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      do like this although doing not directly control is clean and neat,doing not directly control can avoid Three Kingdoms return Liao that kind of the affair again appear, can predict from here a Japan's Collin McHugh Astros Jersey also seeing currently European situation is waiting for that Mars arrival to have already arrived imminent time.
      "Do you think?"
      The square Rui didn't talk, the risk of this decision really was too important, released small emperor to mean full receive independence will play more strong more, don't release of words for the sake of pacify domestic return the heart save the person of imagination, don't let the great powers say republic government cruel to have no for the sake of the national reputation as well Craig Biggio Astros Jersey humality have to keep this big moth, the Forbidden City will also become the country of becoming the junior high school of continuing.In fact none of owners including Yang Qiu hopes to see an imperial house to still keep existing and just makes everyone make moves by himself[herself] but the nobody would like to stand out, don't even want Yang Qiu to descend this hand in person.
      But have a good opportunity now!
      "Korea there how?"Have never waited until to answer Yang Qiu intentionally rounded to open a topic.Square Rui introduction way:"We already with Hong Fan Tu connect be online, secret agent exploitation the being the way of Gao Li Shen 's businesseses have already sent for them to about 1,000 water connect bead rifle, however the their hand ascends true nothing important money, so I have already Dallas Keuchel Astros Jersey arranged under the disguise of oversea Korea of person patriotic the businessman prepare to send to some money for them to go.Hunter small dozen in the door after being small to make several times have already aroused Korean the region to resist an armed attention, the quite a few houses all open to bid code to hope to pull them to join partnership and have a gold that leaders to probably say with you very much among them nine have a certain contact."
      "Gold nine I?"
      "He serves as a management on the east mountain ping farm currently and also has a part-time job to be to have a teacher, however observes according to us at him nearby and always have at least two Japanese informers is staring at."Square the Rui always was used to this time also having no exception to continue to say various intelligence report string together while making collective report:"Seoul also spread good news, the secret agent under the disguise of doctor had already seen be imprisonned of Han Gao believe in Li Xi, but Japan inspects very strictly, so haven't carried on any activity so far."
      "Li Xi's affair doesn't have to be hasty, haven't arrived decisive of time, you think first way gold nine take out, I want to see him."
      The square Rui point nods, David Paulino Astros Jersey eyes had eyes fixed on two intelligence report on the table again, Yang Qiu saw a form guess him to be just thinking unclearly what.The young man of this original sunlight became more and more mysterious after Chen Hao Hui left, not only qualities up took place to change very greatly, even the mindset also became malicious hot heartless, Harbin not only at a stretch almost chased Bolshevistic strength connect the pot carried, also lent this to deploy severals to grow line, it is thus clear that means for it to handled crisis and intelligences canned already take charge as chief, is just that the affair this time is really too important, he didn't dare as well to easily open mouth to influence his own decision, can be passed look in the eyes.

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      So the English method etc. country to woulds be thus nervous, even the United States all starts worrying, there was strong German industry to support, Yang Qiu can completely get away from the dependence to the United States Deryk Engelland Authentic Jersey, the United States previous of in R.O.C invest a safety also meeting in hour of danger and nearly, so Dou wheat joy you would promise English method to contact and find out the real meaning behind this time drill.
      Yang Qiu ha ha a smile:"In fact form alliance to return is really a quite good choice, constuct inside the English day allies day after tomorrow our country drive fly soon development, the industrial ability more and continuously leaps, since they can seek England to form alliance, why I not ability alliance Germany?After the Pu method war the rising road of second empire Be well worth our country's drawing lessons from."
      The this time words let man the space Er Be wrinkly to knit the brows,does he really want to form alliance with Germany?In fact this is to say, at present the each real strenght in Germany outside the Marc-Andre Fleury Authentic Jersey navy has already exceeded England, besides which, the bitterness is 1 to suffer to colonize, the national near half tariff returns up to now drive England control of nation, cooperate an undoubtedly is very nice to choose than stronger nation in England.But the problem is, European war once breaking out, Germany can not give attention to both under the circumstance of Asia this kind of form alliance and then became formality of, on the contrary will push China into the revenge whirlpool in English day.
      Doesn't he know?
      The man space Er doesn't believe, James Neal Authentic Jersey Chou eye Yang Qiu say:"Deputy president you, as a friend, I think that I have a necessity to remind you, European situation is all nerve now, any this time play with fire may cause very serious result!"
      "Thank your to remind, you are a real our country friend."Yang Qiu's point nods and continues to say:"I know today's you is be subjected to the other people entrust just, now that come might as well let's go to Peking together."
      "Do you want to go to Peking?"Man the space Er is a bit surprised, unexpectedly know perfectly well the voice of blame in Peking to pile up one after another, he incredibly still meets head on but up.
      Yang Qiu didn't explain, Alex Ovechkin Authentic Jersey visited eye gradually far Qingdao outside the window after getting on the car and burst out a words:"Man space Er you, you say if one day our country can take back here, constuct it for Central America international trade special area, should have much good?" The Yang Qiu step firmness faces toward the north difficult and up, while preparing to keep noodles great powers for the dream in the heart but don't know that the accident has already quietly condescended to come as well.
      The east hands over a not far outside beard of people's lane together inside have an unattractive 2 F small European ocean building, its ex- the host are a Belgian railroad to provide the goods the company, built a city in those early years man line after getting a returned to country to live a good life, will sell to Japanese businessman here.
      In addition to in addition to door plate the Japanese wood quality of the doorway, the inner part didn't change, Ban of door plate west four words in the private home.

