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      go to at noon a city gate to also have no several individuals, the soldiers who stand guard all hide into doorman to roast fire to keep warm.
      Ma Kui and Anne country Koda Glover Youth Jersey beam lead long a horse to after following the too original city just understand why all say the company of Jin is wealthy, all of eyefuls are each difference of style of travellings of deep house big hospital, the street both sides seller stands up like a forest, the category is numerous, although the pedestrian is rarely seen, but the pedestrian can not cover up too at first strong business atmosphere.
      After small Cang mountain raid gets hurt, the Anne country beam sees fade out a national defense soldier, in fact harm to teach a life set to found a nation to defend the soldier first to truely ride a soldier behind so much, for this he especially the idea walk Sichuan to choose soldier to the northwest.Because the northwest people's customs is violent, ground wide person sparse the line all Matt Grace Youth Jersey need to depend on a horse, so there are a lot of consummate generations that ride Shu in the Hahn people sons, too.Finally choose 2,000 young men, with choose in the national defense soldier of several hundred good hands after livelong year of hard training, till the beginning of the year just first step become soldier, become the first in the national defense soldier to truely ride a large unit.
      Ride a large unit for this Yang Qiu and total three also fee very big strenuous effort, not only send the person purchases good horse from the northwest grounds, such as beyond the frontier and Xinjiang...etc., last summer still added lake to buy 300 elder brothers from the shell Er Sa gram that ride soldier's appropriation river war horse, again at west the Kang establishment have exclusively heavy teach a base, cost more than a guards the teacher trip is even.
      This is to ride large Matt Skole Youth Jersey unit set the first-time activity that sets up behind, he is also unavoidably nervous, ask a way:"Commander horse, do you say that the Yan tin mountain meeting can't see us?"
      Ma Kui also really worries, last night camp out the Mayday line received man the telegram of the sun, the Yi soldier suddenly set out of the news makes him also really vibrate, whatever Yi soldier wanted to do, this northern ocean outer circle armed little said to also have 34 myriad people, even if was different from a staff officer department to predict so went to a northwest, regardless stayed Henan still Shaanxi was all not small threat, so also anxious see Yan tin earlier of mountain, then ensured to ride a large unit to can be free from obstruction to go down south three Xias.
      2 people soon arrived all Matt Wieters Youth Jersey a Du mansion, when the guard was all the way small to run to notify the Yan tin mountain is sat upright brazier before, is dressed in an Ao of weakly clipping, the noodles puts old Chen Cu and eats with relish, flank confident adjutant glory Hong Lu just will at take place for this period of time of the affair make collective report to let him listen to one by one.
      Affairs in Tienjin, Sung teaches the Ren how to meet a sting, south north it contend for be re- taken an etc., these affairs see Be faraway apart from Shanxi, but Yan tin mountain don't dare the gist, with south north two males compare him to know oneself real strenght not benefit, so not only contact the Jin company of the whole whole country to request them to send back latest news too at first, also let glory Hong the Lu make into a briefing to make collective report every day, in order to can control the latest circumstanc

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      don't should care the cent of party groupings to pass too much this person, and I think appropriately leave some not hostile peoples party talented person, outside will also Kua you are a magnanimity."
      Send to come comer Brett Eibner Youth Jersey Yang Qiu to just how can pass, besides Jiang Zuo Bin has already got into the row of list that he wants to draw together, but he still has no time much consideration now arrangement post of problem, ask a way:"When steel and iron works how there?"
      After constructing the plan beginning of being steel and iron works, Yang Qiu especially the idea letter make the Hong look after, at the beginning ability with low price get hold of iron mountain is also that he mediates between two parties to a dispute and explains the importance of industry and steel to the Deng Ren of Huang Ke Qiang and immediately says after listenning to inquiry:"Sky's teaching has already come back from the United States, the first opened mines an equipments already and all arrive together, steel mill equipments and fire-brick would continuously carry in May, Brock Stewart Youth Jersey and he promises to be finished before the end of next year chain the first steel."
      Along with war forthcoming, two greatest industry take and Chiang-Nan for Yang Qiu to worry most , Chiang-Nan pours to O.K. do, ice in the Sa town is in Tienjin have already said to him, the navy in no case will let Chiang-Nan factory involvement battle fire, so when becomes his biggest secret concern, once the Yuan a life time Kai battalion to offend, not far apart from the Nanking be Chase Utley Youth Jersey will can't be broken is the affair that he concerns most , want to ask a way:"A matter I miss the teacher tell the truth to me, if north ocean to offend, how long can the Nanking guard?"
      This problem lets Li dollar the Hong is very difficult, sigh a tone way:"Do not deceive Chen China, Huang Ke Qiang is also this matter misgiving.Although the Nanking has three teachers, can only slowly the Shao Zhen can beat, the others all send not last use, want to guard perhaps very difficult.So he returned to seek me to talk yesterday and said that Peking has already originally breaks the operation fee that shoulded pay, so he thinks the southwest bank is from us first loan pen style son, again make Li Lie Jun take out a Gan soldier, a teacher comes over to help to defend."
      "Hum good abacus, we pay to Chris Hatcher Youth Jersey make Li Lie Jun come to beat, also the Kui gets him to want out."Yang Qiu sneers at several voices, Huang Ke Qiang sees come or don't believe oneself, money wants oneself's, but the troops wants to take out to adjust from the Gan soldier and has some angry ways:"He is to depend not to ascend!The teacher still wants to as early as possible work well preparation, the affair is in chance encounter big year of this time, the soldier doesn't want to fight as well at this time and add it to also need time to take out to adjust troops, so I predict Yuan a life time the Kai may compete first begin by the end of the month.The Nanking can protect to matter to a graveness!Really doing not go me will take out from the southwest troops to stay in for you, all anyway can not throw here."
      The Li dollar Hong realizes the importance of Nanking, but he now just only deputy president Gan, soldier's right all in the Xu Shao Zhen's hand, misgiving way:"This matter afraid of us to said not to calculate, Chen China still needs to work well the worst plan."
      "I know, so I prepare to let Bing Mr. Lin go and keep with Zhang Ji alone, 2 Xu Shao Zhens have a chat, unless they would like to see the northern ocean rob to have

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      eeply entwine rather many, far from the in a short time can cut off.Chen China might as well settle congress first with him frankly and earnestly, for the country assurance in the house doesn't pull out of the Edmundo Sosa Youth Jersey constitution slowly shear its wing again behind."
      He simultaneously say part pant, the wound continuously has a black blood and arrived at last is also voice weak can not smell, but he still at do an end make great effort, insist saying:"One side in Chengdu, know Chen China not and usually person, sees you in the southwest and administer composition also steady heavy firm, Sung is some to know it in heart, you are sincerely a content for this nation.Now the young men of whole country top and bottom all again see you, hope that you can lead them well, the young man excites red-blooded but lead it easily come amiss, hopes Chen China livinged of the year can lead them well, don't want to walk another road!Promise me, protect a method!Republican!In no case can back!"
      He this severals say Eliezer Alvarez Youth Jersey very and lightly, in addition to minority of several people outside and basically the person basically can not hear clearly beside, can Yang Qiu but can understand, he this is to see national defense soldier and southwest biggest of concealed suffer from, the prospects of not rare emergence military government despotism, see him is right from the history road, if put probably can also walk before A noon another road, but bitter ugly behind rent boundary all over the place, country already not country, the national important strategic important position is all controled in hand by the great powers, the Japan hungry wolf casts covetous eyes Enos Slaughter Youth Jersey on more!Oneself's in front has already spread all over thorn!North ocean, people's party, country agency, and republican...etc., so many party groupings separations basically can not afford to come together people's spirit, can not even activate this huge nation survival at the last silk strength in the body, so have to to original of some things carry on turn over the sky replies ground of change!
      This is an antinomy that can not temper at all!
      Republican and despotism.
      Didn't wait until after the message of reply Sung to teach the hand of Ren slowly flabby, gradually slide from Yang Qiu the center of palm of hand, face such an in the article of death the fronts be all considering a national and future genius politician, he doesn't know as well to say what.
      But he has to insist standing down!
      While publically eying, Greg Garcia Youth Jersey he slowly starts to cover plain white cloth at Sung teach the face of Ren up, then just the modesty matchlessly respected a gift:"The Sir is to trust, Yang Qiu bears in mind to teach, necessarily will return people before letting go of human world law dignity, set up republican, don't take you give."
      He say before he dies, but don't lift now, five fangs in the court and Cai Yuan Pei be undoubtedly telling nearby, he still keeps insisting his own road currently.However 2 people have already could not listenned to implication at this moment, more in the heart is to people's party future misgiving, have no Sung lose Huang Ke Qiang of drive after teaching the Ren this genius politician, the mouthful without resort to Sun Wern of tables, or callous and cruel Chen is beautiful, who just can start to support people's party these 1/3 world?
      On February 4, 1913, lunar calendar New Year's Eve a night ago, Sung taught the Ren how to meet a sting die in English in Tienjin rent inside the boundary saint sickroom of Mary hospital, later historians unanimously

