporting both sexual and emotional intimacy.You may feel like 'demoting' or 'reducing' sex to a square on your calendar will lump it into one of the daily hassles of life. Actually, it's quite the opposite: scheduling sex can provide you with an oasis in the desert of non-stop life routine, all the annoying things that have to get done and all the things that demands your attention yet feel so ungratifying and unsatisfying.So carving out a time and place for sex with your partner/spouse is a way to reclaim what you and your relationship need and want. Yes, all those mundane life maintenance tasks will still need to get done afterward, but you'll feel better for nurturing yourself and your relationship. Temporarily escaping the pressures of daily life can bring a sense of relief and release. Research shows that people who report having a satisfying sex life also report less stress and more general life satisfaction overall.


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