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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "world and its headquarters are located" 06.27.2018

      processing of wood products began in 1857. It is currently one of the world's largest manufacturers and sellers of solid wood flooring, especially high-end solid wood flooring. There are seven manufacturing plants in the world and its headquarters are located in Switzerland. China’s Icon Group and Sweden’s Kangshu Company held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Beijing recently. In the next 10 years, the cooperation
      between the two major groups will focus on all aspects of brand, product, market, resources and supply chain. In addition to satisfying the domestic market, the product will also serve the global market. At the same time, Shengxiang Group will obtain all the latest achievements of Kangshu Company on solid wood flooring manufacturing, technology, and R&D; and will have the right to use the “Kangshu” brand for a certain period of time.
      Acquire distribution rights for some of the current markets in which the company operates; jointly own existing supply chains and continue to develop global supply chains. Right is Weng Shaobin Zuowei Mr. Stefan Jacobsson According to Mr. Weng Shaobin, president of Icon Group, the company will fully enter the Chinese three-tier solid wood composite flooring market. As solid wood flooring is harder than solid wood flooring,
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "Flooring Committee of China Timber" 05.04.2018

      went to Zhejiang Jiusheng Flooring Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lingge Wood Co., Ltd. and Suzhou University. The Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and other companies conducted research.. Experts: Adjusting Taxes and Fees to Revitalize the Forest Industry Encouraging Strong Companies to "Go Global" Vice President Qian Xiaoyu pointed out: The revitalization of the forestry industry should strengthen export tax rebates for wooden flooring and
      engineered wood flooring. The rate has returned to 13%, and the export tax on wood flooring or the reduction of export tariffs has been imposed on solid wood flooring (in addition to 10% tariffs on solid wood flooring exports, a 5% consumption tax is also imposed.) She believes that although The export tax rebate rate for wood floor and engineered wood flooring has been increased correspondingly, but due to the reduction of business
      orders, the increase of inventory, and the lack of production capacity under the current situation, it still cannot be significantly alleviated. It is recommended that the tax rebate rate be further raised to 13%; from 2006 At first, in order to protect forest resources, China imposed a 5% consumption tax on solid wood flooring, but raw materials or people Afforestation or processing from foreign countries does not exist without deforestation
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "Secretary of the Flooring" 04.25.2018

      opinion, there will be no less anti-dumping cases in the future. After Canada finished, we have begun to prepare for the United States, and we have heard that companies in the United States are also doing this work. Russia is positive, and I will estimate that later, including Knobsbang is also there, and in the future there will be no Middle Eastern areas, and Australia will not have any anti-dumping measures. In addition, most places have. If
      you can directly distribute products for export, my personal opinion is that direct distribution is a good choice. Another point is that it has nothing to do with anti-dumping. There are more things to talk about standards, and I myself still have an idea. I would like to mention that the things that we just raised are the same, even if you are Mead Corporation. There are also 5,500 rpm papers for 46 grams. When I propose to use the AC
      standard, can I turn 6,000 rpms into 5,500 rpms? Only on this basis can you do it. Some of my personal ideas are also for your reference. Can you reduce the indicators? Thank you!Secretary of the Flooring Enterprise Alliance: Gao Zhihua Entrepreneur of the CFA Enterprise Alliance, as well as the various government departments that are invited to, the leaders of the associations, and the comrades of the media. As one of the conveners
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "amboo flooring and other products" 04.17.2018

      building has received more and more attention. Big brands strengthen the absolute control of the national market, actively expand the global distribution, and extend to the upstream of the industrial chain. The small and medium floor brands adhere to the regional market and become stronger, creating regional high-end brands and gradually pushing them to the national market. In the channel, due to the impact of logistics, market share, and
      economic development speed, the secondary and tertiary markets will continue to be the main battlefield in the next five years, and the sales channels will be gradually diversified; companies will continue to expand their product lines and products will gradually include laminate flooring, Solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and other products; large-scale enterprises control the industrial chain, through the establishment of
      raw material bases or joint ventures with large-scale raw material production companies to improve comprehensive profits.Usually, summer is considered as the off-season in the home improvement market, and in July and August, it is a crucial moment to test the confidence and patience of floor companies. However, in the summer of this year, it was filled with a thick "paste of gunpowder". No company showed the slightest relaxation and
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "flooring companies in the country" 04.10.2018

