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    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Some underwear has the name of love" 09.12.2018

      In the "Love Legend - Amour 2015 Conference" conference, the "Ocean", which is full of meaning, was used as a design source, integrated into the design with fashionable language, and integrated withwomens briefs method of underwear and dress, through embroidery, Printing and dyeing and color decoration present an imaginative and mysterious artistic effect.

      The opening "Haiyan Flower" series opened the show with a light and romantic tone. Inspired by the birth of Venus, the designer takes the wonderful composition of marine shellfish as a styling element, combining fabric with texture texture and soft and elegant silk to create a design effect with both silhouette and softness. . The delicate and colorful lace is embellished in the overall design combined with the layering of fabric and color, showing the elegant design of the atmosphere and the pure dream of the ocean.

      The “Cloud Sea Tide” series, which is followed by the prelude, displays the magnificence of nature's color change with beautiful and dreamy colors. The silk fabric with soft and lustrous changes is swaying with the pace of the model, so that the viewer can feel the warmth of the sea breeze; the print and pleats are staggered to form a gradient of color and texture, in the interpretation of the model. Under the setting of the lights, it makes people feel like they are in the beautiful seascape of "the clouds rise and fall, the tides rise and fall".

      With a touch of blue rhyme in the eye, the climax of the whole show - "Si Hai Meng" series interpretation of the mysterious charm of the profound changes in the deep sea world. The designer's color level is changed and contrasted. The elegant and delicate moonlight white and the gorgeous classical dark gold are combined to indulge in the mysterious deep sea blue, which is also embellished with bright and beautiful coral orange, water and green, and will be psychedelic in the deep sea. The quiet colors are vividly displayed; the delicate lace and the delicate beading combined with the three-dimensional shape of the cut will perfectly interpret the sexy charm and the gorgeous noble charm. The whole conference was a natural show, and the cultural implication and artistic atmosphere of the Maritime Silk Road was transformed into a stunning design.

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Hair color is not only necessarily ordinary black" 04.18.2018

      Now, unlike long straight hair, girls are more interested in choosing cool, long curly hair. But with so many long curly hairstyles, did you choose to come over? Don't worry, Xiao Bian gives you three choices, and it doesn't make you have a choice!where to buy tyme iron ?

      Smooth and long curly hair is often the standard for the elder sister. It is also a symbol of many boys' dream lovers. But now that girls with long curly hair are full, if you want to stand out from a crowd of girls, you need to change the style of curly hair. But what kind of long curly hair style can be converted to increase the return rate? Don't worry, Xiaobian tells you one by one!

      The common long curly hair style is to let the hair stylist curl out the perfect curvature of the hair tail. In addition, you can pay attention to some small details of the mentality, for example, you can make four or six points on the basis of curls, gently make The curls on the sides are different from the normal ones. The curls on the sides can add a soft and charming feeling. It is suitable for you.tyme curling irons on online shop.

      Of course, the hair color is not necessarily the ordinary black. You can choose to dye atmospheric brown coffee or brown hair color, I believe that Xiao Bian, when you walk in the street, facing a group of long black hair, your curly hair certainly will attract the attention of the opposite sex Oh!

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "How to choose the correct hair stick" 04.16.2018

      Hot hair is more expensive than a hair curler. Let's calculate how long it will last for a hot hair? Cold curls are easy to relax and generally stay for 3-4 months. If it is blanched, it will last longer than cold. If the hair is hard, there is no problem in half a year. These are also different from person to person. Personal hair is not the same thing. If you don't take care of yourself often, your hair will not be able to keep up. tyme iron creates silky smooth and longer lasting curls in minutes!

      And buy a hair stick, as long as it is not bad, you can use it all the time. And for the fairies that are easy to get old and new, the same roll may be liked this week, and it will get bored next week. Then the curling iron can solve this problem. I want to roll it and think about it straight. If I want to make a big roll, I want a small roll to make a small roll. I want pears to be pears. In short, you can play any hairstyle!