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      Halt China to the countries like English method,etc the diplomats come to say, is the undoubtedly the hardest to carry on this month, two as different as chalk and cheese performances in the nation of far Brandon Mashinter Women's Jersey east's most make them also feel keenly tough.
      First that day originally political arena because Siemens affairs causes strong earthquake, six seas two soldiers thoroughly tear open face to cause agitated, taking bribe affairs not only beats Japanese navy into the abyss, but also lets to take to have the army the big Wei of the background heavy letter to walk to come forward Taiwan obviously.Contrary China republic political arena but particularly quiet, Brandon Saad Women's Jersey the people's party big guy dies of the dead walk of walk, north the ocean after having no a soldier the right also stop activity, Yang Qiu initiates to build up four proposals of direct jurisdiction cities in the congress even the bubbles didn't emit and then be passed, it is new appointee post of mayor in Peking City to just a little make people surprised is midway poured to acquire to Yang Qiu's country agency party New appointee Yan tin mountain, but Peking at first changed a citizen guard after staying guard a Qi Rui at the north the ocean influence broke up gradually brigade pair commander.
      North ocean is three heros, Wang Shi Zhen's avoiding could not reside, segment the Qi Rui be again adjusted citizen's guard's brigade of two lines, Ping Guo Zhang serves as army vice-president chief of staff, Brent Seabrook Women's Jersey there is all no solid power, Lee is after purely waiting person to be also arranged to rise a lieutenant general directly back service to go home to take old age pension, on the contrary Chen Huan, slowly tree Zheng these north ocean the new Rui integrate to become national defense soldier main force gradually, and Wu Pei Fu after soldier's career accepting greater half for year understood the dissimilarity of national defense soldier and north ocean, formally serve as a northwest soldier 6 teachers of infantry division, that is located on south the Chang is after being also graduated together with him by three Li Lie Juns who put out all power and prestiges step on the trips of standing alone beam sea of Tang Nu Wu.
      Is a chain of to put past new government and personnel that will lead to numerous guesses and the fancies now but the basic nobody concern, the diplomats visions all be just helped a railroad in the Brian Campbell Women's Jersey gum follow the line hold of medium virtuous consociation military exercise draw on, for toughenning military officer and soldier, this time drill the Mainland is received consociation by the Zhang Xiao Zhun, Qin Zhang Shu and Zhan in command of, Cai E allows to practice commander in chief, all four camps that take part in drill also all come from different troops.Because is this time is a public drill, so regardless is Germany or the Mainland don't refuse the Three Kingdoms observes and learns a member to join, but these take respectively a purpose of observe and learn the members idea is not on the soldier fighting each other.
      Yang Qiu in fact also cares a drill result too much, compared with crack German army, the national defense soldier still keeps having various shortage of each kind, so even if lost a nothing important also is fantastic, anti- fortress and Germany Qingdao shipyard pouring to Qingdao took place strong interest, almost every day in the fortress and the shipyard visit.

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "make Teng finally gradual" 03.06.2018

      the building materials markets like cement,etc keeps on fierce, for example beg new cement works because of getting national order for a while the time became the biggest cement works in the whole country.
      The order that Wes Hopkins Youth Jersey comes from state in Europe starts double to add, increase to rise by wood oil, and Wu mineral...etc. strategic resources again among them the fastest fierce, tobacco leaves in Guizhou also became to increase to rise speed's quickest industry, only second half year of up to now last year tobacco leaves and cigarette manufacturing for the country the house contributed 6,000,000 revenue from taxes, the Ministry of Finance predicts in the coming five years the smoke tax would become increasing biggest, even probably keep up with salt tax!
      Make sugar industry is also a newly arisen industry, although now still the native method squeeze to make,sugar factory equipments has already given order and state the tree Kai is insolently ambitious Wilbert Montgomery Youth Jersey to want in the southwest to constuct 6 in home sugar factories at least, extend sugar cane to plant area.Although the native method squeezes to make of refined sugar rather European industry squeeze sugar quality good, sugar is in this ages is still a strategic resources, so after after the first in France eat a crab order, Ao Xiong and Russia throws to order in succession purchase cane sugar.And Zhang Ji keep also finally do good Central America the affair of cotton Nong Ken company in Hebei, financial group in Cleveland is thriving to ambition in China market, Zach Ertz Youth Jersey not only be worth of cotton commutation with the equal Chinese big parts of raw silk export power in Lan, also promised to aid to set up three affairs of factories, according to contract to 16 the end of every years three factories will in Henan, Fu sun two sides at the same time hurl produce.
      Trading a fierce outward appearance bottom to Europe is the Mars that has already also blocked to can not hold up against four splash situation, particularly at get 380 millimeters of/L47 warship cannon technique after, two a life times of insolently ambitious William immediately begin to construct strong Bavaria class war row a warship, on this history 13 just sign an item in the middle of the year, 14 just open to set up at the beginning of every year of strong war row the warship be advanced livelong half year, this is to say if the day virtuous orchid opens a dozen on time, Carson Wentz Youth Jersey Germany will can ast least promise to have 2 Bavaria classes three to fight!
      Two a life times of original William still prepare to fight row cruiser to install same warship cannon for virtuous Fu Lin Ge's Er class, but eventually have already started constructing because of the warship body and change to give up too greatly, however follow-up horse be willing to Sen class sign an item in advance, so installing 350 millimeters of horses in history be willing to Sen also the Duo ascend 380 millimeters of/L47 type super warship cannon, but this style of let a military the fans take delight in talking about, be praised as the first super battleship of rapid war row warship of meaning to undergo military service smoothly still unknown, after all time is too short, Germany will face the overall blockader of England after half year, and resources' lacking still keeps being the barracks that Germany can not exceed.

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      With second fleet just- taken up Zhao and, fly Hong in response to Jui-ho three training cruisers for example, three not strong training cruisers all want average GBP 200,000 a , equal to 2,000,000 people dollar, 4 be 8,000,000, look like price not and greatly but actually haven't calculated an increment training a personnel, increment logistics etc. number, if all add on the average each cost to about want to turn over times.
      Besides after having James Neal Authentic Jersey these three training cruisers, the navy temporarily has no a necessity to increase small scaled cruiser, Yang Qiu places an order with the United States for a large and deep-sea sail of boat to train a ship after on the contrary getting the United States loaning again, so even if the words wanting to build also want to build big guy, but by so doing local technique up can not construct more than 3000 tons warships, second, the price will be also higher.
      "Do not deceive severals."Yang Qiu twists a head to see one eye Li dollar the Hong say:"You can ask a big president, next year's budget has been all nerve, only currently overspend 50,000,000, anticipate finally very possible overspend 150,000,000 and the rise, so."
      Haven't finished saying, Sidney Crosby Authentic Jersey ice in the Sa town,such as the old fox sort of a craftiness, smiled:"The commander in chief doesn't also cry poor, we but hear, your factory just returned an USD 20,000,000 loan, this money enough has already bought two war row warships."
      Not to?Oneself just still lends money, how the news is so quick and then spread go to?Not is take care of Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi, this money is special funds temporarily can not use?Hasn't he finished wanting, the Li dollar Hong suddenly twists overdo with relish looked to walls a murals.See him this touch kind, Yang Qiu knows is who betray himself/herself, say:"Teacher, you this is also."
      Li dollar Hong ha ha a smile:"Chen China oneself plays by ear, the Sa is old to after all is my boon teacher, I am to spread a words."Now that he said like this, Yang Qiu returned how to do ability?Besides the Evgeni Malkin Authentic Jersey navy also really needs adequacy to gather head and bites to ask a way:"Said first to see, need that kind of cruiser?"
      It is logistics to always grow to thank Bao Zhang to return to what navy serve as, so see a loose of Yang Qiu excitedly see one eye Sa ice in the town and Wang Guang Xiong behind, choke finger to be like absolute being stick sort slowly long say:"Our navy's meaning BE, deliver a design first to consult to English virtuous United States, construct four 6000 ton steel A cruisers, install two pairs Phil Kessel Authentic Jersey to unite 203 millimeters of big guns, 12152 millimeters of big guns, the deeply even machine(steam round machine) speed has to have 25 sections and also want."
      Not the Kui is an old north ocean generation, carefree endow with so long didn't also neglect navy in the world's development at home, the consideration physically didn't fight small pipe line boiler of the row warship warship cannon and England's latest fuel, besides which, report come out almost is Euro-American the latest material currently.However these data make Yang Qiu keep knitting the brows.

