#1 What are the benefits of the existence of construction waste shredding station? by crushermachine169 30.05.2018 05:51

The country continues to be strong. No matter if it is a big city or a small city, it can now see high-rises, large shopping malls, and so on. The roads are also flat and flat. No matter what the store is, it is becoming more and more formal, but after the society is getting better and better. There are more and more garbage, so at this time, the construction waste crusher has also attracted people's attention. The construction waste crusher belongs to the crushing equipment and has many characteristics. The efficiency of crushing construction waste is very high. It will make construction waste reusable.
After a long period of investigation and practice, we have developed and produced a new type of construction waste crushing station. This machine is equivalent to breaking two hammers into two, a reasonable combination into a whole, using two rotors up and down two levels of crushing, two sets of rotors used in series, a large crushing ratio, high production efficiency. The machine does not have a screen bottom, no strict requirements on the moisture content of the material, high humidity materials, no blocking, no screen bottom, high hard material, high wet material, to ensure that no blockage, the water content of the feed can reach 100 % 90% of the water-containing discharge fines are all in the 2MM (mm below) 1MM (mm below) 70%, dry and wet, rainy days as usual.
The existence of construction waste crushing station has caused many industries to relax their hearts, and no longer worry about the pollution of construction waste residue. This is the benefit of the construction waste crushing station.

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