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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "solid wood flooring quotes" 09.19.2017

      Another 50 years, and even farther future, the Great Hall of the people must stand as ever, timeless, will still let the Chinese children and grandchildren fascinated, high mountain Yangzhi, as the banquet hall Jinqiao floor, still will leave a more exciting History, a richer future,Comparison of Natural Teak and Synthetic Teak that passionate and magnificent and beautiful and harmonious movement, will still be in; Jinqiao; over the continuous sonata \\ 50 years no problem,; Jinqiao; available 100 years! The language of the workers is not a compliment, it is a responsible state-owned enterprises on the party and the country's solemn commitment and fist loyalty! ; King board; Jinqiao, from the history of the
      Republic, because it is a Changbai Mountain and the capital closely linked to the Jinqiao, that is, China and the world close communication Jinqiao. Recently,DIY Wood Plastic Composite Decking by the provincial government and the relevant ministries and commissions to focus on the construction of Jilin forest workers Jinqiao floor in Changchun Eurasian flagship store reloading opening. It is understood that Jilin forest workers Jinqiao floor since its establishment in 1993, has been committed to research and development, design and production of environmentally friendly solid wood flooring, laminate flooring products, and to good quality, color and other advantages have been favored by
      domestic and foreign customers. In 2011, approved by the SASAC, the Group invested 360 million yuan to build Jinqiao floor industrial park, the park covers an area of ​​180,000 square meters, is China and Asia's largest floor monomer factory. Group of the design capacity of solid wood flooring (solid wood flooring quotes, solid wood flooring manufacturers directory) of 6 million square meters,Wood Plastic Exterior Wall board 6 million square meters to strengthen the floor, China and Asia, the largest production scale, the most comprehensive strength of the three solid wood flooring production enterprise. At the same time, the Group invested 11 million yuan, from
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "new imitation of solid wood" 09.18.2017

      Construction site: Development of the project (1) Company Name: Dunhua City Merchants Bureau Legal Address: Dunhua Economic Development Zone Legal representative: Liu Jiang (two) to complete the feasibility study report II.Jilin forest workers a new generation of imitation wood molded floor.horizontal fence panels in Norway
      recently put on the market, recently, Jilin forest workers a new generation of imitation wood molded flooring officially put on the market, it is the company following the strengthening of composite flooring, multi-layer laminate flooring, the latest launch of a higher.outdoor deck for sale
      Technology content of the new products. This section of the floor with a new imitation of solid wood design concept, fresh and natural wood, always showing the natural beauty of harmony, each one is unique charm, visual effects better than solid wood flooring,composite decking installation in windsor ontario

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "world's top 100 building materials" 09.07.2017

      the total assets of 16 billion yuan, annual operating income of more than 10 billion yuan, has been among the top 500 enterprises in China ranks, is one of the world's top 100 building materials, In the economic, economic scale and core competitiveness,farm white wood fence
      and so ranked the forefront of the same industry, was named 2005 "Beijing Top Ten influential enterprises." In December 2005, the Company cooperated with four strategic investors of Zhongjinke Industry Group, Hesheng Group, North Development and Tianjin Building Materials Group,wpc outdoor decking discount
      and initiated the establishment of Beijing BBMG Co., Ltd. (BBMG), which realized the diversification of property rights of the Group. Jinyu Building Materials Manufacturing, Jinyu Property, Jinyu Property has formed the core industry chain of Jinyu Group, the three industries are supporting each other,exterior wall cladding fire retardant wood effect

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "large flooring companies are doing business" 09.06.2017

