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    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The Rockets League is balanced and always exciting" 04.06.2018

      After the development team of the Rocket Alliance Huayi Psyonix Studios team, which is not entirely an encouraging start, has had tenacious persistence today, the Rockets League is a clear display, there is still room for the necessary products, fully focused on winning. Ideas and weirdness, with resolute and simple gameplay, are almost "universal." https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      Even if people want to know that the success of the title depends on incorporating it into the PlayStation Plus instant game collection, it seems obvious that the gaming community must learn to overcome the appearance, raise the low-budget product and rediscover the value of pure and out of fun.

      Because of the way to avoid any complicated situations, the Rockets League is balanced and always stimulated: full of ridiculous situations, epic goals, and exciting actions. Try it out and try it out: If in the next few months the modality and the arena's proposal should be as full as we would like it to be, the Rockets League will hear it for some time. The Rockets League is balanced and always exciting: full of ridiculous situations, epic goals, and exciting actions.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The basic action game" 04.03.2018

      The basic action game can be subdivided into Platform Game and Side-scrolling Game. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      Platform Action Game is an ancient type of action game. Players need to jump up and down on a different platform (ground) and attack the enemy. Note: Do not simply attribute this type of game to 2D-rendered games. Assassin's Creed is also a type of platform action. This is the 3D rendered platform action game.

      Side-scrolling Action Game is a clear-cut action game. In this game, one or more players control their own selected characters, form a team, and use different moves to fight against computer-controlled enemies to overcome one level. The battle stage is like a rolling scroll, and usually a strong enemy boss (BOSS) will appear at the end of the game. Early games only permitted characters to move and jump in a straight line. In most scrolling games, players can not only move left and right, but also can move closer to and away from the screen.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The mysterious island map" 04.02.2018

      ARK:Survival Evolved

      After the player wakes up on the island full of mysteries, he begins to hunt and collect materials and building strongholds. In order to survive in this harsh environment, he must pay attention to the conditions of life and endurance, fasting, and thirst, and also need to pay attention to changes in the climate. Excessive heat and cold can affect players.

      Massively connected multiplayer mode allows 100 players to live on the same island at the same time. This game has a PvE server that players can't attack each other and a PvP server that players can attack each other, whether it's a player who wants to play with the player, or a player who wants to fight against his fellow clans (groups) and other players. Can choose your favorite server type to swim. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/ark-survival-evolved-items

      Different from the mysterious island map floating on the sea in this article, the game stage of this additional content is a vast expanse of desert and wilderness. In the “Ark: Earthball”, there is an organism that adapts to the environment to survive, and it is poor. The resources, as well as the fierce temperature difference between day and night, etc., a more harsh environment than this one will make it more difficult for players to survive.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Messi missed the friendly against Italy tomorrow" 03.31.2018

      Argentine media TyC news, Messi is likely due to muscle problems, missed the friendly against Italy tomorrow. Prior to this, Sam Poly has confirmed that Aguero has not played due to injury.

      TyC revealed that because Messi had too many games before, there was some muscle damage and it was difficult to participate in the competition with Italy in 100%. It is reported that Sam Poly will consider Messi’s physical condition a few hours before the game to decide whether to send him to the field eventually. https://www.lolga.com/

      On Saturday, March 24 at 03:45 am, Argentina will have a friendly match with Italy to prepare for the World Cup in Russia this summer.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The player can increase the level of the creature" 03.30.2018

      Ark: Survival Game

      Players can tamper with creatures and then feed them to feed animals. After successful domestication, the player has the ownership of the creature. Different creatures have different roles, such as flight detection, transportation, combat, and survival supplies. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/ark-survival-evolved-items

      After successful domestication, the player can increase the level of the creature through the behavior of the game. After the creature level is raised, the attribute can be added to increase the strength of the creature. After domestication, it can be used to collect various types of items, which greatly increases productivity.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The Asian region of this tournament" 03.28.2018

      Five teams entered the World Cup finals week for the first time in the Asian region of this tournament. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/

      In 1986, Asia alone began to have two direct outlets. In 1998, the number of direct qualifying positions in the Asian region increased to three. In addition, an intercontinental playoff qualification competed with the champion of Oceania. In the end, the fourth Asian team defeated the Oceanian champion Australia in the fourth place in Asia, leaving the first Asian team for the first time. Into the final week.

