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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "terminal production enterprises" 07.12.2017

      supervision demonstration area construction cooperation memorandum signed in Changzhou, which is the Jiangsu province inspection and quarantine departments and local government linkage to enhance the "Made in China" level of major initiatives.How To Built Outdoor Benches Changzhou to strengthen the wood flooring industry cluster brings together more than 140 terminal production enterprises, products exported to five continents nearly 100 countries and regions. In 2007 the export floor reached 77.2 million square meters, amounting to $ 344 million. However, due to the lack of brand and patented technology, wood flooring exports have repeatedly been foreign
      technology, patent barriers. In order to meet the status quo of the international trade, the information is not timely, the production and operation has a greater blindness of the status quo, Jiangsu inspection and quarantine departments in a timely manner to provide relevant policies, technologies, information, personnel support and services DIY Flooring Used WPC Material and major trade countries to carry out quality inspection cooperation consultations , And actively respond to the dilemma of floor exports. Relevant sources said the demonstration area will be through the establishment of suitable for the development of industrial clusters of new mechanisms, new initiatives, bigger and
      stronger several influential international industry cluster center to promote the "corporate brand" to "regional brand" upgrade, and gradually formed Jiangsu has the characteristics of innovative regulatory model, to achieve international agglomeration. Fairview flooring company general manager Xu Bo solemnly declared: the country's 86 stores will stop selling aluminum solid wood flooring,Rich Quality Wood Plastic Flooring while the introduction of a new "transparent" solid wood flooring, consumers can see the quality of re-purchase. Three years ago, in order to eradicate the deformation of the floor, cracking and other ills, Xu Bo led the R & D personnel and Canadian experts jointly
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      Wood team cohesion and combat effectiveness, with the company's strategy with the adjustment, the South will be stronger and stronger, made by leaps and bounds. Nanyang floor trademark in May 2012 won the China State Administration for Industry and Commerce identified the well-known trademarks in China.WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Flooring Installation Guide With the brand upgrade, the company efforts to develop new products. Recently, the company developed two kinds of fast heating floor, the number of "201320173993.3" and "201320173994.8" two practical patents obtained by the State Intellectual Property Office, and in November 6, 2013 public release. Nanyang flooring
      company since 2003, the long-term exports of Europe, Japan, South Korea all kinds of high-end flooring. In these countries and regions in winter particularly cold, so the use of warm wood flooring to become the first choice for our customers. In China,Outdoor WPC Wall Board Design in recent years to warm the floor in the east and northwest to the west gradually popular. How to produce according to the characteristics of wood low energy consumption, green and warm floor to become a wooden flooring industry research and development of one of the topics. Warm wood floor is the wooden floor below the laying of hot water pipes, or electric film or carbon fiber heat sink,
      and then through the wood floor heat transfer, so that the room to set the temperature. However, because the wood has a heat, heat insulation characteristics, resulting in slow heat dissipation, poor heating performance, resulting in a serious waste of heat.The Benefits of Choose Wood Plastic Decking In order to overcome the poor thermal conductivity of wood flooring, lack of heat, the company R & D through technological innovation, so that the new floor to warm the floor through the rapid cooling, reduce electricity, about 50% of energy consumption, improve heat utilization. And the stability of the conventional wood floor to the floor, the use of a number of functional indicators such as
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "to buy every piece of the floor" 07.05.2017

      Per capita consumption area of ​​40 square meters, there are a few hundred dollars directly into the floor star endorsement of compulsory consumption, equivalent to direct purchase tickets to see a concert price. To the market floor sales of about 100 yuan average price calculation, about 5% is used to put the product quality itself,does decking lay on uneven concrete and dirt
      the service system outside the luxury consumption, is worth it? The advertising investment and the endorsement fee is only the tip of the iceberg, 5% of the publicity costs, in addition to advertising, including channel construction costs, promotional materials, printing, store operating costs and so on a number of costs.garden decking wholesale
      This has to make such a question: how much of the advertising costs in the consumer to buy every piece of the floor accounted for a large proportion? Manufacturers took how much money spent on ensuring product quality, after-sales service and research and development of new products. In the domestic sales ranked first in the elephant floor of the published data.type of not paint can be used on composit fence

