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    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "making the furniture lighter floor" 04.10.2018

      a new type of plate that has been rapidly developed internationally in the 1970s and 1980s. The advantage of the Ou Song board The low formaldehyde release is strong and durable, making the furniture lighter and flatter. The interior is a directional structure, no joints, no gaps,

      cracks, the overall uniformity is good, the internal strength is extremely high, so no matter the center or the edge has a super-strong nail holding ability that ordinary plate can not match. The disadvantages of the Ou Song board As with the Australian pine board, the Ou Song board does not eat nails,

      it has a good effect on the screw holding nails, but the hammer nailed the nails general performance. Summary: The above content is the classification of the wardrobe plate introduced by the householder Xiaobian and the advantages and disadvantages of each plate.
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    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "WPC Decking has the following advantages:" 04.09.2018

      WPC is the abbreviations of Wood Plastic Composite. WPC Decking is a mixture of reclaimed wood, recycle plastic and a small amount of adhesive. Now it becomes an ideal building material for residential and commercial use. Combines the advantage of different materials, Techwoodn’s WPC decking are more sturdy and durable than real wood, but also possesses a similar appearance of the real wood. With our unique installation method, there are no nails or screws on the floor surface, it’s more secure and convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

      WPC Decking has the following advantages:
      * Less maintenance. Compared with real wood, is more simple, no need to dyeing or painting. Usually clean with soapy water and a soft brush.
      * Long service life. Waterproof, will not attract ants and decay, not easy bending deformation.
      * Stay beautiful. Our WPC Decking remains as new in many years, only the color becomes slightly lighter in the earlier 3 or 6 months, then will be very stable, no color fading anymore.
      * Environmental friendly. 90% of our raw material is recycled, reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.
      * Strong applicability. Cutting or drilling. Applies to patios, pools, hotels, gardens and various places.

      As one of the most experienced manufacturing company in China, Techwoodn’s products are exported to Europe, Americas, Australia etc all over the world. Our company invested a lot of energy in product development for years and will persevere. The unique mix-color technique makes our products look much closer to natural real wood. Provide rich color, surface treatment, and sizes for your choice.

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      Which decking has better fade resistance?

      PVC decking typically has a better fade resistance than composite decking. However, it is important to note that composite decking is designed to weather to a natural shade within the first six months. This weathering process helps the decking achieve its beautiful, wood-like appearance.

      Which decking is able to withstand the elements better?

      PVC decking and high-performance composite deck boards (those that fully encapsulate wood fibers in plastic) have exceptional moisture resistance. They can be installed in applications with direct water contact like docks and pool surrounds and in regions with heavy rain and humidity without rotting, splitting or warping. Composite decking has an advantage, though, because it expands and contracts less than PVC as the temperature changes. This helps ensure a stable, long-lasting deck, especially in areas with extreme weather.

      Which decking has better slip resistance? Composite decking with wood embossed texturing has a better slip resistance than PVC. It is an ideal choice if your deck surrounds a pool or hot tub, or is in a rainy region, where its surface might be frequently wet and a potential hazard for kids and guests.

      Making a purchasing decision

      If you’re still unsure about which type of decking to install after reviewing our comprehensive decking materials comparison chart, you may then want to consider cost and quality. With high-performance composites, you can get the good look of wood and low upkeep benefits of PVC at nearly half the price. As an added benefit, you can rest assured that the decking you’ve selected is toxin-free and helps close the loop on recycled materials by using 95 percent recycled content.

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      For more information on the switch panel, please continue to pay attention to the decoration network.Wardrobe plates are used to make wardrobes. There are many types of wardrobe plates,

      including particle board, density board, moisture-proof board, large core board, fir board, multi-layer solid wood board, etc. Detailed wardrobe board classification and knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of each board are described below.