      Most critical! Is the curling bar size right? For hair sticks, I think the key is to choose the size! For hand remnants, the wrong size is not the desired effect! The fairies who bought the hair sticks surely know that the hair sticks are of a size, 24mm, 26mm, 32mm...various sizes are available in all sizes.=https://www.tymeironshop.us/product/tyme-gold-plated-titanium-hair-straightener-curling-iron/]tyme iron short hair[/url] is a revolutionary product

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Autumn Korean hair tutorial" 04.12.2018

      A simple long hair, too monotonous? May wish to make a nice hairstyle for yourself! Autumn Korean hair long hair braiding tutorial, a good looking hairstyle, come and learn!

      Here's to teach ladies a very long-haired Korean hair braided with boho hair. Come in and learn!

      Step one: Grab all the hair, as you like, it can be on the left or on the right!TYME Titanium Hair Straightenerwith a curling iron, curling wand, and regular flat iron the TYME Iron creates beautiful curls while minimizing the amount of heat and tension necessary to set the curl!

      Step two: Divide the good hair into three strands and make it into a twist. Don't need too tight. The pursuit is a natural feeling!

      Step 3: When the braid is twisted into the tail, it can be tied up with a rubber ring.

      Step 4: Fold the back of the head to the back of the head, then fix the folded tail with a clip!

      Step 5: After it is fixed, it will leave a little bit of dice and it looks good!tyme gold plated hair straightener creates silky smooth and longer lasting curls in minutes!

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "3 steps to create valgus bangs" 04.08.2018

      It is believed that the hair is soft and soft and it is a lot of sisters' troubles. If you get oily again, thin hair is really ugly on top of your head! Also be ridiculed as a "head girl!"
      Does the hair fall flat? 3 ways to make your hair "squeaky"! How to make hair become fluffy,tyme iron buy from on our store.

      In order to make the hair become fluffy, some young friends will go to hot corn hot, pear hot, but will not be long enough to return to the original shape! What should you do with soft hair?

      This point you can ask the female stars in the circle, they still have a say in changing hairstyles! Today, Xiao Bian has recruited three actresses to demonstrate three kinds of stunts that make hair “duang” fluffy!tyme straightening iron with online shop.

      "The smile is all over the city" notice was exposed, wuli cool and change back hair, or the school flower level kind! In fact, black hair is particularly easy to show, but Xiao Shuang's skill lies in her valgus. Natural outward curling of the hair on both sides visually widens the width of the hair on top of the head, which is the bulkiness. So it doesn't look like it's narrow and wide!

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Heavy Liu Qi with shoulder-length perm to build perfect styling" 03.31.2018

      Heavy Liu Qi with shoulder-length perm hair perfect modified mm round face, hair tail dynamic charming perm will mm chin to create Chunchan jaw effect, instant help you create a delicate and charming small face.tyme iron for sale on our store.

      The perfect close mm round face short perm has very thin face effect, with the hair tail of the perm abundance charming and inner buckle air Liu Qi, wrapping the whole round face, plus exquisite makeup, fix Yan and cut age Oh!

      Round face of the female life fringe design can play the role of the most decorated round face, in fact, with a fluffy medium long hot curls close cheek, covering part of meat and meat face, instant let you have a delicate little face yo! Hair tail A few strands of hair color is a fashion trend.

      This elegant curly perm is very graceful, hair a little hair to create a fluffy feeling, but also appear very exquisite elegance, in the fringe with a round face of the trend of big sunglasses, an instant highlight a charming little face, before the short long after the printing of Tor slim half skirt or fine heels, instant elegant little woman travel Oh!tyme straightening iron is so good than other curly hair.

      Very aware of the elegant long oblong face perm hairstyle, side micro placed in the ear, the side of the perfect paste on the mm round cheeks, 37 points oblique bangs can highlight the unique characteristics of a small woman's breath, with bright silk loose show thin shoulder sweater, more obvious fan. Is there a little sexy and some elegant feel?

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Micro-volume wave hair in simple atmosphere" 03.26.2018

      In winter, a long hair can not be wasted, hot wheat hot and cute doubled, fluffy small curly hair gives a very warm feeling, with the air fringe sweet and cut age.tyme iron reviews help you know this product.

      Too petty too hot for wheat? Then the fashionable fluffy wavy roll, the Korean water ripple and the middle cent together appear exceptionally sweet fashionable, small round face as lovely Meng Meng.

