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    • yanghuim has written a new blog article "What are the problems faced by China grinding disc manufacturer?" Yesterday

      In the abrasives industry, grinding discs are low-level, repetitive production products. At this stage, there are fewer high-end grinding discs in the manufacturing of grinding discs. According to previous investigations, China's domestic mill companies are generally low-priced products. So what are the problems facing China grinding disc manufacturer now?
      The industry believes that the reshuffle of the industry is inevitable, and small companies will gradually be eliminated and merged in the competition. There are many reasons for this situation, including the following four aspects:
      1. Low level of technology and no core technology. The main performance is the low output of the grinding disc, the fineness of the grinding powder, the high energy consumption, the production design and the backward production process. Measuring the core value of a grinding disc is mainly determined by the fineness of the machine and the yield of the processing.
      2. The number of products is small. Most of the domestic companies are mainly equipped with assembly machinery. Because the parts are purchased, there are great obstacles in the innovation and development of varieties and functions. This will make the manufacturer of the grinding disc become an assembly manufacturer.
      3. The quality of the grinding disc is poor. Grinding discs are repetitive machines. At present, the quality of domestic mills is mainly reflected in the stability, poor reliability, backward shape, poor quality of parts and maintenance cycle time. In this industry, in order to develop in the long run, it is necessary to start on the parts of the machine, pay attention to the processing quality of the PE plastic mill and the system capacity of the whole machine.

    • yanghuim has written a new blog article "What are the advantages of green cutting disc?" 12.13.2018

      As a kind of cutting piece which is very popular in the cutting piece industry, green cutting disc can be widely used by users. What are the advantages of this type of cutting piece? Let me summarize it.
      When using green cutting disc, the advantages of the equipment are mainly reflected in the following points:
      1. The grinding efficiency is high, and the grinding wheel consumption is relatively slow;
      2, the grinding wheel is low temperature curing, the production cycle is short, the equipment and supply process are relatively simple; because the resin has fluidity, it is easy to form a grinding wheel with complex surface.
      3. Use the dresser to shape as shown in the figure above. Since the dressing of the dresser is used, the abrasive grains on the surface of the grinding wheel are not sufficiently exposed. Therefore, it is necessary to sharpen.
      4, the grinding wheel has a certain elasticity, which is beneficial to improve the roughness of the surface of the workpiece, mainly used for fine grinding, semi-finishing, knife grinding, polishing and other processes;
      5. For special steels such as tungsten, tungsten-molybdenum high-speed steel, vanadium alloy steel, cobalt alloy steel, special high-speed steel tool sharpening, super-finishing of difficult-to-machine heat-resistant steel workpieces, and honing of other steel quenching tools.

    • yanghuim has written a new blog article "China grinding disc manufacturer explain common faults in grinding discs?" 12.12.2018

      Grinding disc is a kind of grinding equipment for minerals, stone materials and other materials used in China. It is one of the more advanced milling equipment. Although the current mineral processing equipment is relatively advanced and the technical content is very high, the grinding disc is in the process of working. It is often subject to tremendous pressure and is therefore more prone to problems. Today, [url= https://www.auroraabrasive.com/4-inches-...ing-disc-tools/] China grinding disc manufacturer [/url]explain to you what are the common faults of grinding discs?
      Roller bearing chamber wear
      The parts of the roller bearing chamber are generally stricter and not easy to break. Although it is easy to generate heat during use, it will cause the bearing to burn when it is serious. However, the company generally puts the fittings into the ice to cool, so generally it is not What problems will arise, but when the equipment is selected, it is often under great pressure, and the parts are more or less worn, so they should be repaired.
      2. Reducer leakage control
      Leakage of the reducer of the grinding disc equipment will seriously affect the overall aesthetics of the machine, and it will waste oil, which will bring a lot of troubles to the maintenance and repair of the equipment. 25551 fast curing material with 3223 rubber repair material can be used without treatment. The leakage treatment is carried out on site. The operation is very simple and easy to manage.
      3. Grinding disc grinding roller, grinding disc liner wear repair
      In the process of using the roller parts and the grinding lining, if there is a gap, the wear between the lining plate and the roller body will be intensified, and the hot air and the cement particles will be flushed continuously, which will cause the groove to occur. The roller portion collides with the lining plate, causing greater damage to the mechanical components.

    • yanghuim has written a new blog article "Check before the green cutting disc works?" 12.11.2018

      There are more and more products for cutting machines in the market, and there are many varieties, but in operation and installation, many customers will ignore some details, which are often the key to accidents or damage to the machine. Today, the aurora abrasives use green cutting disc
      as an example to explain how to install and operate the cutting machine and related information.
      Check before the green cutting disc works:
      1) Check the outer casing of the machine, and the outer casing must not be damaged.
      2) Check the cutting piece and use the cutting piece to be intact.
      Inspection method: Observe the cutting piece without gaps or cracks.
      3) Check that the cutting blade cover should be in good condition.
      4) Check the cable and the plug must not be damaged.
      5) Power on and run for 1 minute, check whether the rotating parts of the tool are flexible and unobstructed.
      6) Before turning on the power, check if the power supply voltage meets the requirements and the switch is in the OFF position.

