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    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "PVC fabric is water-resistant" 03.12.2018

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      Polyvinyl chloride is formed in flat sheets in a variety of thicknesses and colors. As flat sheets, PVC is often expanded to create voids in the interior of the material, providing additional thickness without additional weight and minimal extra cost (see Closed-cell PVC foamboard). Sheets are cut using saws and rotary cutting equipment. Plasticized PVC is also used to produce thin, colored, or clear, adhesive-backed films referred to simply as vinyl. These films are typically cut on a computer-controlled plotter (see Vinyl cutter) or printed in a wide-format printer. These sheets and films are used to produce a wide variety of commercial signage products, including car body stripes and stickers.
      Black PVC trousers
      PVC fabric is water-resistant, used for its weather-resistant qualities in coats, skiing equipment, shoes, jackets, aprons, and sports bags.
      PVC fabric has a niche role in specialty clothing, to either create a artificial leather material or at times simply for its effect. PVC clothing is common in Goth, Punk, clothing fetish and alternative fashions. PVC is less expensive than rubber, leather, and latex which it is used to simulate.
      Flooring is another important indicator of floor performance. In order to demonstrate the waterproof performance of this floor, the evaluators made a small test. Pour a small amount of water into the splice of the two floors and wipe it clean after five minutes. As can be seen, the floor surface did not change the slightest, the floor joints did not see signs of moisture and water seepage.
      The details are in place
      The edge of each plate is polished very smooth, no glitches and bumps, you can see the details of this floor is in place.

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      slope angle is small, thin plate Zepo big mouth. 12, the plastic board should be placed on the line along the axis from the center to the periphery. The adhesive coating must be uniform, and beyond the dividing line is about 10mm and the film thickness is controlled within 1mm,

      the back of the plastic plate should be evenly spreading adhesive to glue drying to sticky hands (10 to 20min) can Putie should be an accurate positioning, dense paste. 13, the plastic plate before laying,

      should be preheated and wax removal treatment, otherwise it will affect the paste effect, causing the surface layer of the drum. Preheat treatment soft PVC board, should be put into the soaking temperature is 75 degrees Celsius hot water in 10 ~ 20min,
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      Home Industry also launched their latest products in 2010, you want to know this year, the trend of household products what is it? You want to know in the cutting-edge technology and what new products come out?

      Hereby launched the "Spring Fresh Pretest" series of theme evaluation, to provide the most cutting-edge product information to help you catch the freshest products for the first time, close contact with product features, leading the spring fashion consumer trends! Home decoration Choose a good both beautiful and environmentally friendly flooring is the wish of each owner, solid wood flooring green harmless, good foot feel, noise insulation; Wusu floor gloss beautiful, heat, impact, mold, mothproof And so on, laying in the room, not only to make the room appear to be more coordinated and better, and its price is lower than the solid wood flooring; WPC flooring beautiful, wear-resistant, stable, and easy installation, maintenance and so simple, consumers can according to family Need to choose the right floor.

      Evaluator for everyone to introduce a WPC floor, this floor for the 2010 new products, just launched soon, we may not be too familiar with, then, assessors take you to enjoy the new style. Evaluation products: New highlights first look: 1.FCF hunt aldehydes technology: This floor uses the FCF hunt aldehyde technology, adding FCF formaldehyde catcher in the material, can quickly capture the free formaldehyde in the floor at room temperature or low temperature, make the floor more healthy.

      Flame Retardant Function: The wear layer on the first floor and the decorative layer on the second floor have been specially treated with flame retardant function to prevent scald and hot flower such as cigarette butts, matches and other heat sources and prolong the floor. durable.

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      water without deformation, loss of light, fading and so on. The size of the bulk floor 4, dimensional stability has strict requirements. 5. Control the quality of low molecular weight volatiles in plastics. Because volatilization not only affects the quality of the floor, but also has an impact on human health.

      The mass stability is controlled by 0 of the weight loss of 6h in the constant temperature blast oven at (100 + 3) centigrade. Less than 5% is qualified. 6, wear resistance, wear resistance is one of the important performance indicators of the floor. People with high flow rate must choose materials with good wear resistance.