      1, particle board particle board (also known as "wood particle board") is the wood or other wood fiber material as raw materials cut into a certain size of the debris, after drying, mixed with adhesive, hardener, waterproof agent, in heat, pressure and certain A man-made board that is pressed at the temperature.
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    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "much smaller and the pattern floor" 03.20.2018

      With this type of plate, the mothball is no longer needed in the closet. It is only expensive, but only a few. Home businesses are available for sale. The fingerboard is divided into a bright tooth and a dark tooth, and the dark tooth is the best, because the bright tooth is more prone to unevenness after being painted. Of course, the dark tooth is more difficult to machine,

      and the harder the wood is, the better the board is. The deformation is much smaller and the pattern will be more beautiful. The fingerboard knowledge solution, the family Xiaobian temporarily share here,

      I hope to help you understand the finger board is helpful, if you want to know more finger board knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every family decoration network.Since the entry into the electrical age, switches have been accompanied by people's lives.
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      Polyvinyl chloride is formed in flat sheets in a variety of thicknesses and colors. As flat sheets, PVC is often expanded to create voids in the interior of the material, providing additional thickness without additional weight and minimal extra cost (see Closed-cell PVC foamboard). Sheets are cut using saws and rotary cutting equipment. Plasticized PVC is also used to produce thin, colored, or clear, adhesive-backed films referred to simply as vinyl. These films are typically cut on a computer-controlled plotter (see Vinyl cutter) or printed in a wide-format printer. These sheets and films are used to produce a wide variety of commercial signage products, including car body stripes and stickers.
      Black PVC trousers
      PVC fabric is water-resistant, used for its weather-resistant qualities in coats, skiing equipment, shoes, jackets, aprons, and sports bags.
      PVC fabric has a niche role in specialty clothing, to either create a artificial leather material or at times simply for its effect. PVC clothing is common in Goth, Punk, clothing fetish and alternative fashions. PVC is less expensive than rubber, leather, and latex which it is used to simulate.
      Flooring is another important indicator of floor performance. In order to demonstrate the waterproof performance of this floor, the evaluators made a small test. Pour a small amount of water into the splice of the two floors and wipe it clean after five minutes. As can be seen, the floor surface did not change the slightest, the floor joints did not see signs of moisture and water seepage.
      The details are in place
      The edge of each plate is polished very smooth, no glitches and bumps, you can see the details of this floor is in place.

    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "wax removal treatment floor" 03.12.2018

      slope angle is small, thin plate Zepo big mouth. 12, the plastic board should be placed on the line along the axis from the center to the periphery. The adhesive coating must be uniform, and beyond the dividing line is about 10mm and the film thickness is controlled within 1mm,

      the back of the plastic plate should be evenly spreading adhesive to glue drying to sticky hands (10 to 20min) can Putie should be an accurate positioning, dense paste. 13, the plastic plate before laying,

      should be preheated and wax removal treatment, otherwise it will affect the paste effect, causing the surface layer of the drum. Preheat treatment soft PVC board, should be put into the soaking temperature is 75 degrees Celsius hot water in 10 ~ 20min,
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      Home Industry also launched their latest products in 2010, you want to know this year, the trend of household products what is it? You want to know in the cutting-edge technology and what new products come out?

      Hereby launched the "Spring Fresh Pretest" series of theme evaluation, to provide the most cutting-edge product information to help you catch the freshest products for the first time, close contact with product features, leading the spring fashion consumer trends! Home decoration Choose a good both beautiful and environmentally friendly flooring is the wish of each owner, solid wood flooring green harmless, good foot feel, noise insulation; Wusu floor gloss beautiful, heat, impact, mold, mothproof And so on, laying in the room, not only to make the room appear to be more coordinated and better, and its price is lower than the solid wood flooring; WPC flooring beautiful, wear-resistant, stable, and easy installation, maintenance and so simple, consumers can according to family Need to choose the right floor.

      Evaluator for everyone to introduce a WPC floor, this floor for the 2010 new products, just launched soon, we may not be too familiar with, then, assessors take you to enjoy the new style. Evaluation products: New highlights first look: 1.FCF hunt aldehydes technology: This floor uses the FCF hunt aldehyde technology, adding FCF formaldehyde catcher in the material, can quickly capture the free formaldehyde in the floor at room temperature or low temperature, make the floor more healthy.