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      The reporter learned from January 29, the reporter from the Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry Bureau, the city's leading bamboo products - bamboo flooring, to achieve a nationwide processing scale, product quality and market sales of the three oneDIY Wood Plastic Composite Decking. Yixing City known as "bamboo of the sea," the reputation of the early 80s of last century began to set up bamboo, bamboo shoot processing enterprises. At present, the city has 136 kinds of bamboo processing enterprises, bamboo products processing industry output value of 550 million yuan. The city of bamboo products in addition to the traditional low
      value-added food bamboo products, building bamboo products, civilian rough processing of bamboo products, there are newly developed in recent years, bamboo flooring, bamboo plastic sheet, bamboo composite flooring, bamboo curtains, Bamboo furniture, bamboo charcoal series of dozens of new varieties.Composite Decking for Home The city's annual output of bamboo flooring 2.5 million square meters, bamboo curtains more than 600 million square meters, bamboo sheet more than 50 million square meters, the products are exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, more than 10 countries, Earning $ 30 million. 16, learned from
      the agriculture and forestry sector, Yixing City, the vigorous development of bamboo processing enterprises to promote the local bamboo market year after year bullish. Today, each bear (50 kg) bamboo can be sold for up to 34 yuan, reached the highest price in history, to the local mountain farmers brought real economic benefits.Buying Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats The city's bamboo products, the main products of bamboo flooring to achieve the scale of processing, product quality and market sales of the three first in the country. Not long ago, Taihua town bamboo farmers to 34 yuan / bear the price of a handful of bamboo. This price so that Pharaoh is overjoyed. Originally, this
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "bamboo flooring business has no profit margins" 06.26.2017

      factors, foreign trade and domestic bamboo flooring market weakness is the main reason, not only bamboo flooring prices than in previous years Low, and customers want to goods are less, and now I have been backlog of bamboo factory more than 50,000 square meters. Dongfeng Yili sheet company general manager Ye Zhiping also said that in previous years this time the price of bamboo sheet are up, and this year, each cubic meter has fallen more than 100 yuan. Jiangxi Province Bamboo Industry Association, Kangda Bamboo Industry Group Chairman Lai Xuegui analysis, there are three main reasons, one is the bamboo products manufacturers,
      the development of disorder; Second, the limited resources of bamboo cutting resources, in short supply; Third, bamboo flooring at home and abroad The market is weak, oversupply. In this market, the bamboo flooring business has no profit margins. In response to the development of pressure, Jiangxi Province Bamboo Industry Association on May 23 issued a notice to require enterprises around the overall interests of the most important, with each other supervision, and resolutely curb this malicious bid to promote the bad phenomenon of bamboo prices. Hope that through market regulation, bamboo prices can be rational return, farmers and
      enterprises to tide over the crisis. It is understood that the new bamboo is mainly used for processing the county, of which more than 70% of bamboo flooring processing, bamboo sheet production of nearly 20%, two products accounted for 90% of annual output of bamboo. If the business situation continues, not only bamboo prices will fall, and farmers' income will be reduced. Face the difficulties to survive, bamboo processing enterprises are looking for countermeasures, general manager of Feiyu Yu Hongmei said, Feiyu always staring at the market, relying on innovative development of new varieties, per square meter of bamboo flooring than
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "construction units and practitioners conditions" 06.21.2017

      of the people told reporters that there is no domestic special regulations can be used as a basis for management. "Hebei Province construction project floor radiation heating management Interim Measures" drafting, to ensure that the floor radiant heating project quality and safety, regulate the use of floor heating engineering materials and equipment management.building a covered building with plastic floor
      The specific content will involve the floor heating management department responsibility, construction units and practitioners access conditions, product testing, quality acceptance and so on. According to the "nineteenth China Internet Development Statistics Report" statistics, the number of Internet users in China reached 137 million people,garden decking wholesale
      experts estimate that the network decoration consulting network users accounted for about three percent, more and more home improvement company also Began to pay attention to network marketing. Recently, SouFun hosted the network to supervise the brand awarding ceremony, elected in recent years in the network marketing has made outstanding achievements in the home improvement company.hotel gardens pvc fence panels

