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    • yanghm has written a new blog article "green cutting disc is the reason for the film?" Today

      During the use of daily life, many consumers will soften when cutting materials, especiallygreen cutting disc
      . Many people can't figure out what to do. The following is a summary for the majority of consumers, to answer questions.
      The solution of the large-section film is a technical problem, which is also caused by the influence of comprehensive factors. It mainly involves factors such as process plan, technical route, formula, consistency of raw materials and process.
      When the hardening temperature is low, or the temperature is too high, the temperature and humidity suddenly change greatly. In addition, the fluctuation of the relevant technical indexes of the raw materials simultaneously meets the requirements of the Huaji cutting wheel film. If the hardening curve is the same as before, the film will be Will be produced.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "Choice of specifications for free sample cutting disc?" Yesterday

      If your free sample cutting disc
      project feasibility study statement needs to prepare an energy saving statement or an EIA statement, then you need a professional free sample cutting disc project feasibility study statement, generally less than 10,000 cutting disc project feasibility study statement is not satisfied your requirements. So what kind of specifications should I choose?
      The spring horn is selected, and the elastic force is different, so that the mold is biased and pressed to form a diagonal pattern. Connection agent: Resin combination scale: Commonly used model for grinding tungsten steel: d. The powdery resin material is sieved according to the screen number and number of times defined by the process; The energy consuming equipment should be operated in an optimal condition according to the characteristics of the equipment. When the grain is too coarse, the molding material is not easy to assimilate the average, which affects the hardness and strength of the grinding wheel. Organize energy management personnel, equipment operators and other relevant personnel to conduct energy conservation training. Based on the purpose of accurately grasping the market demand, the company has established a perfect collection platform for market information collection and release, enabling Fanbo customers to appreciate the company's latest products and functions without leaving their homes.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "What are the precautions for using the T41 green cutting disc size?" 11.17.2018

      With the development of the T41 green cutting disc size
      cutting piece, more and more users are now using the T41 green cutting disc, but for some novice users, there are some issues to be aware of when using it. What are you? Today, the aurora abrasives are for everyone to summarize.
      Cutting piece equipment is very necessary. The use of cutting piece is to process some mechanical products. It is a kind of tool we often use, so we need to pay attention to some tips for its use:
      The hardest part of the cutting piece is the diamond material, which is mainly composed of the base body and the cutter head. The base body is the main support part of the bonding cutter head, and the cutter head is the part that plays the cutting role during use. Need to pay attention to the process: when replacing the cutting piece, first turn off the power supply, hang the warning sign, the cutting piece must be concentric, fasten, so as not to fall off and hurt people; if the cutting piece is damaged during operation, it must be stopped immediately, and the replacement is good. After the cutting is completed, turn off the power first. When the grinding wheel stops rotating, take the object again to avoid the flying cutting piece hurting people.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "How to choose the grinding wheel of 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc?" 11.14.2018

      The choice of[url= https://www.auroraabrasive.com/115-mm-go...r-cutting-disc/]4 1/2 super thin cutting disc [/url] is essential in the production process, so how is the grinding wheel selected? What do you need to pay attention to? What are the characteristics of the cutting wheel? Today Aurora tells you how to choose a diamond wheel.
      Compared with general abrasive grains such as boron carbide, silicon carbide and corundum, the diamond grinding wheel has sharper edges, low wear, long life, high productivity and good processing quality, but it is expensive, so it is suitable for fine grinding of hard alloys and ceramics. High-hardness brittle and difficult-to-machine materials such as semiconductors.
      The characteristics of the diamond wheel include the type of abrasive, particle size, hardness, concentration, binder, shape and size of the grinding wheel

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "Classification of the use of super thin 115 cutting disc?" 11.13.2018

      The [url= https://www.auroraabrasive.com/115-mm-go...ar-cutting-disc /]super thin 115 cutting disc[/url] is a circularly-bonded round abrasive having a through hole in the center made of abrasive and binder resin. The cutting piece is one of the most used and widely used in the grinding tool. It can be rotated at a high speed during use. It can be used for coarse grinding and semi-finishing of the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various profiles of metal or non-metal workpieces. And fine grinding as well as grooving and cutting.
      There are many types of angle grinders. According to the abrasive used, it can be divided into ordinary abrasive grinding wheel and natural abrasive super-hard abrasive and grinding wheel; according to the shape, it can be divided into flat grinding wheel, oblique-side grinding wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, cup-shaped grinding wheel, dish-shaped grinding wheel, etc.; Grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, rubber grinding wheel, metal grinding wheel, etc. The characteristic parameters of the grinding wheel mainly include abrasive, viscosity, hardness, bonding agent, shape and size. Since the grinding wheel usually works at high speeds, the swing test and static balance test should be performed before use. After the grinding wheel has been in operation for a period of time, it should be trimmed to restore the grinding performance and the correct geometry.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "How to better maintain the T41 4 inches cutting disc ?" 11.12.2018