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      weather temples Cape also appears a sweat vestige unclearly.
      Beam private Yi's heart already ice the cold ice is cold, Yang Shi Qi hates more to immediately charge forward to rob to closely invite, then bites Yang Qiu dead!But who don't dare to move as well, there are Ashur Tolliver Youth Jersey several ten Chinese and Foreign reporters here, there is British and American virtuous Three Kingdoms minister, there are also several hundred soldiers who are responsible for public security.
      Mutual check and supervision!
      Zhu Er Dian is the person whom the last sees contract, in fact Yang Qiu after taking out him guessed, after finishing seeing heart bottom also unclear discomfort.He not concerned Japan lend machine to get money, Brad Peacock Youth Jersey also not concerned Japan wants that the greed being full to receive getting, the benefits of England is in the south.The that day that he gets angry originally government this kind of privately wants to round to open England to only swallow the attitude of northern China!The day of the English is an ally!The emergence of this secret agreement will let method virtue the Three Kingdoms think that England connived the greed of Japan, once the Three Kingdoms withdraws bank regiment and act in unison a principle to China, that England has to from now on face a diverse competition but isn't a past that kind of he said calculate of situation!
      In addition to Three Kingdoms, sand emperor Ni the thou pull two a life times affirmation will break into a furious rage as well, that bedlamite will be stubborn to think and is England to tolerate Japan to annex by force full receive.Five year agos because support Japan, England and Russia relates to once all nerve, Russia even puts the negotiation ground of end in the United States, very not Brady Rodgers Youth Jersey easy is mediated by France and provide to be worth of counting GBP 100000000 loan Mi to just match, it is more and more strong, is just needing the turning point of Russia to see now European Feng smoke, white the hall obviously can not accept an and then twist attention toward Russia in the far east.
      The United States obviously is also indignantly, in the far east even Pacific Ocean, beautiful day two countries have never been cooperators, England help's again constructing two fearless warships in fact has already made American government very dissatisfied, if continue to let Japan annex by force full receive even north China Japan will destine to own more battleship, larger consociation fleet.Panama Canal returns for the time of run-through, the United States worries the safety of west coast and Hawaii very much.
      Germany isn't happy Brian McCann Youth Jersey either, more Japanese battleship get into gulf in Bohai Sea, will seriously threaten benefits in Shandong, besides this contract up is the material that is worth of five teachers, had this quantity huge ammunition, does Germany return how to promote his/her own weapon to Asia?
      A very small secret agreement, the aftermath causing can not imagine, in addition to Yang Qiu can also hold and estimate in the time of this mutual check and supervision and take out outside, regardless is how and seriously the Yuan a life time a Kai still Sung to teach none of Rens how to know that its influence includes.
      "I feel that Yang Qiu's you says very to, should won't sign this contract to be included in 《declaration 》 ."Man a words of the space Er, make the Yuan a life time Kai heart a to vigorously and downwards sink, the vision involuntarily twists to Zhu Er Dian.
      Zhu Er Dian acquainted with him too much, Yang Qiu since can get hold of people's part

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "need with Germany be doing" 12.07.2017

      about the time of Japan, the Wu Chang same lights didn't extinguish.
      In former days of advisory bureau in Hubei already drive southwest consociation the parliament jump a claim, so new of government mansion already in the middle of building, Tang Shao Yi has to move governmental A.J. Cole Youth Jersey affairs department inside wide governor of province mansion in the ex- lake currently, as for cruise to make a mansion to then temporarily settle at Zhang Biao cruised to fondle a Ya door before, the general staff returns to man sun original 42 mark a big camp to transact.
      The governmental affairs section of the nighttime the guard change Gang every two hours, the soldier always couldn't hope the small board room of one eye still bright light while changing Gang, secretly surprise why this several sky lantern fires always would not° until till dawn put out, again have important event to take place?
      Meeting indoor Tang Adam Eaton Youth Jersey Shao Yi's air some weariness, he was after all a 50-year-old person, flank the chapter blazes to outside still have Shen Shu Kai to wait with Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi a person too much, although Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi is dressed in a soldier to pack, nominally is national defense soldier logistics to always grow, besides which, everyone has already guessed that he perhaps and before long will escape from troops to allow minister of finance, even he also works well preparation by himself, not only bad repair the knowledge of this aspect, also look for abroad to learn everywhere the economic talented person constitutes specialized team, recently more from Ao Xiong and Russian jail inside dig more than ten it is said that the economic talented person who all has small reputation in Europes, there is among them also a good many persons is Be most good at managing finance with make money of Judean economic adviser.
      Tang Shao Yi orders Adam Lind Youth Jersey a smoke to lift and asks a way:"Text view, warfare how?"
      Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi after all and still just the troops hold a position in name, so know more than the person here, introduction way:"The southwest has already had no big Ai, six glory courts and Cai E completely after cooperating, southwest each soldier has already been accepted a plait by all of us, Yunnan suppresses bandits to act a little bit greatly, besides which, Guizhou and Guangxi two province of public order and empress expect to work guard's regiment and then can be competent.Currently in the military operation of southwest cost also all funds and supplies Anthony Rendon Youth Jersey expenditure paid by accept, temporary can't influence our public finance operations, wait until March mostly can merge the public finance into us current system in.
      Wu Sheng Guan's direction continues to square off, the new county is captured behind by us north the ocean temporarily stopped a military operation, the commander didn't also give us the order for continuing to take the offensive.However the intelligence report shows Henan recently of northern ocean soldier the transfer is very multifarious, greatly have a for staging a comeback power, and Shaanxi seems to be also to again and again have action occurrence for these several days, the Yuan a life time Kai accepts plaits seventh teacher already the whole Xun completes, Sung son is pure there be worried that they will once turn over Qin Ling to directly take the offensive Sichuan, so four teachers will just carry on several days later currently a big practice, and lend a drill opportunity to carry on prevent°froming sex deployment."
      The chapter blazes to hear that the north ocean wants

