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    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "American football is the most fanatical" Today

      American football is an important part of American college culture. In states such as Ohio, Texas, Florida and Georgia, where American football is the most fanatical, the weekend American football game will almost certainly give the city a festive feel. And the Quarterback of the school team, especially the core of the team, will be welcomed by the stars in schools and throughout the state. Many players receive full scholarships, and school professors teach them individually based on their training schedules. Dong said that after a game, she saw a lot of fans gathered at the exit of the stadium and waited for the players to come out and applaud them. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-CP4SvuGVxNK0B7pKLR6w

      The universities' teams are part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's different ranks. The University of Maryland, for example, has just officially become one of the highest-ranking NCAA leagues on July 1: members of the northeast Big Ten. In fact each school in join the alliance to consider is not only a sporting event, each big schools will also be in the same league many academic and other aspects of the exchanges and cooperation, and including the library resource sharing and so on.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "New Downloadable contents of Rocket League" Yesterday

      The Rocket League game is automatic, can control things only mine, shield, accelerator, or angry cow, air raid, UFO hijacking This mess how to play In fact, is to use the props to the opponent chaos, and then create the opportunity to break. Just finger little, the scene will be the situation mutation, which is not quite interesting Three minutes a contest, this game is also very suitable for leisure. Today, the development team Psyonix officially announced that the Rocket League has nearly 9 million gamers and will release a lot of exciting announcements in the next 2016. https://www.lolga.com

      As usual, we will continue to support this game with the ambitions we can, bringing new content, new models, new Downloadable contents, new arena and lots of cool new gadgets to keep players back in 2016 This game is happy. Of course, if not you, without this we can not finish anything this year.You help us to achieve the Rocket League the dream of this game. Rocket League in July, landing the PS4 and PC platform, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the development budget of the game close to 2 million US dollars, and from the game so far, the game has produced 50 million dollars in benefits. Psyonix will also continue to update the game content via free and paid content, and the game will be extended to the XBOX ONE console platform in the coming year.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "National Football League players union" 02.22.2018

      Each year the super bowl has a sponsor activation period, usually 2-3 weeks before the start of the game until the end of the game. In the 2018 super bowl sponsors to activate the mid-term, National Football League players union arranged ShangYan activity of more than 400 games for the players, on average every day more than 20 games, all partners are also familiar with some brands such as Microsoft, danone, Nike, Pepsi, etc. Due to the number of sponsors and partners is numerous, the National Football League players union activities during the super bowl will and union communication at any time, to avoid duplicate booking players side caused activities can not be normal, after all the players and the interests of the sponsors have to make sure. https://www.onlinegameshop.com

      Obvious, therefore, the role of the National Football League players union is like a between alliance, sponsors and the players in the large brokerage firms, are different from each player each individual signing agency, the National Football League players union objective is as much as possible to serve each and every player, isn't it sweet? As mentioned above, during this year's super bowl, the NFL players' union has arranged a number of commercial events for the players. Here are three of the brands: Electronic Arts Inc. (EA, for short, is no stranger to their NBA LIVE and FIFA series); Dairy Management Inc. (DMI, Dairy Management company); And the players' National Football League's own internal VIP Party.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The NHL international players" 02.20.2018

      NHL is the youngest of the four major league debuts. North American players are 18-20 years old, while the international players are 18-21 years old. NHL this year is 99 years born players to participate in the draft, next year is 00 after the. This morning, NHL will be in the Chicago United Center Arena for 2017 player draft. There are about a few hundred thousand soccer players around the world accepting the selection of 31 of the world's best professional league teams. As the NHL League in this year the last important event, the major sports media in North America is also rubbing the heel. https://www.onlinegameshop.com

      The North American player here is the player who plays in North America. In North America, NHL considered the draft of the youth training system as follows: Canada's CHL Professional Youth League, NCAA, North America JuniorA Youth League in the USHL, BCHL, OJHL and NAHL and high school private school. Nearly half of the selected North American players from Canada's CHL, is what we usually call WHL, OHL and QMJHL. The draft is no stranger to the fans who love North American professional sports. This is a selection of North American professional sports, and he connects amateur sports and professional sports together.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Turbo Boost device with compressed air" 02.19.2018

