#1 Optional solid wood flooring 7 Precautions by meishengchao 22.09.2016 04:34

Wood species: many wood species of solid wood flooring, imported materials, domestic materials, precious rosewood, teak, but also willing to pull the popular bean, birch, ash, etc., since these different types of flooring, prices vary widely . Consumers in the selection of flooring species timber relatively stable to pick their favorite patterns and colors of the floor.garden decking
Specifications: From the wood stability, the smaller the size of the floor, the better the resistance to deformation, should choose to slant short Pianzhai solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring to minimize bending, twisting, scoop, shrink, arch and so on. Flooring experts believe that short is better than long; narrower width than good, and cheap. Moisture content: solid wood flooring moisture content is the most important factor in the direct influence of deformation of the floor, the moisture content of the purchased floor must be close to that of the local equilibrium moisture content. Must ask the sales staff when buying floor floor moisture content determination, the method is very simple: in the hall before measuring the moisture content of the purchased floor samples, then the moisture content of the floor out of the box and acceptance of purchase, if the difference between the two was only 1% aqueous 2%, for the local part of the moisture content of the flooring. Precision: with 8-12 after assembly on the ground floor, touch and sharp eyes to observe its precision is flat, smooth, tongue and groove engagement is appropriate. It should not be too loose nor too tight.composite decking
Material: visual observation whether the floor is the same wood species, the board for cracks, rot, to the skin, dead knots, bug eyes, blue stain and other materials defects. Usually color, articulation and texture need not be too demanding, this is the natural properties of wood. It is color, rich texture of natural variation, showing the natural qualities of wood flooring, fashion home decoration pursuit of the current international. Paint Quality: board after processing are referred to as lacquer paint board, pay attention to the selection to take three, three no. If three: paint should be uniform, smooth, smooth; three noes are: seamless paint, no bubbles, no cracks. Service: in the purchase of the floor at the same time, consumers in order to prevent unnecessary trouble, need to consider a range of issues. For example: How to shop floor? Who Shop? When shop? How to maintain? Who is responsible for warranty.............balcony railing

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