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      Zhun's misgiving
      @The Yuan gram sees after settling in a hurry arrive to bedroom, Yuan a life time the Kai lean on bedside from the servant girl hand in connected to three teas are drinking, the facial expression ratio just fell sick like a lot of, hurriedly called low a voice:"Dad, do you seek me to occupy?"
      See him, the Yuan a life Sergio Romo Youth Jersey time Kai lets go of cup to flick to let the servant girls to say after all going out:"The gram settles, you were also a not little eldest brother person, we were difficult to also undertake now."He pointed Yang Du after saying finish:"The Xi son and Yang Qiu once saw several side, so I send you to go together and please him and the Sung bluntness beginning come to total company's national affairs in Tienjin, another that Wang's childe behaves tactful ability and learning quite good, make him go together with you, he is party identity of people, have him therein and go back and forth also talk."
      The Yuan gram fixed-point asks a way after noding promise down:"Why not ask him to Peking?"
      This sentence just Trayce Thompson Youth Jersey finishes asking, Yuan a life time the Kai stared:"Is dull!You say Yang Qiu if would like to come, choosing Tienjin or Peking?"Yang Shi Qi sees him receiving scolding to also hurriedly explain:"Tienjin is the boundary of foreigner, everyone can not take a gun to go into inside, this time meet with is a big president to propose of, so have to make 2 people all feel safe to probably go up north."
      Yuan gram the meaning that certainly and in fact and early know and choose Tienjin, just see arrive this time the master son want compromise again, not Fen way:"Daddy, I feel true have no the necessities talked more!Last time you invite Sun Wern come not just what didn't talk out?This time I saw also hang rather and directly intend."
      "Commit tomfoolery!Does the national important event on every occasion open a dozen what a scandal?Besides you can know once opening hostilities to need how many silvers?I say that the battle like this has no 23 Yasiel Puig Youth Jersey with you style must the son soldier can not move, do we pool this money to there now?"
      Hear the master son is worrying money, the Yuan gram certainly thinks of just the words of Zhao Bing Jun and hurriedly says:"Did not Wang Yi Tang say that the Japanese would liked to lend money last time?I see simply to let premier Zhao and Japanese minister company quantity, anyway they also have enemy with Yang Qiu and lend some money to meet an emergency really don't go and then use a man Ye Ping to mortgage."
      Yang Du listens to uncomfortablely, the man Ye Ping matters to a graveness, Yang Qiu is very not easy to take back, if these people of oneself again mortgage go out not to know will drive how many Yasmani Grandal Youth Jersey persons Chuo back bone?Besides this pass arrive nation of heavy industry development, is move all immobile important event!If the Yuan a life time Kai also seemed don't hear him and put a hand:"This matter you need not much a tube, the Yan Sun has already just rehabilitated with four country talkses to greatly borrow funds of affair, perhaps soon can get hold of Japan not temporary hasty."
      Have no an one mouthful to stop up completely to let a Yuan gram settle on the whole is loose tone, after getting out together with Yang Du, the Yuan a life time Kai looking at son's figure but sighed tone:"Almond city, do you say that their meeting can't talk?The old man isn't to really do want to fight."
      Yang Shi Qi is understand what to say is anti- words, being just suffer from taking up arms to have no money just has to invite 2 people

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "life time Kai hears here also sigh tone" 12.07.2017

      ning to say, although the Zhao Bing Jun and segment Zhi this matter of the 2 people don't goodly, can be one heart the north is for the sake of us ocean."
      Know the Xiang sun Rowan Wick Youth Jersey opened the news Yuan a life time Kai of dozen to really feel not in the right, due to canning not quickly control a whole country again yield for many times and make Yang Qiu have an opportunity to let go to strike against a southwest for the sake of the general situation, see a national defense soldier to at every step approach underneath those Jiao soldiers are fierce will already unclear a bit impatient, pass this matter also makes him feel that the bridle of northern ocean is to arrive have to tight one tight situation.But change a parties who go to he take to prohibit idea, Wang Shi Zhen's half backs, Ping Guo Zhang also would not like to again in command, as for segment the Qi Rui is too honorable, besides he also unclearly hereat the matter have connection and send him afraid of will more make more disorderly, so wanted to Sam Tuivailala Youth Jersey think behind ask a way:"Almond city you feel Chen Huan how?"
      Yang Shi Qi understands his meaning, the north ocean is the time that arrived to want three to go into some fresh bloods, say:"Although two Ans is unclearly young,also have great commander manner, the in addition vulgar job still recommends 11 mark Wu Pei Fu, this person year old heart Gao Qi Ao, fight to also have true skill, this time if isn't Yang Qiu's relief troops to arrive, the Xiang sun who's the winner still don't be able to know, if can the Wei should be able to get one crack troops in the town by heavy responsibility."
      "Wu Xiu just I know it's this person, he these years is quite good in three fool hands at the Cao, just although three fools once had move him perhaps."His words haven't finished saying, Yang Shi Qi says:"The meaning of the vulgar job BE, the Zhi spring and Chen Huan all since suggests to expand to weave into ten towns to add 25 to mix help, so might as well adjust he leaves three towns Seung Hwan Oh Youth Jersey only Zhang one town!Also see for his opportunity can tee off."
      "Boon, this way is quite good."The Yuan a life time Kai point's noding is just wanting to ask again to still have other candidates, outside sudden shadow of human figure in the door is one Shan, sees one expensive Zhi, Zhao Bing Jun and Yang Du San people already the Su hand stand at outside.
      "Hum!"Yuan a life time the Kai Be cold to hum 1, let go of a bowl to scold a way:"Do I still think that you all were to shrink a tortoise!Feel that I was getting older, could not beat you?"Zhao Bing Jun frightens the facial expression is one white, see a southwest be swallowed six to advertise for Xiang seat to no longer protect, if at the moment because make decision to strike against Xiang sun Stan Musial Youth Jersey to cause master son to oneself without authorization disaffection but throw the premier's, that loses more than gain, so frighten not to dare is talking.
      He not talk a Zhi expensive also not dare, 2 people this obedient appearance makes Yang Du's in the mind dark to sigh tone, the north ocean really doesn't go!Xu Shi Chang avoids to walk, the Long Gou Er people don't publish a matter, segment the Qi Rui is self-willed, although Yang Shi Qi has quite good idea is also whetted even sharp angle to become to nod an insect.Tang Shao Yi's fleeing is also a heavy stroke!Because he walks the north ocean is behind already nobody again understand a political party operation, more the nobody dares to speak without fear, now the last six advertise for Xiang to see to also want to walk, also have

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "long as canning allow the congresses to revolve" 12.07.2017