      You might think Turbo Boost is very complicated, but it's not complicated, and Turbo Boost devices are mainly composed of Turbo Chambers and superchargers. First, the intake port of the turbine chamber is connected to the engine exhaust manifold, and the exhaust port is connected to the exhaust pipe. Then the inlet of the supercharger is connected with the air filter pipe, the exhaust port is connected to the inlet pipe, and the final turbine and impeller are respectively installed in the turbine chamber and the supercharger, and the two are connected with the rigid shaft. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      We usually say is actually a kind of air compressor, Turbo Boost device with compressed air to increase the engine air inflow, in general, Turbo Boost is the use of engine exhaust from inertial force to promote the turbine interior of turbine, the turbine drives the coaxial impeller, the impeller compressed air transportation by air filter pipe, make after charging into the cylinder. When the engine speed faster, the discharge of waste gas turbine speed and synchronous increase fast, impeller to compress more air into the cylinder, air pressure and density increases can make more fuel combustion fully, the corresponding increase in fuel quantity and adjust the speed of the engine, can increase the output power of engine.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The vehicle in Rocket League game is very flexible" 02.17.2018

      Although the vehicle in Rocket League game is very flexible, but the ball must be hit up to hit the actual goal, unfortunately the car and the ball's center of gravity is different, so often the ball has been landing but the car has not hit the target, Psyonix must make your own adjustments, one frame to check the problem. "It seems that every time we find a problem, we need to add a line of code to the interactive logic, with the accumulation of time, these simple three lines of function into a lot of fragmented code, we even in the replay game screen We can not find a specific problem because we can not find a specific problem.We found that the interaction logic to add more complication will only lead to more unpredictable results, and ultimately we decided to remove all the changes, and then start again. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      Coherence is only a matter of minor modifications to the original SARPBC algorithm. " In addition, by allowing SARPBC veteran players to participate in IC packaging and testing, Psyonix through the player feedback found more imperfections in the "Rocket League" before the release of careful testing, research and development results at least very good, and ornamental is also good, Although it did not take into account the gaming side of the things, but Psyonix later seems to be very consistent with the tide of the trend: to improve the watch experience and increase the tournament support, fix the bug and the game to more areas. Cone said that the rest of the work is basically to rely on the community, and this is the practice and SARPBC practice, the players of the recommendations and feedback can make the game last longer.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The budget of FIFA's 18" 02.12.2018

      The budget of FIFA's 18. Earnings are mainly due to entry fees and tournament prizes. You win as many trophies as you can in a season, so you earn a lot of money. The main income is the transfer fee and rental fee. You can sell some players or rent out to earn income. Spending is focused on transfer fees, players and staff salaries. https://www.lolga.com

      Budget allocation: the game budget allocation is simply divided into transfer budget and salary budget. The transfer budget includes the initial budget, the transfer fee for the player and the remaining budget. The salary budget includes the initial budget, the weekly salary budget, and the current weekly salary. The player only adjusts the ratio of the salary budget to the transfer budget. In everyday situations, the best budget allocation is a budget bigger than the transfer budget. During the transfer period, the best budget allocation is that the transfer budget is bigger than the payroll budget.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Teammates do exquisite cooperation" 02.11.2018

      Klose is a natural shooter, feet balanced to open the bow, shooting a variety of ways and accurate. Its feet and the toe Tuishe and the toes of the fire technology, the body or the ground shovel brave brave, stunt back of the foot is more or less dispense. He has repeatedly become the five European league shooting efficiency king, shooting success rate in the world football is second to none! With age, Klose is being developed by a simple top striker for a superb all-round attack attackers, won two consecutive Bundesliga assists and European assists! Career in the league, the European war, international games were sent up to about 150 assists, called first-class passers. https://www.lolga.com

      In a number of defender gaffle, the ball can also be passed on to his teammates, the formation of assists or a threat to attack. Klose's dribbling does not take the fancy action to win, but his limbs slender has its own elegant features like the ballet is also quite ornamental and the effect is very obvious, even in the case of the other guard attack can also be fast Break the opportunity to fight, often staged with a few people's play. Header is the world's most familiar magic, he is the World Cup, the European Cup two major international tournament header record keepers, scored a total of 10 unprecedented header. And is the single World Cup head shot the most players in the South Korea World Cup scored five goals, and he was the only final in the World Cup final stage hat hat player! Before the ancients, after the difficult to come.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Qualified teams can play as many games as possible" 02.09.2018

      NBA 2K17: Repair Pro-Am Tournament Qualification

      Some players say that the 2K has been implemented in line with the Pro-Am Championship is completely ridiculous, which leads to almost all the best teams are excluded. https://www.lolga.com

      Qualified teams can play as many games as possible in 5 hours and have to hope that they will not play any other top teams trying to qualify. Because if they do, even if they win, in fact they do not get a team, they can blow out 50, rather than extra rewards, and prevent your qualification. A team with 50 to 40 instead of making them better. Needless to say, a team out of you because they have been down 30 points may ruin your whole week.

