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  • Auman floor Lubo had sigh
    Published Mon Nov 14, 2016 6:48 am | Comments: 0

    lected. Although the protection of housing and renovation of the old house and other business volume to add, but not a lot of affordable housing market, the total is still declining. In the case of continued purchase policy, industry expectations are generally more pessimistic: more pressure next year, winter will become more cold, like a parabola, is now in a downward trend, but the worst time yet to come On the increasingly cold winter, many companies have used to carry the word to express their mentality. On the current market conditions, the market competition is actually the strength of draw, no strength can only be launched on the market. Remove the store off the wrist to avoid shortages 90 years, home stores as a new business model began to enter the furniture business line of

    sight, after a period of time, to mushroom-like situation gradually developed. So far, the store model has become the furniture shop brand of the main trends in circulation. However, along with the home circulation industry staking their claims, more and more manufacturers, distributors are reduced profits, feel powerless they have started to withdraw shop. In mid-June, Auman floor Lubo had sigh in the micro-Bo, I really do not know how the next situation, the Beijing market, sales of significant weakness, and today received a call from the market Mingguang, said the market had Empty stalls, asked Auman not enter, Shilihe floor of the house also has stalls out, Lize also out of an empty booth, I really do not know what the market will stall. However, the market rents are still up, all businesses co

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