Reducing Chronic Pain After Surgery

Reducing Chronic Pain After Surgery

Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:21 pm

One of the best established biomarkers to have Proflexoral Review examined is urinary 8-hydroxy-deoxyguanosine (8-OhdG), a marker of oxidative damage to cellular DNA. One study reported "urinary excretion of 8-OHdG (adjusted for creatinine) was significantly higher in patients with depression and FMS/CFS/ME than in normal controls and all other patients". Oxidative damage to DNA is also an established risk factor for atherosclerosis and neurodegeneration.

As part of this lab test you can measure the level of urinary peroxides which is a direct measurement of cell membrane damage from oxidative stress in your tissues. If you have FMS/CFS/ME you may want to know if they are tearing down your own cell membranes and cellular DNA. All you need do is have your doctor order the test, and you collect first morning urine to be frozen and sent to the lab.

There are many other important biomarkers that indicate to the doctor who truly understands these devastating disorders if your tissues are in a destructive state of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Again, these laboratory tests are not routinely done, but are great indicators of how much damage is being done to your tissues and how successful metabolic treatment is at stopping this damage. For example, serum GGT has now been shown to be a strong indicator of damaging oxidative stress in tissues and serum hsCRP a good indicator of chronic inflammation.

However, a doctor must be trained in utilizing and properly interpreting these biomarkers to make them useful to the patient's recovery. This very important and complex subject matter is covered in great detail in my book "Why We Hurt." Here you will find a comprehensive explanation of the role oxidative stress and chronic inflammation plays in your health and well-being. You also find a very detailed exploration of how diet and nutrition can help you overcome the underlying metabolic dysfunction so central to chronic pain and fatigue, disability and mortality.

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