      powders all concentrated rice hall, is annihilated in the news of Guilin to spread after the Yao department along with Tang, in former days person head the Zan move to fill the air failure inside the most prosperous momentary army camp and to the future misgiving, gossip Fei language more like delivered a crazy sort beginning to spread but open in the Dian soldier, the whole city all because food for Marwin Gonzalez Youth Jersey powder more and more rashness move but sink into danger.
      Corner of wall of long table of up, a few soldiers are chewing a plain wheat roll and silently whispering:"This news is true of still false?"
      "Leave of do I dare to say?Is what telegram stands small what secretly tell me, he still says now whole countries all are stating to beg for us, the Nanking even wants all Du to dismiss us all, also a justice in Guangxi."
      "Go to his Niang!Does his Tang do evil things to close our He Shi after the Yao?With what dismiss us?The everyones all hope monthly that pay silver to support family population and dismissed we eat what go to?"
      "Did you said to Max Stassi Youth Jersey calculate?!Guizhou had no, Guangxi had no, the national defense soldier both sides presses on to the border now, depend us 3 mix help can support how long?Besides you forgot them at three save how to do of?At the beginning war in Hubei faces north the ocean is several myriad people horses, his Yang Qiu all eyes don't blink to dare to dismiss a few teachers in Hunan, I see me or prepare to go home to order small business now."
      "Your financial situation good, that how do we do?"
      "Fix railroad Bai, Michael Feliz Youth Jersey not is say that Guizhou wants to fix a railroad?You does the whole body energy still fear that the nobody wants?"
      "Go to his Niang of, Lao Tze isn't a coolie again!Don't go, I am all going to seek the Du ask clearly, always can not let the brotherses all dismiss to starve!"
      The rashness moves a beginning to enlarge, more and more of the soldier threw in this topic, this lets silent looking at Han Jian Duo's cornered of mouth of all these to rise to smile an idea outside the window, to flank of the assistant made an expression of eyes, intentionally sighed tone:"The atmosphere seems to be not too to, go to and seek military police force."
      After a short moment, a few military polices walked to go into dining room and saw that several soldiers who take the lead to shout stopping a way:"Forbid to loudly clamor in dining room,did the soldier Mike Fiers Youth Jersey ruleses all forget?"Food for powder just on the fire head, particularly hear to dismiss everyone early and is a public sentiment to arouse courageously, see the military police drinking to scold a dissatisfied way of Rang Rang:"Cai Du is all dismissing us, says that two words also made a soldier rules?"
      "Gossip irresponsibly, who say all does the Du want to dismiss everyone?"The military police captain returns to calculate reasonable, but food for powder ignore so many, don't know as well is who yell 1:"Walk, see all Du, let him come out to say clearly, dismiss we at least should also to clear words!"The food for powder was stired up by this sentence, the soldier of not in great quantities clear circumstance started correcting to gather to fix to go to see Cai E to beg for parlance, the whole dining rooms are all arrived after hearing the news of the soldier jam, the military police sees the form know if again not suppress afraid of meeting important event, hurriedly pull out pistol, but haven't waited him to empty blare a gun, a suddenly and violently drink abrupt however spread.

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      od fart, small Ye I am compelled.Sun Nan stomach in Europe black 1, strengthen a courage to ask a way:"What is guard's connecting ?How many monthly salaries?"
      "Monthly salary?Ha ha."Almost Bryce Harper Youth Jersey the break into laughter tears of more than ten guard, Lien Chan,s and privates from the same ship comes:"Company commander, I see you is work in vain, this boy is absolutely a Yu wood head."
      The Chiu text Bin also smiled, a clap the head of sun Nan in Europe:"Boy, a little bit clever, waiting to beat to follow me doesn't run to spread.""H'm H'm."Sun Nan in Europe is smiled of ashamed, the head of Nao Nao of Mian Tian asks a way:"Superior what gun is this ?Is so short?Is the appearance still so ugly?And pipe."
      "This?"The future generations in the Chiu's the text Bin satisfied hand famous Si ascends tommy gun, introduction way:"This calls tommy gun, is a commander to design, our Hubei builds by himself/herself of, Chris Heisey Youth Jersey even have no foreigners."It is said that the foreigners all had no, the sun Nan eye pupil son in Europes all stared out, Chinese sun of the hand builds in his impression is also imitate to build foreigner!Chiu the text Bin is tiny tiny a smile to have no again explanation, in fact he doesn't know how to explain as well.Because the guard connects to also just divide several ten, and commander also said when they tried out last time, this gun not is went fetch a material but is prepared through two years money seller.
      To this he also has no idea, although it is said this gun appearance Be difficult to see order, but the power is fierce, with people dollar the type pistol uses similar bullet and button up a trigger 30 hairs play inside several boxes and then can fire away, moment of explosion thermodynamic power's directly doing to pour none of a rows is problem.And Liu Qing En assistant plant manager also says Clint Robinson Youth Jersey, this gun not only like and cost to compare new of 12 the type rifles are several cheap times, craft in brief even the jackeroos can make.Is so good, the power greatly makes simple arms again and makes out a material not to incredibly go fetch to sell and also need to wait to think impassability for several years.The not so bad guard connects because have special mission, equip a small batch test type, make everyone able to once lead to do habit.
      The Guilin city in the eye starts quickly enlarging, the bullet voice beginning of chirps brushes past beside from the ear, often there are still several hair shells starting to take blunt sky of water pillar. Daniel Murphy Youth Jersey The not so bad enemy's attention all concentration at other several side, this place of enemy combine not much, depend a light machine gun and then can inhibit an enemy.After boat slowly once rounds big banyan, the granite wharf suddenly appears at at present, the Chiu text Bin just drew back gun machine, see suddenly flee inside an alley a more than ten Dian soldiers, uncovered several empresses that tie~ued rice straw two pretty large of admire the Qi opened Si machine gun to suddenly appear.
      "Damn of, heavy machine gun."
      The cry voice just rings out, opposite of admire Qi to open Si heavy the machine gun opened fire, the so near distance kept shooting boat, is almost a bloodbath!Da Da as the bullet of storm from sweep but lead on board, more than ten Cuos cannot compare with to defend of the guard, Lien Chan, private immediately pour at pool of blood in.
      "Jump a ship!"The Chiu text Bin yelled one to jump down river, sun Nan in Europe also the Mao Lu roll inside in the river all of a sudden and also take advantage of an opportunity f

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "Even if is that the crest broke a sky" 12.06.2017

      ard man people's word), he should have already got to Guangzhou, let he and Chen Jyong Ming, Long Ji Guang company measure, right away send the troops grasp to catch Tang after the Yao in Guangxi."
      The this time words let Chris Hatcher Youth Jersey Li dollar the Hong is a bit dissatisfied, all say he is impartial, can is clearly that Yang Qiu's troops is nearer, but he wants to go for the obtuse and forget the obvious a soldier who adjust Guangdong at the moment.Besides Long Ji Guang was originally person in Guangxi, with Chen Jyong clearly relate to badly, only because held soldier's right for his hand so just what then not get, let him return to Guangxi this and cause future trouble where is the difference?And six glory courts also have gratitude and grudge with him, the this time emasculation necessarily brings about civil war in Guangxi!
      But he didn't also Chris Taylor Youth Jersey mean objection, because he has already guessed that Tang suddenly turns around to beat Guilin and Yang Qiu to affirm some relations to the south after the Yao unclearly, perhaps this is exactly Yang Qiu's abacus, one chaotic country in Guangxi defends a soldier and then can perfectly deservedly get into.As for pressure Tang of political top afraid of after appearing in newspaper after the criminal acts of the Yao whole day under of do the common people all earnestly wish a national defense soldier to kill into.
      Can only cherish in front Clayton Kershaw Youth Jersey this is too naive, probably is a person all right, but work ah!The Li dollar Hong sighed tone, Chou eye explaination Li Shu Cheng's Huang Ke Qiang, shook to come out office, Zhang Ji kept hoping he circle billowing figure, the heart bottom gradually delivers cold.Peking winter this year come particularly and early, just in November spread next snowflake.Suddenly cold weather made the person of street noodles little a lot of, on the contrary because the election is forthcoming, various slogans and horizontal stick full streets and alleys, even extend influence for the sake of the election, even the mendicants all passive member gets up, Bang son quick plank the amiable slip away where can hear.
      Chen Huan averts from Corey Seager Youth Jersey several unified party supporters who deliver a brochure and say in the mind words he to the Yuan a life time Kai make some interests of this parties all have no, and he has already seen out, northern side this basically not understand what call party groupings, on the contrary Sung teaches Ren Shanghai how to make people's party very hot, not only all are welcome, also chase people of all ways of life the absorption all go into people's party, the threatening force has already ranned over a northern side.River Zhe's constituting to send that Republican party is quite good, as for don't say north in the site of the southwest country agency party, even be defeated and flee people's parties, this time if threw Yunnan, the beam Qi super progress party also follows to doom!
      Can see from this, Yang Qiu use force in addition to wanting to take down the whole big southwest, back still have a very deep political purpose, will establish 870 seats according to 《temporary provisional constitution 》 republic Senate and House, Lower House is 596, Upper House is 274, Lower House is BE divided equally by each province, close a self-examination all to 20, close to outside have mostly is little, there are also several ten seat of establishing especiallies.Reckon a seat like this south