      Simple atmosphere of the micro-wave hair, like shawls hair sister's favorite, Korean micro-curls with warm hair color, and autumn and winter is really perfect match!

      In addition to the end of the roll, the winter will be the bangs roll is also very fashionable, the air bangs hot out of the fluffy buckle of the small curly hair, revealing a little forehead sweet and reduce age.where to Wholesale Tyme Iron ?

      Want to take the literary route, you can try egg rolls hot, slightly sparse a little curl collocation fluffy Liu Qi highlight the knowledge of temperament.

      Short hair will perm into retro-curved curls more mature, hair tail concentrated in the neck, but also increase the sense of hair volume.

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Korean style oblique bangs with long curly hair" 02.14.2018

      Korean hairstyle because of the sweet temperament by a lot of girls welcome, today for everyone to bring 2014 Korean style of the latest curly hair, whether you are long face or round faces can find a suitable for their own trend of sweet curls, together to see what the most beautiful hairstyle!tyme curling irons is unique design makes it easier to create beautiful curls in less time and with less effort because we put the twist in the tool and not the wrist.

      This Korean-style oblique bangs hair style gives a very sweet feeling, but also very good cosmetic face, let you instantly have exquisite slap small face, long hair of very lady temperament, I believe in 2014 this curly hair is the most current OH.

      This wine red hair is very eye-catching, but also appear more white complexion, this Korean-style middle and long curly hair using the side of the design of the fringe, the feminine soft temperament, but also the trend hundred.

      This part of the hairstyle can be very good cosmetic face, so that the five-facial features look more exquisite, with a fluffy hair styling, very sweet temperament lady. The girl with round face or square face is perfect for this kind of curly hair.want to know tyme curling iron promotions? you can search it on google.

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "What is the most popular hair style in early spring" 02.10.2018

      2014 What is the most popular hair style in early spring, when the hair is still warm or the most popular long hair. Here for everyone to share a European and American retro curly hair, very intellectual girl feminine hair Oh!

      STEP 1: hair fluttering with a comb comb along.tyme iron short hair creates silky smooth and longer lasting curls in minutes!

      STEP 2: Clamp the upper part of the hair with a large clip.

      STEP 3: Starting from the following point of hair, with a hair stick a little bit evenly all the hair to roll in one direction.

      STEP 4: I have been finished.

      STEP 5: Then, with a comb above the hair a little more smooth.tyme iron for sale from the root to the tip of the hair to create anything from loose beachy waves to tight and curly ringlets, all with minor adjustments in the angle of the iron!

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "bud fresh and sweet head" 02.07.2018

      Bud head is very fresh and sweet, can be described as cut-off weapon, but also the summer's most beautiful bar hair, it is suitable for long curly hair girl, bud head Zhafa is also very simple, the following came to learn how long curly bud bud!

      This bud head is very perfect front side, fluffy bud head, brown hair exudes a stylish atmosphere. Towering buds slightly messy, highlighting the cool fashion sense. Embellishment with hair ornaments, more sweet feeling.

      Step1: Want buds look more sweet and lovely, to prepare a similar hair accessories.wholesale tyme iron on different website.

      Step2: First comb a long curly hair.

      Step3: Then tie the hair into a tall pony tail.tyme curling iron price is so cheap than same product.

      Step4: Then comb the hair with a dense tooth tail.

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Curly hair is full of elasticity" 02.03.2018

      Look at the magazine model has a beautiful curly hair hairstyle, is not very envious, but also curious how to manage out? So take a look at the hair Salon Talent Demo Curl Tutorial.Wholesale Tyme Iron on online shop.

      Curly hair is full of elasticity, volume is also very moderate, will not be too prosaic, casual messy feeling is the focus of this hairstyle, natural soft curve can make hairstyle looks softer, exudes a woman's unique charm and charisma.

      Step 1: As shown in the figure, divide the entire hair into three areas, starting with the hair below.tyme gold plated titanium haircreate any hairstyle in minutes,suit for anytime and anywhere.

      Step 2: Remove a small amount of hair from the back of the hair and clip the hair on the curling iron with a curling stick.

      Step 3: Wrap the hair outward around the curling iron and move to the root position, rolling out the natural radian.

