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    • Nexon Launches MapleStory M - A Mobile Adventure Title Based on MapleStory
      If you want as a Mapler about the go, you might want to check in on Nexon's Maplestory Mobile Mesos , the mobile game based within the MapleStory franchise. The game costs nothing to download and play in over 140 countries in nine localized versions. All who signing in and play within the next two weeks will get daily goodies through August 21st. Pre-registrants will probably be able to claim their rewards on August 21st likewise.
      The global launch features 150 degrees of content, including:
      New Character Classes: The Explorers are a fresh breed of hero who fight side-by-side to keep up the peace in Maple World;
      Battle Function: This function features the mobile-optimized hunting and leveling using the auto-battle and auto-quest function for each and every class;
      Character Customization: Players can present off their own style by customizing their characters’ hair color and selecting from all sorts of fashionable items and accessories;
      Dungeons: These unique challenging modes will let Maplers level up and take care of MS M Mesos quests solo or with friends;
      Pets and Mounts: Maplers can adopt pets to participate in them in battle and jump on mounts to acquire around with speed and design.

    • greenycao has written a new blog article "Metal flowers" Yesterday

      Metal flowers
      One of Horizon Zero Dawn’s more mysterious features, metal flowers are some type of ancient technology containing recently begin sprouting in wild, lonely places, surrounded by the triangle of gorgeous flora.
      To choose a metal flower, go to indicated area and activate your Focus. Look with the telltale pillars of Path of Exile Currency purple haze that always mark corpses and loot boxes; in the event you aim at these markers, your Focus will advise you what they can be, so it is possible to quickly identify the metal flower.
      Each metal flower in Horizon Zero Dawn comes that has a scrap of poetry you may check inside the collectables menu when you finally find them. You’ll find out more about metal flowers and are avalable to understand their origins and purpose while you explore Horizon Zero Dawn’s critical mission path. The poetry? Not a great deal.
      Metal flower at the Ruins dungeon
      To be able to this metal flower in Horizon Zero Dawn’s starting zone, return on the Ruins dungeon as adult Aloy and rappel in to Buy POE Items the entrance (if there’s no rappel option, you’re in the exit; search for another hole nearby). Hug the left wall when you advance into your dungeon so you’ll see the metal flower by using a barrier of stalactites and stalagmites. Smash through together with your spear to accumulate it. Don’t miss the ability cell down here because you’re advertising online.

    • greenycao has written a new blog article "The “Cry Havoc And Let Slip" 03.18.2019

      The “Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs of War” Award – The Bard stated it best. This game doesn’t necessarily provide biggest explosions… it gives you something better. Potential. Potential to Buy POE Orbs become rampaging force of nature. Or not. Who knows. You’re a representative of chaos with no one is likely to tell you what to perform.
      Just Cause 3
      Total War: Warhammer 2
      Red Faction: Guerilla Steam Edition
      Middle-earth: Shadow of War
      The “Haunts My Dreams” Award – this award is slightly a misnomer, because the bingo doesn’t just haunt your dreams. It consumes your ideas every waking moment on Path of Exile Currency the day. This game doesn’t demand your time and energy. You give it willingly.
      -Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
      Dota 2
      Dark Souls 3
      Sid Meier’s Civilization 6

    • greenycao has written a new blog article "Some Background Information: MS" 03.15.2019

      some background information: MS contains several different servers (or worlds) during which players can begin to play. reboot is but one such world, stirring renewed curiosity about years following its inception. reboot has contributed immensely to maplestory’s revenue as nexon’s (NEXOF:OTC) second top game and resulted into their most profitable year ever in Maplestory Mobile Mesos 2017.
      released in 2015, the reboot world has reignited player interest through several key systems models:
      free-to-win: most know f2p games as “free to experience, but pay to win.” this monetization model will be the epitome of mobile gaming, and games inside the mobile top 500 are crucial duplicates of the revenue scheme. people refer to this the freemium model. don’t mistake console games as mobile games though. console games, for example those around the nintendo switch, cost in MS M Mesos excess of $60?—?as may be the case for your switch’s most favored game zelda: breath from the wild. however, from the reboot server, all valuable enchanting items (usable things that empower your weapons and armour) is usually obtained without micro-transactions. they’re free for these are farmable. u can buy them through bossing or simply just grinding (which can be camping inside the same map and killing monsters again and again until u obtain the drop). in the event you’re not happy using your current stats, wait til tomorrow to raid a boss or go grind to obtain the drops that could give you that power bump.

    • greenycao has written a new blog article "Maple Story M will soft launch today" 03.14.2019

      The mobile version of Maple Story, aptly-titled Maple Story M, will soft launch today on Android. The participating countries include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, plus the Philippines.So feel absolve to Buy MapleStory M Mesos grab it on Google Play once it’s available. There won’t certainly be a server wipe, and it'll roll out to every one other regions shortly.
      Maple Story M will soft launch today at 5PM PST on Android
      Haven’t heard about this before? Well, it’s a mobile version from the highly popular PC MMORPG on the same name. The twist here could be the anime-style visuals and 2D gameplay.
      It form of MS M Mesos plays being a 2D platformer with hack and slash gameplay. You’ll run and jump across lots of platforms and battle many different enemies. You can decide a class and build it however you’d like. At: https://www.mmoah.com/maplestory-m



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