      export enterprises, for the entire industry rather than a few companies. Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Wang Linzhen has a laminate flooring terminal manufacturers 1 General Assembly to raise a few hundred thousand yuan special fund. Shen Ming said that this is only the first phase of the funds,Replacement Your Marine Boat Decking depending on the specific use of the situation at any time additional. "Our business is actively working with the China Forest Products Industry Association, Beijing is hiring relevant lawyers, 25th of this month, China Forest Products Industry Association will convene an export enterprise anti-dumping, countervailing response to the General
      Assembly." Shen Ming added. And Changzhou enterprises Baotuan different, Shanghai's business is somewhat loose. According to the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association floor professional committee of the Secretary-General Li Honggang,Colors and Types of Wood Plastic Flooring he recently on several major manufacturers of glass flooring in Shanghai to visit, understand that some enterprises are fragmented, most of them said to be a separate response. "The same as the member companies Shanghai Feilingel Wood Company and Shanghai Huili Group Co., Ltd., the two models are different, it is impossible to go together." Li Honggang said. Shen Haiyan told reporters that
      many large enterprises in Shanghai do not attach importance to anti-dumping events, let alone hold into a group. Shen Ming-sheng some concerns, "if we finally lost,Buying Best PVC Composite Railing the domestic strengthening of the wood flooring business will be fatal." He said that China's flooring manufacturers have a large number of small-scale characteristics of large flooring companies are doing business , The small business is mainly domestic sales, if the export road was blocked, the domestic market competition will certainly intensify, when the floor industry big "reshuffle" in the inevitable, a group of small floor enterprises will be eliminated. "Anti-dumping and
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "the quality of checks more stable" 08.29.2017

      technological progress, including some consumer education, floor knowledge popularization of the work, which have done a lot. 2005 we were identified as China ****, which is our macro resistance to the brand recognition. In the same year, we also obtained the exemption,recycled plastic wood park benches for sale
      which is mainly because we have for several years in the quality of checks more stable. At the same time macro resistance has also received various aspects of the honor, this I will not say more. In short, these honors are not only affirmative to our work,UK deck wholesale
      but more importantly, encourage and spur our struggle for these honors, can not hit the brand, must be honest. Into 2007, because the state of the real estate policy of macro - control, making the relative reduction in the amount of delivery,wood plastic composite fence in delhi

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "imported wood flooring" 08.29.2017

      Germany Kono Wood Group China's Beijing Kenuo Senhua Flooring Co., Ltd. 2.5%, Filingel Wood (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. dumping tax rate (9.7%), 17% for ISR (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.,Find The Best Vinyl Fence Online Dealers and other non-verified enterprises received a weighted average tax rate of 9.7%. The Canadian side also ruled that subsidies for imported or imported wood flooring from China were subsidized by 0% to 9.2%, with the exception of a small number of enterprises, the subsidy rate for most enterprises was approved as 9.2%. Going out of the country to improve the quality is the key It is reported that the German Kono Wood Group in China belongs to the
      Beijing Knoxsen floor Co., Ltd. in the collection of anti-dumping duties of enterprises, the dumping tax rates and subsidies are significantly lower than other enterprises, Respectively 2.5% and 3.1%. According to the German Kono Wood Group China headquarters Kenuo Senhua brand general manager of Ms.Renewable Composite Decking for Outdoor Chen Lilan, the company is China's largest Canadian exports of laminate flooring manufacturers, the dumping tax rate and the subsidy tax rate is relatively low, Combined with the export of Canadian products accounted for the company's global exports rate is not large, so its impact on its exports is very small, its brand's international
      and domestic competitiveness will not be affected. The company in the collection of dumping duties in the enterprise, its collection was significantly lower, also shows that the brand is firm Nexenson, which has long been consistent with the quality of the company,Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Decking depending on the quality of the lifeline of the production services The idea is closely related. Ms. Chen Lilan believes that the Canadian side of China's laminate flooring export enterprises to impose such a high tax rate, we should be highly vigilant, carefully thinking about the problem behind the hidden deeper industry problems. Ms. Chen Li-lan said that with China's accession to the
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "high evaluation of the exhibition" 08.28.2017

      According to the survey of exhibitors: 89% of the exhibitors made a high evaluation of the exhibition; more than 90% of the exhibitors said that in 2008 will continue to exhibit. Feedback from professional buyers at home and abroad is also welcome: 38% of the audience from the enterprise decision-making.vinyl steps to cover concrete outside
      More than 62% of viewers signed trade orders after the meeting or after the meeting, and more than 90% of the viewers indicated that they would continue to visit next year. As the flagship show in Asia, DACF has always been its superior quality and professionalism to win the praise of the industry!wpc outdoor decking discount
      The exhibition is still divided into four major exhibition themes: floor, carpet, elastic floor and floor material production technology, and each exhibition area has obvious growth. The floor area is still the largest segment of the show,best wood for garden fence