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "cultivate top and bottom hard labor" 03.06.2018

      But this doesn't blame him as well, now there are several people in China can truely understand Europe and America?Surprised way it is Tang Shao Yi to once hear this patrimony regiment to pour, :"Chen Hua says of Brooks Orpik Authentic Jersey but occupied whole companies of beautiful 80% cotton markets?"
      "There is no 80% now."Yang Qiu says:"After the anti-trust bill, financial group in Cleveland is dismembered several companies, although the inner part still has connection already very difficult in the United States resume a prosperous view in those early years, so they have been wanting to expand market in open sea.My viewpoint is led long a head by the government, and they the joint venture set set up cotton Nong Ken company in Henan, the Mu permits Han already promise take out an even crest grounds, such as mountain and happy Chuan...etc. total five pieces of total 7,000,000 acres of wastelandses join from partnership.I have already sent a person to once check those dry land emperors, completely can plant the United States' latest anti- drought cotton, the headwaters needed can also from fix a dike to lead to go into, and there geography flat, the wasteland is also continuous to expand a machine to cultivate, raise to plant an efficiency not to say, Dale Hunter Authentic Jersey can arouse our development of local tractor and machine factory.
      Financial group in Cleveland has been already wired back lately, initial meaning from their anti- drought the cotton grew and managed, we farm land, worker and machine, profits 55 be divided into.However I don't want that making them have to move bowels so is proper, it has already let man space Er's turning to reach is aided by them to set up two cotton Fang factory and 1 of 500,000 spindleses print to dye factory, their reply is to aid to set up factory, but have to bring into raw silk to match a camp."
      Tang Shao Yi and Zhang Jis keep listenning to and finish behind since the concussion knits the brows again, concussion of is to really need to reach this agreement, local cotton and textile industry and by Dennis Maruk Authentic Jersey all means exceed a new step, only this and no more a ground of three factory items can increase at least 30,000 work posts for Henan, can also arouse and include tractor, ready-to-wear clothes manufacturing, cure and use a veil a series of downstream industry of etc., what to knit the brows is an American incredibly beat last the idea of raw silk.The raw silk is a domestic to be second only to the big religion export of tea-leaf currently for example source, the exit of the raw silk is clean to get millions u.s. dollars annually, the so big pen profits wants Dmitry Orlov Authentic Jersey to divide a half to the other people, and it is false to say not to love.
      Yang Qiu but really want to reach this agreement, don't say that the local raw silk is mainly original material export first, the additional profits is few, more mainly is if reach this agreement, can lend a financial group huge sale network in Cleveland, thoroughly occupy an Euro-American raw silk market, snuff out Japan's most important raw silk industry thus, further deepen Central America contact to weaken Japan's strength in the Pacific Asia.But this matter he can not act arbitrarily and need to consider the benefits balance of everyone's noodles, so is simply to hand over to Tang Shao Yi and Zhang Ji to keep considering, however he believes 2 people affirmative can not hold up against cotton Fang industry to exceed a temptation of new step.

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "like this calculate of all" 03.02.2018

      independent trip in additionses 21 citizens and guards brigade trip, again add navy of words monthly only feed and then need exceed must, a year be 100,000,000 many!40% of the all sufficient farm tax and excise tax wants to go fetch to keep troops, this still doesn't include a reserve service training, arms purchase and change to pack expense and plus these every years 200,000,000 all beat not to live.
      The bitter ugly etc. Michael Jordan Women's Jersey indemnity wants still annually about 50,000,000 and keep a soldier 200,000,000, annually education, railroad, and work mineral...etc. these people's livelihood construction is lowest to also want every year 400,000,000 devotions, this hasn't calculated expenseses like administration expense,etc.Last year national gross earnings just 500,000,000 many, is also said that the government deficit in every year wanted to be up to 1200,000,000 of huge!Make a living according to this budget, Michal Rozsival Women's Jersey even if Xu Xiu Jun's government bonds can raise a style 100,000,000, the United States borrows 200,000,000(USD 100,000,000) and also at most props up for two years, after two years if the economy hasn't got better, can wait Be getting more bankrupt.
      Yang Qiu completely didn't take care of him difficult the facial expression for seeing, continue to say:"Army daily task this guard's brigade want to carry gradually, the navy waits Sa chief of staff to come back me to prepare to measure to cut down inshore patrol boat of troops and old style warship with company, the reservation first with the battle strength of the second fleet, the coast patrol, arrests smuggler to etc. these navy's miscellaneous matters to will also turn gradually to you, after horsetail shipbuilding factory etc. accepts to complete, I will make them construct a batch of escorts warship to hand over to you to use."
      Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi's face is blacker, Nick Schmaltz Women's Jersey one escorts a warship!Make sure of isn't a ?
      The Xiao Anne's country unexpectedly this time treads son so greatly, citizen's guard's brigade incredibly wants Lan bottom the navy is inshore to patrol and look into of work, this not is say that citizen's guard's brigade become six sea's uniting of greatly draw up.
      Yang Qiu didn't bring into air force's one part in future first citizen's guard's brigade even if Be getting more polite, however thought of the air force wants to see in Chongqing, it has been a year since airport and sail schools all built up and how say to should also a little bit produce?
      While returning to a bedroom seedling Luo already asleep, her sleeping posture can be not good, the quilt kicks foot, long long ground show leg completely expose at outside, the moonlight out of the Patrick Kane Women's Jersey window shines on at top deliver more pure white.Don't know the sleeping is ex- to thought of what, the corner of mouth still hangs a very shallow smile, a hand takes in originally shoulding belong to Yang Qiu's pillow and fluently begins arm to downwards see, generous two cranberry inside the collar ambiguously it is thus clear that.
      After the arm that lightly starts to give her lies down, Yang Qiu and then handle knob arm put in the oneself's chest, ignoramus and seedling Luo and knew for two years, various careers before thoughting of are also suddenly like dream, have who will thought of that oneself can complete military governance within two years?
      Nominally big unification in the nation at at present, the seedling Luo will also formally marry himself/herself after two days, but future because of pass in Japan east the in advance appearing of the soldier receive ascend.

