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    • johndj0212 has written a new blog article "How to fix Google Chrome not responding error" 02.12.2019

      Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best web browsers that are available to computer users at no cost. Since its first release in 2008 to till date, Chrome has been updated several times to bring in new features and the latest technology accessible to its users. Despite this, it does come up with its fair share of glitches that can stop its functioning. Among all the common problems, “Google Chrome not responding” is the one that has been experienced by every 10th computer user using this browser.
      If you are also experiencing the same hitch and wondering an assured fix for the problem, then you are in the right place. Here, in this article, we have provided you with the easiest steps to get rid of this error. Check out the solutions below:
      1. Update your operating system
      To troubleshoot Google Chrome not responding issue, update your operating system and other software installed on your device. If you still face this problem, then connect to a support technician by dialing Chrome support number.
      2. Control third-party applications
      Keep a strict vigil over the third-party applications installed on your device as these apps may create unnecessary conflicts between the files. This may affect the functioning of your Google Chrome browser.
      3. Add Chrome to your Firewall list
      The issue with Windows firewall may also affect the functioning of the Google Chrome. Therefore it is recommended to add this application in the list. You can do this by finding the Windows Firewall from the Search menu. Under the Firewall tab, choose “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”. Hit Change Settings, and then choose to Allow another app. Add Google Chrome, and it’s done.
      If the error persists, then reach out to the team of experts by dialing Google chrome support number right away. You will be given the best possible solution without any delay.
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    • johndj0212 has written a new blog article "How to make AVG account login secured" 01.30.2019

      AVG AntiVirus is a security solution for those who need protection against viruses, malware, and other threats lurking on the web. It protects your PC and mobile devices to tune up the performance. Nevertheless, to use features, make sure to perform AVG login to download and install the antivirus for malware protection.
      The software encrypts your connection and browses anonymously with a VPN to shield your information from cyber intruders. When you have an active AVG account, you can stay updated with all the current security needs and updated. Creating an account or doing AVG login is absolutely free and you can access your account any time you want. If you have decides to create AVG account, follow the steps below.
      If you have decides to create AVG account, follow the steps below.
      Create your account for AVG account login
      1. Go the official [url]www.avg.com/retail [/url] and select create account option
      2. Enter the required details and submit
      3. Create a password
      • Set a strong password using a combination of letters, numeric, and special characters
      4. You will receive an account confirmation link to your email account. If you have created the account using a registered mobile number, you will receive a code on the same
      5. Click on the link in the main or enter the code in the field to confirm
      • Make sure you do it before it expires. Leaving a time gap ends the session timing and you will need to request another one and it could be time-consuming
      6. If you are purchasing an AVG product, you will need to enter the detail
      7. Complete the billing process and you will receive an activation code
      8. Confirm the code and end the process
      Once done, you can renew your AVG subscription and check for available updates. With AVG login my account, it will be easier to trace the product details, like validity and available updates. However, cases have been recorded that users often lose their AVG account credentials.
      Attempting too many times of AVG account login can suspend your access. To avoid this, recover your account instead of entering incorrect password repetitively.
      Unable to do AVG login? Reset your password
      1. Go to AVG home page
      2. Click ‘Log in to AVG MyAccount’
      3. Below the fields of username and password, click ‘Forgot your password?’ option
      4. Enter your email address in the field and submit
      5. You will receive a confirmation link at your account with a validity of 48 hours
      6. Click on the link and you will be redirected to the change your password page
      7. Enter a new password and confirm the password
      • Make sure you create a password as per the suggested criteria and the password strength is strong
      8. Enter the password and confirm
      Your password is changed. You will need to enter a new password at the time of AVG sign in. If you have already attempted AVG login my account with an incorrect password more than the required number of times and block your access to AVG my account then wait of a few hours or a day.
      Tips to make AVG account login secured
      • Set a security question as account’s security layer and keep it easy yet not so obvious to guess
      • Create a password strong in strength.
      • To set a strong password, use a combination of letters, numbers, and special character and it must not be obvious to guess
      • Do not share your AVG Log in credentials with anyone, you may end up losing all the secured data
      • In case you change your email address or phone number, make sure to update the respective information from your AVG account or else you will not be able to recover your account once you lose your AVG account login details

      For more details you can call avg support number @ 1-844-797-8692.

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    • johndj0212 has written a new blog article "How to change your Outlook mail password" 01.30.2019

      Created by the biggest tech company Microsoft, Outlook is an email application tailored to suit the needs of consumers and businesses. With MS Outlook, you can also enjoy text messaging, a calendar to schedule event, and other functionalities. This worldwide popular email service has simple user-interface, which makes it easy to organize the incoming emails. To start sending and receiving emails, you have to create an account on Outlook.
      Every time you have to access your emails, Outlook will ask you to provide the registered email ID and password. Entering any of these incorrect would result in the occurrence of an error. In that case, you might have to execute Outlook password reset process or verify the username once again.
      While using the email, if you doubt that your account has been compromised or someone is using your email, then changing its password can bring everything back to track. To do this, there are a certain set of instructions that need to be executed. Before you follow them, you should know that the password for your Outlook account is same as your Microsoft account. Step-by-step instructions for the same are:
      1. Go to the Microsoft account security page
      2. Choose Change Password
      3. For the authentication purpose, you will be asked to verify your identity. For this, you can choose to receive a security code on the recovery email address or mobile phone
      4. Now, choose Send Code
      5. Enter the received code in the right fields
      6. Click Submit
      7. Provide your existing password and then enter a new password
      8. Retype the password to confirm
      9. Click Save, and it’s done!
      When you change Outlook password, it is quite common to have queries. To get an immediate answer for all such questions, you can reach out the Outlook mail support experts. They will be glad to assist you!



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