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "the floor of the splicing" 08.22.2017

      but also looks more like solid wood flooring, more natural and beautiful. The traditional floor of the floor, due to the limitations of processing technology, the two floors of the seams is a plane, but because the two plates in the splicing can not reach the full level of consistency,thailand composite wall panel manufacturer
      so the edge of the splicing or some minor high and low error , Which makes the floor of the splicing in the use of easy to wear, and even affect the overall effect of the beautiful and life. In some public places we often see the four sides of the floor was white phenomenon,wpc outdoor decking discount
      looks very beautiful. This is because the floor splicing at the height difference caused by the phenomenon. "NCD Borderless Technology" uses a molded floor production line technology, will strengthen the edge of the wood floor around the sink,anti weatherproof porch decking

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "solid wood flooring" 08.18.2017

      by the impact of the upper reaches of raw materials, the current floor, furniture prices have risen, especially in the most common price of solid wood panels, many building materials market, solid wood flooring prices earlier than the price per square meter rose about 30 yuan,Durable Composite Flooring Manufacturer The highest increase of 15%. Although the face of price adjustment, but due to strong national consumer demand, shopping malls or hope that by the activities such as promotions to reduce the price increases on the people directly to the impact. Reporters from the modern decoration market, B & Q (view map) and other
      places to understand, based on the reality of solid wood flooring price adjustment, has been in the mid-market composite floor sales greatly improved. "Composite flooring ushered in the sales of the golden period, which is mainly related to the consumer groups, most of the renovation of the new house '80 after 'young people take into account the spending power,ECO Friendly Composite Pergola or will look at the price is relatively affordable, composite floor. Floor prices up to 15% Reporters learned that a brand of a price of 368 yuan / square meter of white oak solid wood flooring, the recent price has risen to 388 yuan / square meter, another original price of 320 yuan /
      square meter Of the solid wood flooring, the price is 345 yuan / square meter, solid wood flooring prices rose between 5% -15%. "Part of the price of solid wood flooring, the vast majority are due to the scarcity of trees or tight supply, there are individual models of solid wood flooring prices slightly lowerPorch Composite Railing Ideas." Shang Li floor manager told reporters. B & Q sales office official told reporters: "whether the floor price and the substrate supply channels have a great relationship, large stores, large brands because of a relatively stable supply chain, so the price is more firm, if There are prices are relatively cautious, or generally not too high. "As the
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "expected to form the wood flooring industry" 08.15.2017

      along with the sky. The result of lower prices, resulting in the quality of wood flooring is difficult to protect, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers more often damaged. Good and bad brands and thousands of different quality so that consumers are no matter how seriously affect the market consumer confidence.Choosing Eco Friendly Composite Decking At present, many wood flooring sales service level is still stuck in a very simple level, many wood flooring brand in the stocking, installation and after-sales service, there are many problems. Tree "full service" into the industry standard It is worth noting that, whether it is "six rings" Ye Hao, "five heart" worth mentioning, look at the
      elephant, Shengda, Chint and other wood flooring brand launched a variety of "service" All through the pre-sale, sale, sale of three stages of the "full-service". With the service war started, the industry awareness of service improvement, nowadays the wooden floor brands have launched the service model,Modern Composite Wall Panels is expected to form the wood flooring industry, "service norms." "Service war" to the industry and then rejuvenated industry insiders pointed out that the wood flooring industry this "service war" is not groundless, "service war" started, will make wood flooring industry and then rejuvenation. For wood flooring business, the "service" brand will
      play, will be more similar products in the distance with competitors, access to greater living space. Recently, in the just-released "China 500 most valuable brand" list, the natural floor ranked No. 89, the brand value of 9.187 billion yuan, won the first floor industry.Outdoor Porch Wood Plastic Composite Railing This is the second since 2004, the natural flooring 6 times topped the "China 500 most valuable brand." As China's largest, the most complete product line of wood flooring leader, the implementation of the "China Green Print Project", as of now has established seven ecological forest, public welfare afforestation area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters, planting 600,000 ,
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "the building materials" 08.10.2017