      At present, the technical indexes of wear resistance are generally qualified with the diameter of 110mm under the wear loss of the rotary Talbot wear instrument below 0.5g/1000r and the wear volume below 0.2cm3/1000r. 7. The hardness of the surface test, the use of different hardness of the pencil,
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      PS wood (plastic wood) what are the characteristics WPC is a brand new wood-like material made of 100% macromolecule material, especially suitable for outdoor field, The company is located in: PS plastic wood is a brand new wood material made of 100% polymer material, especially suitable for outdoor field, PS wood plastic has the following characteristics:

      1. Natural wood texture, comfortable surface. Special formula form solid wood texture and feel, patented technology to form natural wood colors and lines, used in outdoor environments, almost indistinguishable from natural wood; but the performance is higher than the natural wood, with superior natural wood can not be compared.

      2. Insect and mildew resistance, health and environmental protection Excellent anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-cracking, mildew, insecticidal and anti-fouling properties, not absorbent, it will not produce any insects, mildew and so on; absolutely does not contain any The ingredients or additives that affect human health, the product has passed the EU REACH and ROHS certification.

      3. Super anti-aging properties. Specifically designed for outdoor use, which added some UV protection, high temperature components, with superior resistance to high temperature, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, outdoor use, ten years of basic change.

      4. Recyclable, no longer cause secondary pollution. 100% made of polymer materials, can be recycled completely without any additional burden on the environment.

      5. Taste, comfort, environmental protection, leading the new fashion decorative materials.

      6. No paint, polished, easy to maintain, easier to clean.

      7. High density, high strength, not easy to deformation.

      8. With nails, sawing, sticky, planing performance, can be adapted to different specifications of

      hardware accessories.

      9. Low-carbon environmentally friendly products, does not contain harmful chemical components. Long life. Life is 3-5 times the ordinary wood products.

      A variety of colors and surface texture options. The state vigorously promote and promote green products, related policy support. PVC wood plastic foam wall abnormalities how to do PVC wood plastic foam wall abnormalities how to do In pvc wall extrusion process, there are three common non-normal state: wall is not straight, wall uneven, smooth surface, etc.

    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "mortise and tenon glue between hydrated parquet flooring" 01.31.2018

      anti deformation groove, when the pavement is overlapped from the installation method can be divided into locking and oblique strike plug lock, oblique inserting lock has the advantages of convenient installation, but the ground is uneven, the lock is easily disengaged, the lower notch is easy to break. The shape of the flat floor is a rectangular plate with smooth surface and flat six sides.

      According to personal favorite splicing into square, herringbone, glyph and other patterns. Two, what are the characteristics of parquet flooring? Ordinary parquet flooring is the floor installation must rely on the mortise and tenon glue between hydrated parquet flooring.

      Lock floor on the market there are two main floors and can avoid glue glue for the special lock floor, the waterproof treatment on the floor and tenon notch, the latter is not. The Clic floor installation in general do not have glue difference in installation and use,
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    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "single lock buckle or double lock buckle is enough" 01.31.2018

      building a floor out of pallets

      wear-resistant deck from shifting

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      speaking, single lock buckle or double lock buckle is enough, again more is completely unnecessary. For tension resistance, straight and oblique wood floor, its better. It seems that the choice of wood flooring is a door of learning, consumers should carefully distinguish clearly, must not be credulous manufacturers exaggeration propaganda. PY9174 Evaluation of Seven Trust Antique Wood plastic flooring

      Seven trust antique seven trust wood plastic flooring PY9174 appearance mild, simple and generous, relatively easy to collocation furniture, this section of the floor innovation has several points, first, the floor material layer from the traditional 8mm to 11mm. Comfort and service life are relatively improved, and the bottom floor of the added light sound pad, people walking above, sound more pure, but also

      increased its elasticity, as well as its unique 4-corner V-groove. It looks very three-dimensional. We all know that wood and plastic flooring is wear-resistant, anti-fouling, waterproof, and today we also proved the excellent performance of the seven real flooring with a fresh test. The color of this section of the floor is relatively light, so it is easier to match furniture, and the light color can make the small room