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Brown hair dye design low-key luxury and connotation" 01.19.2018

      This slightly mature pear flower hot curly hair, it is more suitable for light cooked mm or walk lady line of girls, elegant and rich texture of the perm shape outlines the perfect face and incomparable fashion sense, and the fluffy valgus hairstyle design is very chic, so that people look very natural atmosphere, is simply the early of the necessary hairstyle.

      Brown Hair Design low-key luxury and connotation, set off the white girl's skin color, partial fringe styling for girls to add a hint of charm of the light ripe female temperament, and meticulous wavy hair and more Tim a lovely girl feeling, give a very variable fashion sense.tyme iron for sale with all people.

      Fluffy elegant This large wavy curly hair can have Han fan, in the cent bangs + linen brown hair for the whole hairstyle plus points and enhance the style of fashion sense, coupled with large wave radian hot roll, but also engaging and fashionable!many women lovetyme iron short hair .

      This is a charm full of curly hair styling, with large wave hot roll of the way to show a fashionable woman taste! When the abundant brown-red curls meet temperament deviation fringe, it is not only to foil the perfect face features, but also to create a goddess fan!

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Black natural hair is always the most common girl hairstyle" 01.18.2018

      Low-profile linen color Hair Design can reflect the girl's good color, the fringe decorated with the exquisite small face, romantic curls design with long hair of the modelling is very beautiful and gentle, instantly can be reversed into elegant goddess, engaging and fashion.

      Black natural hair is always the most common girl hairstyle, but the design effect of the perm can show a rare retro fashion sense, the big fringe of the bangs is highlighted by the charm of the woman's breath, is simply a seductive Chinese artifact!

      This is an abundance of long curly hair, plus the popular brown hair, not only can bring out the color of white women's skin characteristics, but also to show the effect of reducing aging, egg rolls head of the perm design is now a lot of girls love, really worth trying oh! some actress also tyme iron buy.i think women should have tyme curling iron .

      The air is full of long hair styling can be liked, naturally loose hair only after pruning and no extra dye hot, let the modelling exudes fresh temperament beauty, and fluffy hairstyle design can also perfectly show a beautiful little face, just a glance can fall in love.

      Elegant hair with a fluffy wavy roll, sweet and romantic very, while the fringe styling for the whole hairstyle plus points, the rich curls design perfect to shorten the face of the visual effect, very engaging it.

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Large rolls can also have a sweet style hairstyle" 01.15.2018

      Today we bring a group of girls to share big curly hairstyle, large volume of hairstyle design is not only the fashion atmosphere is classic and look good, and this fall and winter are also equipped with! What are you waiting for? Now take a look at it.

      This is a long curly hair design eversion large, fluffy hair volume appears full, just curled up in the cheek eyelid volume, very Yan Yan-face, choose the bangs with the air is still very sweet by age.

      To stay in the fluttering hair of the sister must try this fashion and atmosphere of the big curly hair, like this long hair scalding curly, is not it very obvious beauty? In light brown, is simply a new high.tyme flat Iron help you got more information.tyme iron promo code on our site.

      Now the most popular hair tail hot roll, like this to the hair end of a S-type volume, not only stylish and full of beautiful shawls, very suitable for younger sister try.

      Large volume of hair is definitely a temperament of a girl hairstyle, like a large curly hair, hair fluffy look has texture, but also appears particularly temperament, there is a goddess pressing temperament.

      Large rolls can also go sweet style, recommended this spiral curly hair is very romantic, with brown hair color is also equipped with a very tender skin, how to look very fresh and beautiful.

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Big curly hair with hair strap" 01.13.2018

      How about big curls with hair bands? Bohemian Hair belt, dynamic cute, with big curly hair, showing the soft hair. When collocation, look at individual face, taste, taste. The Ribbon not only makes a complete set of dress, but also can reveal the contour of the face, so that the facial and facial features become neat and fashionable. How can you not have a hair belt? How about a big curly hair band?

      Hair Belt is the most romantic, the coolest, the most casual hair ornaments, plasticity is also the strongest. Different material, shape, width of the hair belt can also affect the visual size of the face. Wear on the hair belt for elegant, sexy big curly hair gave a trace of vitality, add a point playful. Hair with longer face can be worn in a position near the forehead to shorten the face shape.