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      ck comes into nostrils of the incitement still let Yang Qiu involuntarily of wreath double arm, will have a full figure Lan don't wish to loosen a hand in the bosom.The double arm of tight hoop lets the seedling Luo's Keith Hernandez Youth Jersey last silk energy also have no, a rightness of Jiao milks tightly stick at spacious of chest up, the numb and weak felling lets Mou son inside all the Shan has the 1 F water fog.
      2 people so quietly embrace and imitated a Buddha to forget time, the person of flank can wit end.Thunder ten fierce and several guard, Lien Chan, privates hurriedly become an eastern west of Chou Chou to see and imitate a Buddha neighborhood to have what important condition of the enemy.Jiang Fang shakes to more and suddenly think of this in fact just 23 years old haven't arrived, is still a big boy.Be this big boy, but as for future that have already controled several southwest in the provinces, even already in the highest point that slowly heads for political right.To Ken Boyer Youth Jersey currently the nation that lately thoughts leeway cloud surging in every variety to say, is young politics a blessing or a disaster?Thought of these, he is silently wrinkly to knit the brows, lift up head to see a sky to cough 1, say with smile:"Cruise to make, if don't walk again, can not is Liu Zhou tonight."
      Slightly a cough voice, on the whole is wake up with a start and Yang Qiu first time intimate contiguous seedling Luo, this just discover the weird atmosphere is on all sides, immediately abashed a head of drill into berth.Hope a beautiful figure of slender Jing to disappear in the black Peng, Yang Qiu stares one eye Jiang Fang's earthquake:"100 inside elder brother, hear you up to now single, want to be not am I to your introduction introduction?"
      "Cruise to make the Kevin Siegrist Youth Jersey adult pass me."In 2 people's laughter, the ship slowly drives offshore.
      Beat dog river is "curved river" in the meaning in the strong language, waterway the thin narrow turns and twists is profound, all the way lovely view continuously the cliff ax pare, the clock milk hangs upside downs, thou rattan's hanging firmamental landscape is also everywhere it is thus clear that, river's water again pure spotless, so 2 people Be simply to move to come to small chair to sit on the ship's bow to appreciate lovely view.Although the seedling Luo has heart to sit over there,just rude in behavior to made her feeling very ashamed, again water lovely view of not willing to give up river, so a person alone arrive at ship Wei, the camera that rise Yang Qiu to send to him keeps this special career down.
      Seedling Luo not and Kolten Wong Youth Jersey beside, Yang Qiu also turns to current war situation, it is fierce to twist a head to ask to stand the thunder being nearby protecting:"The top of wireless contact?"The thunder is fierce to point at the ship that the front opens a way, shake:"Is the telegram member still trying, however he says here is all Tashan everywhere, perhaps would not° until once waited proper state contact up."
      "Cruise to make in fact need not asked, affirmation in Guilin's guarding didn't live."Jiang Fang shakes to depend on the chair-back and says:"Six marksmanships in the glory court are again quasi-, also impossible gun polishes off Tang after the Yao.Besides he already the year lead five a period of 10 dayses, Liu Zhou is cut off close in the south of town behind of mix help even if get news to also have no road to go up north, in Guilin remains one to mix into 2: concord to cruise to defend a camp and add also not arrive 4,000.The laurel soldier also really didn't fight for a long

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      See on land utilization and economy, Guangxi although not equal to Guangdong, Hubei, but compare Guizhou like don't know how much compared to once have it as well with Yunnan doubly but all and, besides and Dallas Keuchel Youth Jersey there close to Vietnam, Guangdong.One can from French hand in buy ammunition, but another is go out to sea of necessarily through of ground.As long as canning take down Guangxi, he these all Du can really Be getting more perfectly deserved!Even if the contact doesn't ascend a northern side, as long as beginning with allied Yunnan, sufficient Yang Qiu had a headache.If can draw in Guangdong also, does people's party dare to also sit on the sideline Yang Qiu to recklessly extend?
      Wang Zhi Xiang is David Paulino Youth Jersey in Guangxi several years, person's vein is ample to have prestige, with pair all the of Du treat of by all means can accept plait public, chase new soldier in Guangxi one integration when the time comes, oneself's hand inside have 34 ten thousand battalions, also afraid of?!
      Thought of these, his look in the eyes adds more scorching hot, the greed once releases but open and accepts not to live any further!Immediately see to Liu Cun Hou et al of flank, everyone sees his look Doug Fister Youth Jersey in the eyes know meaning, the plum again the minister first embraces a boxing way:"All the Du makes firm decision, again the minister would like to beat first time!"
      Liu Xian Shi is obviously also the generation of the greed, just however was frightenned by the national defense soldier to frighten to death, heard at the moment that only 1 helps in Guilin, the idea also changed.Said again, getting a solid power always is better than seeing here other people's facial expression in Guangxi, say:"I and iron is some old friendships, rather I take a person to go to him and lead long to pull 1 in six glory courts to help."
      Now that 2 people all said so, Tang after the Yao also have no again opinion of asking Liu Cun Hou, malicious malicious a strike table:"BE living is dead, see this time!If the matter of today the half word Evan Gattis Youth Jersey came out this room, Lao Tze lived Gua he!"Just at for round Jian's Tang is inside five teacher commander's headquarterses in Guiyang of end preparation after the Yao department, because Yang Qiu of surprised the kind presence add more busy, the staff officers into pass in and out of at the same time, all smell decisive battle will to of flavor.In five teachers and lately set up all of the eighth mountainous country trips to mobilize, far all right move in the general staff of martial Chang, after three teachers a trip be transfered into expensive east jade after holding, two trip also receive order beginning to bosom turn ambulation.At the same time have been suppressing bandits a seventh infantry trip in the Xiang west be requested on the fifth inside stop all activities.At the same time for ensuring safety in Hunan, be always seen by the external world to for the country defend soldier absolute trump card, is accepting a teacher and two teachers that the field battle teacher reorganizes to also take out to adjust one to strengthen a trip, all through the night from man the sun go to a Xiang pond by ship.
      Plus the Chuan side earthquake Zhe Yunnan greatly manage sixth infantries trip, fully seven trip, more than 30,000 battalions keep cloud expensive.So greatly transfer nature to deceive however the external world, regardless is Peking or a Nanking, all knowing this time war in Guizhou was to c

