#1 structure out of the flooring by meishengchao 30.09.2016 08:30

It is understood that China's three-tier parquet manufacturers have been in the international community enjoy a better reputation, and actively expand domestic demand, reusing composite decking increase the category of consumer structure out of the flooring industry to become difficult to seek an important means of sustainable development.

However, the key problem of industry breakthrough is how to better grasp the market opportunities, adjust the development of ideas, adjust the industrial structure,composite alternative material used enhance the level of technological innovation, focus on sustainable development. Flooring category new trend, the new choice of floor consumer leadership.

said: "The introduction of three-layer parquet is consistent with the market demand for consumer flooring, enterprises in response to national call to promote the development of the industry,plantation shutters prices San Francisco the product of technological innovation.In fact, More than 70% of the parquet is the use of fast-growing wood, saving a lot of high-quality timber resources,wood composite decking for boats in order to alleviate the national shortage of high-quality timber and improve the comprehensive utilization of wood has a great practical significance.

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