      Today, Aurora Abrasives Co., Ltd. brings you the maintenance knowledge ofT41 4 inches cutting disc size angle grinders. It is very important to buy angle grinders with guaranteed quality cutting discs, but the maintenance of cutting angle grindstones is also not available. Neglect, purchase smart, maintenance and care, in order to make your cutting piece angle grinding pieces value for money!
      The most easily damaged in the cutting blade to the sander is the brush. When it wears, its resistance will become larger and the electric spark will become larger, which will cause damage to the rotor. In the long run, the stator will also be destroyed, so it should be checked regularly to replace it. . The replaced brush should be consistent with the previous one, otherwise it will accelerate the self-wearing. The most important thing is to match the size of the brush holder and to be tight. If it is tight, the brush is ground up. The reason is that the brush or heat is generated during work, and the heat is swollen and contracted. After the expansion, it is easy for the seat to be stuck, because the brush and the reversing piece cannot be in good contact. , thus burning the rotor.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "4 1/2 super thin cutting disc industry development status?" 11.09.2018

      Henan Aurora Abrasives Manufacturers is a professional manufacturer of high quality cutting disc for sale . The main products are diamond grinding wheels, grinding blocks, grinding heads, tungsten steel turning tools; synthetic diamonds of various specifications and models; resin grinding wheels, bronze grinding wheels. , optical discs; electroplated grinding wheels, ceramic grinding wheels and diamond micro-powders, the company has advanced production facilities and technical formulas, management processes are introduced from Taiwan, and most of the production equipment is automated.
      The cutting disc products produced by the company have mass production for the domestic market machinery industry, woodworking machinery industry, shipbuilding, electrical appliances, automobile industry, hardware tools industry and other professional grinding wheels, and can undertake high-profile shaped, ultra-thick, super-fine, super Soft, imported matching out-of-print grinding wheel production, processing. The company's other types of cutting discs, using foreign superb technology, sharp and durable, exquisite workmanship, of which the thickness of green cutting sheet is the thinnest, is the precision of hardware, precision mold super Value preferred!

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "What is the main classification of the T41 4 inches cutting disc size?" 11.08.2018

      Henan Aurora Abrasives tells you that the commonly usedT41 4 inches cutting disc size abrasive products are mainly divided into two categories: corundum abrasive and silicon carbide abrasive. Please follow the example of Henan Aurora cutting chip manufacturers.
      Corundum mainly includes: brown fused alumina, white corundum, chrome corundum, black corundum, zirconium corundum, single crystal corundum, etc.
      The main types of silicon carbide are: black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide;
      Brown corundum: The common name is also known as emery. The main chemical composition of brown corundum is aluminum oxide, which is 95% to 97%, and contains a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti, etc. Brown fused alumina is a basic abrasive. It is widely used due to its good grinding performance, wide application range and low price.
      White corundum: The content of Al2O3 is above 98%, and contains a small amount of iron oxide, silicon oxide and other components, which are white. White corundum abrasive is suitable for the surface beautification of various high-end products, crafts or hardware products. After blasting, the surface is white and free of any impurities, eliminating the need for cleaning troubles. Fine white corundum can be used as the first polishing polishing. It is suitable for processing hardened steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, high carbon steel and other materials with hard hardness and high tensile strength.