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      promote nation to slowly resume vitality?Make the person put to death his/her own person, let the foreigner make profit?!
      Simultaneously is three provinces to start people's livelihood reforming an experimental unit, Yang Qiu is to the utmost almost a Tao bottom in the house want to resume and promote economy, a side is Adrian Gonzalez Youth Jersey the political conflict of downstream and north, southwest again still have this big mire pond in Guizhou, these make 2 people worried unclearly.
      "The son is pure, I ask you."The chapter too burning sudden facial expression is very cold, seriously ask a way:"This time do you restore peace to people an activity and check to copy how many patrimonies?"
      Sung son is pure to still think he and then this piece of in the distressed education funds, because this money originally be promised to stir to the Ministry of Education of, say:"The landed property is this Alex Wood Youth Jersey piece of to move, all want to go fetch to found a nation a farm of, the real estate sale would not° until wait all activity is overs start doing not come out on the whole as well, cash and float a wealth probably have already had 451,000,000 appearances, wait all is over drop real estate sale, the Pie sends to keep to consume to the troops how calculate to also have 23 must, educate funds you need not worry too much."
      "Do not I just worry money!"The chapter blazes to bite a tooth too much, double the eyes Be red and red to have much of the evidence to wildly turn, say:"You wait, a short while I go to and say with commander Andre Ethier Youth Jersey and stir first 1,000,000 to your troops!As early as possible kick out the Dian soldier comes back lane in Guizhou, don't follow that to suffer hardship for mean person."
      Sung son is pure speechless have no language, chapter's blazing too much is really a sincere person, so see southern fight for north play more strong more, simply extend sphere of influence for Yang Qiu, pull over breakfast to more province and resume people's livelihood, see come from F also be speeding up five teachers.
      The farce that the president mutually lets plays more strong more, Be being the three greatest principles that the Nanking puts forward and being a Yuan a life time Kai to suddenly say to return to old house to continue to live as recluse and constitute parties last Cuan bottom to also jump to fight for a benefits.Southern each Du mansion and troops are also disaffection and want to render up the Andrew Toles Youth Jersey north to the president's, the grounds like Guangzhou,etc means the Northern Expedition of continuing in succession.Oddness of be this time been called by everyone's drama to like show off Yang Qiu most but didn't do any mean, only the chapter blazes to learn him too much on the newspaper connect deliver 5 to sign signature an article, scold Nanking the dog blood sprinkle a head, the of bedlamite resounds through in the world.
      Scold to fight while lingering in the ears, the conflict declares Wu Sheng Guan that Central plains shield still hot fire dynasty sky, the influence for seeming to confiscate outside confusion.75 millimeters of grams of a door newness Lu field artillery uncle take aim at to close, 2 accordingly belongs to different troops to square off already enough in January.Artillery battlefield distance, wear the yellow soldier of sand packs of two teachers one trip soldier like a group of marmots, under way the soil work trains, more than 4,000 soldiers brandish just- bought German engineer corp's spade to up and dow

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      o ban smoking and then have to let the common people plant other farm crop first, and can also see good income, but this have no 12 years can not solve.
      Although Yunnan isn't wealthy, also not improverished.After weighing nine his Cai Song Po is again to expand a soldier and is to draw together private Shen, promulgate a new government to also threaten to help Chuan Qian, Sam Tuivailala Youth Jersey only to smoking ban don't do to declare, be afraid broke source of income, so only is canned acquire quite a few annually by the opium income Dian soldier 1,000,000, enough start to support a troops of equal scale.In addition in the southwest and peninsula benefits graveness, English method's affirmation doesn't hope that you kill in the past as well, so took down after Guizhou them settle however will also support Yunnan more."Jiang Fang shakes to say mouth stem, pour glass water just did to own words summary:"Your trouble has 3!The first, at least in a year the national defense army supplies want to maintain or so military force of three trips in Guizhou, the devotion is about 4,000,000 budgets, can the set set up afresh and start to bear arms a crack infantry division.Secondly after Zhang Bai Lin's waiting Seung Hwan Oh Youth Jersey a person is almost exhausted massacred, basically could not seek person who have prestige to serve as provincial governor in Guizhou currently.In addition to military expenses, the third wants to make Guizhou long to cure long Anne and develop people's livelihood to need to be allocated funds annually at least 5,000,000 just go around, this hasn't calculated the expenses of free education!"
      After Jiang Fang shakes an one mouthful to finish drinking water, the mouth of Za Za:"Say with a German byword, you rushing at of will firmness enemy, but a feet stepped to go into marsh."
      Sung son that have been Stan Musial Youth Jersey sitting beside is pure to burst out laughing:"Since it is so, 100 inside elder brother why early don't remind commander, also looking at us to trample in marsh?"
      "The beneficial nature contains fraud, advantage I this not is haven't said."Jiang Fang shakes ha ha a smile:"Ten thousand matter beginnings are difficult.Guizhou is a southwest axis main route, take down my national defense soldier into can offend Guangxi, Yunnan, guard steady live Hunan and Sichuan.Now southwest active power already the prison prison knead in the middle of cruising to make a hand, previous those priceses look like heavy, but passing Guizhou not only can toughen one one fight well of troops, return ability for take down the whole southwest to work well preparation!Guangxi is enough big and safely goes out to sea!!"
      Yang Qiu's at heart Stephen Piscotty Youth Jersey is tiny tiny on shaking, also is really the cow person who can not despise this ages, Jiang Fang shakes probably lead troops really don't go, but theoretically of effort time all few someones in view China can match in excellence, one eye saw to go out to sea to own importance and intentionally said with smile:"I listen to these words, 100 inside elder brother how seem at incite a certain civil war?"
      Jiang Fang shook Pie eye Yang Qiu, say:"Is the civil war still little?Since avoid not to open, so simply greatly beat, early beat.Only can as early as possible end so, protect national vitality."
      The Sung son pure first time peeped out dignified air, previous everyone beat is also a civil war, but the national defense soldier is basic to is all passive to meet challenge to battle, can this square shook to incredibly put forward now active beat of thought!Was this too dangerous?Pass this period of time of understand, h

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      m display terrible power and wait until a smoke gradually spread go to after, unexpectedly even stop gun voices on the battlefield.
      The owners are all dumbstruck, Zack Godley Youth Jersey just returns Wei however He to sign to let to teach the camp officers and men the northern door in the headache have already been thoroughly blasted open, very valuable buildings all tumble down a half, several Qian soldier cripple the limb be thrown several in addition to ten meters, nose all blood direct current.
      "The city broke!The city broke!Is blunt, kill light rebellious troops!"Do not know the autonomy that accepts a plait as well that learning an agency is straggling soldiers to shout a voice first, 300 many from the gun muzzle descend break out of come of the Qian non-commissioned officer soldier's eyes was red to rush at north of door.
      Part is to suddenly assault, Zack Greinke Youth Jersey another part of Liu Xian Shi and wear Kan but have already not controled to live troops, early be exploded to frighten the rebellious troops soldier of facial expression hair white distribute feet Ya son go toward city inside escape, have more very simply throw away a gun, pick a soldier to pack to make up into common people to hide.
      Again those soldiers who are original and then Be forced to join rebellious troops the Hua change, in succession gun muzzle aim at just still fought together of companion, short several minutes, while waiting to teach the camp how to hurtle into city six days ago just just took place city in Guiyangs of turmoil have already put on to fly tiger ensign, the Xing breeze blood rain again covered with the whole city.
      Once escaped the only A.J. Pollock Youth Jersey remaining of the bloodbath military officer that a few autonomies learn an agency to take the lead, flew to soon change sides in war those the troops accept and weave, eyes flush of annihilate from door to door, every be held tight of constitute parties and rebellious troops and basically allow of no a cent and say and then directly kill, and iron living and Chiu the text Bin didn't also obstruct this kind of and make reprisals sex bloodbath, with concentration took troops and accepted and paid supplies and robbed money and material that Liu Xian Shi et al too late take and came down first.
      Change in the past this behavior affirmation will lead to protest against Sao even is disorderly, but the autonomy learns an agency to basically have no real strenght and guidance camp to call now plank, anyway Guizhou is sooner or later a somebody else national defense soldier of, so is simply to still send a parts of persons help, connect seize entire family belongs incomes to all all move Andrew Chafin Youth Jersey all a Du mansion to hand over to a national defense soldier to administer on behalf of, leave big parts of persons to then continue to make track for to kill to constitute a parties.
      Waiting reports in the afternoon that the Dian soldier appears when several kilometers is outside, is already that the horizontal corpse time is wild inside city in Guiyang, just satisfied have no several days of constitutional government of party and too late escape of the rebellious troops be killed of completely destroy, more than 3,000 persons be directly killed on that very day, seize entire family belongs many more than 100 doors!Make in short six days, the city total population in Guiyang directly descends 10,000 many.
      In evening, Dian soldier one mixed into a trip to arrive west door.
      Does the just still extremely proud of success autonomy learn an agency again silly eye,is again changing big ensign?
      (The not yet finished tr

