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    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The excellent performance of Spa 330 P4" 02.11.2018

      Spa 330 P4 has a shorter chassis than Spa 330 P3, so it weighs less. At the same time Spa 330 P4 also has a new suspension system to enhance grip. It is these changes that make Spa 330 P4 the champion of prototype cars. The number of the Spa 330 P4 that won the title at the time was # 23. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/ark-survival-evolved-items

      It is because of the excellent performance of Spa 330 P4 that the fia will control the displacement of the prototype car within 3L. This caused the Spa 330 P4 to say goodbye to the racing stage. For the current "Forza Motorsport 7" in China's Windows 10 app store in China, you can get the Windows 10 PC and Xbox version on a single purchase.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Any things will happen" 02.09.2018

      Nintendo launches a major game every month. We've seen the legend of zelda: march's wild carnival, April's Mario Kart 8 deluxe, may's Minecraft and Disgaea 5 and June's weapons. The release schedule is also promising in the coming months. Lineup released on July 2, Mario + Rabbids: the queen of battle, in September Pokken Tournament DX, 18, 10 NBA 2 k18 and FIFA in super Mario Odyssey and fire emblem warriors, in addition to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, observatory and the elder scrolls V rocket league will also be released in 2017. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is available, very good. Mario + Rabbids: kingdom battle looks promising, super Mario Odyssey looks creative and exciting. Die-hard fans get games like monster hunter XX, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and fire badge warrior. The company also announced that Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon RPG are being developed for the nintendo switch. Last two announcement almost no screenshots as proof of progress, but if nintendo's issue record so far, any things will happen, at least one game can be released in the 2018 holiday season.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The Jurassic sea level rise" 02.07.2018

      Jurassic is a geological time. Jurassic is the second period of the Mesozoic era. Although the rock signs of this period are very clear and clear, the exact time of the beginning and end of the rock is as uncertain as any other geologic time.

      The name of the Jurassic comes from Switzerland. The name of the Jurassic was proposed by French paleontologist a. brownial in 1829. Early in the Jurassic period, because of the great extinction, all kinds of animals and plants are very rare. But among them the dinosaur head is a unique show, seek to dominate the land. After the middle and late Jurassic period, dinosaurs became the most prosperous dominant species on earth. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/ark-survival-evolved-items

      During the middle and late Jurassic, the plate movement led to the separation of South America from Africa. Laurasia also gradually separated from Africa and South America, creating the Atlantic and the gulf of Mexico. Along the edges of these rift continents, volcanic activity is frequent. At the same time, the Eurasian continent south, reduced the tethys ocean. During the Jurassic sea level rise, North America and Europe formed the continental margin of the sea lanes.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Short track speed skating" 02.06.2018

      Chinese delegation after the previous winter games won a total of 12 gold MEDALS, focused on the short track speed skating, figure skating, freestyle skiing, and speed skating four disciplines, including 9 short track speed skating for gold. The gold MEDALS of the Chinese legion are mainly focused on short track, flower skating and freestyle skiing. At present, there are five or six points of contention, according to the law of competitive sports, there are three gold points in general, which may result in a gold medal. https://www.onlinegameshop.com

      Short track speed skating has always been the key project of the Chinese legion, and this winter Olympic Games, China's most competitive gold points are still concentrated here. According to the pyeongchang winter Olympics forecast of a foreign data website, the Chinese team may have won the men's 500 meters, the men's 5,000-meter relay and the women's 500 meters. Also have experienced the personage inside course of study thinks, three projects have some opportunities, but the advantage is not obvious, even though the data shows the winning probability of the game, but the sport's charm lies in the next game and no obvious connection between the previous race, especially the competition, to the test is full of the athletes.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The latest insurance technology" 02.05.2018