      factories in Chengdu to produce finished products and send them to surrounding areas and coastal areas to reduce costs. In terms of long-term interests, setting up factories in Chengdu has a more competitive advantage. The development of an enterprise depends not only on the quality of the product, but also on how to take advantage of the price. The province can do more with one penny. Chengdu is a hub for warehousing and logistics
      in the west, which radiates throughout the western region. It is also an object of business preference in terms of raw material procurement and labor costs. According to industry insiders, “Chengdu has rich raw material resources, low prices, and a mature system, which can be sent from Chengdu to the entire country. Chengdu is the largest transportation hub in the west, and it has expanded as a source to form a distribution type. Sales
      network." Floor "OEM" rehearsals for channel "flattening" Since the occurrence of the "3-15 Party Exposure Event" a few years ago, the domestic shady industry of floor-mounted OEMs has opened the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of flooring companies in the country. They used to be concentrated in the coastal areas. However, in recent years, they have gradually turned to the production bases in the mainland. The reason is nothing
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "reinforced wood flooring" 03.29.2018

      good and the market continues to be in a weak state. At the same time, it has also been found that some merchants have begun to prepare for “May 1st” promotion. Currently, the quotation of 807×130×12mm Sapele reinforced wood flooring in Guangdong Yuzhu International Wood Market is 80 yuan/m2.Recently, a surname Liu in Panzhihua City, the phone calls to reflect the recent preparations for the renovation of new homes, he
      found in the local solid wood flooring market, found that solid wood flooring with red sandalwood, rosewood, ebony and other tree species are very common. Not only that, but some floor suppliers also garbled the words "excellent products" and "first-class goods." Moreover, the more small brands, the more dare to label "excellent products" and "first-class products." Since he graduated from a forestry college, he is also considered to be a
      person in the industry, but he can't decide which kind of solid wood floor to choose. The reporter conducted a survey on this and found that Chengdu solid wood flooring market also has such problems. Weiguai I: The trees were indiscriminately posted foreign names. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed Gao Zhihua, a famous flooring expert, on the telephone. According to Professor Gao, tree species names have become a major
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "cold weather in the flooring" 03.21.2018

      and companies that have dragged their brand floors have no choice but to cut prices. Fan Wenjian, general manager of WorldFriends Flooring Beijing Co., Ltd., said in an interview with reporters, “There is no room for price reduction at the floor.” But “the price war is very helpless to us. Flooring companies are like a mystery. It seems that Use price cuts to save the market, but the effect is the opposite." Sun Haoming said. Zhang Yan,
      general manager of Hongnai Flooring Beijing Co., Ltd. believes that this has a certain relationship with market competition. The financial turmoil has led to a decline in market share. Therefore, everyone will use price warfare. However, it is undeniable that price cuts will continue to reduce the profits of flooring manufacturers. Zhang Yan told reporters that we used to have a production and sales scale of about 300 million yuan and
      could have a profit of 2 to 30 million yuan. Now, the promotion profit is definitely thin. The price war can only temporarily solve the problem of cash flow, but this practice is not conducive to the sustainable development of the industry. Related news: The cold weather in the flooring industry needs to be cautious in preventing minefields from opening up in the 3rd and 4th level markets. The floor production companies that have fallen into price
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "flooring companies are relying on the survival" 03.12.2018