      Since 2002, the number of direct qualifying places in Asia has increased to four, and Asia’s fifth team has been eligible for the Intercontinental Play-off, but before this session, the fifth Asian team has never won the Intercontinental Play-off. Therefore, no more than four teams have entered the final week in Asia. However, Australia, the fifth place in Asia, defeated Honduras in the intercontinental playoffs, leaving five Asian teams to enter the World Cup finals for the first time.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Manchester United's top salary players" 03.27.2018

      Joining Manchester United in the winter window, Sanchez became the first high-paying player in the English Premier League. His weekly salary is as high as 350,000 pounds, plus bonuses can be as high as 600,000 pounds. The Özil salary, which has just been renewed, reached a weekly salary of 300,000 pounds, and the two attackers surpassed the previous high-paying Pogba. However, Pogba is still firmly seated in the English Premier League's real income this season. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      The salary is not equal to the actual income of the player. Although Sanchez is currently the first high salary, he came to Manchester United in the winter window. In terms of cumulative revenue this season, he is only ranked 7th. The number one player is still from Manchester United, he is France and Manchester United's midfielder Pogba. Pogba's weekly salary this season is 290,000 pounds, and by mid-March, plus bonuses he has got 9.28 million pounds. Behind him is still Manchester United player, Belgian forward Lukaku, his weekly new 250,000 pounds, real income reached 8 million pounds. Ibrahimovic and Sanchez were ranked 3rd and 7th, respectively, at 7.04 million pounds and 5.92 million pounds. DeBrauer, the best contender for the Premier League player of the season, ranks tenth at £5 million.

      The British media "Daily Mail" pointed out that Manchester United players occupy 4 seats among the top 10 in this list. Manchester United's top salary players (top 10 in the list) pay 30.24 million pounds for the Premier League. first. However, they are currently ranked second in the league this season. The first round of the Champions League knockouts was eliminated and the “cost-effectiveness” needs to be improved.

      If you compare the contribution and salary of the top ten income players to a ranking, it is clear that Manchester City has a higher income. On average, De Bruyne contributed a goal (goals or assists) worth about 238,000 pounds to the team, and Manchester City's Aguero was 260,000 pounds. Only Lukaku won third place for Manchester United. Sanchez and Bogba and Ibrahimovic, who have no data contribution, are ranked 7-10.

      In addition, Salah and Firmino are the two players with the highest “cost-effectiveness”. For each goal they contribute, Liverpool only needs to pay £77,000 and £100,000 respectively. What is commendable is that De Bruyne can also be seen in the top ten of this “price for money” list. Although this is only a simple comparison of data, the value of the top offensive players is not only reflected in these figures, but also brings in terms of jersey sales, brand exposure and club influence. However, it to a certain extent reflects the club's level of return on the competitive level.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The ark Group vs Group battle model" 03.26.2018

      Ark: survival evolution Online

      In the case of good defense, push hard, sacrifice huge. Self-priming is also a conventional attack tactic before the battle begins. The player is often plastered with C4 explosives on the pterodactyl rider, hoping to blow up a gap in the opposing team's defense, preferably blowing up the other's core dynamo at a time. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/ark-survival-evolved-items

      Explosive pterosaurs is very fragile, on the use need to be very exquisite, did not reach the designated place need to pay attention to the ground, lest by suicide-and therefore tackle ahead of time, once in place, need to thunderous, bold and decisive, rushed to the specified location, a slight hesitation pterosaurs and the rider can be struck. It was a failure.