      Every NFL player including the entry player will get one, Campbell already has a head start. Based on resting heart rate, sleep and heart rate variability, belt measurements are restored so that players like Campbell can better understand and prepare for strain to get the latest Nfltech news in your inbox! Whoop is not the only wearable technique used by Campbell. He wore a myzone heart-rate monitor in the off-season to make sure he was doing his best at the City Fitness ' #mycitymoves in his local Philadelphia challenge. And the Brawn team that uses the catapult Sports GPS tracker to monitor their players "is helpful in tracking your mileage," Campbell said. A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in economics, Campbell has been in the latest insurance technology. https://www.onlinegameshop.com

      When he goes through the NFL season, he gets paid. During the recent NFL Player Association's representative meeting, a whoop belt was sent so that contestants could be introduced into the product. Campbell said: "Since then, Cleveland Brown defender Ibraheim Campbell has never stopped using wearable equipment." "I won't throw it away. After the game, the stadium lights went out and fans flooded the exits for hours after the food supplier's task was to throw away a lot of unsuccessful hot dogs, leftover hamburgers and popcorn. According to the USDA, there are 133 billion pounds of food waste each year, including inhuman bodies in sporting events. Waste is expensive. Many men, women and children go to bed hungry every night.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The Soviet union has always been known" 02.03.2018

      Brazil's World Cup qualifier in 2014, capello of Russia's strong start, Northern Ireland, 2-0 away win 4-0 Israel, then with Mr. Cole's goal at home 1-0 win over Portugal biggest rivals, then a 1-0 win over azerbaijan, four victories laid a foundation. Despite the loss of 0-1 to Portugal and 0-1 to Northern Ireland on the road, the team won the first place in a series of victories over Luxembourg and Israel.

      The Soviet union has always been known as the best goalkeeper in the world, from side to sa, is to let each other forward the role of a headache, then to Russia at the gates of nigel mato Lin is also on the "steel door production line", he was only ten games in qualifying opponents scored five goals, is to move into the big hero of the 2002 World Cup team, later akinfeev is more known as is a representative of Russia's best goalkeeper. https://www.lolga.com

      For many years in the Soviet union team has been physical quality excellent, practical skilled players, the team with concise quickly and become one of the world's top teams, Russia later inherited the advantages. Russia since Roman mining was used to the team with a team as a team, in 2002, as the head coach of the Russian league champions, Roman mining, selection of their own familiar with spartak Moscow player in the team, with some in the overseas player for many years, such as Russia is both skilled cooperate and have a lot of experience, will certainly become a dark horse in the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea. In 2004, the Russian team was the head of the train, and the Russian team in 2008 and 2012 was formed by the st Petersburg zenit team.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "To drive a large carnivorous dinosaur" 02.02.2018

      The use of the ark to survive the evolution of pets. What do dinosaurs do?

      Velociraptor: a raptor can play, run, or ride. But before the saddle, the effect was limited and the load was not high. It's nice to have a saddle and then to hit the skin, to open a map, to drive a large carnivorous dinosaur. So in relative terms, raptors are good for long hunting. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/ark-survival-evolved-items

      The way I used the raptor was to get up early in the morning, and ride the raptors to hunt down the river bank, and the prey that had been hitting the base near the base was almost light, which was the main source of skin and raw meat. Quick hunt for prey, soon close to prey, quick kill, quickly pack up, the skeleton raptor is fast. And you can't expect him to help you with other heavy weights, which adds a bit of weight to only 6 points, so it's better to add stamina and attack power.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The previous rhythm for the next few seasons" 02.01.2018

      Auckland Raiders' quarterback Derek Carr defines a new big contract standard for the future free market quarterback. The next winning quarterback is likely to be Washington's red quarterback Kirk Cousins.

      According to ESPN, when the 2018 season before the arrival of as a free agent Cousins can get an additional $ 30 million. https://www.lolga.com/madden-mobile-coins

      The current 2017 season as a privileged label holding player he can get 23.9 million dollars, unless he and the team in July 17 to complete a long contract.