      There is a very simple solution.

      First, an absolute private matching system has been established. Too ridiculous Since the 15 years since the team has been trying to match, it is incredible that we still can not do that.

      A tournament is held once a week in qualifying and sown according to the rankings. All elite teams can enter, the first four teams left each week are eligible to participate.

      This means that qualified teams must really beat the teams they are competing with and provide a real opportunity for everyone. But the teams have to compete because they beat the competitor, not just lucky because the team got the simplest team blowing, playing the most games, or no one to quit.

      Finally, it allows 2K to play some games every week and has a discussion and analysis of the game's show.

      Using the current approach, we will eventually host a game that will not include the best team, lower the level of the game, especially only one game each year.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The warriors lost to the nuggets" 02.07.2018

      On Feb. 4, the warriors lost to the nuggets. https://www.lolga.com

      "For the most part, we didn't find the rhythm and the sense, and there were several fatal errors. It was back-to-back, and the last 12 minutes were very difficult, we didn't do the winning thing, they played their due in the critical moment, and we didn't. "Curry said after the game.

      When it comes to a turning point in the game, Arsenal continued: "around the base hit that three points, their crowd erupted, I missed a 3-pointer in the next round, we wanted to use three points for fans to quiet down, let's go back to the same starting line."

      With less than three minutes left in the fourth quarter, the two teams tied at 104, Harris went to the basket and wanted a single-handed dunk, but in the golden state, the ball was passed down to jokiki on the base. Jokiki, who was in the open, shot three points and helped the nuggets by three points.

      Warriors coach cole also talked about the game after the game, "around the base of the three is a key to a turning point, the round we defended very well, but we let Harris to the insider, achievement the three-point shots." "That's what we've been trying to emphasize," cole said. "don't get into bad habits."

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The New England patriots have won" 02.06.2018

      The 52nd super bowl was held at the us bank stadium in Minneapolis in 2018, defending champion New England patriots against the Philadelphia eagles. The Philadelphia eagles were in the lead, and despite being a patriot at the start of the fourth quarter, they won the super bowl for the first time with a 41-33 victory. The New England patriots failed to defend their title, and legendary quarterback Brady did not win the sixth. https://www.lolga.com

      The New England patriots have won the super bowl five times in the 21st century, beating the jaguar 24-20 this year. If the patriot can win again this year, will like Pittsburgh Steelers, become the NFL super bowl team won the most times in history, but also will create a second four years three champions league glory, and the quarterback Brady will also get personal sixth championship. The Philadelphia eagles, the only team to have never won the super bowl, scored the third super bowl this year, beating the vikings 38-7 in the league final.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The story of a Spanish band from Barcelona" 02.05.2018

      The story of a Spanish band from Barcelona to the Madrid derby as the backbone, as the Barcelona Ace player's big wings, the team only behind the list of Real Madrid two points in the case, in order to help the team rose to the league top, with Real Madrid Start a fierce game. In the early summer, the Japanese team went to the Mexican Toluca Plateau for the final training, the sun, the sun and the large air wing and the team confluence, for the Olympic Games, more hard training, this time, the air wing think of this short year in Spain What happened, of course, including the second round of the Derby war. https://www.lolga.com

      The story is the memory of the big wings Barcelona and Napoli Real Madrid second round Derby battle, there have been a mysterious audience, Derby World War II to 2 to 2 end, this time Real Madrid points or leading Barcelona, and then there Two games, Barcelona can reverse it? Mysterious audience and wing has a side of the edge, then the wing in the running climb stairs, suddenly behind the mysterious man beyond, the speed can not keep up, after that he used to play football, named Michael (big angel) Was brought in by the priest in the church.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "A wide variety of collectibles" 02.03.2018

      "NBA LIVE" is rich in game play, and the most distinctive feature of the game is the collection. In the game, players can get a wide variety of collectibles, and their use is for synthesis. https://www.lolga.com

      How to get the collection: click the "1" button at the top left corner of the game's main interface, and then click the "online match" button on "2" to open the online game interface. Through a variety of competitions, players can obtain the various collections they need. For example, through the winner's event, the player can get a unique collection of winners.