      If success tear each other defense, blow up, stop the generator operation, you need to complete two things: one is to find the other resource storage, plunder the other resources, the second must quickly destroy each other important equipment, toothless pterosaurs hovering air vigilance, guards his retreat route at the same time, random strain, plunder and destroy the task and successfully evacuated, a single battle is won.

      Battle is an important part of the battle of the ark, but not all of it. A war that includes accumulation of combat readiness, reconnaissance, dive, offensive and defensive, looting and other links, want to win, materials development, the tactics of heavy and complicated, the proper change of in a flash, and then a YiHu luck be short of one cannot. The struggle for victory is also the charm of the ark Group vs Group battle model.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "SXSW Gaming Awards' outstanding technical achievements" 03.24.2018

      The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt took The lead in The SXSW Gaming awards to win three awards, including The best of The year, beating out independent favorites such as Fallout 4 and Undertale.

      The Austin, texas-based festival presented its third annual SXSW Gaming Awards on Saturday night, March 19. YouTuber Sean William "JackSepticEye" McLoughlin and esports personality Rachel "Seltzer" Quirico hosted the show. The SXSW game advisory committee created a list of 21 categories of candidates from the best game of 2015, with board members and members of the public voting for the winners. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/rocket-league-items

      Witcher 3 game of the year award, making SXSW Gaming allow third Awards for CD Projekt Red open role-playing games as its highest honor, following the game Awards in December 2015, and 2016 game developers choose prize last week. The game also won the SXSW Gaming Awards' outstanding technical achievements and excellent narration.

      Three games won two SXSW Gaming awards: FromSoftware's Bloodborne, crystal dynamics' rising tomb raider and Toby Fox's Undertale.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Game's core mechanics are an entertaining system" 03.21.2018

      1. How long do you think you have played?

      You can replace this question with "Do you think it's funny?". If you really want to know if your game's core mechanics are an entertaining system, this question can give you an answer that's more interesting than just questioning players. https://www.onlinegameshop.com

      To keep track of how long the player actually played the game, if they feel that time has passed quickly, then it means they are happy. If they feel that they have spent a certain amount of time, then they may become mad or feel overwhelmed by the game. As Einstein puts it, “When you pursue a beautiful woman for an hour, the time is like a second, and when you sit on a red-hot slag, it feels like an hour. It's so difficult. It's all relative."

      2. Do you feel like you are making friends or fighting with other players?

      Obviously this problem only applies to multiplayer games, but the answer to this question will give you a better understanding of the social atmosphere created by your game. For example, your game is highly competitive. Finding your player's answer should reflect a sense of competition. If your game is collaborative and your players think they are competing with each other, then your game mechanics don't provide the social atmosphere you calculated. If you don't have a KFC social atmosphere, and players think they are making friends, it's always a positive sign.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Real physical system makes the game lively" 03.20.2018

      Rocket League is a "car and ask" combined with the fast pace of the game, players will be on the pitch drive beloved car racing, and excellent physical effect, crazy aerials and multiplayer will also bring good experience for the players, today small make up a "MY HITPOINT" share Rocket League picture of the game and gameplay demo by experience, the game is fun, together.

      First of all, in addition to the car instead of people to play football, "Rocket League" with the general rules of the game of football games is a big difference: players will be in a totally enclosed green, not out in the game, nor is there any fouls, the only thing we have to do is win a game. There are no fixed goalkeepers in the game, players can choose SOLO or 4V4, each player has no fixed position to play freely. Of course, you have to do anything to win. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/rocket-league-items

      Due to the fast pace of the game, the short 5-minute game is enough for both sides to start the N round, even if the "3-second goal" after the start of the game is not surprising. "Without the format of the constraints, the rockets won't like FIFA gives a person the sense of professional, complex, and so it becomes simple and crude, more entertaining, this is one of the largest feel I play down.

