Common Oral Health Issues in Older Adults

Common Oral Health Issues in Older Adults

Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:33 am

Sleep Issue Diagnoses.With more Americans experiencing sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and Bruxism, it will be more and more common for dentists to provide sleep issue treatment in their offices.Better Quality Materials for Restorations

The future of restoration materials will likely include some sort of bioactive materials. Right now, some possible, future restoration materials have been found to convert into a chemical called hydroxyapatite which not only binds to the tooth, but it also strengthens the too.

Digital Scanning Devices.Besides starting a good oral hygiene routine early on, it should also be fun. This will make kids associate the caring of their teeth and gums with a pleasurable experience, making them more likely to do it.Here are some tips to start a good oral hygiene routine with your kids:He/she should have the child's wellbeing at heart

Increased Use of Cloud-based Software.Saving Alta White
important files and valuable, confidential patient information on a computer hard drive is not only outdated, but is less secure. Should something happen to those back-ups, the data is lost forever. Saving this type of information to the cloud grants the dentist easy access to records and file anywhere and at any time. Saving information over the Internet spares the dentist frustration and time looking for information.

Machine Learning Automated Software.It used to be a balancing act in trying to book enough appointments in a day while not getting yourself double-booked. When a patient cancelled, you have to quickly inform another patient about the slot availability. This can be stressful and it can keep you from doing your job. New machine learning, however, can now schedule appointments, detect and quickly fill cancellations in addition to keep schedules full by monitoring the available chair time and scheduling pre-selected patients.

Great Aligner Selection.Who needs metal braces when clear, plastic invisible aligners can do the same thing, only without the embarrassing look or scratched up mouth? More competition in the aligner market will only lead to lower-cost and more effective invisible aligners.The tooth will attempt to emerge normally. In the process, it will be trapped within the gums and damage the root of other teeth. This is due to the infection or cyst it will cause.The third molar can manage to emerge above the gums. It will be hard to detect it when cleaning the teeth. Hence, it will attract bacteria and cause oral infection.In an effort to emerge, the wisdom tooth will crowd among others. If that is impossible, it will damage the molars.


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