      for those who can grasp the pulse of the times and have strong innovative ability, the enterprise is really a chance. Here, we analyze the future opportunities in the flooring industry where. The seven opportunities in the flooring industry are first of all the opportunities for flooring products to enter the store. For a long time, the flooring companies are relying on the survival of hypermarkets, when the market is good, some brands of large
      stores, those small and medium-sized enterprises are high on the floor. However, during this round of reshuffling, some brands that have not been able to adapt to the new consumption environment have already withdrawn from the store. This is an excellent opportunity for the products that are expected to consume nowadays to enter the capital city supermarkets. The second is the dealer to replace the brand to the business opportunities.
      Now is the dealer to abandon the old brand pursuit of the peak of the new brand, some dealers after experiencing the difficulties of the original brand support, will give up the lack of long-term competitiveness of the brand, and find new partners. Those with brand awareness and market competitiveness of enterprises should seize this opportunity. The third is the opportunity for e-commerce. At present, due to the macroeconomic impact in
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "wood products are involved" 03.02.2018

      entered a rational consumption, therefore, in the brand operation control, should not be impatient, should be down-to-earth, over-reliance on movie stars as the image of spokesmen and conceptual manipulation will be counterproductive. The sales, after-sales service should be gradually strengthened, so that it entered the brand's content. Enterprises not only produce flooring products, but wooden doors, furniture, stairs, handrails and
      other wood products are involved. Take advantage of the new image of the old brand new product, glow new business opportunities, product adjustment, second and third tier brands actively expand and implement, such as nature, life, beautiful Island, Jinqiao, crystal lamp North America Feng situation long Sheng, Gelsen, Xu and other brands to broaden their products, thus enhancing the overall competitiveness of enterprises.Recently, the
      floor business alliance held a summit. In order to promote the further healthy development of the flooring industry in China, the theme of this summit is defined as "quality and development". The top leaders of the 15 coalition members together with government officials and experts and scholars from the coalition will jointly discuss the current development of the industry Three major issues started a discussion. Three major issues: the
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "wood flooring timber species" 02.07.2018

      activity week" held recently. Zhang Lin, chairman of China's Forest Products Industry Association, said at the forum, flooring industry to be bigger and stronger, we must work hard on technological innovation. Zhang said that the first thing to pay attention to enterprise innovation and research and development, we must focus on the scientific and technological content of products, increase product functionality. Second, through scientific and
      technological innovation, to enhance the value of wood flooring, wood flooring not only has good value, but also to give floor products with aesthetic and other aesthetic values. To rich wood culture into the floor products, to provide consumer value-added services. In addition, through scientific and technological innovation, technological progress to expand solid wood flooring, wood flooring timber species, which is essential for the
      sustainable development of enterprises and industries is necessary, but also a necessity of sustainable development. According to statistics, China's wood floor production in 2007 was 360 million square meters, ranking first in the world. China Forest Products Industry Association Floor Committee predicts that by 2010 China's floor production will reach 500 million square meters, an average annual increase of about 13%. However, like
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "wood-based panel market" 01.25.2018

      homogenization of most of the furniture low value serious single sales channels, resulting in vicious competition among peers, consumers do not get any cheaper "One, wood-based panel market: affected by the Guangzhou Asian Games, Guangzhou City, most of the current renovation of the basic suspension of work, private renovation of new projects will not be conducted, resulting in a more substantial decline in sales of MDF; plywood out
      The stock continued to slow down, but due to its wide range of uses, it still had certain shipments; the price of decorative panels remained stable, but the fiery market gradually retreated. 1, MDF: Guangzhou basically stopped the renovation project, a more substantial decline in sales. Near the end of October, the Asian Games is going to be held. At present, most of the decoration projects in Guangzhou are in the final stages. The new
      decoration projects are no longer in operation, and even the private decoration works have to be stopped. In this case, the sale of wood-based panel showed a larger diving phenomenon. Although some time ago MDF distributors have slightly reduced the price of MDF, but by the Asian Games environment, wood-based panel market has become irreversible cooling of the fact. Therefore, businesses have said that for the time being will
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "courage to buy the floor" 01.19.2018