      On the other hand, the game is easy to handle in operation, forward, backward, sprint, hard braking and even drifting, these are the most basic operation of racing game; More special is this vehicle to join the "jump" (second member of the derivative and tumbling) for this movement, we can easily play out all kinds of tricks in the air, what rotation, flips and tricks. There are also a number of accelerators in the field, which can be charged from the top of the vehicle to be used to replenish the sprints.

      Rocket League the game is based on the core and the soul of pleasure is derived from its physical system, a sphere with the physical environment and one collision will bring a lot of unexpected situation, performance is very close to the reality. In the game, we should make good use of the real physical system, for example, the ball should not be rushed to grab the ball when it lands, so it can wait for it to bounce back and then go back. It can either directly impact or subtly alter the original trajectory, and the opponent is caught by surprise.

      In addition, the collision between the car and the car will not result in the loss of the car. Otherwise, no car will be complete, but we must use the collision to interfere with each other in the competition. At the same time, often to chase the ball, you cold be blunt come over rival flying eye corner direction, sometimes a match easily because "I upset you for a long time and evolved into" barbaric chaos, the fun of the parody is one of the highlight of this book, it's not the FIFA's nothing.

      "But the Rocket League is also very obvious, the disadvantages of unreal engine 3 picture was only adequate performance, environment, bodywork, sphere model can JianZe Jane, global illumination did not show the dynamic characteristics of the people on the outside the audience is with balloons and pole models such as the replacement, there is a small cost of production. If the physical engine is a good cover for the rough picture, the sound effects are more obvious.

      Simulation of the bustling crowd background sound basic is the roar of a single boring, the applause will appear in a fixed time, and the moment of the game often is not good, some puzzling. When we concentrate on the race with rapt attention, always feel a little less what, to - that is "explanation", explanation for this will be a qualitative leap, otherwise left us just boring audio-visual experience.

      This optional map, meanwhile, has rarely been a mere four, after a long time hard to avoid some of the visual fatigue, but how much rich vehicle custom made up for some deficiencies, the player can choose in the garage, tires, car body color, hat, jet, etc., more interesting is you can also choose the national flag, in the name of the men suddenly and violently dozen countries strongmen on Steam? Forget it! Unfortunately, this custom system seems to change just the look and feel of the vehicle, with no difference in performance.

      Emphasises the multiplayer "Rocket League", the author most game time is in the online mode, automatic matching are supposed to be according to the account level, but the level of the players is matching to the actual situation in sincerely.

      Some players don't know how to steal a ball efficiently, such as a headless fly, and a 120% contribution to the game is 0, compared with the rookie AI. However, many players are very skilled in jumping, flip, edge and other skills, and they are very active in fighting, such people are the main players in the field. Occasionally, there will be some sophisticated, usually far away from the ball, but always at the critical moment to give a critical strike.

      At the same time, it is common for the members of the team to bump into or own the goal of the goal, which can be seen everywhere, which also reflects the "entertainment" characteristics of the Rocket League.

      In the end, we can also play the "season" mode of the offline single player. In the season, players will need to create a team to compete with many AI teams, and finally, the team will be ranked according to the record.

      Experience summary

      In general, it is possible to play football with the Rocket League, and its real physical system makes the game lively and interesting, full of possibilities. But the game remains to be explored in depth and width of the content, after all is not orthodox football game, this for the pleasure of sex and not buy the real resistance to play, occasionally with joy to a few innings is good, but a long time will feel boring and tired. Of course, if you can have a regular gay friend to group together, that's another realm.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The Rocket League will be in qualifying in version" 03.19.2018

      The Rocket League is a very interesting racing game in which the car combines the ball game! Now in version 1.05, the game has added a new configuration system, which opens the configuration mode, and is divided into 10 segments!

      The Rocket League will be in qualifying in version 1.05! The qualifying session will be divided into 10 segments: bronze, silver and gold, and the highest level of platinum. Of course, there is a special section for players who have not yet entered any segment.

      All the league tables have been reset. All ranks will be based on the player's "rank points", which will be able to enter the next section with 100 points, but if the number is less than 0, it will drop a section.