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "precious jade walked to come in" 03.02.2018

      "The Su plant manager comes to make collective report in the morning and say research and design mansion of company in Hubei are completed to ask eldest brother to cut the ribbon, so early in the morning top go out till now, estimate and is that the favour forgot time."Miao Luo finishes saying and pulls her to sit down to ask a way:"Elder sister Shi not is go to Luzon?How so quick?"
      Rui precious jade white Bobby Orr Women's Jersey the eye say with smile:"Not just seedling eldest brother, send telegram to say that your wedding day settled for me, so take ship to Guangzhou first, then change Ma Gan back."
      It is said that she rides a horse back all the way from Guangzhou, the seedling Luo also moves:"Thank elder sister Shi."
      "Dead wench, still have with me what polite."The Rui precious jade is tiny tiny on smiling, probably is all through the night walk faster very tired, so start to open hand malicious stretched one one lazy waist, Brandon Mashinter Women's Jersey don't think that the door suddenly opened at this time.
      Yang Qiu is just wanting how to suppress the mountain county has companion pass east soldier, don't make Japan so carefree, have never thought just pushed away a door to see arrive the seedling Luo that didn't see for a long time a double the arm open, the soft breasts was high stand, in that manner was like a wife to see the husband came in to suddenly come a big embrace each other, temporarily also stunned speechless.
      See him a pair Brandon Saad Women's Jersey of eyes stop a bouffant chest at he, the Rui precious jade also cans not helps cheeks a red hurriedly laid up to act malicious Wan eye, heart way how be a little small accidents all seen by him each time?Last time the clothes didn't wear well, stretch a lazy waist still and be seen in order to want embrace this time, perpetrate younger sister Shi to misunderstand how to do?She hurriedly and secretly sees toward the seedling Luo, discover the latter's imitating a Buddha don't see all of sort vision in the facial expression wearily Yang Qiu Shen up, the heart bottom is suffused with to have one silk sour idea.
      Not and from nasal cavity cold hum 1:"There is the person of wife and children, late come back don't know to send person as well to receive 1."
      Yang Qiu sees the color of the sky, just detection already very late, hurriedly spread a hand toward the seedling Luo apology way:"All blaming me isn't good, a favour gets up and then forgets time and definitely comes back from making a phone call first next time."
      "Be free, Brent Seabrook Women's Jersey quickly have a meal."Although this period of time still a go out all day long, somehow come back in the evening every day, the seedling Luo has already become accustomed to as well and hurriedly makes people add to pay a bowl of chopsticks again:"Elder sister Shi just from Luzon came back, don't also have a meal."
      Yang Qiu takes off jacket to after hanging well sit down detection to just only have three bowl chopstickses and ask a way:"What about grandpa and eldest brother?"
      "Went to two uncle's houses in the pharmaceutical factory, said to don't come back to have a meal tonight."The seedling Luo clipped a piece meat to fill to Yang Qiu, clip one chopsticks for Rui precious jade again and say with smile:"Elder sister Shi also eats more point and this time go out thin many."

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      Although not want to break medium day amity, national territory is heavy!It is past to teach a life to advertise for to pay.Arouse a war on the first, the bones is clusters of, blood full yellow river, Brandon Brooks Youth Jersey eventually can tell Wei world, the national territory didn't lose.
      The yellow river has been already locked now, Central plains the earth temporary get well, but day Kou Wu I the China greed is deathless, sound Japan have already spread to make reprisals to open hostilities inside the island, past general body place insurance the ground make Yang Mou worried very much!
      The ground of northeast originally belong China, but be frequently entered to make by day Russia, still cede territory an innumerable up to now, day Russia soldier's walking sideways don't hate actually is dangerous.The general resists enemy outside Kou from cradle to the grave, necessarily already whole day it nails in the middle of Russia eyes.The national unification is forthcoming, Brandon Graham Youth Jersey day Russia interference, Mongolia split up, full person's leftover evil all will be anti- to rush toward, hope the general early intends and slice careful, protecting body the square can the diagram recover the big industry of national territory.
      Yang Mou ask general to trust here, the national defense brave warrior in a few days will soon go up north a support, the general staff is also negotiating with Peking, reorganize 20 teachers and 27 teachers for the country and defend a soldier 14 infantry divisions, need to be equiped and the military officer is preparing and planning, is forborne by the general integral whole."
      Hear my Zhang Zuo Lin also change countenance, don't say first Yang Qiu's believing the inside half words don't lift the matter of massacring people's party and on the contrary chased oneself Kua some kind of, Brent Celek Youth Jersey finally not only don't pare soldier's right, on the contrary still want north ocean 20 teachers hand over to their himself/herselfs, the common set sets up 14 infantry divisions!Once two teachers merge, that is little horse of 20,000 people!The idea is cool-headed of he not from swallow saliva, national defense soldier 14 infantry divisions sound to seem to be pretty vigorous.
      The somebody else has already sent goodwill gestures to draw together to still deliver a big gift, Zhang Zuo Lin how also refuse, start to learn Ma Kui just and salute so, drink a way:"Please take me to turn to tell a commander in chief, since today Zhang Mou these were his persons!Please trust, only Zhang Mou at Mukden a day, don't take care of that day originally still big hair son, Brian Dawkins Youth Jersey don't want to capture one inch national territory from our 14 infantry divisions!"
      The teachers all stood up to promise and below had kind to learn kind naturally, the one or two breast clapped the Bang Bang make to ring.The Ma Kui and square Rui mutually sees a to smile, this piece makes Lin really remarkable, 14 teacher horoscopes didn't°yet one Pie he pins up a head Lan first to go into a bosom.However 2 people are also inattentive these mouthful Hun words of old receive a soldier of military officer whether had them sincerely at least before the national defense soldier crosses Shanhaiguan, the northeast is unlikely a little anti- make measure to all have no.

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "drive cold sweat permeance" 02.28.2018

      rever shut last eyes!
      Zhang Gui's canthus is a bit red, although 80 millimeters of trench mortars don't stop to bombard,the Japan's Imperial Army depend on a very thick city wall still solid if strongly fortified city, he hopes that one more infantry keeps shooting at this moment cannon, so can directly bomb to open city gate need not to be filled this hole by flesh and blood.
      But ride a soldier connect have never kept shooting cannon, even connect heavy machine gun all have no a stand.
      Bite a tooth, take advantage o heavy machine of Japan's Imperial Army at the time that gun turned around he quickly climbed ten several rices before going toward again, then horizontal rolled into one to play pit.Just get into to play pit, his vision is abrupt however is getting more stagnate!Because play there is a war ally corpse that is been deep-fried by the shell to break a waist in the pit, although the flesh and blood is misty, even drag along bowel sons the quite a few rice is mostly far,still can distinguish feature.
      Is his together village brothers!
      Hope the brothers of dying, his eyeballs all want to blast open, they together since the childhood have fun greatly, far left for beyond the frontier to protect the Biao Ao war knife guest together, took part in revolution to strike against Xian together, again together joined a national defense soldier to ride a soldier connect.More than 300 day rains and winds not the training of interest, the common dream, make 2 people become the best friends.But!Now, he but drive deep-fried fall apart, even the whole corpseses can not send back!!
      Zhang Gui squats down in the dead angle to wail aloud to weep aloud, the tears not only don't dissolve a fury and on the contrary make him add exasperation more!After waiting machine gun to be again broken open by force by the thermodynamic power attraction, he is malicious from played a pit edge to pull to come to an explosive to wrap, then clipped it to fiercely rush out to play pit.
      Japanese soldier quickly discovered the soldier who tries to close to, several ten paid 38 type rifles to almost and all aim at him, but Zhang Gui has already not attended to up so many, his in the brain only one left mind.
      Is blunt, blunt, blunt!
      After a fish jumps to avert from a few bullets, the body is violent to is horizontal to roll on the loess, then list hand a support again connect rolled to take to climb to run several ten meters, at this time Japan heavy the machine gun discovered the guy that went crazy a sort, the machine rifleman was made an effort to turn round gun muzzle to sweep to come over.In the voice of Da Da, the bullet is flying shuttle but leading beside from the body, Zhang Gui knows that continuing to die is blunt affirmation doesn't go, hence the arrows treads rightwards on jumping and hide went into the second to play pit.
      The whole visions of battlefields were all drawn on in the past by his robust artistic skill, left for number not much rode large unit machine rifleman and tossed to play all of the tubes to aim at Japan's Imperial Army heavy the machine gun was fierce to bomb, tried to cover him close to city wall.But dive into to play pit of he still didn't stay away a heavy machine gun, vacillating bullet along play a pit edge the fieriness sweep dated, an among those wore deeply very thick mud to beat the left shoulder is at him up, a short moment whole shoulders all lost consciousness, the explosive pack also drops into in the ground.
      See quite a few Zhang Gui all have no for minut