    • yanghuim has written a new blog article "How to choose high power green cutting disc?" 12.10.2018

      Some users who have used cutting chips know that the cutting blades are divided into small power and high power cutting blades. Sometimes it is easy to choose for low power cutting blades, but how to choose high power cutting disks? Today, the professional cutting blade manufacturer Aurora abrasives will take the green cutting disc as an example to explain to you.
      High-power green cutting disc usually use a cutting power of more than 5.5 kW, a speed of 2800 rpm, and a large diameter of the cutting workpiece. Because the torque force during cutting is large, the damage to the cutting piece is also relatively large, so the cutting piece is required to have a certain rigidity. We usually use a 3.8 mm thick cutting piece. At the same time, due to the large cutting diameter, the resistance of the cutting piece will also increase, and the temperature of the cutting surface will be high, so it is very important to reduce the cutting temperature. If necessary, add water to cool when cutting. The experiment proves that if the water is cooled during cutting, the durability of the cutting piece can be improved by 1.5-2 times. However, in some cases, there is no condition for water cooling. Therefore, when Aurora Abrasives Co., Ltd. produces high-power cutting blades, it will add powder coolant according to the formula to reduce the temperature during cutting and improve the service life of the cutting blades.
      Cutting sheets are widely used in many industries for their unique performances such as efficiency, convenience, and economy. However, many people have neglected to make reasonable choices of cut pieces according to the occasions they use.

    • yanghuim has written a new blog article "In which industries is the free sample cutting disc applied?" 12.07.2018

      In the abrasives industry, the most common type of cutting disc is the free sample cutting disc. Some users who have used this type of cutting disc know that the free sample cutting disc uses a resin as a consolidation agent to loosen the abrasive. Bonded and consolidated into a fixed thickness cutting disc. The cutting disc can be used in many fields, so in which areas there are applications of the free sample cutting disc, let us look at it together:
      The free sample cutting disc is mainly used in the production of metal rods, steel pipes, flat steel, angle iron, channel steel, steel rail, steel plate and other metal materials in the metallurgical industry; silicon, germanium, sapphire, iron wire body, Precision grooving or cutting of metal and non-metallic materials such as graphite, ceramics, quartz, and cutting of metal and non-metallic materials in the building materials industry, chemical industry, aerospace industry, machinery industry, automobile industry, and shipbuilding industry. Only when you know the main application of the cutting disc, can you use the cutting disc better.

    • yanghuim has written a new blog article "Why does the super thin 115 cutting disc burst during operation?" 12.06.2018

      Sometimes when using super thin 115 cutting disc, there will be cracks. Why? Many people expect this to happen, but some users donít understand what causes this. Today, aurora abrasives Let's give you a brief summary.
      1. When the cutting piece resin lacks toughness, since the grinding wheel piece is always in a negative pressure state during the cutting process, lateral stress is inevitably generated, and when the cutting piece cannot resist the lateral force, the grinding wheel piece is broken.
      2. When the cutting piece is not uniform, the stress will accumulate in the weak tissue, causing the rupture due to the torque force, thermal stress, tremor and other factors of the cutting process.
      3. When the hardness of the cutting piece is high, the radial torque force received by the cutting piece will increase, and since the thickness of the cutting piece is usually less than 4 mm, the cutting piece may be broken.
      4. The flatness of the cut piece is poor, the structure of the cut piece is uneven, the hardness of the cut piece is high, and the resin of the cut piece lacks toughness. When the flatness of the cutting piece is poor, the cutting surface is curved, and as the cutting depth increases, the cutting piece is subjected to lateral stress increase, and the rounding of the grinding wheel piece causes a "soft film" to be broken, and the rupture is continued.
      Therefore, to understand the cause of cracking when cutting ultra-thin cutting blades, it is necessary to avoid these problems in future use.

    • yanghuim has written a new blog article "What are the characteristics of 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc in grinding?" 11.22.2018

      As we all know, [url= https://www.auroraabrasive.com/115-mm-go...r-cutting-disc/]4 1/2 super thin cutting disc [/url] is the most important type of grinding tool in grinding. Grinding wheel is a porous body made by adding binder in the abrasive, pressing, drying and roasting. Due to abrasive, bonding Different from the manufacturing process and the manufacturing process, the characteristics of the grinding wheel are very different, so it has an important influence on the processing quality, productivity and economy of the grinding. The characteristics of the grinding wheel are mainly the abrasive, strength, bonding agent, hardness, structure, shape and size. Factor determination. So the use of 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc in the grinding process. We will explain the relevant information content today.
      Since the grinding wheel usually works at high speed, the rotation test should be carried out before use (to ensure that the grinding wheel does not break at the highest working speed) and the static balance test (to prevent the machine from vibrating during work). After the grinding wheel is working for a period of time, it should be carried out. Trimming to restore grinding performance and correct geometry. Due to the high hardness and heat resistance of the grinding wheel itself, grinding can process very hard materials such as hardened steel, hard alloy, etc.



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