      How to use collectibles: acquired the required collectibles, players need to use them correctly to enhance their combat effectiveness. Click the composite button labeled "2" in the main interface to open the composite page in the game. The composite page is divided into four categories, representing four different synthesis options. Select the "online games" and use them to use collectibles from online events.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Maradona helped Barcelona win" 02.02.2018

      In July 1982, Maradona moved to Barcelona with a net worth of 1.2 billion pesetas ($9 million), which was recorded in football. On September 4, 1982, Maradona played the Barcelona debut, the team 2-1 to valencia, he scored the only goal. At the end of 1982, Maradona suffered from hepatitis and rested for three months. On September 24, 1983, he lost his leg in a match against bilbao, which was then shoveled by the butcher goikko. This year, Maradona helped Barcelona win the Spanish Kings cup, the Spanish league cup and the Spanish super cup. https://www.lolga.com

      On May 5, 1984, he was in the king's cup final after leaving Barcelona, in two years for barca, Maradona truce nearly seven months, but even so, Maradona was left 58 appearances at Barcelona, the impressive record has scored 38 goals. On July 5, 1984, Maradona joined Naples, Italy, with a record $7.5 million. In the first season, Maradona scored 14 goals and napoli finished eighth, scoring 11 goals in the second season and entering the third.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The chances of the Cavaliers defeating the Warriors" 02.01.2018

      If Devon Wade and the Bulls reach a buyout deal, he will not only consider joining the Cavaliers but will consider joining the Miami Heat and the Lakers, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. As a result, LeBron James and Wade joined together again or into a bubble. After the spread of Wade could have left the bull through a buyout, LeBron James ' team contacted Wade in private, hoping that Wade would join the Cavaliers and James. Wade and James, Chris Paul, Cameron-Anthony and others have been friends for many years, the relationship is very good. James joined the Miami Heat in 2010, and Wade and Chris Bosh formed the big Three, mainly because of the friendship with Wade. https://www.lolga.com

      If Wade joins the Cavaliers this time, it will be the two-degree alliance between the two, which will increase the chances of the Cavaliers defeating the Warriors to win. But Wade's joining the Cavaliers is not a stone thing, there are three main reasons: First, when James returned to the Cavaliers in 2014, one of the reasons was that Wade was in a state of decline, and the Heat lost the championship hope, which left Wade with a grudge; second, Wade's children have enrolled in a school in Florida, South Florida. The heat and the Lakers are also chasing Wade. According to the original material, Wade and the heat to negotiate a smooth line of people revealed that Wade is really interested in joining the Miami Heat and the Lakers. Wade and the heat were very unpleasant in the summer of 2016, but Wade, after all, was the greatest star in the Miami Heat, a legend in the Heat history, and the team welcomed him back from top to bottom. After Wede's bull-toss, the Heat chief's Pat Riley apologized for many times in public and expressed his remorse.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "With more and more advanced Kinect" 01.31.2018

      "What's James's shoe?" ", "my uncle's tie looks good." Such information can be translated directly into advertising, and with the help of Xbox One, any product in any scene can be the object that consumers stop to buy. Maybe in the future, with more and more advanced Kinect, the Xbox will not only know who you are, but also know your age, gender, and preferences, and thus claim to be specifically advertised. https://www.lolga.com

      These assumptions are only a small part, and there are more possibilities to explore. Although Microsoft has never mentioned advertising, the trend is clear. From now on, marketing and advertising people may need to start thinking about this new form of advertising, as long as good privacy problem, this form will reverse the role of advertising, let advertising become endearing, give advertising to make some new opportunities.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Changes are coming to Rocket League Arenas" 01.30.2018

      A change in the Rocket League arena is coming soon after the autumn update. With the advent of competition season 6, a new spec - only the standard arena can play in the competition and leisure competition online games.More specifically, Wasteland and Starbase ARC of the standard version will launch this change, and these maps (now called "Wasteland" and "ARCtagon") of the classic nonstandard version will still can be used for private and offline matching game. The octagonal and underground laboratory Arenas will also return to Rocket Labs playlists. https://www.lolga.com

      Why do we change our position? Since Wasteland Arena debuted in the second half of 2015, non-standard map layouts have been a hot topic in the Rocket League community. We have listened to your feedback carefully during this long period of time, although we have not made this decision easily, but we believe it is correct. Here are a few key factors that make us move in this direction:We see Rocket League as a digital movement. Therefore, we believe that standardization is important and necessary to provide a level playing field and to promote sustained competition for all skill levels and events.

