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Vita big and tall furniture Talalay through Radium Foam, with head office in Maastricht, Netherlands, has placed a major concentrate on educating consumers about the benefits of its Talalay latex, in particular its 100% natural Talalay latex, affirms Ila Farshad, Vita Talalay manager of business development.

“We work with our customers to receive the message out to consumers about the advantages of Talalay latex, ” Farshad states that. “And the strategy is actually working. Our sales quantity is way, way " up ", year after year, along with our distribution now is actually global. ” The latex store proudly announced at Interzum Cologne that its Natural latex series earned Cradle to Cradle Silver certification from big and tall recliners the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute inside Netherlands.

“Consumer interest in overall health and ‘100% natural’ plays a key role in driving profits of Vita Talalay Natural and in your long-term marketing direction, ” affirms Cees Zielman, Vita Talalay basic manager.

The company produces five varieties of latex in nine comfort levels with the Talalay production process. The Natural collection manufactured solely with the sap associated with hevea brasiliensis, the rubberized tree. Other collections, as well as newer Intuition latex, which in turn contains microencapsulated phase-change substance, have a percentage involving petrochemical-based content.

One way Vita Talalay expectation to educate and introduce consumers to Talalay latex is throughout the launch of http://www.wholesalerecliners.com/category/black-leather-recliner/ an attractive latex pillow collection by using five silhouettes, for every single sleep position. Pillow borders are covered within a soft, white double-knit ticking as well as vented with gray spacer leather. “We want manufacturers to brand these pillows using us, ” Farshad affirms. A new customer- in addition to consumer-facing website, VitaTalalay. com, launched in May.

Talalay latex pertaining to mattresses imbued with real estate agent
Talalay Global is mining more new materials while using launch of Talalay Truck driver, a follow-up to it is Talalay Graphite product.
Shelton, Connecticut-based Talalay Global unveiled an original offering at the Summer season Las Vegas Market: Talalay latex cores in addition to toppers www.wholesalerecliners.com/category/brown-leather-recliner/ infused with office assistant. The new latex is component of the company’s Talalay Nutrient collection, which also involves graphite-infused Talalay latex.

“When most of us first introduced Talalay Graphite, most of us saw tremendous customer and also consumer engagement, ” claims Ken Hinman, Talalay World executive vice president of marketing. “Based on the success on the first product, we thought he would expand the line in to other areas with more minerals. Our manufacturing partners are very interested in employing components featuring natural nutrients. Through these introductions, we are helping these folks develop proprietary products that give their brands an edge in the marketplace. ”

The company says the addition of www.officechairswholesaleonline.com copper that will already highly resilient Talalay latex creates an exceptionally durable mattress that will not likely break down and have body sets. In a news release about the new product, Talalay Global makes a multitude of health claims about the copper-infused latex, from decreasing restlessness and improving rest to easing arthritis as well as rheumatism. The company also affirms Talalay Copper has more significant dust-mite resistance and antimicrobial properties than other types of latex.

Dunlop-process developments
Dunlop producers have worked hard a lot to perfect vulcanization along with foaming processes that yield a consistent, durable product.

closeup of organic latex toppers intended for mattresses
Arpico, a Richard Pieris Normal Foams cheap rolling office chairs Ltd. company, says its new 100% healthy latex and organic latex toppers are produced via a continuous-sheeting process—instead of appearing cut from blocks of foam—creating a far more consistent product.
Latex supplier Arpico, a Richard Pieris Normal Foams Ltd. company, specializes in 100% healthy latex and GOLS-certified organic latex—with no fillers and no synthetic latex. The vertically integrated company, which has home office in Maharagama, Sri Lanka, owns rubber tree plantations plus nearby manufacturing facilities and has 40 many experience producing Dunlop-process latex to get bedding.

“There is a big demand from innerspring bed makers to own some latex in the mattress, ” says Januka Karunasena, Arpico primary executive officer. “Manufacturers https://www.officechairswholesaleonline.com/13-gaming-chair are employing latex as a quilting and also a comfort layer throughout 10 millimeter to 5 centimeter heights. They see great value in being able to say there is latex from the bed. ”

Recently, Arpico created significant capital investments around its production capacity pertaining to mattress components and released continuous-sheeting latex in a considerable amount of heights, Karunasena says. “We now have an 80-container per calendar month capacity with two output lines—one for block the other for continuous sheeting, which can be a highly consistent topper latex that may be not sliced from your block, but is put onto a bed, vulcanized along with steam and dried. ”.

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