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "floor industry veterans signed" 06.20.2017

      signings, which is the largest pattern of flooring industry nowadays popular marketing means, which is known as "The most diligent" CEOs when the number of Ruijia floor general manager Yuan Yide, his most of the year weekend is the second and third tier cities across the country to sign the activities spent.Privacy Vinyl Fencing Installation Tips The same is the sign, the number of different brands is not the same. May 15, just signed back from Zhengzhou Yuan Yide in an exclusive interview with this reporter, the big floor of the floor industry veterans signed a variety of "strange", such as gift feedback only fame, regional director fake CEOs, fake "foreign directors" Help out, exaggerate the
      scale of enterprises and so on. Yuan Yide said that the public came out to expose the signing of the "tricky" is not to combat opponents, but hope that the floor between enterprises through healthy competition to promote the healthy development of the industry,Installation Guide of WPC Railing so that consumers get real benefits from the signings. Strange one: one million big names do not match the CEOs of the reason why the sale of sales is quite effective, largely from the consumer to see the brand boss in person to second and third tier cities, in the psychological will produce more trust, Coupled with the veterans are often not empty-handed, but to gift-giving way to attract consumers,
      but there is a lot of knowledge. Yuan Yide told reporters that a brand floor in the "51" during the CEOs to carry out the signing, while playing the "million gift truth feedback consumer" banner, the use of various media, use propaganda vehicles, large inkjet, and even artificial speakers " And other forms for the CEOs to sign the rally,Choose Wood Plastic Flooring Tips many people are directed at the "gift" to go. But if the consumer calm down afterwards, it is easy to judge this "ceremony" of credibility. For example, if a president to a city sign to bring "million gift", if the period sold 100,000 square meters, the cost per square meter of the cost of 10 yuan cost, but if only sales of 10,000 square
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      currently the main business to strengthen the floor, solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring and other wood flooring research and development, production and sales and tree planting business, the main products to strengthen the sales of wood flooring market for many years ranked second name.Inexpensive WPC Decking Product Sofia: the main "Sofia" brand custom wardrobe and its supporting custom furniture research and development, production and sales, has launched a total of five series, 16 models and 182 products, mainly for the domestic market. Produced by the "Sophia" custom wardrobe in the "China's top ten wardrobe brand" selection activities ranked first.
      "China wood-based panel" magazine's market share survey data show that in 2009 the company in the custom wardrobe industry market share of 5.9%, the industry ranked first. Reinforced wood flooring business: prices remained stable, a slight increase in individual products Reporters were interviewed sales of domestic brands and imported brand floor of several business executives, the answer is basically this year,High Quality Wood Plastic Flooring Provider to strengthen the floor prices remain stable, individual imports Brand floor prices will rise slightly. Mr. Xu Yongjian, president of Beijing Sangwei Wanbao Long, said energy, raw materials and transportation costs are on the rise. Over the past
      year, the overall cost of the flooring industry has increased and the price of the flooring market in the next year will not fall again. Picked up, but rose up will not rise. Haici Century Electronics Co., Ltd. Wang Qifu, chairman of the analysis,How to Build Wood Plastic Fence said the floor has both the factors of price increases, there are factors of price cuts. It is necessary to price increases, because in the past by a car to transport the goods, and now need two cars half, the cost of natural increase; said its price has three reasons: First, the market competition is fierce, the brand floor and more Second, the state investment to build a number of wood-based panel production base, the
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "many flooring companies can make a difference" 05.27.2017

