Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:40 pm

You would not want your existing clients and prospect Facebook Ad IQ Academy customers to just take a look at what you have posted on the social media and leave your page. You want them to stay, to like what you have posted and to take action. For this, you need to create interactive content. Inviting people to share their opinion is often not sufficient. You should be more direct and ask specific questions. You can also tease them with a "what if" statement which they have to continue. Polls are extremely engaging and can give you valuable information on the preferences and moods of your target marketing group.

You will also benefit from getting presence on social networking sites which your target audience uses on a regular basis and enjoys very much. If you want to run successful B2B marketing, you should definitely use LinkedIn as it is the leading social network for professionals, entrepreneurs and organisations. It is also extremely popular with university students and graduates.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks. It is all about pinning images onto boards. It is extremely popular with businesses in the fashion and style industry including designers, retailers, stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists. It is widely used by businesses offering products and services related to cooking, home decor and gifts. If your target audience needs visual ideas and detailed images of your products for making buying decisions, this is certainly the right website for you.

YouTube is regarded primarily as a source of entertainment, but more and more people rely on video instructions for product use and DIY. This website gives you a great opportunity for advertising your product or service business by sharing videos with interested prospects. Generally, this social network is extensively used by young people, even though it is popular with older adults as well.

Finally, before you decide on which social networking websites to use for your online marketing, you need to check their user policies and especially the clauses regarding marketing and advertising. You must ensure that you will be able to use these sites effectively as well.With the use of social media for online marketing, you can reach all existing and many prospect customers quickly and effectively. The statistics show that around two thirds of people use these websites, while nearly 50% check them at least once a week. The question is how to reach these people effectively and make a major impact on them. Use the following content creation and posting techniques and ideas to help you with this.

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