    • [url= https://www.auroraabrasive.com/115-mm-go...r-cutting-disc/]4 1/2 super thin cutting disc [/url]are also commonly used cutting equipment, so what is the difference between this type of cutting blades and other types of cutting blades? Why are ultra-thin cutting blades so popular with users?
      This type of cutting piece is used in combination with other types of cutting pieces, and the two types of grinding tools combined with g generally cannot be stored for more than one year. Abrasives that exceed the storage period should be re-examined before they can be used. The safe speed of the grinding wheel. In order not to cause errors, the wheel is printed with a safe working speed mark.
      Ordinary Abrasives* work at a parallel grinding wheel ceramic bond of 35 meters per second. Resin bond 40 m per second. The rubber bond is 35 meters per second. Polishing wheel numerical bonding agent 25 meters per second. Grinding threaded wheel resin binder 50 meters per second. Cylindrical wheel ceramic bond 35 m per second resin bond 50 m per second. The bowl-type grinding wheel ceramic bond is 30 meters per second, and the resin is combined with G35 meters per second.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "What is the production process of super thin 115 cutting disc ?" 11.06.2018

      The production process of super thin super thin 115 cutting disc bond grinding wheel is mainly cold pressing process. How about?
      Cold pressing process: The bonding agent used in the cold pressing process is a wetting agent and a powdery resin. The liquid phenolic resin, furfural, decyl alcohol, cresol and the like are usually used as a wetting agent, and the most used liquid phenolic resin. The factors determining the proportion of liquid resin and powdered resin are: abrasive particle size distribution, filler type, filler amount, viscosity of liquid resin, properties of powdered resin, and the like. If the viscosity of the liquid resin is larger, more liquid resin is required to completely cover the surface of the abrasive; the smaller the particle size of the abrasive and the filler, the larger the specific surface area and the more the liquid is used; the molecular weight of the powdered resin is higher. The lower the high and free phenol, the worse the adhesion to the liquid resin and the greater the amount of liquid required. In all of the above cases, it is necessary to increase the liquid to powder ratio. Generally, a liquid resin is used as a wetting agent, and the ratio of liquid to powder is 1:2 - 1:4, and a mixture of furfural or decyl alcohol and eucalyptus oil is used as a wetting agent, and the ratio of liquid to liquid is 1:6 - 1:8. The mixer is process-proven to achieve the desired mixing and does not damage the abrasive. The mixing time after adding the fine powder is generally 2-4 minutes. If the mixing is too short, the mixing is not uniform, the resin film is too long to fall off, and the temperature of the material is raised, and the resin is pre-cured.
      From the analysis of the aurora abrasives, the cold pressing process in the production process of the cutting blades is the most commonly used production process. Whether it is an super thin 115 cutting disc or other cutting pieces, this process is very critical, therefore, the majority of production In the process of production, manufacturers must grasp the various processes of cold pressing in the production process to prevent large quality problems due to a small mistake.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "Process characteristics of free sample cutting disc grinding?" 11.05.2018

      The free sample cutting disc
      is the type of cutting disc that is commonly used by users nowadays. The grinding disc in the cutting disc is an important part of it. What are the technological characteristics of the grinding disc grinding process?
      1. High precision grinding
      Grinding is performed by the edge of the abrasive grain on the grinding wheel. The sharp edge of the abrasive grain can be used for micro-feeding. Therefore, a very thin layer of metal can be cut. Grinding tolerances are up to IT6 and the surface roughness is 0.8-0.1μm. For high-precision grinding, the tolerance class can reach IT5, and the surface ancestor value Ra is 0.1-0.006. Therefore, grinding is generally used as a finishing process for parts.
      2. Can process high hardness materials
      Due to the high hardness of the grinding wheel, in addition to the general material, it is also possible to process materials that are difficult to machine with conventional tools, such as hard gold or hardened workpieces.
      3. High grinding temperature
      The speed during grinding is very high. Generally, the cutting heat generated by 30-50m/s is large, the thermal conductivity of the grinding wheel is poor, and the instantaneous broaching temperature in the grinding zone can reach 1000 °C. High temperatures can cause deformation, burns, or mechanical degradation of the workpiece. In order to reduce the influence of high temperature on the processing quality, a large amount of cutting fluid is used during grinding. When grinding steel, the widely used cutting fluid is soda or emulsion.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "Precautions for storage and use of green cutting disc?" 11.03.2018