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      m display terrible power and wait until a smoke gradually spread go to after, unexpectedly even stop gun voices on the battlefield.
      The owners are all dumbstruck, <a href="https://www.adiamondbacksedge.com/authentic-zack-godley-jersey">Zack Godley Youth Jersey</a> just returns Wei however He to sign to let to teach the camp officers and men the northern door in the headache have already been thoroughly blasted open, very valuable buildings all tumble down a half, several Qian soldier cripple the limb be thrown several in addition to ten meters, nose all blood direct current.
      "The city broke!The city broke!Is blunt, kill light rebellious troops!"Do not know the autonomy that accepts a plait as well that learning an agency is straggling soldiers to shout a voice first, 300 many from the gun muzzle descend break out of come of the Qian non-commissioned officer soldier's eyes was red to rush at north of door.
      Part is to suddenly assault, <a href="https://www.adiamondbacksedge.com/authentic-zack-greinke-jersey">Zack Greinke Youth Jersey</a> another part of Liu Xian Shi and wear Kan but have already not controled to live troops, early be exploded to frighten the rebellious troops soldier of facial expression hair white distribute feet Ya son go toward city inside escape, have more very simply throw away a gun, pick a soldier to pack to make up into common people to hide.
      Again those soldiers who are original and then Be forced to join rebellious troops the Hua change, in succession gun muzzle aim at just still fought together of companion, short several minutes, while waiting to teach the camp how to hurtle into city six days ago just just took place city in Guiyangs of turmoil have already put on to fly tiger ensign, the Xing breeze blood rain again covered with the whole city.
      Once escaped the only <a href="https://www.adiamondbacksedge.com/authentic-a-j-pollock-jersey">A.J. Pollock Youth Jersey</a> remaining of the bloodbath military officer that a few autonomies learn an agency to take the lead, flew to soon change sides in war those the troops accept and weave, eyes flush of annihilate from door to door, every be held tight of constitute parties and rebellious troops and basically allow of no a cent and say and then directly kill, and iron living and Chiu the text Bin didn't also obstruct this kind of and make reprisals sex bloodbath, with concentration took troops and accepted and paid supplies and robbed money and material that Liu Xian Shi et al too late take and came down first.
      Change in the past this behavior affirmation will lead to protest against Sao even is disorderly, but the autonomy learns an agency to basically have no real strenght and guidance camp to call now plank, anyway Guizhou is sooner or later a somebody else national defense soldier of, so is simply to still send a parts of persons help, connect seize entire family belongs incomes to all all move <a href="https://www.adiamondbacksedge.com/authentic-andrew-chafin-jersey">Andrew Chafin Youth Jersey</a> all a Du mansion to hand over to a national defense soldier to administer on behalf of, leave big parts of persons to then continue to make track for to kill to constitute a parties.
      Waiting reports in the afternoon that the Dian soldier appears when several kilometers is outside, is already that the horizontal corpse time is wild inside city in Guiyang, just satisfied have no several days of constitutional government of party and too late escape of the rebellious troops be killed of completely destroy, more than 3,000 persons be directly killed on that very day, seize entire family belongs many more than 100 doors!Make in short six days, the city total population in Guiyang directly descends 10,000 many.
      In evening, Dian soldier one mixed into a trip to arrive west door.
      Does the just still extremely proud of success autonomy learn an agency again silly eye,is again changing big ensign?
      (The not yet finished tr

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      1. Averaging nearly 33 points per game while bedeviling defenses with college-spread concepts sprinkled into his West Coast attack, Andy Reid was the toast of the league until the Steelers broke his offense in Week 6. Malcom Brown Youth Jersey Over the past six games, defenses have turned to Cover-2 looks, adjusting to Reid's diverse formations and exotic array of run-pass options, fake jet sweeps, shovel passes and misdirection plays. A downtrodden Bills defense hemorrhaging 45 points per game over the past three weeks held the Chiefs to just one first down in the first half Sunday, the fewest surrendered by Buffalo before halftime since 2001. Albert Wilson's 19-yard touchdown on the opening drive of the second half ended a Kansas City drought of seven quarters and an overtime period without reaching the end zone. For all of those woes, Alex Smith had two chances at Marcus Cannon Youth Jersey season-defining drives in a 16-10 game only to misfire on fourth-and-4 at the three-minute mark and toss the comeback attempt away with the White interception.

      2. How big was this win for Buffalo? Since 1990, teams with a 6-5 record through 11 games reach the playoffs 45.2 percent of the time. That figure drops precipitously to 13.0 percent for teams that start out 5-6. That's why last week's premature decision to bench Tyrod Taylor for raw rookie Nathan Peterman left so many observers scratching their heads. As frustrating as Taylor might be Markus Kuhn Youth Jersey for his penchant of going off script and leaving throws on the field, he's effective enough to keep the Bills competitive in a wide open AFC wild-card field. Taylor's performance at Arrowhead Stadium won't wow anyone, but he shepherded the offense by hitting Charles Clay and Zay Jones for big plays en route to four scoring drives. At the very least, Taylor will keep the offense from imploding as the Bills chase their first postseason appearance of the 21st century.

      3. Although Smith deserves credit for sacrificing his body at the first-down sticks four times in the past two weeks, that won't prevent the hometown faithful from calling for talented first-round rookie Patrick Mahomes as the season threatens to slip away. The out-of-character downfield strikes that vaulted Smith into the October MVP discussion have evaporated, resulting in an aerial "attack" Martellus Bennett Youth Jersey that has gone increasingly horizontal. The root of the problem might just be a stillborn running game that has lost Reid's confidence, as early-season sensation Kareem Hunt's averages have plummeted from 122 rushing yards per game and 6.3 yards per carry over the first five weeks to 47 and 3.2, respectively, over the past six contests. Even with the recent slump, Kansas City's scorching start and soft late-season schedule seemed to guarantee a postseason berth. That's no longer the case for a backsliding offense that has managed just one touchdown in its last 28 possessions. Judging by the past month's action, the Chargers have overtaken the Chiefs as the class of the AFC West.