      develop specific details of the countryside. The financial crisis broke out, the central government in order to stimulate domestic consumption launched the "home appliances to the countryside" "car to the countryside" and some measures, the floor industry in 2009 after a year of weakness, furniture, building materials industry enterprises to the countryside High, some companies have begun to plan, rich forest floor is out of 80 million funds to build three or four market terminal construction, plans to share in the building materials to the countryside a cup of soup. Building materials to the countryside, enterprises mixed with building materials to the
      countryside will be a large degree of increase in building materials sales has become controversial fact, according to the People 's Daily,Low-Carbon, Environmentally WPC Decking the original introduction of China Building Materials Federation data show that building materials to the countryside policy will pull domestic consumption 5500-6000 billion, Building materials consumption is the current rural, farmers pillar consumer behavior. Preliminary estimates, building materials to the countryside policy implementation of three years can drive consumption of 1.8 trillion yuan. The next 10-15 years, the new rural construction and urbanization of the popularity of the flooring business
      will have a huge gap in consumption, the rural flooring industry is the last one of the largest business opportunities. The industry believes that with the flooring market one or two markets continue to saturation, three or four market battle immediately start, the building materials to the countryside will give the floor business to a great market development space.Wood Plastic Composite Decking Around the Pool Fulin Group President Zhang Jieqiang said that building materials to the countryside, the flooring business mixed, with the enterprise to further tap the rural channels, the depth of channel maintenance costs will be estimated, coupled with the rural market price sensitivity to the floor is also
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "flooring industry tax policy interpretation" 08.04.2017

      furniture export base; Relying on industrial advantages, Henglin also aimed at regional logistics center, planning and construction of large-scale floor decoration market and large furniture decoration market, support and nurture strong logistics enterprises in southern Jiangsu,Long Life WPC Deck Flooring while planning and construction of modern logistics industrial park and functional logistics and distribution center. July 5, Changzhou City, the flooring industry tax policy interpretation will be held in our bureau. The theme of this meeting is "according to the law to pay taxes, promote the harmonious development", to participate in the meeting for the relevant leaders of the town
      government, Changzhou City, floor, chairman of the floor, the floor business legal representative and financial person in charge. Deputy director of the Municipal Bureau, the Municipal Taxation Association Vice President Wang Xuanfang, District Secretary, Institute of Jing Wei,Wood Plastic Flooring Products deputy director Zhang Zhijie attended the meeting. In his speech, Comrade Wang Xuanfang pointed out that the meeting was a briefing session, a policy interpretation meeting, an exchange of experiences and a mobilization meeting for an industry reorganization. He also asked three points for the three categories of participants: First, enterprises should correct
      thinking, establish a legitimate business philosophy; Second, financial personnel to strengthen accounting, play an effective monitoring role; Third, the tax department to strengthen services to improve the management level. Only such taxpayers can better fulfill their tax obligations,Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats regulate their own tax-related activities, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and build a harmonious relationship. In 2003, Jiangsu Changzhou to strengthen the export of wood flooring, a total of 150 batches of 562,000 square meters, is the first three years the total number of export 10 times, export enterprises from 3 to 15, exporting countries all over the
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "flooring business" 08.01.2017