    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "extremely complex keel structure floor" 01.23.2018

      the ball rebound in support of the same to the professional event requirements. Not like the plastic material that was less elastic. And all this before, only professional wood floor can do, of course, through the extremely complex keel structure, and extremely strict installation procedures to ensure. Two, structural buffer locking type connection for the design to create a space,

      through the strict control module in each floor, to ensure that the 1mm clearance, to ensure the optimal traction under the premise of eliminating the impact caused by strong level of intense exercise athletes caused by lower limb injuries. Three. Self drainage through densePlastic floor is laid with a plastic material of the floor, the floor comfortable, affordable,

      favored by many consumers. Here we take a look at what is the classification of plastic floor? Plastic floor according to its use: can be divided into blocks (or tiles) and coil (or floor) two. The main advantages of floor tiles: in the process of use, such as local damage, can be partially replaced, and does not affect the appearance of the entire ground.
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    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "Evaluation summary: Seven true New + wood flooring" 01.18.2018

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      Evaluation summary: Seven true New + wood flooring, using Japanese technology. The surface uses all-around adhesion factor all-natural paint, does not contain melamine and other substances that endanger the health, with high scratch resistance, high adhesion characteristics, the use of safety and more at ease. And with natural texture, delicate and clear solid wood look, healthier and more beautiful. Six-sided high-tech all-purpose moisture-proof

      technology, so water vapor non-porous into. And the technology also completely solve the traditional laminate flooring because of direct sunlight, climate change caused by discoloration and fading problems. In addition, this floor with innovative technology after the arc lock, the installation without the use of glue, U-shaped chamfering laying,

      leaching paint technology, use and maintenance more simple and convenient. Evaluation of the total score (10 points): 9.7 Splicing effect: 9.6 Wear resistance: 9.8 Waterproof: 9.7 Antifouling performance: 9.6 (Sohu home) 2014 wood-plastic floor decoration with the trend analysis (Figure)

    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "Buy WPC decking must know" 01.04.2018

      Buy WPC decking must know

      Floor weight: the weight of the floor depends mainly on the density of its substrate. The substrate determines the stabilityand impact resistance of the floor. Therefore, the better the substrate is, the higher the density is, the heavier the floor will be. Formal certificates and test report: consumers in the choice of the floor, be sure to find out whether the business related certificate and quality inspection report. The relevant certificate includes floor certificate of origin, eplf (EPLF) certification, ISO9001 international quality certification, ISO14001 international environmental certification, and other related quality certificate.
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    • qizhen0809 has written a new blog article "oil floor installation composite flooring price" 11.29.2017

      and ultimately determine the cut size, maximum economic benefits. 3, pre laying, gluing and joint treatment: linen floor evenly and firmly fixed on the ground, the floor part of the overlap treatment into a small gap stitching treatment. 4, cold welding interface: use a gap with cold and hot welding flux closed its effect also beautiful. Laying process and method of laying the flax oil floor, house small share finished, I hope all of you help flax oil floor installation.The floor is also called the sandwich board, its main role is to avoid floor resurgence,

      is a common home decoration materials. The following small share laying requirements and precautions of laying gross floor, for your reference, Home Furnishing decoration! A gross floor laying requirements 1, check whether the ground solid, dry (ground moisture test before construction advice), smooth and clean;

      it must carry out the geothermal heating and water delivery system test at least, the water temperature reaches 55 DEG C, to ensure the normal operation of the heating system, thermal insulation and more than 12 hours after the confirmation of water and no water leakage of pipeline. Determination of ground water content, determine the dry ground after construction, otherwise it will be affected after the poor; 3, before laying, such as unable to geothermal heating test,
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      the price difference is not big and solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring love friends, you can choose to try, if you want to know more knowledge of wood flooring, please continue to pay attention to home decoration repair network.Warm core self heating floor is a kind of low carbon and environmental friendly building material. It is one of the important ways to realize low carbon heating for all people. Its low carbon characteristics are mainly embodied in the aspects of direct energy, energy conversion,

      non pollution emission, human settlements and social economy. Below, we will have a detailed understanding of the five low carbon advantages of the warm core self heating floor. 1. Clean and renewable energy sources for low-carbon energy heating. Relative to coal, natural gas and other heating energy, electric energy as one of the most promising heating energy, with the solar energy,

      wind power, water power, nuclear energy, represented by the rise of new energy, and flourish. The electric energy provided by the new energy is clean and renewable, and it is the real low-carbon or even "zero" carbon energy. 2, low carbon conversion heating has high heat transfer efficiency. Compared with the traditional heating method, the heat transfer rate of the warm core floor heating system is as high as 99%, which can greatly reduce the energy loss in the process of conversion and transmission.
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