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    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Different Season five Reward of rocket league" Today

      All rocket league players are eligible for the fifth season will now receive two different season 5 bonus points for each award they release.

      While we kept the dragon theme banner, our second banner was more neutral and less. Well, the dragon-y theme. You should be able to find a bonus banner for your fifth season, between various options. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      For our outspoken and dedicated community members, thank you for your feedback. We hope you like the new banner and this week's big update! If you miss the original banner, check out the dragon banner below.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The most elaborate Madden NFL game" Yesterday

      It would be wise for EA Tiburon to try to use the story model as a flagship model. I can see it getting more and more tired, year after year. But let's live next year. Now, enjoy the freshest, most beautiful, most elaborate Madden NFL game to date.

      If MUT is your thing, it will load new toys and patterns and let you play. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins/nfl18-mobile-coins

      If you like to sit idle in a franchise, it's still intact and still benefits from the latest version of Madden NFL's new feature, this year's sexy improvements. If you want something new, you can use Longshot. Try it, and you might be surprised how much you like it.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Score A Handful Of Touchdowns To Win NFL" 10.14.2017

      Devin is a Texas Longhorn and soldier, which Boyer pointed out was a coincidence; an ESPN documentary about the long snapper was also named The Long Shot. Unlike other characters, Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan appear in the game as live action analysts for the fictional Real Football show, as do players Kirk Cousins and Josh Norman in Twitter videos. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins/nfl18-mobile-coins

      You have to score a handful of touchdowns to win the game and you have to do so on Devin's big arm and his Cam Newton-esque ability to break tackles and elude defenders. Sometimes when Devin makes a pass, the camera stays with his view of the play. Sure, this makes sense as part of "Longshot".

      Another feature new to this year's game are "Mut Squads." You and your friends can assemble a superteam to take on other players online. It sounds interesting, but I wasn't able to take a look at it during my time with Madden 18. The game play here is quite fun and the small-town commentators make the play-by-play even more entertaining.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Madden NFL 18 is the top selling brand" 10.13.2017

      Madden NFL 18 and American football are very popular with American users. Surprisingly, but the grand theft auto V is unstoppable, because since August, it was listed as second best selling goods list, if we consider the Rockstar's title was introduced four years ago. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins/nfl18-mobile-coins

      The Nintendo switch (amazon, $299.99) has been the best seller in the six months since it launched in March last year. That's not enough, however, because the PlayStation 4 continues to be the best-selling system in the United States, according to NPD data. Unfortunately, the company gave no figures.

      Madden NFL 18 is the top-selling brand in the U.S. in August 2017 and again puts the PlayStation 4 in second place. Madden NFL 18 is the top-selling brand in the U.S. in August 2017 and again puts the PlayStation 4 in second place. The best-seller list in the United States in August, with Madden NFL 18 the favorite.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The quarterback's salary is undoubtedly the most expensive" 10.12.2017

      The quarterback's salary is undoubtedly the most expensive, with Matthew Stafford and Joe Flacco earning around $20 million a year, which has led to the team's wealth being concentrated on them. But the patriots won't be in such trouble. Brady's base salary is $1 million and the signature fee is $13 million. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

      There are 11 players in this season who are paid between $4 million and $8 million, and only jaguars and RAMS can do that. As well as the super bowl, quarterback Matt Ryan's wages reached $23.7 million, which led to only four players on the team's $4 million - $8 million level.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Madden NFL game sound production is great" 10.11.2017

      Although there is no host platform 3 a picture of the same, but the Madden NFL in hand swim platform already belong to compare good, lifelike scene design, the action of fluid, both in looks and play enough to make players feel the scene. In terms of character design, you may not see Colin Kapernick tattoo or Drew Brees faint hairline, but the athletes very precise height and shape design, the name of their back also can let the players not mistaken. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins/nfl18-mobile-coins

      Athletes do animation in the game is very fluent, stealing the ball movement or running in the field, the effect is very verisimilitude, surrounded by the cheers from the audience sometimes, game audio production allows players to get the scene view realism to the ball and the game run on Android and iOS devices are very smooth. In addition, the rich playability also makes the game playability and life extension further.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "EA Sports Cooperate With The National Football League" 10.10.2017

      In 2002, EA purchased a six-year license to NASCAR to end the competition for papyrus. They lost NASCAR authorized in 2009 and NASCAR authorized to be able to play for the series of polyphonic numbers of the GT racing series, GT Racing 5, The NASCAR game series was established in 2015.