      If he followed the previous rhythm for the next few seasons, he was likely to be the most expensive player on the free market. If the red pick selected the third season to continue to give Cousins privilege to the label, he will receive $ 35 million.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The biggest driver of global digital game" 01.31.2018

      SuperData, a market-research firm, recently released its annual ranking of the global digital game market in August 2017, which is still divided into three categories: PC, mainframe and mobile. According to SuperData, global digital gaming revenues were $7.9 billion in August, up 11% from a year earlier. The opening world strategy shooting game from south Korean manufacturer Bluehole, which sold more than 10 million in early September, was the biggest driver of global digital game revenue growth in August. https://www.lolga.com

      Though the jedi lore: battle royale "sales have been rising sales has close to 9 million (August), SuperData according to a report in August to pay PC gaming revenue is still down 10%, mainly due to the same period last year no one deep space launch, and the watchman pioneer in August last year also ushered in the online after the debut of the new map. SuperData also said that social and paid online gaming revenues were down 4 per cent and 25 per cent respectively.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Research in the medical journal JAMA" 01.30.2018

      Hollywood actor Will Smith starring in the film "shock effect" has caused no small shock, this is a football theme of the film, the film Will Smith played the brain experts found that due to a lot of intense Head of the impact, NFL (American Football League) players are very susceptible to a known as CTE (chronic traumatic brain disease) of the brain disease, because touched the interests of all parties, the expert's study was From the peer, NFL official and many other obstacles. https://www.lolga.com/madden-mobile-coins

      "Shock effect" adapted from the real story. The chronic traumatic brain disease mentioned in the film is the reality that scientists have been studying brain disorders, and the NFL has tried to boycott the study. Recently, the US media CNN exposed, the real situation than the "shock effect" revealed the content even more terrible - according to authoritative medical magazine "JAMA" survey, 99% of the NFL players after retirement are suffering from chronic traumatic brain disease pain The

      The study suggests that chronic traumatic brain disease is a result of a large number of repetitive head collision caused by the impact of the collision will produce excess microtubule binding protein in the brain, these excess protein will block the normal nerve duct, thus Produce a series of neurological disorders. These illnesses include memory decline, confusion, judgment, depression, stress, etc., the victim may even be out of control because of impulsive behavior, and some people because of unbearable lead to suicide. In the absence of any clinical experience, the researchers were able to conduct the study only through the brain slices of 202 rugby players who volunteered to donate the brain after death.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Training and riding in ancient giant beaver" 01.29.2018

      "The ark: evolution of survival" has been officially launched in places such as Belgium, Denmark and Hong Kong, while the new version comes online today. The online version of the Xbox platform the survivors can experience the latest most creative content, including training, training and riding in ancient giant beaver and moa, equipped with multi-purpose grappling hooks, can also use the newest imprisoned prisoners handcuffs, survivor in the big family share the enjoyment of the game! https://www.onlinegameshop.com/ark-survival-evolved-items

      This week, and will have 11 countries and regions, players can buy on the Internet and download the ark: survival evolution, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan and Turkey. Wildcard studio is still trying to promote the game to more countries and regions around the world, so that more players can experience the unique charm of "the ark: the evolution of survival".

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Making the game more gritty" 01.28.2018

      Full development of Rocket League started around 2013 and took around two years and under $2 million to develop, though they had tested various prototypes of a Battle-Cars sequel in the years prior, including an unsuccessful attempt at pitching the game's idea to Electronic Arts in 2011.Psyonix used some of the feedback from Battle-Cars to fine-tune the gameplay in Rocket League. A key requirement for Psyonix was to increase the game's frame rate from 30 to 60 frames-per-second, a known criticism from Battle-Cars. www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      Hagewood recognized that Battle-Cars was considered "too hardcore" with the game becoming too inaccessible to novice players against skilled ones. They eased up on some aspects to make it more approachable, such as by slowing the pace of the game and allowing players of all skill levels to reasonably compete against each other while promoting team-based gameplay.Though they tried to add elements like power-ups, they found these to be too distracting to gameplay.They also explored other changes such as making the game more gritty, akin to Monday Night Combat, developing several mini-games related to handling of the car.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Investing in NBA Live Mobile" 01.26.2018