      I remember last November 28, despite the north wind whistling, but the grand opening of the flagship store in Berlin floor supermarkets Hexi is still voiced, although the "courage to buy the floor, almost no money," the courage had let the industry called him "do not understand However,mila evolution butt flag hinges
      when they saw the flood of traffic and rare queuing pay the scene, have to admire Berlin superior skill. Differentiated marketing model as well as the advanced concept of channel management really make Berlin in the floor industry set off a wave of waves.Cheap Outdoor WPC Products Wholesale in UK
      I remember on May 26 this year, when most floor manufacturers lament that "business is difficult to do", the second floor of the supermarket chain in Berlin - Maigaoqiao Red Sun Home Store has opened the mysterious veil, hundreds of north Of consumers not directed at the concessions come,composite deck steps

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "desperately to reduce costs and then profit from" 01.16.2018

      fair to show our advantages. Sina home: Do you think the flooring industry in Jiangsu What are the characteristics of enterprises? What do you think of common features? Nanyang Wood Zhongnan: I think the floor, Zhejiang and Guangdong compared to the Jiangsu of Jiangsu we have the characteristics, such as Jiangsu strengthen the floor of the country famous, Jiangsu market share of 45%, including the entire country, including
      foreign exports. In addition, I think most of the enterprises in Jiangsu do brand, quality to occupy the market. There is a low price, we are not saying that desperately to reduce costs and then profit from, we are quality-oriented. Sina home: your side of the national market here should be relatively large, what to do on the 34 market considerations? Nanyang Wood Zhongnan: 34 markets we are still gradually push, because we had a large
      share of the international market, through a few years and gradually laying the domestic secondary and tertiary markets.Interview Guests: Zhang Jianjun, General Manager of Jiangsu Shalang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Reporter: Gu Xiaoyan General Manager Zhang Jianjun, Jiangsu Shalang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Sina Home Are you taking the opportunity to introduce some new product series? Sand waves Zhang Jianjun also want.
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "solid wood flooring quotes" 09.19.2017

      Another 50 years, and even farther future, the Great Hall of the people must stand as ever, timeless, will still let the Chinese children and grandchildren fascinated, high mountain Yangzhi, as the banquet hall Jinqiao floor, still will leave a more exciting History, a richer future,Comparison of Natural Teak and Synthetic Teak that passionate and magnificent and beautiful and harmonious movement, will still be in; Jinqiao; over the continuous sonata \\ 50 years no problem,; Jinqiao; available 100 years! The language of the workers is not a compliment, it is a responsible state-owned enterprises on the party and the country's solemn commitment and fist loyalty! ; King board; Jinqiao, from the history of the
      Republic, because it is a Changbai Mountain and the capital closely linked to the Jinqiao, that is, China and the world close communication Jinqiao. Recently,DIY Wood Plastic Composite Decking by the provincial government and the relevant ministries and commissions to focus on the construction of Jilin forest workers Jinqiao floor in Changchun Eurasian flagship store reloading opening. It is understood that Jilin forest workers Jinqiao floor since its establishment in 1993, has been committed to research and development, design and production of environmentally friendly solid wood flooring, laminate flooring products, and to good quality, color and other advantages have been favored by
      domestic and foreign customers. In 2011, approved by the SASAC, the Group invested 360 million yuan to build Jinqiao floor industrial park, the park covers an area of ​​180,000 square meters, is China and Asia's largest floor monomer factory. Group of the design capacity of solid wood flooring (solid wood flooring quotes, solid wood flooring manufacturers directory) of 6 million square meters,Wood Plastic Exterior Wall board 6 million square meters to strengthen the floor, China and Asia, the largest production scale, the most comprehensive strength of the three solid wood flooring production enterprise. At the same time, the Group invested 11 million yuan, from
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "new imitation of solid wood" 09.18.2017