      Peter Moore, head of EA Sports, cited piracy, as well as "PC as a genuine, fully licensed platform for simulated sports gaming platforms that have fallen dramatically over the past three years as a result of the next generation of game consoles. Millions of consumers. " EA Sports has released FIFA World, as of November 12, 2013 PC exclusive free game large multiplayer game.The company pointed out that the FIFA and FIFA manager series will still be released on the PC platform. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

      December 13, 2004, EA Sports and the National Football League (NFL) and its players Union signed a five-year exclusive agreement. February 12, 2008, EA Sports announced its exclusive agreement extended to the 2012 NFL season.Less than a month after the NFL exclusive deal, EA Sports signed a four-year exclusive agreement with the Arena Football League (AFL).

      On April 11, 2005, the National Sports Association (NCAA) and EA Sports signed an agreement to grant the EA Sports six-year college football the sole right.EA lost the right to the 2K Sport Baseball League (MLB) game in 2005, ending EA's MVP series; however, EA manufactured NCAA Baseball game in 2006 and 2007 after losing MLB license The In January 2008, EA Sports decided not to update the NCAA College Baseball license when evaluating the status of their MVP game engines.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The Best Friend Of Devin Wade" 10.09.2017

      At the beginning of the story, Colt Cruise and his best friend, Colt Cruise, played football in the yard. This shows the special connection between Devin and his father, who, after his father's death, showed him his home in more than 10 years. The story is emotionally appealing, and it doesn't need to tell you what happened because you can feel the loss in the atmosphere. Wade and Colt started a short dream on a road trip to Indianapolis, hoping to achieve a dream of professional football by taking part in a trial game.

      It's an incredible story line, a lack of more game opportunities, so further details about the story line will destroy the experience of those who have not played games. Looking forward to helping Wade overcome his frustration and follow his dream of going to the NFL to create a true champion image-whether it's a humble hard worker or an irresponsible clown. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

      You occasionally control Wade, but not for a while. Critical moments before full control include quick Time events, such as exiting from a snapshot with an analog stick, shooting left or right, and releasing a timed throw to the recipient. When you control him, it lasts a short time in an amateur game, but it will never be in a full schedule or full game.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The most watched NBA team this summer" 10.07.2017

      If you really want to pick one of the most watched teams this summer, be the eastern Celtic. Began trading away from the starting point guard Bradley, in the first round of the no. 3 sign of duke university selected Jason tatum, four years to $128 million from jazz to Gordon hayward, when people think Danny ainge operation has come to an end, the celtics and trading to kaili - Michael Owen. The celtics' moves have made them one of the most anticipated teams of the new season. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      The new celtics have also been able to beat the hornets 94-82 in their first game of the season. Green army coach Stevens for team performance also made a summary of the game, he said: "the defense is good, but I don't think the offense we performance close to the position we want to achieve. This team has a high ceiling, so there's plenty of room for improvement."

      Owen's debut only played in the first half, contributing nine points, four rebounds, three assists and two steals. "We are building a foundation, we created a lot of shots, a lot of rebound, we must continue to maintain the stability of the efforts," Owen said, "I'm good, I feel like entered a totally different stage, is really let me open horizon."

      In addition, in the game against the hornets, and the celtics rookie Jason tatum welcomed his NBA debut, he on 32 minutes, 4 of 11 shots get 9 points and five assists, five rebounds and two steals. For his first game, tatum said he felt good and excited. Tomorrow away against the 76ers, Owen, horford, hayward and others also have to play well.

      The 76ers, like the celtics, are also expected. On the draft this year, 76 people with top sign, darfur is selected, the new season 76 three young core of darfur and simmons, bede is expected to appear on the field at the same time, combined with riddick, corvington and emeka okafor player in the team, the long plagued by injury, the team's time to live up to their talent.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Rocket League is a big family" 10.06.2017

      Jeremy Dunham, vice President of marketing at Psyonix studios, posted on the PS official blog the results of their 2015 achievements and plans for next year's production.

      Thank you for your warm and loyal support. The rocket League has created a family of nearly 9 million people, a number that grows every day. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      The Rocket League has now logged on to PC and PS4 and will soon be on the Xbox One. At the TGA game awards earlier this month, the production group announced that it would launch the "war machine" and "halo" theme expansion vehicles in February 2016.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The entire Kansas city chiefs team is great" 10.05.2017

      Laurent duvernay-tardif, who is 196cm tall and weighs 145KG, is the first attacking line for the Kansas city chiefs. In the opening game of the new season, devernay tadif helped the team defeat the last super bowl champion New England patriots. On the pitch, diwerny-tadif is one of the most important bases in the offensive group, and he is probably the most educated of all NFL players. Here's his self-described story:

      I'm very proud to be a Kansas city chief. The whole team is great, and our fans are the best. Just go to the arrowhead and watch our game and you can understand what I'm talking about. To be honest, I can't imagine what it would be like to play in another team. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins/nfl18-mobile-coins

      Of course, my friends in medical school would ask me why I should continue my career as a professional. It's not a good choice for a lot of people, and I'm going to graduate from medical school to become a doctor.