      Investing in NBA Live Mobile is a long term process which can be tedious, but also very rewarding. Investing in NBA Live is very similar to the stock market on Wall Street. If you follow the NBA, this method could be very beneficial to you. The best way to explain this coin making method is an example. Before Devin Booker had his 70 point game, the price for his gold card was less than 4,000 coins. Investing has a lot to do with supply and demand. Another example is investing in Team Of the Week Heroes to make coins. To claim the Player of the Month, you need to have all four of the previous Team Of the Week players of the week. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile-coins

      Here at NBA Live Coin Stores, we often host giveaways every day to give back to the community. You enter these giveaways and get a good chance at winning millions of coins in NBA Live Mobile. I would suggest checking on social media for different giveaways that might be happening on NBA Live Mobile. There are almost always giveaways happening on our Twitter account so be sure to follow us on there. To claim the Player of the Month, you need to have all four of the previous Team Of the Week players of the week. When these players are currently in packs their price tends to be a lot lower than what they will be when the Player of the month comes out.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The theme of Speed and passion" 01.25.2018

      The DLC will take the theme "Speed and passion" and will include the 1999 Nissan Skyline and 1970 due charger RT in speed and passion 2. It is reported that each car is priced at $1.99, and comes with a brand new wheel set and other custom equipment. Today, Psyonix, maker of the Rocket Alliance, unveiled the new DLC that will be on sale this month. This update contains two new muscle sports cars. The "Speed and passion" DLC is expected to be online on October 11, when you can buy the experience. https://www.lolga.com

      At the time of this year's "speed and Passion 8", the rocket league launched the DLC in tandem, and after a few months, the two sides again collaborated to launch the new DLC, giving us reason to believe that in the future, The two sides will certainly further co-operate to launch more vehicles with the theme of "Speed and passion" DLC. It's not the first time the Rockets alliance has cooperated with speed and passion.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Houston Texans began play as an expansion team" 01.24.2018

      The league holds expansion drafts, the most recent happening in 2002 when the Houston Texans began play as an expansion team. Other drafts held by the league include an allocation draft in 1950 to allocate players from several teams that played in the dissolved All-America Football Conference and a supplemental draft in 1984 to give NFL teams the rights to players who had been eligible for the main draft but had not been drafted because they had signed contracts with the United States Football League or Canadian Football League. https://www.lolga.com/madden-mobile-coins

      The NFL maintains protocol for a disaster draft. In the event of a 'near disaster' (less than 15 players killed or disabled) that caused the club to lose a quarterback, they could draft one from a team with at least three quarterbacks. In the event of a 'disaster' (15 or more players killed or disabled) that results in a club's season being cancelled, a restocking draft would be held. Neither of these protocols has ever had to be implemented.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The arrival of the national dress" 01.23.2018

      It is understood that "Rocket League" is a car and football fierce collision game, providing wonderful physical effects, crazy aerial stunts, as well as exciting multiplayer. Game in July 2015 landing Steam platform, very popular, the number of players in China is also a lot, suitable for friends online, but the server is not smooth enough. See if you can connect to the server, if you do not have to prepare a vpn. https://www.lolga.com

      Go directly to the game from the steam and click FIND MATCH.Download the Rocket League online patch and install the game directory. Install a Steam platform. Above is the Rocket Leaguesteam online can not do what to solve the news, I believe we now know that Rocket League team version of the online method after the smooth and can play with their partners.