      certainly the direction of business development, how do you interpret? Wu Wei: At present, all domestic enterprises are facing a problem, that is, production is greater than the pin, whether you are large, or small, are faced with the problem of production is greater than the pin, including the current largest flooring business, now has market share Did not achieve the desired scale effect.Advantages of Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Now if the fight in the cost of each, spell scale, and their own market share is not big enough, it is difficult to play large-scale benefits. If the production capacity of 30 million square meters as a scale of the watershed, then it is certainly more than 20 million square
      meters of sales, it really can be considered to achieve a large-scale effect. But its production capacity is 30 million square meters, sales only a few million square meters,Wood Plastic Flooring is an Economical Option it is far from the so-called normalization effect, at present, most of our flooring business capacity and actual sales gap of more than 50%. If the enterprise to play a large-scale benefits, we must study the needs of consumers, I just said, consumers decide whether you are large-scale enterprises. If consumers do not recognize you, large-scale expansion has become a burden on the enterprise. Consumers will not be because you are large to buy your single, nor is it because you are
      personalized to buy your single, but rather whether you can provide consumers with products to meet the demand. At present, our industry waste of equipment, as far as I know should not be more than 20 sets, are imported from abroad, the introduction of advanced equipment, most of the dust.About Wood Plastic Flooring Tips For example, a flooring business, claiming to be Asia's largest large-scale production base, capacity design is 30 million to 50 million square meters, but the annual sales is millions of square meters, that scale effect how to reflect? So no matter what type of business, you have to study the needs of consumers, consumers decide how much you can
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "flooring industry in the development process" 07.24.2017

      Strengthen the annual production capacity of wood flooring has more than 160 million square meters, the domestic market share reached 45%, and exports to more than 100 countries and regions. At present, Henglin floor cluster has been Wujin District, Changzhou City, as the focus of support for the development of regional characteristics of industry, and was included in Jiangsu Province, 100 important industrial clusters and to the country recommended the province's 20 key industrial clusters. Henglin town flooring industry in the development process, not only "overwhelming", but also efforts to achieve "topless", to speed, quality, efficiency
      simultaneously forward, put forward the creation of national quality production base of the target, and developed a program and specific Measures to promote the creation of a solid work. The town has not only increased the local government investment,WPC Flooring Into Your Homes the construction of the international forest floor, and efforts to grow brand-name product groups, to the end of last year, the town has 9 brand-name products in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou brand-name products 14, Jiangsu famous 5 trademarks. At the same time, reinforce the enterprise product quality and technical basis. Henglin town's goal is to create a national quality production
      base, to promote the orderly development of the industry, fair competition, effectively promote the province and the country's wood flooring industry to a new track of sustainable development, and ultimately to Henglin town flooring industry toward the " World-class production center,Best Flooring Material for Home Decoration international research and development centers, global procurement center "goal. February 18, the research team experts will also visit Jiangsu Luoke Wood Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Kailai Wood Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Province, floor furniture testing center, Jiangsu Bell Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Henglin International Flooring City. March 15 morning, the US-owned
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "terminal production enterprises" 07.12.2017

      supervision demonstration area construction cooperation memorandum signed in Changzhou, which is the Jiangsu province inspection and quarantine departments and local government linkage to enhance the "Made in China" level of major initiatives.How To Built Outdoor Benches Changzhou to strengthen the wood flooring industry cluster brings together more than 140 terminal production enterprises, products exported to five continents nearly 100 countries and regions. In 2007 the export floor reached 77.2 million square meters, amounting to $ 344 million. However, due to the lack of brand and patented technology, wood flooring exports have repeatedly been foreign
      technology, patent barriers. In order to meet the status quo of the international trade, the information is not timely, the production and operation has a greater blindness of the status quo, Jiangsu inspection and quarantine departments in a timely manner to provide relevant policies, technologies, information, personnel support and services DIY Flooring Used WPC Material and major trade countries to carry out quality inspection cooperation consultations , And actively respond to the dilemma of floor exports. Relevant sources said the demonstration area will be through the establishment of suitable for the development of industrial clusters of new mechanisms, new initiatives, bigger and
      stronger several influential international industry cluster center to promote the "corporate brand" to "regional brand" upgrade, and gradually formed Jiangsu has the characteristics of innovative regulatory model, to achieve international agglomeration. Fairview flooring company general manager Xu Bo solemnly declared: the country's 86 stores will stop selling aluminum solid wood flooring,Rich Quality Wood Plastic Flooring while the introduction of a new "transparent" solid wood flooring, consumers can see the quality of re-purchase. Three years ago, in order to eradicate the deformation of the floor, cracking and other ills, Xu Bo led the R & D personnel and Canadian experts jointly
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "wood flooring to become the first choice" 07.07.2017