      Fully do both domestic and foreign markets Recently, the rich forest floor analysis of the market environment that from the previous single-oriented, to fully utilize the domestic and foreign markets, will be under the influence of the financial crisis, China's export business of the main floor of the floor. Fulin floor marketing center, the person in charge told reporters: "In fact,Why Choose Vinyl Fencing for Outdoor the rich floor of the floor from the export to the domestic transformation, does not mean that to abandon the foreign market, but in a special economic environment to make adaptive adjustment." According to the authority Department of estimates: the current domestic flooring market available space in 350 million square meters, the international flooring market available space in the 400 million square meters, so that the size of the market or so many flooring companies can make a difference.
      Beginning in 2008, Fu Lin floor into a huge human, material and financial resources for the construction of the development of the domestic market, has more than 30 large and medium provinces in more than 400 secondary and tertiary cities to establish a dealer and shop system.recyclable WPC pergola material Accurate to the 23 market transfer With the major real estate developers have fought two or three cities, the flooring market with the real estate industry to the second and third tier cities. In the export to domestic sales adjustment plan, the rich forest floor will focus on the beginning of the strategy aimed at two or three cities, so that accurate marketing. According to the person in charge of Fulin floor, in the second and third tier market strategic transfer process, to select the industrial market.
      by the financial crisis, "survival of the fittest" survival rules, the existing industrial market to re-evaluate the screening is still active Of the project to expand the terminal network; the same time, in addition to the professional development of large-scale building materials market,withstand moisture wood composite pergola the need to enter the local influential building materials wholesale market, and to ensure its adequate product resources and promotional promotional items to provide a strong promotion stand by. According to the Beijing Morning News reported that September 13 to 16, China Forest Products Industry Association in the International Exhibition Center held the sixth China International Ground Decoration and carpet exhibition.
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      "Tiada sebab untuk menggantikan" dan inisiatif lain untuk menjadi industri lantai, yang standard perkhidmatan baru. Berhadapan dengan 10 tahun akan datang, impian Yuan Yide adalah untuk membuat hiasan lantai dan bukannya erti kata yang tradisional bahan binaan produk, dalam perjuangan di perkhidmatan masa yang sama, untuk jenama Ruijia untuk memberi konotasi lebih budaya.bahan komposit kerusi goyang
      "Tunggakan" jualan tidak akan dilakukan hanya tempoh yang singkat 7 tahun, Ruijia telah melampaui banyak industri lantai kayu, "yang terdahulu" untuk menjadi salah seorang pemimpin. "Jika kapasiti dan jualan keupayaan pembuatan, Ruijia dalam industri telah disenaraikan dalam 10 teratas, jika potensi pengurusan keseluruhan, kekuatan kewangan dan pembangunan, Ruijia walaupun sehingga lima teratas!"wpc floor malaysia
      "" Datang dari belakang, "Ruijia apa rahsia ringkasan Yuan Yide adalah:?. Pengurusan standard, penjenamaan, pengurusan integriti dan perkhidmatan yang berkualiti kejayaan jenama Ruijia adalah jelas lebih daripada Yuan Yide berkata 4, sekurang-kurangnya dengan:. Hanya banyak firma Dalam saluran pengedaran Ruijia, anda akan mendapati pasar raya, syarikat hiasan dan pemaju hartanah tidak memasuki pasaran,kos pembinaan balkoni bangunan tinggi

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "floor quality is more stable" 05.19.2017

      Spray on the back of the floor and the four sides of the groove, can effectively avoid the friction between the floor and produce annoying sound. To achieve the overall uniform heating of the cashmere to avoid the heat on the floor directly baking, to achieve uniform heat,Outdoor Eco-Friendly Decking Solutions to prevent direct heat due to long-term deformation, cracking, floor quality is more stable. Feet comfortable wear less succulent moderate elasticity reduces the ground to the human body's recoil, reducing footsteps fatigue. But also reduce the external impact on the floor of the wear and tear, more durable. March 29, 2014, Jin billion floor "structured solid wood flooring new conference" was held in Shaoxing.
      The State Forestry Administration, the Institute of Wood, the Institute of Wood, the Academy of Forestry and other experts and professors, the local city, district-level direct government leaders and a number of mainstream media come to the conference site,Low-Carbon, Environmentally WPC Decking witnessed the solid wood flooring industry, a milestone of the technological revolution The Photo: oak solid wood flooring As we all know, to warm the history of heating a long time, through the floor radiation heating, the temperature from the ground up radiation, indoor temperature uniformity, the human body feel comfortable. Suitable for the warm floor of the floor is usually a strong stability of the solid wood composite, strengthen, bamboo and other composite materials based.
      But these materials in the manufacturing process must use some additives, such as formaldehyde, etc., these harmful substances are more easily distributed after the heat to the air, causing great harm to the body. And natural environmental protection of solid wood flooring pavement on the warm,wood plastic composite pergola in use by the natural wood is limited by the natural properties of shrinkage, and often lead to many quality problems. At present, with the geothermal heating has become a trend, how to natural environmental protection, thermal conductivity of solid wood flooring and warm to the perfect combination without worry, become the market need to overcome the problem.
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "about the elements of the article" 05.17.2017