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "slacken everywhere loophole" 02.28.2018

      do the Chinese how can have this kind of thing?To know makes type 37 millimeters of infantry cannon in Japan to also want 3 people to operate most at least and heavy reach 100 kilograms!Is it Germany that lately invent a super light artillery?
      The big Kang man nature Carson Wentz Youth Jersey in island can't think is Chinese oneself makes, the rifle and the mountain cannon is already the best weapon that China can make in the his eyes, this compact designed affirmation relates to good Germany with them to provide.If not that on the battlefield, he really wants to run up to see careful, but he has to block aggression first now!See more and more Chinese soldier to start assaulting, the corner of mouth hideous smile flicked to wave hand backward.
      Obviously, Chinese troops by themselves the machine gun of still not clearly big brigade draw up an amount!
      See a machine gun fortress doom, another drive several pretty light machine guns and toss to play a tube to press along while didn't respond, the plum livingsed to can not consider of to distress to suddenly Allen Barbre Youth Jersey turn over a horse of body, prepared to wait to blast open city gate to dash into blood to wash this to help a radish head.
      "Is quick!Is quick!"
      See a war ally crest intensive bullet to front blunt, his in the mind more and more hasty, even involuntarily yelled!Although often there was a war ally falling flop doing not get up any further all the way, can city gate but more and more near in the running about wildly of colleague, he simultaneously yell part plan jogging horse, even have already dashed into how to develop tommy gun thermodynamic power advantage after considering to blast open city gate.
      In this time, Andrew Gardner Youth Jersey close tightly of city gate but abrupt however spilt open one thin sew, Anne country beam almost and in a twinkling eyes Chong blood crazy Si cry:"Is not good!Still have a heavy machine gun!Lie to pour quickly, lie to pour!"
      Can his voice could not spread battlefield, a pretty virtuous the machine gun building mark Qin silently stretched out a gun tube, this still count year ago the day pay to get in the Russia war of deluxe goods, big Kang man in the island all loathes to give up to use at ordinary times, now when the light machine gun discover to adjust gun muzzle in succession, closely of the bullet have already swept to come over to the soldier who sprints.Anne Guo Liang issues order since the radio station behind soon, Yang Qiu received Japan to jump the gun to arrive to combine first step to capture east the report of the camp.
      This news also for have been sinking to immerse for this period of time is pleased in the victory in of the national defense soldier top and bottom was malicious to sprinkle basin of ice water, Bennie Logan Youth Jersey north the ocean Be day decline to see not to go, but didn't represent a nation to have no an enemy!There is race internal rebellion in north, the Polar bear loots to cast covetous eyes on.The southeast contains English method, Japan is also the wolf sub- greed, only didn't work out a southern full and Taiwanese problem for a day, so this nation will be locked on mainland forever.
      Yang Qiu deeply absorbs tone and let go of telegram 10 cross, once the vision sweep southern line military officers in and stop at Cai E Lian up:"Loose ascent elder brother, do you think now how to should do?"

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "laurel too Lang gentleman" 02.28.2018

      so will let people understand army is the strength of the most important empire, if what failure so the whole responsibilities will be pushed to the navy is not!Wait until mountain originally power soldier Wei come off stage, the army can re- control big power, that time can increase several strength of divisions, probably he early at consider the real opportune moment that teaches one Chinese!
      In addition to city gate the east camp county, one pole smoke gun return at several wear north the ocean soldier pack of rotation among the soldiers.All of these is front pure of Shandong cruise a city camp, Patrick Sharp Women's Jersey after the north ocean government Yuan a life time Kai for unifying northern troops, accept all of them to weave Chong to make outer circle strength, can actually even the north ocean all not believes these"double guns soldier" by himself/herself.But the national territory is so big, always have to have enough soldier to guard, besides guard yellow river into the seaport here, geography position key.
      "Get."A old soldier's ruffian once connects malicious Suo of smoke gun, hope eruptive of smoke turn exclamation way:"This trifle at present is also take out a little one mouthful."
      "How?Be banning smoking?Didn't hear."
      "Idiot."Old soldier falsely a kick, sigh a way:"Did not you hear that the south has already started quiting smoking now?It is every to keep illegally all shooting to death of the big smoke, made desire for tobacco to also all want to pull to sit a jail to compulsorily quit."
      "That is the south, Pierre Pilote Women's Jersey not our Shandong again."
      "Pei!You eat goods.Henan all threw, still said yesterday north the ocean have already escaped to help south and also made popular agitated, saw according to me the Yuan big president was this time to really need to come off stage, we in the future sooner or later wanted to return that southwest Wang Guan."
      "That is in a mess, I hear that that autumn is a malicious role, stipulate that everyday that the under charge serves as soldier wants to hold and blows to snowing to all prohibit to stop.Mama of, Lao Tze can can not stand this offense and sooner or later picked this body skin to settle a dispute."
      "We don't also worry, Richard Panik Women's Jersey it is an one mouthful to can take out an one mouthful, the business in future who say quasi-ly?Said again, what this Shandong talk was a German, Yang Qiu is afraid also not the crest is used."
      "That pours BE, Ryan Hartman Women's Jersey in case of occupy our several elder brothers hide to Qingdao, also lead quilt somebody else be the monkey lead long out to play every day."
      "I go to a Sa bubble and wet and remember to stay an one mouthful for me."
      Severals cruise city the soldier contend for my Duo to wink a pot of smoke cannon see bottom, this just fully satisfied resumed spirit.The head that sees a day starts heating up and go into city person more and more behind also simply depend beat to have a doze on the city wall.At this time, urgent of the clop spread from the distance, the original clop isn't surprising, can wait to see a clear empress a few soldiers immediately Meng.