      Wood team cohesion and combat effectiveness, with the company's strategy with the adjustment, the South will be stronger and stronger, made by leaps and bounds. Nanyang floor trademark in May 2012 won the China State Administration for Industry and Commerce identified the well-known trademarks in China.WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Flooring Installation Guide With the brand upgrade, the company efforts to develop new products. Recently, the company developed two kinds of fast heating floor, the number of "201320173993.3" and "201320173994.8" two practical patents obtained by the State Intellectual Property Office, and in November 6, 2013 public release. Nanyang flooring
      company since 2003, the long-term exports of Europe, Japan, South Korea all kinds of high-end flooring. In these countries and regions in winter particularly cold, so the use of warm wood flooring to become the first choice for our customers. In China,Outdoor WPC Wall Board Design in recent years to warm the floor in the east and northwest to the west gradually popular. How to produce according to the characteristics of wood low energy consumption, green and warm floor to become a wooden flooring industry research and development of one of the topics. Warm wood floor is the wooden floor below the laying of hot water pipes, or electric film or carbon fiber heat sink,
      and then through the wood floor heat transfer, so that the room to set the temperature. However, because the wood has a heat, heat insulation characteristics, resulting in slow heat dissipation, poor heating performance, resulting in a serious waste of heat.The Benefits of Choose Wood Plastic Decking In order to overcome the poor thermal conductivity of wood flooring, lack of heat, the company R & D through technological innovation, so that the new floor to warm the floor through the rapid cooling, reduce electricity, about 50% of energy consumption, improve heat utilization. And the stability of the conventional wood floor to the floor, the use of a number of functional indicators such as
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      Per capita consumption area of ​​40 square meters, there are a few hundred dollars directly into the floor star endorsement of compulsory consumption, equivalent to direct purchase tickets to see a concert price. To the market floor sales of about 100 yuan average price calculation, about 5% is used to put the product quality itself,does decking lay on uneven concrete and dirt
      the service system outside the luxury consumption, is worth it? The advertising investment and the endorsement fee is only the tip of the iceberg, 5% of the publicity costs, in addition to advertising, including channel construction costs, promotional materials, printing, store operating costs and so on a number of costs.garden decking wholesale
      This has to make such a question: how much of the advertising costs in the consumer to buy every piece of the floor accounted for a large proportion? Manufacturers took how much money spent on ensuring product quality, after-sales service and research and development of new products. In the domestic sales ranked first in the elephant floor of the published data.type of not paint can be used on composit fence

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "bamboo composite flooring" 06.29.2017

      The reporter learned from January 29, the reporter from the Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry Bureau, the city's leading bamboo products - bamboo flooring, to achieve a nationwide processing scale, product quality and market sales of the three oneDIY Wood Plastic Composite Decking. Yixing City known as "bamboo of the sea," the reputation of the early 80s of last century began to set up bamboo, bamboo shoot processing enterprises. At present, the city has 136 kinds of bamboo processing enterprises, bamboo products processing industry output value of 550 million yuan. The city of bamboo products in addition to the traditional low
      value-added food bamboo products, building bamboo products, civilian rough processing of bamboo products, there are newly developed in recent years, bamboo flooring, bamboo plastic sheet, bamboo composite flooring, bamboo curtains, Bamboo furniture, bamboo charcoal series of dozens of new varieties.Composite Decking for Home The city's annual output of bamboo flooring 2.5 million square meters, bamboo curtains more than 600 million square meters, bamboo sheet more than 50 million square meters, the products are exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, more than 10 countries, Earning $ 30 million. 16, learned from
      the agriculture and forestry sector, Yixing City, the vigorous development of bamboo processing enterprises to promote the local bamboo market year after year bullish. Today, each bear (50 kg) bamboo can be sold for up to 34 yuan, reached the highest price in history, to the local mountain farmers brought real economic benefits.Buying Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats The city's bamboo products, the main products of bamboo flooring to achieve the scale of processing, product quality and market sales of the three first in the country. Not long ago, Taihua town bamboo farmers to 34 yuan / bear the price of a handful of bamboo. This price so that Pharaoh is overjoyed. Originally, this
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