      2, 2007, we will be around the quality, service, price of these three consumers are most concerned about the elements of the article, on this basis, we will further enhance the music of the brand and the influence of penetration, and actively strengthen and supply Business cooperation and macro-control, and continue to improve the quality of service to consumers,slip resistant wpc decking in type
      in order to provide consumers with super-expectations of the service. 3, the only tile on the main material, I think the tile in 2007 in the renovation of the pattern, the listing of new types may be more limited. In 2006, the tiles market has undergone tremendous changes, almost every well-known enterprises have launched a revolutionary product,deck and fence
      and new products in the market to digest and consumers to accept a certain amount of time, so in 2007 I see the actual Is a new year of digestion of tiles. Style and type of renovation will not be so obvious 2006. High-tech hardware will be fully applied 1, according to the authority of the Center is expected in 2007,tongue groove composite porch flooring

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "A Great DIY Project For Beautiful Patio And Porch Flooring" 05.15.2017

      Another feature that's sure to make you take notice is the variety of materials, styles, colors, and patterns that are available. You can mix and match to create your own unique design. You can use one style as a border for your porch or patio and use another to cover the rest. You are only limited by your imagination. Not only that but you can choose from a variety of woods, porcelain, slate, granite, and even composites. They make great flooring for screened porches, 3-season porches, and four season porches as well.

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      Most people can install them over a medium size area in a few hours so you can enjoy the beauty of them right away. The only thing you won't want to do is install them on steps or stairways as they are not specifically designed for that. However, you can also use them around your pool, hot tub, walkways, and garden areas. Because the tiles are not directly fastened to your subfloor, you can even take them with you if you move, making them a great investment. Interlocking deck tiles may be just the answer to that worn out porch, deck, or patio floor. Install them in the morning and have your friends over to enjoy your new look in the afternoon!

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "domestic wood flooring in the major regions" 05.15.2017

      Sometimes within ten days, the same brand of products will be able to appear two different prices, although the gap may not be too big, but also the consumer confused as the fog, flower. Why is the recent price of wood flooring will be capricious? Visit some of the market business,Easy installation WPC pergola know some of the root: First, the last period of time, the state on the macroeconomic regulation and control, as well as raising bank rates, strict control of construction land approval and a series of policies, regulations and systems frequently introduced, Building decoration is closely related to the wood flooring industry due to the implicated, the reaction is extremely sensitive.
      In other words, whether it is the direct intervention of the policy, or the impact of remote radiation, wood flooring prices can be reflected through a slight concussion. Second, the supply of domestic wood flooring in the major regions, reflected between the various cities is very uneven.Wood Plastic Flooring Products Such as the southeastern coastal areas and Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenzhen and other large cities sales are large, which sometimes supply less time, or the arrival of too much, the price will have a slight fluctuation. In contrast, the central and western regions and small and medium-sized city wood flooring products because of the supply and demand situation is more stable, the price market seems to be constant.
      Prices of these areas are also often affected by coastal and metropolitan movements. Third, some rich experience in the distribution of floor businessmen generally reflect that, despite the recent wooden floor prices slightly up and down the phenomenon, but compared with the same period last year, the price trend is still rising. In particular, solid wood flooring, due to the global shortage of resources,Long Life WPC Deck Flooring strong prices and continued to rise has become a general trend. For example, in the high-grade solid wood flooring, has been singing the main representative of the species of heavy ants wood, good grades have exceeded 500 yuan mark. As for the products such as teak, balsam pear beans and twin trees and other trees, also rose from 20-60 yuan. Of course, in which the rise or fall between the 5-20 yuan gap, it should be normal.
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "Decking and Patio Ideas" 05.05.2017

      Deck and patio can increase the value of your family and create extra space for extra need. If you have a sloping garden or backyard, these floors may waste a lot - you can use this space to do something effectively - some ideas that have it can be to build a raised deck or a retaining wall and construct a flat The patio space Because these solutions involve some extraordinary construction techniques, consulting experienced contractors can advise on the various specifications and regulations that need to be met. In addition, since these are lifting platforms, structural issues must be considered. You do not want your deck or terrace to fall off.