      In addition, in version 1.05, players can choose to queue again after completing a game, so they can finally get back to the menu interface without first returning to the menu interface. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/rocket-league-items

      In addition, the 1.05 patch will also make some modifications to the PC version of lens control and music playback interface.

      With the launch of qualifying, the rockets' fans seem to be starting to enter a pit, a pit, a pit, a hole in the infinite loop...

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Is Rocket League so popular" 03.18.2018

      On August 24, Nintendo released information about the "Rocket League" version of the Nintendo Switch exclusive vehicle at the cologne international game show in Germany, and it has again caused major concern and global debate. The Nintendo Switch version of monopoly in the vehicle, the players are looking forward to appearance from Nintendo game "SUPER MARIO bros. (SUPER MARIO bros.)" in the "MARIO car (MARIO NSR)" and "LUIGI car (LUIGI NSR)". The "Rocket League" is on the Switch platform, which represents "Rocket League" and has since incorporated all the mainstream gaming devices into its "game kingdom". https://www.onlinegameshop.com/rocket-league-items

      Why, one might ask, is "Rocket League" so popular? As a combination of cars and balls, "Rocket League" is a game that draws a lot of attention from players driving a variety of vehicles. The appearance accessories of the game support the players DIY, many innovative and dynamic skin, the gorgeous pattern flashing light halo, let the car in the game show more dynamic.

      In the game, the car that the player drives has the rocket power, not only can ultra high speed acceleration, also can carry on the fancy operation that jumps, rolls and even flies, the whole game is interesting. The standard model is a five-minute game, with a lively and exciting pace, which can be played on its own, or with a friend of three or five, who is both casual and competitive. It has won the attention of many overseas players when it has not been put on the shelf at home, and it has been widely followed by everyone. Over 30 million players have accumulated over a year and a half.

      "Rocket League" was founded in 2000 by Psyonix in San Diego, California. Once an independent studio that once relied on outsourcing to work, it has become a well-known game company for gaming giants such as Blizzard and EA.

      The great success of the "Rocket League" is not so much a black horse as a big one, but a dozen years of persistence and quiet cultivation by Psyonix team. The 2008 launch of the "Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars" did not succeed, but Psyonix firmly believed that the unprecedented combination of racing goals was right. By using the latest version of the unreal engine 3 to make, optimize upgrade images and revolutionary art style to the game model of the emphasis on people fight, (of course, may also add a catchy name) sequel "Rocket League", "phoenix nirvana is realized. "Grassroots" Psyonix once again proved that focusing on the quality of the game and the feeling of the player is the only way to succeed.

      "Rocket League" has been exclusively operated by tencent. Do you have any expectations about the exclusive possession of vehicles or props? Let us look forward to the success of the success of this experience, to experience the pleasure and shock of the combination of the car and the ball!

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Rocket League is on its way to the Xbox One" 03.16.2018

      Since its launch in July, "Rocket League" has been operating well, with a large number of players, and as a small team, Psyonix, it is a Rocket. Since the second half of the year, there have been several regular and stable updates and maintenance. According to the foreign media, the players of this game have a tendency to increase on the basis of stickiness. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      The Rocket League is on its way to the XboxOne. The news was suddenly but not coincidentally, as early as August, Psyonix promised to get more players on the platform to play the game, because at the beginning of the listing, there were only two platforms, PC and PS4. Rocket League" to expand the platform, the first choice is naturally XboxOne."

      It is hoped that the "Rocket League" will go further.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Rugby cost is high" 03.15.2018

      Why are American football not popular outside the United States?