      The simple hairstyle with the overall style of wearing similar to the hair belt to make the whole person a brand-new, to create a different style characteristics. Make the girl of beauty satisfy their beauty heart.want to got tyme hair iron promo code?you can search tyme iron short hair .
      How about a big curly hair with a ribbon? Now you know. Don't wait, don't hesitate, go and buy one!

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Curl and straighten 2 in 1" 12.30.2017

      Curl and straighten 2 in 1,natural and elegant hair, simple and classic in style,looking pretty.

      Gold titanium plate and PTC heating element.tyme iron for sale and tyme iron short hair on our site.

      360 degree rotating anti-twining power cord.

      Floating ceramic coat heating plate.





      Voltage:AC110-240V 50/60Hz

      Temperature Setting:140-220℃

      Net Weight:0.6Kg

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "The reason I bought it" 11.30.2017

      1, body waterproof, bathing available (in fact, not merit, clarisonic also).

      2, do not change the brush head. Clarisonic girl knows, brush head three months for a change, I am a little trouble that lazy people.

      3, the standard version has a soothing function, but also to help the absorption of skin care products, suitable for me this is not too lazy to massage the sprinkle.

      4, the use of very convenient, according to the first is the cleansing, and then click stop, the third is to relieve function, and then click to stop, but also with the clarisonic, there are reminders, using 15 seconds will pause to remind another area Use, automatically shut down after three minutes of use, to prevent overuse.luna brush cleaner Face Exfoliator Brush and Silicone Cleansing Device for Combination Skin, Blue.Just 2 minutes' using your luna morning and night leaves the skin looking naturally beautiful with a healthy-looking glow, while lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Simply apply your cleanser, wet the luna foreo discount and turn it on. After cleansing your face, apply the reverse surface to wrinkle-prone areas in lower-frequency anti-aging mode. In just 3 days, you'll feel the confidence that comes from having naturally beautiful, youthful-looking skin.

      5, electricity durable. Charge once with 450 times! ! ! Maybe next time I recharge is next year, so I must charge the charger, because the next charge afraid to engage in homes Oh! Size and grip are good, silicone brush is also very comfortable. Have started a week, almost every day, I feel very convenient, it is also very comfortable to use, not irritating.

    • kingsh has written a new blog article "Blind eyelashes or conjunctivitis" 11.30.2017

      When receiving the eyelashes, the beautician may remind them that the effect of inoculating eyelashes usually lasts for about three months. Therefore, many people think that it is a temporary move, even if there is pain and discomfort, and the patient endures. Many kinds of eyelashes beauticians will also emphasize that most women planted false eyelashes, the corner will itch, but after a few days to adapt to the eye there is no problem, and will not harm the eyes. However, experts emphasize that after inoculation of eyelashes, if you feel unwell can not tolerate. As inoculated eyelashes from those unknown sources most likely to lead to eye allergy infections, Department of Ophthalmology, Tsinghua University First Affiliated Hospital, said Zhang Yalin, many women due to vaccination of false eyelashes, to the hospital after eye examination that due to planting false eyelashes cause eye Infection and acute keratitis, there is even the risk of blindness.Available only by prescription, latisse generic may be used daily for 12 weeks to grow thicker, longer and darker eyelashes. Applicators can only be used once and possible side effects are people with light eyes may experience iris discoloration. After 12 weeks, most patients taper off daily usage and use 2-3 times a week to maintain their eyelashes. Professional eyelash extensions are added to existing eyelashes individually. The extension itself is made from mink or spun silk and is delicately added to each eyelash individually. www.generic-latisse.com for hot sale.

      It is understood that many eyelashes used in planting adhesives containing formaldehyde, can cause infections, allergies, and even make real eyelashes fall off. And false eyelashes stick in the roots of eyelashes, will affect the eyelashes perspiration, easy to cause sty, conjunctivitis, keratitis and other eye diseases, serious can cause decreased vision, blindness and so on.

      Experts stressed that first of all best not to go to life beauty salon inoculated eyelashes, and secondly, if the vaccination and found eye discomfort, be sure to seek medical treatment in time to avoid causing serious consequences.



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