      When the user uses the green cutting disc , it is the same as other cutting pieces such as 115 * 1 * 22 cutting disc . In order to use the product for a longer period of time, pay attention to some precautions for use. The precautions for storage and use of the green cutting disc are as follows:
      1. Care must be taken when handling the cutting piece to prevent collision and cracking!
      2. When the cutting piece is stored, it should be moisture-proof, anti-freeze and anti-deformation. The cutting piece should be mounted on the wooden pallet or wooden frame. The stacking height should not exceed 1.5 meters!
      3. The storage time of the green cutting piece is one year. If the time exceeds the time, the rotation test should be carried out again.
      4. When the cutting piece is installed on the angle grinder, the flange surface that is in contact with the cutting piece is required to be clean and flat. When tightening the cutting piece, it is required to be tightly elastic. Only special wrench reinforcement is allowed. It is forbidden to use supplementary jig (such as lengthening wrench). To prevent human damage to the abrasive tools!
      5. The cutting speed of the cutting piece should not exceed the working line speed specified by the trademark of the cutting piece. When using the pneumatic grinding machine, it is necessary to prevent the air pressure from being unstable, resulting in the cutting piece exceeding the speed!
      6. When using the cutting piece, it is necessary to make a sudden force. If the force is too strong, it will easily stop, jam and crush the cutting piece. If it is stuck, the cutting piece should be lifted immediately to avoid the burning piece or the broken piece!
      7. The cutting piece can only be used for single piece installation. It is strictly forbidden to install two or more pieces at the same time!
      8, the cutting piece is only allowed for cutting, not allowed for grinding!
      9. The equipment used for cutting sheets should meet the safety regulations of GB4674 grinding machinery!
      10, the user is using the cutting piece should comply with the GB2494 abrasive safety rules!

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "What are the steps for mirror polishing of a free sample cutting disc?" 11.02.2018

      Now that the cutting piece is polished after a period of use, if the
      free sample cutting disc
      needs to be mirror polished, then you need to follow the steps below:
      (manual) 600 → 800 → 1000 → 1200 → 1500 (grinding machine) → 2000 → 2500 → 4000 → polishing cloth (6Micron) → polishing cloth (3Micron) → polishing cloth number is not mistaken, it means that there is between every 1 inch How many particles, the larger the finer the particles.
      After 1200, only water is added. There is no special effect. The particle size of 1200 mesh is 21Micron. Generally, the particles of the slurry are decremented from 25Micron. Therefore, the effect of the slurry (polishing paste) will come out. If only water is added, it will be ground. It is OK to 1000 or 1200.
      The grinding machine has the best effect and the fastest, and can be polished to more than 2000 mesh to become a very bright mirror, which is difficult to achieve by manpower. Finally, it can be polished into a bronze mirror with a polishing cloth.
      The expensive sandpaper is highly durable and will not crack if it is curled.
      Buying one piece of coarse sandpaper is OK. Fine sandpaper (600 or more) can buy 2~3 sheets depending on the situation. The thick one is more wear-resistant, so one can be worn for a long time, but the fine one will be consumed quickly. One thing to note is that too fine sandpaper (more than 1000) should try not to touch the surface, because the hand will also consume sandpaper.
      Because of the various materials and quick results, the polishing paste particles are not very fine. It is fine to grind a special abrasive (but it takes a long time to grind). The benefits are ease of use and low flow (paste), especially for curved surfaces or irregular surfaces. Some polishing pastes have a reducing agent to rust the rusted surface or add a rust inhibitor. It can be rust-proof, which is not possible with pure abrasives.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "How to use green cutting disc?" 10.31.2018

      green cutting disc have a lot of skills when they are used. These techniques can help us make better use of cutting pieces. Let's introduce the techniques of cutting slices.
      1. Idling: When the special new substrate is used for the first time, it needs to be idle for about 30 minutes. In summer, the high temperature season needs to be idling with water. The purpose is to further eliminate the influence on the substrate when welding the cutter head and enhance the saw blade at high speed. Stick to the inner quality of memories.
      2, the block material should not be less than 0.5m3, and placed insurance, the bottom should be padded with square wood, the plug is solid, the block should be located in the symmetrical orientation of the workbench to ensure the stability of the work trolley and block, no shaking Thriller.
      3, the use of cutting piece slicing skills, according to the length, width, height of the block to adjust the travel switch, so that the blade lift and the trip of the skip is in a useful range. Before sawing, the blade edge should be 10~20mm away from the original material. After sawing, the sawhole should be 20-40mm away from the bottom of the block. Before the saw blade moves left and right, the saw blade should be completely removed from the block sawing, and the interval should not be less than 150-200mm to avoid the saw blade crash. material.
      4. After the slice is idling and stable, the test can be cut open. When the saw blade edge and the block material are touched, the saw blade is activated. When the cut is cut, the saw blade is stopped and the saw blade can be stopped after exiting the saw.
      5. If the blockage is found to be swaying when cutting, the cut should be stopped immediately. After the blockage is fixed firmly, it can be continuously operated, cut open, and the barn is prohibited.
      6. When cutting, it is found that the saw blade has a significant deceleration or even a knife clamping phenomenon, which may be caused by the belt slipping, the loosening of the compression nut or the depth of the knife, and the speed of the knife being too fast.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "Types and uses of corundum materials cut by green cutting disc?" 10.30.2018