      My answer is simple - balance. Of course I knew there was a lot of risk in the game, even more than the players in other positions.

      Yes, injury risk is inevitable in this league, but the spirit of the movement is more meaningful. In North America, people who die of excess weight, high blood pressure and diabetes are far more likely to have diabetes than physical activity. It is a little too one-sided to say that the sport is dangerous. In my opinion, it's much more risky to give up the active lifestyle.

      Personally, I've always remembered that I came from a small town in Quebec, where rugby has opened up a culture that canadians can't experience. In the NFL locker room, there are people of different colors, different beliefs, and different cultural backgrounds. You need to take the time to get to know them, and need to be with them on the training ground to bleed and sweat for a common purpose. We are all different, but on the pitch we are all the same. In my short NFL career, I've been able to look at the world in a different way.

      I believe this kind of culture shock in the future will benefit my career as a physician, because I also need to face the different background of patients, but think carefully, this experience will in turn affect my dressing room culture?

      Like other NFL players, we can all pursue our interests in the offseason. When I was drafted I had a year left to study in medical school. My mentors and I divided this year's study into three separate four-month periods. I have completed the first two parts in the 15 and 16 years of the offseason, and the last part I am going to finish this year and next. But what's interesting is that the time of the next semester will be based on our results. If the chiefs make the playoffs every year, that time will be delayed.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The texans quarterback's performance in the regular season" 10.03.2017

      From all sources, the texans entered the era of Deshaun Watson, the first show in which he will be the first to play against him. From the performance of the first week, Watson appeared more flexible and confident than Savage. On the one hand, Watson plays defensive reading and makes specific arrangements before kick-off. On the other hand, he was able to calm down and face pressure and use movement to get rid of it. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

      However, due to the armistice period, Watson will play with the team as a substitute player, and it will take some time to get through with the main players. In the last game, he had two or three runs with the outside and the near end. At the same time, the team also needs to focus on Watson's re-design of the offensive routines. Lamar Miller's ground push with play action, plus the timely Hopkins sneak attack, appears to be the most suitable offensive combination of the present.

      Texans were vulnerable to a strike by the texans' left-back Duane Brown. In the last game, the texans attacked the front line for more than 50 quarterbacks, including 10 quarterbacks. The game, the bengals Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, Michael Johnson is blunt pass, texans offensive attack, especially the two cutting front Kendall Lamm and Chris Clark's performance, will be decided in the very great degree Watson's performance.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The national anthem of the NFL regular season" 10.02.2017

      On September 24, 2017, at noon, the U.S. national basketball team in Chicago, Illinois, will hold the third week of the NFL's regular-season game against the Pittsburgh steelers. According to the usual practice in American professional sports league before the official start of the games, athletes, coaches and the audience will take part in the national anthem ceremony, to express their respect to the country and those who lost their lives in the United States military.

      However, with the usual national anthem during the ceremony, the players stand beside the touchline salute to the flag of the scene is different, the soldiers of the pitch away bench only steelers coach mike Tom Lin, the offensive line coach mike - be chuck and running back coach James Saxony. All the steel players are missing. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

      At the same time, along with the national anthem sounded and the soldiers stadium road tunnel entrance, who had served in the United States army rangers, Afghanistan steelers left cutting front HangDe - villanueva, captured by the CBS broadcast lens stand alone under the scorching sun, hand on left chest, expressing his respect for the flag.

      Despite the fact that the steelers quarterback Ben rosselberg and villanueva have made it clear that the event took place after the incident, the independence was actually a surprise. At the time, villanueva was based on his involvement in the war and wanted to see the flag and stand with the steelers' teammates.

      However, because the national anthem sounded and accidentally steelers players in order to keep the respect for the national anthem has not had time to go to villanueva's side, this just appeared his strange scene alone to join in your national anthem. But the photograph of villanueva has become the best media outlet in the nation's biggest storm. The origins of the storm go back two days after US President Donald trump's controversial comments about the NFL's protesters.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Jersey retired is a great honor For NBA players" 09.30.2017

      It's a great honor for NBA players to be able to enjoy their shirts. And throughout the history of NBA teams, the number of retired jerseys, like the Boston celtics and the Los Angeles lakers, has been a big deal. For some teams with less history, there are few players who have retired.

      Minnesota timberwolves only enjoyed a player in the history of the team jersey retirement ceremony, the little-known player called malik healy, and his story with the timberwolves team the greatest players in the history of Kevin garnett. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins/nfl18-mobile-coins

      On May 19, 2000, 24 years old birthday is Kevin garnett, healy teammates in Minneapolis and timberwolves for Kevin garnett party birthday, in the way of healy drive home alone, however, he met a drunk driver and a seems to have drunk big truck, so the healy frame will be the last time of his life on May 19, 2000, was only 30 years old.