      Flame Retardant Function: The wear layer on the first floor and the decorative layer on the second floor have been specially treated with flame retardant function to prevent scald and hot flower such as cigarette butts, matches and other heat sources and prolong the floor. durable.

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    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "indicators of the floor" 02.26.2018

      water without deformation, loss of light, fading and so on. The size of the bulk floor 4, dimensional stability has strict requirements. 5. Control the quality of low molecular weight volatiles in plastics. Because volatilization not only affects the quality of the floor, but also has an impact on human health.

      The mass stability is controlled by 0 of the weight loss of 6h in the constant temperature blast oven at (100 + 3) centigrade. Less than 5% is qualified. 6, wear resistance, wear resistance is one of the important performance indicators of the floor. People with high flow rate must choose materials with good wear resistance.

      At present, the technical indexes of wear resistance are generally qualified with the diameter of 110mm under the wear loss of the rotary Talbot wear instrument below 0.5g/1000r and the wear volume below 0.2cm3/1000r. 7. The hardness of the surface test, the use of different hardness of the pencil,
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      PS wood (plastic wood) what are the characteristics WPC is a brand new wood-like material made of 100% macromolecule material, especially suitable for outdoor field, The company is located in: PS plastic wood is a brand new wood material made of 100% polymer material, especially suitable for outdoor field, PS wood plastic has the following characteristics:

      1. Natural wood texture, comfortable surface. Special formula form solid wood texture and feel, patented technology to form natural wood colors and lines, used in outdoor environments, almost indistinguishable from natural wood; but the performance is higher than the natural wood, with superior natural wood can not be compared.

      2. Insect and mildew resistance, health and environmental protection Excellent anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-cracking, mildew, insecticidal and anti-fouling properties, not absorbent, it will not produce any insects, mildew and so on; absolutely does not contain any The ingredients or additives that affect human health, the product has passed the EU REACH and ROHS certification.

      3. Super anti-aging properties. Specifically designed for outdoor use, which added some UV protection, high temperature components, with superior resistance to high temperature, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, outdoor use, ten years of basic change.

      4. Recyclable, no longer cause secondary pollution. 100% made of polymer materials, can be recycled completely without any additional burden on the environment.

      5. Taste, comfort, environmental protection, leading the new fashion decorative materials.

      6. No paint, polished, easy to maintain, easier to clean.

      7. High density, high strength, not easy to deformation.

      8. With nails, sawing, sticky, planing performance, can be adapted to different specifications of

      hardware accessories.

      9. Low-carbon environmentally friendly products, does not contain harmful chemical components. Long life. Life is 3-5 times the ordinary wood products.

      A variety of colors and surface texture options. The state vigorously promote and promote green products, related policy support. PVC wood plastic foam wall abnormalities how to do PVC wood plastic foam wall abnormalities how to do In pvc wall extrusion process, there are three common non-normal state: wall is not straight, wall uneven, smooth surface, etc.

    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "mortise and tenon glue between hydrated parquet flooring" 01.31.2018

      anti deformation groove, when the pavement is overlapped from the installation method can be divided into locking and oblique strike plug lock, oblique inserting lock has the advantages of convenient installation, but the ground is uneven, the lock is easily disengaged, the lower notch is easy to break. The shape of the flat floor is a rectangular plate with smooth surface and flat six sides.

      According to personal favorite splicing into square, herringbone, glyph and other patterns. Two, what are the characteristics of parquet flooring? Ordinary parquet flooring is the floor installation must rely on the mortise and tenon glue between hydrated parquet flooring.

      Lock floor on the market there are two main floors and can avoid glue glue for the special lock floor, the waterproof treatment on the floor and tenon notch, the latter is not. The Clic floor installation in general do not have glue difference in installation and use,
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