      There are three difficulties in football promotion, we can compare it with the world's most popular football. Rugby cost is high, the equipment and equipment requirements, each team to buy a full set of uniforms, helmets, pads, gloves, a lot of money. Rugby players play more, offensive, defensive and special teams are different horses, like college football teams have 82 scholarships. Not like football, a ball, two bricks do the door poor children can play. Rugby rules are very complex, need to take the time to understand, play the rules do not clear, will be chaotic sets. Unlike the rules of football is simple, the ball kicked into the goal just fine. https://www.onlinegameshop.com

      Rugby players on the physical quality requirements, and each location requirements are not the same. Outfielder requirements fast, responsive, feel good, can catch the ball. Running forward requires speed, strength and rapid turn, disguised ability. Linemen requires a strong body. Quarterback must be flexible, accurate pass. Playing football specifically asked the team to cooperate, a tactic as long as 11 people have a tactical requirements in accordance with the completion of the action is not easy to succeed. US selection conditions are good, other countries is difficult to do. This point of the words of the players on the players unconditional requirements are not so high, Messi even if people are not high, the body can still be famous. Football is not enough, if the quarterback height of not more than 6 feet 2, basically can not play, because when you pass the opponent's tall defense blocking the line of sight you can not see the front of the catcher.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "We have an expanded draft" 03.14.2018

      The NHL offseason was officially here, with the Vegas Golden Knights joined the league at 31st, which would be a very busy summer. In addition to all the usual summer activities - the NHL prize, the NHL draft, the free agent's start - we also have an expanded draft. With the expansion of the draft, we will be in the next 10-14 days to achieve important important milestone.

      The team asked the player to abandon its no-mobile terms to limit the deadline in the draft. NMC players do not qualify for the expanded draft, the team must use the protection points on these players. The only exception is if the player is willing to give up the terms.It is expected that Flyers will not ask any players to give up NMC. Claude Giroux, Valtteri Filppula and Wayne Simmonds meet the standard. https://www.onlinegameshop.com

      The team can now buy the player for the first time in the offseason. We do not expect leaflets to be able to use this option this summer because they do not really hurt the salary cap, but you never know what Ron Hextall might do.The team asked the player to abandon his non-action terms for the cut-off date. Monday is the deadline for the team to ask the player to abandon the exposure of the NMC in the expanded draft. Thursday is the team that requires players to give up the deadline for NMCs to be acquired with the first acquisition period.

      Expand the draft list freeze before the player will give up the deadline to give up.The team must make these decisions by noon on Friday. The player has given up the deadline for his no-move terms in the draft. The team must ask the players to give up their NMC on Monday, and the player has the rest of the week to decide whether to agree. All teams except Las Vegas Golden Knight start trading exemption and exemption to sign the freeze. At present, all 30 existing rosters will be frozen. In addition to the thirty-first team, the Golden Knights, during this time, the team will not be allowed to trade, place the player to give up, or sign the player contract.

      All teams submit a list of protection to the NHL's central registry at the same time.The central registry will also accept these to avoid leakage or anything else interesting. They will pass the list at night and make sure that all rules follow 30 teams.The protection list is approved and distributed to the team and the NHL Players Association. We expect the league to also protect the list open at this time. It should be a fun Father's Day morning.

      Las Vegas open free agent negotiations exclusive window. As long as the player is not protected in the expanded draft, the Golden Knight will be allowed in any pending unrestricted or restricted free agent's first crack. The purpose of this is to let the knights know whether they can sign up for free agents before proceeding and use their options in the expansion draft.Wednesday, June 21, Wednesday: Golden Knight submits its draft bill to Union and NHLPA. At the same time, Las Vegas must submit a contract in any free agent signed at the special signing window. If they choose RFA, they choose his team will not have the usual compensation for eligibility.

      During the NHL awards ceremony in Las Vegas, the league will announce the launch of the Golden Knight's expansion. We are not sure how this announcement will be done, but we know it will be NBCSN and Sportsnet annual league awards ceremony.The draft of the expanded draft is frozen. Will we see an morning trading flood? We will wait and see.2017 NHL draft begins in Chicago. The first round will be broadcast on NBCSN, CBC and Sportsnet on Friday night. It will last about three hours.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The rocket league have nintendo Switch platform" 03.13.2018

      "Fusion of car, ball game the rocket league have nintendo Switch platform, the game developers Psyonix today through official blog released updated plan in the future, especially for the Switch version launched the picture mode option. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      This spring, developers will upgrade the Switch version of the rocket league, which allows players to choose their own images. The two modes are: performance mode and quality mode.