      Kevin garnett was guilty of the news, and if he had kept him, everything would have been different. During his first season in hillie, garnett was in the middle of every game when he thought of the name healy. For healy's wife and son, garnett is the most caring and giving.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The Premiership's controversial plans" 09.29.2017

      Given the controversial plan to extend the season in the Barclays Premier League, the issue of player welfare has been put on the agenda, but a smaller lineup will only bring additional pressure to the players, especially in the injury crisis. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/madden-mobile-coins

      Salas and England's 8th Billy Vunipola told the BBC that he would be prepared to take a pay cut to reduce the number of games, but young people doubted whether that was a common view.

      Will the players raise their hands and take less to get a bigger lineup? asked Yang. I haven't been in this situation before, of course, if the players feel it, they can't get in touch with the broker.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Rocket League is one of the most high-profile games" 09.28.2017

      Psyonix vice President of marketing Jeremy Dunham in February of this year, according to Rocket League on the platform of PC and PS4 sold more than 4 million sets, not including PlayStation Plus download, also revealed that games have more than $70 million in revenue.

      The Rocket League is a competitive game that mixes cars and soccer. The rules are so simple that you can get a big ball through the door with a racing car and score without any tedious football fouls. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      The game is very delicate, such as the picture, every detail including the shaking of the outer frame when the collision is very detailed, the lighting and vision matching give a realistic racing experience. In addition, users can build their own racing cars in the garage. In April, the game was added to the basketball game, and users could use a car to dunk.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "The Nuggets nearly made the playoffs despite injuries" 09.27.2017

      Media Day is over, training camp has arrived and another NBA season is coming, which means two things. First, NBA season here, second, hope forever exists. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

      The rankings are now 0-0. Everyone's career is the best, each team to accelerate the pace, three points, and focus on defense, after all, the most important question for each team is "Why not us?"

      There are teams like Oklahomare, hoping that their new stars will go smoothly after the Carmelo Anthony deal over the weekend. But teams like Hornets lost their game last season. The Nuggets were hurt, but they had little ability to defend and worse. Even teams like hawks and walkers are likely to try to win more than 30 games, but they can imagine that everything in the world is right.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "How do you launch a Madden 18 party" 09.26.2017

      Madden with 18 officially launched the NFL season time and need of labor day weekend rest - SOHH have the opportunity to check the EA sports' show in New York City, we must not only tried their own games, but rubbing elbows with a ton of celebrity! Our first 10 moments, peeking under the launch party! https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins/nfl18-mobile-coins

      How to start a Madden 18 party? Put together the most magnificent entrances of all time! Just get into the party and you'll know it's going to be a movie. Green grass floor? You know how to do EA sports to make sure everything is litty night DJ. Of course drinking is responsible - opening a bar is always welcome. A chance to try it 18 hours before the global launch? Yes, please. New York giants fans can find retired two-time super bowl champion David Diehl from a mile away.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Buy channels for Rocket League" 09.25.2017

      After the UP conference, Psyonix studio immediately closed in on the Steam Rocket League, China's IP purchase channels, and on the verge of two in the morning announcement today, said: "Rocket League" will be closed in China to buy entrance, but keep all have buyers service; To make such a decision, because Rocket League has tencent company for cooperation with China, while operating in China, Rocket League F2P mode will be adopted, this may not know the situation of Chinese players suffer losses because of the purchase. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      Announcement, many users in China are under the announcement to express their opinions, but a bit indecent words, games, a think-tank, specially selected out of the words more gentle a page of comments, believe me, really is a gentle one page. Interestingly, compared with Chinese players, the replies from foreign players are strange and shocking to the F2P model.

      For Psyonix to close the purchase channel of Steam China area, the reporter of the first financial weekly also raised related issues to tencent in the group visit. According to tencent's reply, "Rocket League" closes the purchase channel in the Steam country, which is a spontaneous decision of Psyonix, not tencent's demand for it; Such a decision could be the developer's hope of working with tencent.

    • fifacoinslol has written a new blog article "Rocket League's S6 season will adjust the map" 09.23.2017

      Psyonix announced that they will make adjustments to the two most controversial maps of the Rocket League.

      Wasteland and Starbase ARC are the two arenas that are modified based on feedback from community players. These two maps are very different from the traditional "Rocket League" arena, so players can't be as easy as other arenas. Psyonix says both maps will be completely modified to resemble the other arenas of the game, so players can be more relaxed. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      Of course, Psyonix says that players like Wasteland and Starbase AR would still be able to play the old version, but only for a private game. The map adjustment will be accompanied by the launch of the Rocket League season S6 season update.

      In addition, Psyonix announced that the Switch version of "Rocket League" will join super Mario and galaxy warrior theme racing cars. The Switch version of the Rocket League will be available at the end of the year.



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