How an Internet Marketer Should Go About Direct Mail

How an Internet Marketer Should Go About Direct Mail

Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:11 pm

I have seen a lot of new internet marketers try to make Prime Time Profits Review it in this business. They all start with good intentions, but most fail to make the cut. Mistakes are plentiful as they always are with new people on the job. I would like to share one of the biggest mistakes that I see new internet marketers make.I have told people time and time again that when you are new in this business you are not going to get any real results unless you find ways of getting links for the pages you are building. Not getting these links is the primary cause of failure for these people in my experience.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. Do you know what I mean? No matter how many times I tell people that they need more links, it seems these people just keep producing more content for their websites without promoting the existing material nearly enough. It is entirely possible that if you were just running a blog where you talked about something interesting, that you could succeed with fewer links. That would only be true though if you were committed enough to write and publish a whole bunch of blog posts for more than six months. And, those posts would have to be of exceptional quality. I mean the material must be of exceptionally high value to someone.

Then I suppose you might get noticed naturally after more than six months. In reality it would probably take a while longer than that.If you are building niche blogs though or niche websites that are commercial in nature, you are going to have to spend more time looking for places to get links than you are spending creating new pages. Those types of sites do not attract visitors naturally as well as a typical blog. Plus, those types of sites do not attract links as well as a traditional blog would. Therefore, you have to compensate for it by using legitimate promotional methods.

You might have to build some videos that drive traffic to the site. You might be better off building a lot of link bait. You might have to article market like crazy to generate small amounts of traffic and a little bit of SEO juice. You should look for blogs that are friendly to commercial websites where they allow you to advertise your website in their comments. You should look for forums that allow the same. You need to spread the word like crazy as if your entire business depended on it. Because, in fact, it does.

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