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I signed up for Ballroom teacher NooCube Review training to help reduce the friction between my boyfriend and me when I was teaching him ballroom. My teachers hired me to teach their beginner Ballroom classes after my first semester and I graduated top of my class 16 months later. Now, I transform lives through coaching, ballroom dancing and art If you have insecurities about learning, don't do this yet. Build up your confidence first.Teach someone else your expertise/passion/interest I cannot tell you the number of times my students have literally fallen through my door with gasps of "You cannot believe the day/week/month I've had" and left relaxed with a smile on their faces after 2 hours of painting. Or they leave rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world after one my of group or private dance lessons. In the case of first time beginners, the joy I see on their faces and the light in their eyes when they discover they can do something that they never thought they could. It is transformational for them. Or when clients call up overwhelmed and distraught and I am able to get them calm, happy, optimistic and armed with an action plan. Even when I'm having a rough day, helping my students and clients and receiving these positive emotions back always lifts me up and energizes me. Even if you do not think you can teach, you should give it a try. I used to be afraid to ask questions in class and could not speak publicly until the age of 20. I suggest starting in a 1:1 situation if this is new to you. You can start with a family member or friend. Someone who is supportive and cares about you and needs your help. Then you can work your way to smaller groups. Who knows, this may lead to your next career. Working in the computer industry and in startups forced me speak regularly to large and small groups of people all over Asia Pacific, Europe and US. My art and dance technique has improved tremendously through teaching. Worst case, you are just going to get better in your area of expertise/passion/interest. Read an inspirational book, an inspirational blog or watch an inspirational movie or biography show on TV.

It's natural to be nervous on the day of Gastric Banding Surgery but at the same time you can be excited as it's a milestone your journey to a healthier and happier life. Preparing for Surgery Before you have the surgery, your gastric banding surgeon will discuss your procedure in detail with you. It is also very important for you to discuss your overall health and your health history with him. You need to let your surgeon know if you are allergic to any drugs, have any current/past health conditions, or have ever had a bad reaction to anesthesia. In addition to this, make a list of all the medications that you take how ever small it is, including aspirin, injections, all prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements, vitamins, and recreational drugs, and give it to your surgeon. Your doctor/surgeon may also want you to meet with other medical experts, such as a dietitian and/or psychologist, to help you understand what will happen during and after the gastric banding surgery process. They will help you make certain that you are emotionally and mentally prepared for the up coming surgery and your new life afterwards. You will be required to have a number of tests before your surgery to evaluate your general state of health. On the day before your gastric procedure, you will need to listen and follow the specific instructions to ensure a smooth surgery the next day. Your surgeon or medical team will provide you with a complete list of the do's and dont's on how to prepare for the surgery. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day before surgery this way your stomach will be empty for surgery to minimize risks during the gastric banding operation. Ask a friend or a family member to be at the hospital with you for comfort and support and to drive you home after the surgery.


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