      In performance mode, the Switch edition of the rocket league base model resolution of 900 p, 720 p handheld model, two mode frame rate will be at 60 FPS, in order to guarantee the frame rate, resolution is dynamically adjusted. In the quality mode, the base mode resolution is increased to 1080P, while the resolution of the handheld device is still 720P unchanged, but the special effects are increased and the frame rate drops to 30FPS. The above update to the Switch version was launched in March. From February to may, there was a lot of competition and the launch of DLC.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "The Xbox One and PC are Microsoft's machines" 03.12.2018

      This year's exciting E3 announcement was "FIFA met microcomputer" multiplayer Rocket League excellent message expressed satisfaction and cross-play function into the Nintendo Exchange. This means that players on the Xbox One, PC and Mac will be able to collide with the car and get out of the big ball with their switch brother. We may not even believe it.

      However, obviously absent is the PlayStation, which is not an error. As it is now, gamers using the Sony PS4 console can compare with PC players, but not on the Xbox One, or in the near future, this switch. Although game developer Psyonix is a huge supporter of cross-platform players. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/rocket-league-items

      Jeremy Dunham, president of Psyonix, said in July last year: "We really are in all the places we need is Sony's progress.It seems like never.

      Over the past year, Sony has not played, and the Nintendo switches into the interactive party - remember that the Xbox One and PC are Microsoft's machines - has been restarted. Why PlayStation does not participate?

      "This is definitely not our deep philosophical position," said Jim Ryan, director of global sales and marketing at PlayStation. "We've done it in the past.

      "We are always willing to talk to any developer or publisher who wants to talk. Unfortunately, this is a business discussion between ourselves and other stakeholders, and I will not go into detail in this particular example.

      Related: Why PlayStation pauses E3 2017, giving the game world a breath

      As Eurogamer's news editor Wesley Yin Poole explains, many PS4 owners are unhappy that they can not play with their friends on other platforms, and Ryan cites concerns about Sony's "installation base."

      He added: "In many cases, exposing children to external influences, we can not manage or take care, this is something we have to seriously consider."

      In fact, Nintendo, the most suitable for home online game company, but has been registered, this may not be the whole story.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "Online multiplayer game is quite flexible" 03.09.2018

      Rocket League: In addition to 3 to 3, the game also allows players to 1 to 2 on 2 to 4. These models are not 3 to 3 as balanced, but try also do not have fun. Not satisfied with SOLO, and 4 to 4 mode is the scene of chaos, bustling. The main direction of the game is the network warfare, but surprising is that this also supports from 2 to 4 screen split screen game. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

      In the split screen state, the player and the robot team can fight each other, you can team up the battle with the robot, you can also and other players on the network battle. What does this mean? This means: 3 guys, you can use a PS4, through the split screen, to open the black! This combination of local multiplayer and online multiplayer game is quite flexible, is a major feature of the game.

      If the double row, search the game waiting time will be greatly increased (a person seems to be connected with the network soon, but this is my personal experience, some people say that simply can not find). Players can now play the stand-alone mode, leaving the system in the background to continue to search the game, the search, it will automatically start multiplayer competition.

    • fifapointlol has written a new blog article "When the ball carrier drops the ball" 03.08.2018

      American Football: While trying to advance the football to the end zone, the offense may accidentally turn the ball over to the defense in one of two ways:


      When the ball carrier or passer drops the ball, that's a fumble. Any player on the field can recover the ball by diving on it or he can run with it. The team that recovers a fumble either gets-or retains-possession of the ball. https://www.onlinegameshop.com


      An aggressive defense can regain possession of the ball by catching (intercepting) passes meant for players on the other team. Both fumble recoveries and interceptions can be run back into the end zone for touchdowns.



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