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      uch why want to take out hurriedly class of military officer of more than 30s Guizhou, did you still fear Cai E?"In Jiang Bai talk always all is Don't mention it, Sung son is pure to also become accustomed to, Madison Bumgarner Youth Jersey speechless say with smile:"100 inside elder brother, what I took out is a hurriedly class of military officer!These people all have been full to graduate a period for three months and have what relation with Cai E."
      The national defense soldier urgently lacks military officer, so the national defense university starts practice to succeed continuously reserve hurriedly class of, hurriedly class of inside more is technique soldier more the that time is long, the common army officer is all generally three months, but regular university class but need to be studied over 2-3 years just can graduate, so Jiang Fang shakes to immediately say:"If not that they to conclude time of industry, do you think that I will put a person?"
      Sung son is pure also lazy must manage him, ask a way:"You just say that Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi sends a material?Is a machine gun to still imitate to build of seven living five tubes to back cannon?"
      "I which know to is what?A s all seal with the wood box, I want and see to return quilt military police to hold up, however see size's being different from is a big gun."Jiang Fang walks to the front of the Mark Melancon Youth Jersey map after shaking finish saying and asks a way:"All six day, you can't haven't begun?"
      Sung son is pure don't deceive him as well, point at Zun righteousness to say:"Five teacher a camp have already led Zun righteousness, can arrive to Guiyang tomorrow morning at the soonest, a trip is following behind to walk faster, probably differ 1.Follow to just send out to switch on electricity to calculate this time from yesterday's Anne, Cai Song Po gets news should at three in the days to come, even if he immediately starts on journey, would not° until morrow evening also arrive."
      "It is quite good, Matt Cain Youth Jersey robbed first a hand."Jiang Fang shakes an ordering of satisfaction, suddenly again shake:"Unfortunately being not your achievement is a soldier stem of good."
      To this guy Sung son pure can Nao head, the text Bin safe recall Shi Bing of Chiu send back telegram, so everyone knows to is that he bombed out telegram in Guiyang to stand and caused Guiyang's canning not immediately and outward contact on that night now and plused Liu Xian Shi et al again first favour with annihilate an autonomy to learn agency and indocile soldier, until No.5 Anne fluently Matt Moore Youth Jersey just got news.So he admits on this problem that being that the Chiu text Bin is dry to get is beautiful, says:"First the hand is to get hold of, however Cai Song Po also some skills of, can not despise."
      "What skill?The nothing but is to follow that beam Qi super do foolish things just, have no own thought, have no own system, till the last a pawn for moving back and forth is just."Jiang Fang shakes to Cai E can nothing important good will, because this person lack his/her own position, particularly feel that he does obeisance beam Qi super is a teacher is that the vision is short shallow.
      Sung son is pure although also stay Germany,never once beat to hand over a way with Cai E so not the good opinion talk about and pull him to say:"Did not say these first, saw to send what equip, incredibly still deceive our army the president of the university."After waiting 2 people to arrive field in the school, Sung son is pure to just discover that Su Hong gave birth to also come, just at and Yang Qiu, who arrive after hearing the news

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      n terrible than devil in the rebellious troops ear, lack a machine gun, have never experienced war, a still keep and pretty stand Shu the Qian soldier that the waist assaults not to understand the infantry breakthrough machine gun is how difficult, besides fight and expose in Hubei 20 hair play box keep on sex shortage after, guard connect have already led off and allotted 30 hair play box, John Lackey Youth Jersey the thermodynamic power continuous is getting better.And virtuous the penetrability building 7.92 millimeters of sharp end bullets is also stronger, quite a few the rebellious troops soldiers who hide in the brick wall behind all because of not clear the power bullet separate a wall to kill.
      "The leader of class see quickly!"
      The war ally is reminding, the Chiu text Bin sees separate two streets all Du mansion and privy council directions all shine light of fire, the heart suddenly fell to all of a sudden to valley bottom, closely of gun voice and two light of fires confirm, the activity of tonight anything but aims at Huang Ze Lin and oneself, but one is with meticulous care premeditated of revolt!
      "How to do leader of Jon Jay Youth Jersey class?"Make the handsome Chongqing young man of ambition carry a pack, take two railroads company clerks that have already picked up pistol to run to come over, yell a way:"If this continues perhaps don't go, our ammunition is few, can not keep on how long!"
      "I have a way."A clerk urgently wins to living Zhi, the wall says after pointing at:"Behind is a garden pond, trip in the past led three streets contain the trading company that a foreigner opened, I knew an owner, if there was the placard nobody of foreigner, dare go in."
      Chiu text Bin the Jon Lester Youth Jersey point nod:"The ambition is handsome, you take everyone withdraws to the foreign firm, if can not take a gun simply bomb out, I want to go first to do an affair and cover you."
      The soldier still thinks that he is going to rob corpse once, hurriedly arrestment way:"The leader of class doesn't go, the outside rebellious troops is getting tooer many!"The Chiu text Bin puts a hand:"Trust, haven't I wanted to die!In Guiyang so important event, I have to immediately send telegram to return to, now their attention all in the government and the army camp, telegram station there Jose Rosario Youth Jersey affirmation didn't°yet action, lead tonight have no opportunity!"After finishing saying, he immediately arranges machine gun and clerk to withdraw first, oneself took a few warriors to cover after several minutes, quick hurtle to the telegram station in the explosion of hand grenade.
      Is similar to what him imagined, telegram station really didn't be subjected to any attack, also have no soldier garrison and see to both parties all temporarily forget this place.When Chiu text Bin took soldier and hurtled into telegram building, saw telegram member and apprentice is hiding the dither of Se Se under the table, from the Dou in take out an and yell the way to the dollar:"Send telegram quickly!"
      The telegram member ascended age, see the dollar have some to deliver silly, haven't seen spend money to send telegram of soldier Ye.However now the outside gun voice your work, he even none of half words dares to lift more and flies to soon let the disciple shake to begin to shake generator.Isn't a wireless, so have to along the telephone line walks, so the news of mutiny in Guiyang arrives first of Xiang pond, can translating of telegram station in the Xiang pond gave or got an electric shock a member and be not in the class at that time, until went to work on the second day after just sud

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "well is which unscrupulous goods" 11.28.2017

      ese people, republican have to make everyone talk, so as to widely open to talk road to promote three developments in the province together."
      "Cruise to make magnanimity."Officials and private Shen representative who just didn't talk saw Yang Qiu don't get angry and attached in succession and get up, the in the mind secretly calculates this isn't a Jimmie Sherfy Youth Jersey direction of wind to change again?
      Yang Qiu warm and affectionately pulls Tan Yan goes together arm and wait ascend after wagon leave 2 people, sudden facial expression a become cold speech to ask a way:"Provincial governor Tan be not you bring of?"
      Tan Yan cold sweats all came out, don't see Yang Qiu young and once experienced after so many affairs he at last saw out, this absolutely was a person with resolute fighting, hurriedly put a hand way:"Cruising Ketel Marte Youth Jersey and making doesn't scare me, although Tan Mou faints Yong,cut Li and changes a tax what this kind of affair still support, all of this I issued order to close the bureau of Li gold and make several days ago."
      See he frighten temples Cape all sweat, Yang Qiu's in the mind laughs behind one's backs and says:"Provincial governor Tan doesn't be panic, Yang Mou just opens a fun, this period of time if not that you are Luis Gonzalez Youth Jersey steady to live Hunan fights for time for revolution, that have us three province now of situation, Zu Mr. An is really great achievement."
      Fun?This kind of fun will frighten to death a person!Tan Yan 闿's stomach is a black, hurriedly modest way:"All cruise to make to lead properly, Tan Mou is just add flowers to brocade, unworthy on lifting, unworthy a lift."
      Yang Qiu cross-examines 1:"Provincial governor Tan just says to support a new policy, don't know these days of do down can gain a lot of insight?"
      Tan Yan full brain hot sweat direct current, that has what insight?!These several days Hunan is all disorderly set of, free pour at school is well say, but the Li gold abolishes not to know to give offense to how much private Shen, all have the report the country gentry that doesn't wish to obey everywhere, embroil of his skin of head in Dalian become numb, if not that three teachers station in in time, Matt Koch Youth Jersey perhaps can already smell the flavor of mutiny.
      See his vision avoid being seen, Yang Qiu knows that the affair didn't imagine so smoothly and in fact he also knows that the Li changes a tax touch how big influence, but this matter he has to do!Cold way:"Provincial governor Tan lets go stem, I can not turn over at my sky!"
      The in former days hot jollification makes of long sand before four ornamental archway Li gold salt tea bureaus complete absence of callers, don't know as well is which unscrupulous goods, intentionally three save to inspect to make the public notice of dissolving the Li gold stick at front door up, in order to sneer at these bad Lis that search to pare off taxes squeezed out of the people.Wang Er's pock-markseses just came back from the wharf and carried on the shoulder the horizontal walked toward the Ya door to, saw an ash dark big fanlight public notice, after tored bottoming malicious Cui one mouthful.
      The morals of the world changed!A paper Li changes a switching on electricity of tax, he Li gold Ya in the bureau like this belong to a while adult cast off of object, in former days gather city up those als



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