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Saturated-fats are those that are found mainly in meat Curafen and other animal products, such as dairy. Saturated-fats are also found in many products within the food industry such as junk foods, baked goods, and snack foods. A certain amount of saturated-fat is good for your diet, however, these ones are increasingly recognised as being unhealthy and so eating highly saturated-fatty foods too often can raise your cholesterol levels and in turn can increase your risk of heart disease. Unsaturated-fats are those found in such foods as avocados, nuts and seeds, oily fish and olive oils. These ones are much better for you and in opposition to saturated-fat can help reduce blood cholesterol levels and can also provide you with the essential fatty acids that your body needs.

Both saturated-fat and unsaturated-fat contain the same amount of calories, but where possible, you should ensure the fat you eat is unsaturated. This is not to say that you cannot eat those little unhealthy treats, just have them in moderation. This will insure that your diet is both healthy and balanced. Many have asked if healthy coffee is possible in light of the negative effects that coffee and its related products can supposedly bring to the body. These negative effects include physical dependence, which many call as caffeine addiction, which can produce withdrawal symptoms like headaches, nausea and other flu-like signs. Other symptoms include mild insomnia, irritability and restlessness.

Then again, these negative effects of caffeine result from the excessive consumption of coffee. The best thing to do then to avail of the health benefits of coffee is to drink it in moderation and to choose coffee that has additional ingredients that make it healthier than pure coffee beans alone. Here then are these ingredients of healthy coffee. Coffee Beans Scientific studies have shown that coffee contains higher levels of antioxidants per serving and per level of consumption than black tea, dry beans, corn and bananas. In fact, Americans get their fair share of antioxidants from coffee than from any other food sources including fruits and vegetables. Take note that the caffeinated and decaffeinated versions contain similar levels of antioxidants since it is only the caffeine component that has been removed from the latter.

The antioxidants in coffee help the body get rid of the harmful free radicals produced during the oxidation process. These free radicals damage the cells, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and organs of the body. Regular but moderate consumption of coffee then provides a certain level of protection against chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, Parkinson's disease, Type II diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses. Ganoderma Lucidum Extract Also known as reishi mushroom, the ganoderma lucidum extract has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. It is, in fact, the Oriental symbol for longevity because of its many health benefits including:


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