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      The good design concept for using a flat plan is to enclose some of the terrace doors directly from your kitchen or living room space and extend the deck outward - which will provide you with a superb place of entertainment and a relaxing private space. your family both the deck and the terrace can build a beautiful barbecue horn - in the summer, nothing better than the outside barbecue, some even-even in the winter to cook outside. Do not forget to include safety fences and non-slip surfaces for your deck or patio. A round or oval deck can be a super talk point that looks both modern and intelligent, otherwise boring backyard. A good twist on a terrace is to get rid of pebbles. Can leave a small blank for planting, which will lead to a more natural appearance, which is certainly suitable for more traditional possessions.

    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "wood flooring supply price" 05.02.2017

      At present, the tender is often the lowest bidder in the form of the floor, that is, developers directly in the shortlist of several brands to choose the lowest bid winning brand. Insiders pointed out that this low price is from the tender form may be hardcover room "toxic floor" of the culprit. According to broke the news that Anxin floor in the Vanke project winning the teak,PVC Soft Board Decking for Boats oak wood flooring supply price is only 115 yuan square meter. The reporter visited a number of brand stores understand that the end of the product with the retail price of 300 yuan square meters. Some industry insiders believe that "drug-related" security floor is very likely to be special products.
      But also in the decoration industry has been a "hidden rules": that is, the industry said "A goods" and "B goods" problem. "A goods" generally in the circulation area, the price is relatively high, "B goods" are generally special for the product. Because the real estate business demand is relatively large, and will be the floor of the price of the supplier pressure is very low.PVC Flooring Cleaning And Maintenance Therefore, in order to obtain profits, floor manufacturers can only find ways to supply quality, and the supermarket sales of the same brand, the same specifications of the floor, there may be no difference in appearance, but the materials and work may not be the same, This is the "B goods". Guangdong Fulin Wood executive director Gary said that large developers in the procurement of flooring, usually from the price, quality, brand and many other aspects to consider.
      In the purchase of hardcover room is the cooperation between enterprises and enterprises, under normal circumstances the amount of cooperation are relatively large, the floor business in the process of cooperation usually through the dealer layer, floor manufacturers to provide products, dealers responsible for the installation and After-sales service, the developer is responsible for acceptance and payment,Corrosion Resistant WPC Pergola Suppliers open and floor business to determine the payment matters, the floor and then dealers with internal settlement, the distribution of benefits in accordance with the specific responsible for the plate to adjust. Regulatory loopholes common sampling inspection often go through the hardcover room decoration without the owner's own participation, the quality of materials used and pavement quality who is in the inspection and supervision?
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    • qweqwe123 has written a new blog article "haalistunut terasseille paras hinta" 04.26.2017

      Kaj la bambuo etaĝon kun bonega kvalito estas post Zhu Sheng fanto ebeno de blueco de du flankoj bambuo, artmetio artikolojn farita el bambuo kun ĝia verda kovrilo iras, por fari bambuo peco aglutineco de formo semifinished produkto estas proksima, ĉu planing maŝino de esenco de la vivo al lia paro, la publika komisio de fadeno kaj larĝa devus esti kontrolita estas en 0,1 milimetro, glueca agento ankaŭ renkontas la gingivo kiu uzas adhesión bambuo bazo temo rapida firmigi en alta temperaturo agado, aglutineco elcxerpigxis ekstreme forta. Ankoraŭ konsumanto pensas norden klimato estas pli seka, ne konvena butiko uzas la planko tabulo kiu kreskas en la sudo de bambuo fari ĝin.

      Terassi Lauta
      kannella kaide ideoita käyttäen karjan paneelit
      vinyyli kannen päällinen 2x6
      esivalmistetut seinäpaneelit

      Kaj fakte, bambuo plankon kaj multilayer solida ligno plasto komponigita kunigas planko tabulo sama, povas ricevi la influo de la humido en la aero, sed povas matura norden klimato komparas planko de alta grado bambuo seka karakteriza, la humideco enhavo kontrolo de la bambuo planko estraro kiu vendas uzi al nordo estas en 10% la maldekstra kaj dekstra flankoj. Bambuo peco parki alta temperaturo, estos alta defatted, deshidratar entreprenas en la medio de malseka, alta premo, demeti frandaĵon, malhelpi bug manĝi per tineo efike.



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