      Construction site: Development of the project (1) Company Name: Dunhua City Merchants Bureau Legal Address: Dunhua Economic Development Zone Legal representative: Liu Jiang (two) to complete the feasibility study report II.Jilin forest workers a new generation of imitation wood molded floor.horizontal fence panels in Norway
      recently put on the market, recently, Jilin forest workers a new generation of imitation wood molded flooring officially put on the market, it is the company following the strengthening of composite flooring, multi-layer laminate flooring, the latest launch of a higher.outdoor deck for sale
      Technology content of the new products. This section of the floor with a new imitation of solid wood design concept, fresh and natural wood, always showing the natural beauty of harmony, each one is unique charm, visual effects better than solid wood flooring,composite decking installation in windsor ontario

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "world's top 100 building materials" 09.07.2017

      the total assets of 16 billion yuan, annual operating income of more than 10 billion yuan, has been among the top 500 enterprises in China ranks, is one of the world's top 100 building materials, In the economic, economic scale and core competitiveness,farm white wood fence
      and so ranked the forefront of the same industry, was named 2005 "Beijing Top Ten influential enterprises." In December 2005, the Company cooperated with four strategic investors of Zhongjinke Industry Group, Hesheng Group, North Development and Tianjin Building Materials Group,wpc outdoor decking discount
      and initiated the establishment of Beijing BBMG Co., Ltd. (BBMG), which realized the diversification of property rights of the Group. Jinyu Building Materials Manufacturing, Jinyu Property, Jinyu Property has formed the core industry chain of Jinyu Group, the three industries are supporting each other,exterior wall cladding fire retardant wood effect

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "large flooring companies are doing business" 09.06.2017

      export enterprises, for the entire industry rather than a few companies. Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Wang Linzhen has a laminate flooring terminal manufacturers 1 General Assembly to raise a few hundred thousand yuan special fund. Shen Ming said that this is only the first phase of the funds,Replacement Your Marine Boat Decking depending on the specific use of the situation at any time additional. "Our business is actively working with the China Forest Products Industry Association, Beijing is hiring relevant lawyers, 25th of this month, China Forest Products Industry Association will convene an export enterprise anti-dumping, countervailing response to the General
      Assembly." Shen Ming added. And Changzhou enterprises Baotuan different, Shanghai's business is somewhat loose. According to the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association floor professional committee of the Secretary-General Li Honggang,Colors and Types of Wood Plastic Flooring he recently on several major manufacturers of glass flooring in Shanghai to visit, understand that some enterprises are fragmented, most of them said to be a separate response. "The same as the member companies Shanghai Feilingel Wood Company and Shanghai Huili Group Co., Ltd., the two models are different, it is impossible to go together." Li Honggang said. Shen Haiyan told reporters that
      many large enterprises in Shanghai do not attach importance to anti-dumping events, let alone hold into a group. Shen Ming-sheng some concerns, "if we finally lost,Buying Best PVC Composite Railing the domestic strengthening of the wood flooring business will be fatal." He said that China's flooring manufacturers have a large number of small-scale characteristics of large flooring companies are doing business , The small business is mainly domestic sales, if the export road was blocked, the domestic market competition will certainly intensify, when the floor industry big "reshuffle" in the inevitable, a group of small floor enterprises will be eliminated. "Anti-dumping and
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "the quality of checks more stable" 08.29.2017

      technological progress, including some consumer education, floor knowledge popularization of the work, which have done a lot. 2005 we were identified as China ****, which is our macro resistance to the brand recognition. In the same year, we also obtained the exemption,recycled plastic wood park benches for sale
      which is mainly because we have for several years in the quality of checks more stable. At the same time macro resistance has also received various aspects of the honor, this I will not say more. In short, these honors are not only affirmative to our work,UK deck wholesale
      but more importantly, encourage and spur our struggle for these honors, can not hit the brand, must be honest. Into 2007, because the state of the real estate policy of macro - control, making the relative reduction in the amount of delivery,wood plastic composite fence in delhi



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