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Google has gotten quite competitive which Wealth and Abundance Review means you will pay more per click depending upon the keywords you use. Keyword bidding is not as competitive with the smaller search engines so you will pay less per click and still receive highly targeted traffic to your website. Writing PPC Ads When you write the PPC ads for your affiliate marketing campaign they should include keywords that you have chosen from your research. Since pay per click ads appear as the result of keywords, your ad will be seen more often then if you omit the keywords. When you use keywords in the ad make sure they fit in naturally with the wording of the ad otherwise Google will penalize you for keyword spamming. The ad should include a compelling title that captures your prospect's attention. You can do this by addressing a problem that perhaps your target audience is trying to solve. The body of the ad should also include keywords and contain a clear description of the product you are promoting. The description should be concise and to the point with a call to action at the end of the ad that prompts your reader to click through to the landing page. The link text that you place at the bottom of the ad should also contain appropriate keywords that describe the content on your landing page.

The landing page where your visitors end up after clicking through the ad should deliver what was promised in the ad. The content should be written with the relevant keywords your prospects used in their search and keywords you used in the PPC ad. The page should accurately describe your offer and be free of any distractions such as advertisements that divert your visitor's attention away from the offer. You should include a call to action at different points in the page so if your visitor is ready to buy before they read the whole page they can simply take action. This is where most affiliate marketers fail with their campaigns. Failing to test your campaign means you are leaving money on the table. When you set up your PPC account you will be provided with comprehensive testing tools for optimizing your PPC ads and your landing page. Testing your campaign will help you to improve the response to your PPC ad and help you to fix any leaks in your landing page. If you are going to invest money in a PPC campaign it only makes sense to make the most of your advertising dollars. These are a few of the key steps that will help you to create a successful PPC affiliate marketing campaign. If you research affiliate marketing campaigns you will find a host of other techniques that can be used to enhance the steps you learned in this article.


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