      I believe that the arrival of the national dress will make this problem solved. However, the game did not sell so much copy, because this number included in July 2015 free push to PlayStation Plus users. In actual sales, the developer Psyonix disclosed the latest figure of 10.5 million. Rocket League landing Steam platform, so the online method is particularly simple. Even if other players can only use an online patch is enough to experience the most exciting and exciting people.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The warriors will respond to their home games" 01.22.2018

      Warrior's DE Raymond - green didn't like cole stressed the importance of home court advantage, he thought that the focus is on the team to play a good game on Wednesday, green think after a period of time, the warriors will respond to their home games as well. https://www.lolga.com

      Speaking of the importance of home advantage, the warriors forward Kevin durant said: "in any case, when you make the playoffs, this season will start again for you. You have to face the other teams and reach the goals you want to achieve. You have to play at home and you have to play away. It doesn't matter. When the time comes, we just want to play.

      Warriors guard Stephen curry held the same view as cole, who said: "home advantage is very important and yesterday the rockets were the team that broke the tie. But we hope we won't be in that position at the crucial moment of the season. We will continue to focus on the postseason, maintain momentum, continue to win the game, and give ourselves home advantage. This is important to us. We're still in control, and we're not panicking.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Kerry every day in progress" 01.20.2018

      Bryant and O'Neill in the Lakers partner for 8 years, during which they 4 times into the finals, complete 3 consecutive years. But because of the intensification of the conflict, OK combination eventually dissolved in the summer of 2004.

      James was seven years older than Iring, and he regarded Iring as his little brother, just as O'Neill had done to Kobe. James would like to make every effort to help his point guard succeed.

      "First of all, I do not know how Kobe and Shaq are dealing with their relationship.I know that from outside people, this is not a success." James said, "I think Kerry every day in progress and desire So I will try to draw a blueprint for him.You know that his experience, he will learn, and I can do is to give him a blueprint, that is the case because he left the career certainly I'm long. " https://www.lolga.com

      32-year-old James is very clear that the Cavaliers will sooner or later belong to Iring. Not long ago, James had said he was willing to decentralize to Iring, and he believed that Iring was ready.

      "Whenever the opportunity comes, when I will be the leader of this team, I will be well prepared." Iring said, "but now, I am well suited to become a great team in a good The player. "

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The Warriors made this summer particularly crazy" 01.19.2018

      In the playoffs last season, the Warriors won the championship with an irresistible momentum. The unprecedented strength of the Warriors, the League of the teams into a panic, have launched an arms race. Even Durant himself had to admit that it was the Warriors who made this summer particularly crazy. As the top two team in the east, the Cavaliers and the Celtics traded a major swap for core players. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile-account

      The Celtics gave Little Thomas, Claude, Japanese and 2018 years of unprotected first-round picks (from the Nets), and the deal was Kyrie Irving. The deal is still not finalized because of little Thomas's medical problems. For now, no team has the strength to be close to the Warriors. The Warriors ' perimeter has three top stars in library, Durant and Thompson. In general, the other side of the team against the Warriors of the star Currie will take the bag, but this time the problem came. O ' Neill admits: "Who can defend Durant, who can defend Thompson?" ”

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "An authentic NBA experience" 01.17.2018

      Electronic Arts is once again holding its EA Play event this year during the busy week of E3 2017 to announce a selection of new games and finally show off some massive blockbusters. EA and Origin Access are free for the entirety of E3. This means you can download a selection of games and try them for free. PS4 owners will have to settle for a few free trials, though. www.lolga.com

      EA has introduced a new mode known as ‘The One’ that aims to provide an authentic NBA experience that will combine professional and street-based gameplay. If you’re brand new to Madden, you can also adjust the game to fit the way you want to play. With the unique Game Styles feature, you can select whether you want the frequent big-plays that Arcade mode can deliver, play the authentic NFL experience with Simulation, or test you stick skills with Competitive mode. This allows for further customization beyond the difficulty setting to give gamers the best experience possible.



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