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "attributed to an armoured vehicle" 02.28.2018

      Hope 2 people, the heart bottom of Zhu Er Dian sighs tone, north ocean thus quickly fall from power rightness always station at Yuan a life time Kai after death of he to say to undoubtedly is serious wound, Bobby Orr Women's Jersey even white hall all the hair call report to request him to explain why such stubborn support north, have never beaten good with the telegram of southern relation, so he all anyway can not make moves again this time, on the contrary have to repair quickly and Yang Qiu's relation, will never can helplessly looking at he thoroughly pours to virtuous the United States of embrace.
      "Execuse me, forgiving me can not persuade the bankers, however."Zhu Er Dian contemplated a short while and said:"If Yuan a life time Kai you would like to hand over a gold that the pure room leaves, Brandon Mashinter Women's Jersey I think that the ammunition that can persuade Japan to right away adjust to gather to be worth of 100,000 pounds provides to the expensive soldier."
      Beam private Yi heart once the bottom sink, the Yuan a life time Kai hand inside really has a gold, that is Qing Dynasty before abdicating the warfare using Hubei urgently lend the domestic affairs mansion for forcing YULON empress dowager hand over old bottom, total 8,002 or so.He once beat the brains of using its collateral loan as well, also the flower dropped probably 3,002 or so, Brandon Saad Women's Jersey but leave 5,021 to keep staying in Peking, be not don't give up of take out, but previous Yuan a life time Kai in consideration of nation unified after need enough gold reserve, have never thought this money be incredibly stared at by England ascend.
      Leave 5,002 even if take out and have what use?GBP 100,000 and hope get at least 5,000,000 margins are repeatedly really too big, can not save to die at all of northern ocean.
      Yang Du Xin's bottom is a bit angry, have never thought Zhu Er Dian to not only see dead not to save to on the contrary fall the stone in well, very simply arch arch hand:"The reception that thanks you, Brent Seabrook Women's Jersey that we took leave first."Liang Shi Yi knows his smelly temper and has to to say to Zhu Er Dian:"This everything pass is important, pleasing forgive us can not immediately do to reply."
      Zhu Er Dian's point's noding don't talk and followed with eyes 2 people to after leaving the private home just recruit:"John thinks we now how should do?"
      The John Mo boon pours one cup milk tea, and then draws out for Zhu Er Dian cigar to after ordering the top just say for him:"The situation of Europe has already been getting aller nerve, someone is predicting to when open hostilities every day on the newspaper, so the opinion of white hall BE, hope that we ensure that we are free from damage in the benefits of R.O.C.Now that Yuan a life time failure of the Kai have been irretrievable, this nation has already had to be unified again, so some affairs should also put to appear on stage noodles, for example tariff, continue to pay indemnity and southeast benefits etc., should make some people be one explicit but clearly reply!"
      The John Mo boon is also a doyen diplomat, even should say to is these most important staffs in year of Zhu Er Dian, tactfully deal with affairs means to make him win white hall trust, so his words annoy even slow, the tone is like at say to eat tonight what so simple,

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      go to at noon a city gate to also have no several individuals, the soldiers who stand guard all hide into doorman to roast fire to keep warm.
      Ma Kui and Anne country Koda Glover Youth Jersey beam lead long a horse to after following the too original city just understand why all say the company of Jin is wealthy, all of eyefuls are each difference of style of travellings of deep house big hospital, the street both sides seller stands up like a forest, the category is numerous, although the pedestrian is rarely seen, but the pedestrian can not cover up too at first strong business atmosphere.
      After small Cang mountain raid gets hurt, the Anne country beam sees fade out a national defense soldier, in fact harm to teach a life set to found a nation to defend the soldier first to truely ride a soldier behind so much, for this he especially the idea walk Sichuan to choose soldier to the northwest.Because the northwest people's customs is violent, ground wide person sparse the line all Matt Grace Youth Jersey need to depend on a horse, so there are a lot of consummate generations that ride Shu in the Hahn people sons, too.Finally choose 2,000 young men, with choose in the national defense soldier of several hundred good hands after livelong year of hard training, till the beginning of the year just first step become soldier, become the first in the national defense soldier to truely ride a large unit.
      Ride a large unit for this Yang Qiu and total three also fee very big strenuous effort, not only send the person purchases good horse from the northwest grounds, such as beyond the frontier and Xinjiang...etc., last summer still added lake to buy 300 elder brothers from the shell Er Sa gram that ride soldier's appropriation river war horse, again at west the Kang establishment have exclusively heavy teach a base, cost more than a guards the teacher trip is even.
      This is to ride large Matt Skole Youth Jersey unit set the first-time activity that sets up behind, he is also unavoidably nervous, ask a way:"Commander horse, do you say that the Yan tin mountain meeting can't see us?"
      Ma Kui also really worries, last night camp out the Mayday line received man the telegram of the sun, the Yi soldier suddenly set out of the news makes him also really vibrate, whatever Yi soldier wanted to do, this northern ocean outer circle armed little said to also have 34 myriad people, even if was different from a staff officer department to predict so went to a northwest, regardless stayed Henan still Shaanxi was all not small threat, so also anxious see Yan tin earlier of mountain, then ensured to ride a large unit to can be free from obstruction to go down south three Xias.
      2 people soon arrived all Matt Wieters Youth Jersey a Du mansion, when the guard was all the way small to run to notify the Yan tin mountain is sat upright brazier before, is dressed in an Ao of weakly clipping, the noodles puts old Chen Cu and eats with relish, flank confident adjutant glory Hong Lu just will at take place for this period of time of the affair make collective report to let him listen to one by one.
      Affairs in Tienjin, Sung teaches the Ren how to meet a sting, south north it contend for be re- taken an etc., these affairs see Be faraway apart from Shanxi, but Yan tin mountain don't dare the gist, with south north two males compare him to know oneself real strenght not benefit, so not only contact the Jin company of the whole whole country to request them to send back latest news too at first, also let glory Hong the Lu make into a briefing to make collective report every day, in order to can control the latest circumstanc