      Aurora Abrasives Co., Ltd. mainly produces various specifications of resin grinding wheels, ceramic

      grinding wheels, various grinding sheets and cutting sheets. Our factory takes the new achievements

      of the grinding wheel industry as the starting point, takes the world advanced level of the same

      industry as the goal, based on the strong technical strength and production strength, with the

      reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service as the business purpose, trying to The

      industry's revitalization and development make its own contribution. Among them, the most

      outstanding of our manufacturers is the use of

      green cutting disc

      and 105 * 1.2 * 16 cutting disc.

      Let us explain the types and uses of corundum materials cut by green cutting sheets today.
      Types and uses of corundum materials
      (1) Types of corundum materials
      1. Artificial corundum: artificial corundum is the basic material for large-scale industrial

      industry*. Universal and ordinary corundum materials. The artificial corundum has different

      performances due to its different alumina content and added mineral types. The artificial corundum

      has white corundum and brown corundum. Sintered corundum, black corundum, chrome corundum, single

      crystal corundum, hocory, etc.
      2, natural corundum: common blue gray and yellow gray, transparent and bright colors called gems.

      Contains a trace of red in ruby, with traces of titanium and iron in blue and sapphire. Its use is

      mainly used in handicrafts and decorative materials, while natural corundum garnet is mainly used in

      ordinary abrasives. Due to its resources and performance, natural corundum tends to reduce its

      application in honing materials.
      (2) Main characteristics and uses of corundum materials
      1, high hardness (Mohs hardness of 9), can be widely used as grinding and grinding materials;
      2, melting point (2060 ° C), can be widely used as high temperature refractory materials;
      3, good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion, can be widely used as surface engineering

      materials and chemical raw materials;
      4, good air tightness, low expansion and electrical insulation, pure corundum materials can be used

      as electronic materials, engineering ceramics and structural ceramic materials;
      5, good wear resistance and crushing strength, can be used as special engineering modified composite

      materials and building materials:
      (3) Distribution of corundum materials at home and abroad
      According to the analysis and statistics at the beginning of this century, the use of corundum

      materials at home and abroad is as follows:
      Domestic situation: 8% for grinding; 37% for engineering ceramics; 417 for refractory materials.

      Other uses 14%.
      Foreign situation: 11% for grinding. 18% for engineering ceramics; 21% for refractory materials; 50%

      for other uses.

    • yanghm has written a new blog article "115 * 1 * 22 cutting disc features detailed description?" 10.23.2018

      Aurora brand
      115*1*22 cutting disc made of high-strength resin and preferred special abrasives, which allow high linear speeds, all exceeding 70 m / s, not easy to be brittle; sharp cutting, very low cutting heat, sample heat affected layer Shallow, thus minimizing interference. Cutting sheets are widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc., and can also be used in iron decoration and equipment repair of modern houses and factories. Professional grinding of general metal, stainless steel, broken fire steel, tool steel construction metal, cast gray iron, hard cast iron metal.
      The cutting piece details:
      1. This product is a kind of resin grinding wheel with special fiber fabric as reinforcing material. It has high tensile, impact and flexural strength. It is widely used in various metal and non-metal materials, and its linear speed can reach 70- 80 meters / second or more.
      2, abrasive material: A, WA, C, GC, ZA and special abrasives and mixed abrasives; abrasive particle size: 24-36; abrasive hardness: M-T; scope of use: cutting slotted non-metal, stone, concrete.
      3. This product is installed on the electric angle grinder for free grinding. It can be widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. It can also be used in iron decoration and equipment repair in modern houses and factories.
      4. Features: The grinding wheel is not easy to burn and heat, the cutting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the durability is high, and the grinding ratio is high.
      5.bo type grinding wheel, also known as grinding sheet. Mainly because this grinding wheel piece has a prominent in the middle.
      This cutting piece is a new generation of cutting piece developed by our Aurora Abrasives Co., Ltd., which is widely used by users. It brings convenience to users and also brings a good cutting experience to users. Welcome everyone to come to our company to inspect and try.



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