      We have introduced non-standard arenas, in part to provide a variety of professional games, but they have not yet been accepted. Given the success of RLCS and Rocket League Esports, we no longer feel that the map variety needs or suits the competition scenario.The Rocket lab showed us that only a small number of arena designs would be well received by the Rocket League community. Even designs that are more similar to traditional arenas like octagon and constellation are very divergent. Ultimately, the alternative layout we designed didn't add enough strategies to offset the corresponding predictability and muscle memory loss.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "James was selected as Eastern Alliance Star" 01.29.2018

      In 2008 season, James was selected as Eastern Alliance Star for four consecutive years , February 27, 2008, James in the Boston Celtics game, made a personal career of the first 10,000 points. He was only 23 years old 59 days, becoming the youngest reached 10,000 points of the players, in addition he spent 368 games to complete 10,000 points, is the NBA's ninth fastest record. March 21 against the Toronto Raptors in the game, scored 29 points to replace Brad Doherty to become the Cavaliers total score of the highest players to 10414 points more than 10309 points in the Doherty. After the season, James became the NBA scoring champion for the first time. Knight to 45 wins and 37 losses into the playoffs.

      G1, the Cavaliers 93-86 beat the Washington Wizards. LeBron - James in the key fourth quarter to get 8 points, the audience contributed 32 points and six rebounds. In addition, he also got his teammates to help, Zeid Gurnas - Ilgauskas got 22 points and 11 rebounds, Deronte - West 16 points, Danny Gibson 11 points. https://www.onlinegameshop.com

      G2, the Cavaliers at home to 116-86 victory over the Wizards, big score to 2-0 lead. LeBron - James almost played three pairs, got 30 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds. Teammates performance is also good, Igor Cuth had 16 points and nine rebounds, Wali - Sri Lanka Bike 15 points, Daniel - Gibson 13 points. Big score 2-0 leading knight.

      G3, Cavaliers 72-108 Wizards, Wizards all soldiers are victorious knight, James scored 22 points, the performance of flat.

      G4, Knight on the road to 100-97 win over Wizards, in the first round of the playoffs to 3-1 lead, cut in sight. LeBron - James scored 34 points and 12 rebounds and 7 assists, but the knight's hero is Deronte - West, he hit the winning three points, the audience get 21 points, Daniel - Gibson 12 points.

      G5, the Wizards to 88-87 victory over the Cavaliers, the big chase into 2-3.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The first match with real Madrid" 01.28.2018

      On the pitch and the performance of the game, FIFA 18 also did very well. Whether it's the fidelity of the turf, the lighting effect on the pitch, the reduction of the game, or even the support of the audience, or the highlight of the game after the game, it's very good. But FIFA 18 has too many teams and too big a database. The physical collision of FIFA 18 is more reasonable. FIFA 18 tries to restore the real football game. The game USES the technique of human motion capture. Although the game plot is somewhat rigid, it is still a good game experience. https://www.lolga.com

      In FIFA 18, you can experience Hunter's second career. If there is a player in FIFA 17's plot mode, you can continue the second season directly with this record. If you haven't played the previous one, it's ok to start a new Hunter's journey. In FIFA 18, Hunter continues to be the star of the field and can compete with Cristiano Ronaldo and exchange shirts. Hunter can also be a teammate with Neymar, playing with Delle Ali. After the first match with real Madrid, Hunter will be invited to join real Madrid by Bristiano Ronaldo.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Team of the Week or legendary goalies" 01.26.2018

      Legends are awesome. They have a very high rating, are very easy to play as, and very cheap (compared to similar level cards). For example, at the time of writing, Jari Kurri, rated 91, cost about 120,000 coins. But a base Vladimir Tarasenko, rated 89, costs at least 165,000 coins.Special players are way overpriced. They are far too expensive for the slight boost that the player gets. You’re better off getting the same rated base card at a lower price. https://www.lolga.com

      If you happen to draw one in a pack then sell it, get a same rated card and have some dough left over.Super Steve Mason and Jonas Hiller: I don’t mean like Team of the Week or legendary goalies, I mean right-hand catchers. Steve Mason and Jonas Hiller can be a real pain to score against. A lot of online players get used to using left shooting skaters, meaning they know how to trick the keeper with a left right left wrister deke and goal. Against a righty, this move works a lot less. They’re good to have as your second keeper if your first is high in rating.



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