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "come right away to seek me after realizing" 12.08.2017

      don't should care the cent of party groupings to pass too much this person, and I think appropriately leave some not hostile peoples party talented person, outside will also Kua you are a magnanimity."
      Send to come comer Brett Eibner Youth Jersey Yang Qiu to just how can pass, besides Jiang Zuo Bin has already got into the row of list that he wants to draw together, but he still has no time much consideration now arrangement post of problem, ask a way:"When steel and iron works how there?"
      After constructing the plan beginning of being steel and iron works, Yang Qiu especially the idea letter make the Hong look after, at the beginning ability with low price get hold of iron mountain is also that he mediates between two parties to a dispute and explains the importance of industry and steel to the Deng Ren of Huang Ke Qiang and immediately says after listenning to inquiry:"Sky's teaching has already come back from the United States, the first opened mines an equipments already and all arrive together, steel mill equipments and fire-brick would continuously carry in May, Brock Stewart Youth Jersey and he promises to be finished before the end of next year chain the first steel."
      Along with war forthcoming, two greatest industry take and Chiang-Nan for Yang Qiu to worry most , Chiang-Nan pours to O.K. do, ice in the Sa town is in Tienjin have already said to him, the navy in no case will let Chiang-Nan factory involvement battle fire, so when becomes his biggest secret concern, once the Yuan a life time Kai battalion to offend, not far apart from the Nanking be Chase Utley Youth Jersey will can't be broken is the affair that he concerns most , want to ask a way:"A matter I miss the teacher tell the truth to me, if north ocean to offend, how long can the Nanking guard?"
      This problem lets Li dollar the Hong is very difficult, sigh a tone way:"Do not deceive Chen China, Huang Ke Qiang is also this matter misgiving.Although the Nanking has three teachers, can only slowly the Shao Zhen can beat, the others all send not last use, want to guard perhaps very difficult.So he returned to seek me to talk yesterday and said that Peking has already originally breaks the operation fee that shoulded pay, so he thinks the southwest bank is from us first loan pen style son, again make Li Lie Jun take out a Gan soldier, a teacher comes over to help to defend."
      "Hum good abacus, we pay to Chris Hatcher Youth Jersey make Li Lie Jun come to beat, also the Kui gets him to want out."Yang Qiu sneers at several voices, Huang Ke Qiang sees come or don't believe oneself, money wants oneself's, but the troops wants to take out to adjust from the Gan soldier and has some angry ways:"He is to depend not to ascend!The teacher still wants to as early as possible work well preparation, the affair is in chance encounter big year of this time, the soldier doesn't want to fight as well at this time and add it to also need time to take out to adjust troops, so I predict Yuan a life time the Kai may compete first begin by the end of the month.The Nanking can protect to matter to a graveness!Really doing not go me will take out from the southwest troops to stay in for you, all anyway can not throw here."
      The Li dollar Hong realizes the importance of Nanking, but he now just only deputy president Gan, soldier's right all in the Xu Shao Zhen's hand, misgiving way:"This matter afraid of us to said not to calculate, Chen China still needs to work well the worst plan."
      "I know, so I prepare to let Bing Mr. Lin go and keep with Zhang Ji alone, 2 Xu Shao Zhens have a chat, unless they would like to see the northern ocean rob to have

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "the Ren how to sweep one eye he" 12.08.2017

      eeply entwine rather many, far from the in a short time can cut off.Chen China might as well settle congress first with him frankly and earnestly, for the country assurance in the house doesn't pull out of the Edmundo Sosa Youth Jersey constitution slowly shear its wing again behind."
      He simultaneously say part pant, the wound continuously has a black blood and arrived at last is also voice weak can not smell, but he still at do an end make great effort, insist saying:"One side in Chengdu, know Chen China not and usually person, sees you in the southwest and administer composition also steady heavy firm, Sung is some to know it in heart, you are sincerely a content for this nation.Now the young men of whole country top and bottom all again see you, hope that you can lead them well, the young man excites red-blooded but lead it easily come amiss, hopes Chen China livinged of the year can lead them well, don't want to walk another road!Promise me, protect a method!Republican!In no case can back!"
      He this severals say Eliezer Alvarez Youth Jersey very and lightly, in addition to minority of several people outside and basically the person basically can not hear clearly beside, can Yang Qiu but can understand, he this is to see national defense soldier and southwest biggest of concealed suffer from, the prospects of not rare emergence military government despotism, see him is right from the history road, if put probably can also walk before A noon another road, but bitter ugly behind rent boundary all over the place, country already not country, the national important strategic important position is all controled in hand by the great powers, the Japan hungry wolf casts covetous eyes Enos Slaughter Youth Jersey on more!Oneself's in front has already spread all over thorn!North ocean, people's party, country agency, and republican...etc., so many party groupings separations basically can not afford to come together people's spirit, can not even activate this huge nation survival at the last silk strength in the body, so have to to original of some things carry on turn over the sky replies ground of change!
      This is an antinomy that can not temper at all!
      Republican and despotism.
      Didn't wait until after the message of reply Sung to teach the hand of Ren slowly flabby, gradually slide from Yang Qiu the center of palm of hand, face such an in the article of death the fronts be all considering a national and future genius politician, he doesn't know as well to say what.
      But he has to insist standing down!
      While publically eying, Greg Garcia Youth Jersey he slowly starts to cover plain white cloth at Sung teach the face of Ren up, then just the modesty matchlessly respected a gift:"The Sir is to trust, Yang Qiu bears in mind to teach, necessarily will return people before letting go of human world law dignity, set up republican, don't take you give."
      He say before he dies, but don't lift now, five fangs in the court and Cai Yuan Pei be undoubtedly telling nearby, he still keeps insisting his own road currently.However 2 people have already could not listenned to implication at this moment, more in the heart is to people's party future misgiving, have no Sung lose Huang Ke Qiang of drive after teaching the Ren this genius politician, the mouthful without resort to Sun Wern of tables, or callous and cruel Chen is beautiful, who just can start to support people's party these 1/3 world?
      On February 4, 1913, lunar calendar New Year's Eve a night ago, Sung taught the Ren how to meet a sting die in English in Tienjin rent inside the boundary saint sickroom of Mary hospital, later historians unanimously

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "incredibly make this young strong" 12.08.2017

      weather temples Cape also appears a sweat vestige unclearly.
      Beam private Yi's heart already ice the cold ice is cold, Yang Shi Qi hates more to immediately charge forward to rob to closely invite, then bites Yang Qiu dead!But who don't dare to move as well, there are Ashur Tolliver Youth Jersey several ten Chinese and Foreign reporters here, there is British and American virtuous Three Kingdoms minister, there are also several hundred soldiers who are responsible for public security.
      Mutual check and supervision!
      Zhu Er Dian is the person whom the last sees contract, in fact Yang Qiu after taking out him guessed, after finishing seeing heart bottom also unclear discomfort.He not concerned Japan lend machine to get money, Brad Peacock Youth Jersey also not concerned Japan wants that the greed being full to receive getting, the benefits of England is in the south.The that day that he gets angry originally government this kind of privately wants to round to open England to only swallow the attitude of northern China!The day of the English is an ally!The emergence of this secret agreement will let method virtue the Three Kingdoms think that England connived the greed of Japan, once the Three Kingdoms withdraws bank regiment and act in unison a principle to China, that England has to from now on face a diverse competition but isn't a past that kind of he said calculate of situation!
      In addition to Three Kingdoms, sand emperor Ni the thou pull two a life times affirmation will break into a furious rage as well, that bedlamite will be stubborn to think and is England to tolerate Japan to annex by force full receive.Five year agos because support Japan, England and Russia relates to once all nerve, Russia even puts the negotiation ground of end in the United States, very not Brady Rodgers Youth Jersey easy is mediated by France and provide to be worth of counting GBP 100000000 loan Mi to just match, it is more and more strong, is just needing the turning point of Russia to see now European Feng smoke, white the hall obviously can not accept an and then twist attention toward Russia in the far east.
      The United States obviously is also indignantly, in the far east even Pacific Ocean, beautiful day two countries have never been cooperators, England help's again constructing two fearless warships in fact has already made American government very dissatisfied, if continue to let Japan annex by force full receive even north China Japan will destine to own more battleship, larger consociation fleet.Panama Canal returns for the time of run-through, the United States worries the safety of west coast and Hawaii very much.
      Germany isn't happy Brian McCann Youth Jersey either, more Japanese battleship get into gulf in Bohai Sea, will seriously threaten benefits in Shandong, besides this contract up is the material that is worth of five teachers, had this quantity huge ammunition, does Germany return how to promote his/her own weapon to Asia?
      A very small secret agreement, the aftermath causing can not imagine, in addition to Yang Qiu can also hold and estimate in the time of this mutual check and supervision and take out outside, regardless is how and seriously the Yuan a life time a Kai still Sung to teach none of Rens how to know that its influence includes.
      "I feel that Yang Qiu's you says very to, should won't sign this contract to be included in 《declaration 》 ."Man a words of the space Er, make the Yuan a life time Kai heart a to vigorously and downwards sink, the vision involuntarily twists to Zhu Er Dian.
      Zhu Er Dian acquainted with him too much, Yang Qiu since can get hold of people's part

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "need with Germany be doing" 12.07.2017

      about the time of Japan, the Wu Chang same lights didn't extinguish.
      In former days of advisory bureau in Hubei already drive southwest consociation the parliament jump a claim, so new of government mansion already in the middle of building, Tang Shao Yi has to move governmental A.J. Cole Youth Jersey affairs department inside wide governor of province mansion in the ex- lake currently, as for cruise to make a mansion to then temporarily settle at Zhang Biao cruised to fondle a Ya door before, the general staff returns to man sun original 42 mark a big camp to transact.
      The governmental affairs section of the nighttime the guard change Gang every two hours, the soldier always couldn't hope the small board room of one eye still bright light while changing Gang, secretly surprise why this several sky lantern fires always would not° until till dawn put out, again have important event to take place?
      Meeting indoor Tang Adam Eaton Youth Jersey Shao Yi's air some weariness, he was after all a 50-year-old person, flank the chapter blazes to outside still have Shen Shu Kai to wait with Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi a person too much, although Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi is dressed in a soldier to pack, nominally is national defense soldier logistics to always grow, besides which, everyone has already guessed that he perhaps and before long will escape from troops to allow minister of finance, even he also works well preparation by himself, not only bad repair the knowledge of this aspect, also look for abroad to learn everywhere the economic talented person constitutes specialized team, recently more from Ao Xiong and Russian jail inside dig more than ten it is said that the economic talented person who all has small reputation in Europes, there is among them also a good many persons is Be most good at managing finance with make money of Judean economic adviser.
      Tang Shao Yi orders Adam Lind Youth Jersey a smoke to lift and asks a way:"Text view, warfare how?"
      Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi after all and still just the troops hold a position in name, so know more than the person here, introduction way:"The southwest has already had no big Ai, six glory courts and Cai E completely after cooperating, southwest each soldier has already been accepted a plait by all of us, Yunnan suppresses bandits to act a little bit greatly, besides which, Guizhou and Guangxi two province of public order and empress expect to work guard's regiment and then can be competent.Currently in the military operation of southwest cost also all funds and supplies Anthony Rendon Youth Jersey expenditure paid by accept, temporary can't influence our public finance operations, wait until March mostly can merge the public finance into us current system in.
      Wu Sheng Guan's direction continues to square off, the new county is captured behind by us north the ocean temporarily stopped a military operation, the commander didn't also give us the order for continuing to take the offensive.However the intelligence report shows Henan recently of northern ocean soldier the transfer is very multifarious, greatly have a for staging a comeback power, and Shaanxi seems to be also to again and again have action occurrence for these several days, the Yuan a life time Kai accepts plaits seventh teacher already the whole Xun completes, Sung son is pure there be worried that they will once turn over Qin Ling to directly take the offensive Sichuan, so four teachers will just carry on several days later currently a big practice, and lend a drill opportunity to carry on prevent°froming sex deployment."
      The chapter blazes to hear that the north ocean wants

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "be like last time Hankow so" 12.07.2017

      Zhun's misgiving
      @The Yuan gram sees after settling in a hurry arrive to bedroom, Yuan a life time the Kai lean on bedside from the servant girl hand in connected to three teas are drinking, the facial expression ratio just fell sick like a lot of, hurriedly called low a voice:"Dad, do you seek me to occupy?"
      See him, the Yuan a life Sergio Romo Youth Jersey time Kai lets go of cup to flick to let the servant girls to say after all going out:"The gram settles, you were also a not little eldest brother person, we were difficult to also undertake now."He pointed Yang Du after saying finish:"The Xi son and Yang Qiu once saw several side, so I send you to go together and please him and the Sung bluntness beginning come to total company's national affairs in Tienjin, another that Wang's childe behaves tactful ability and learning quite good, make him go together with you, he is party identity of people, have him therein and go back and forth also talk."
      The Yuan gram fixed-point asks a way after noding promise down:"Why not ask him to Peking?"
      This sentence just Trayce Thompson Youth Jersey finishes asking, Yuan a life time the Kai stared:"Is dull!You say Yang Qiu if would like to come, choosing Tienjin or Peking?"Yang Shi Qi sees him receiving scolding to also hurriedly explain:"Tienjin is the boundary of foreigner, everyone can not take a gun to go into inside, this time meet with is a big president to propose of, so have to make 2 people all feel safe to probably go up north."
      Yuan gram the meaning that certainly and in fact and early know and choose Tienjin, just see arrive this time the master son want compromise again, not Fen way:"Daddy, I feel true have no the necessities talked more!Last time you invite Sun Wern come not just what didn't talk out?This time I saw also hang rather and directly intend."
      "Commit tomfoolery!Does the national important event on every occasion open a dozen what a scandal?Besides you can know once opening hostilities to need how many silvers?I say that the battle like this has no 23 Yasiel Puig Youth Jersey with you style must the son soldier can not move, do we pool this money to there now?"
      Hear the master son is worrying money, the Yuan gram certainly thinks of just the words of Zhao Bing Jun and hurriedly says:"Did not Wang Yi Tang say that the Japanese would liked to lend money last time?I see simply to let premier Zhao and Japanese minister company quantity, anyway they also have enemy with Yang Qiu and lend some money to meet an emergency really don't go and then use a man Ye Ping to mortgage."
      Yang Du listens to uncomfortablely, the man Ye Ping matters to a graveness, Yang Qiu is very not easy to take back, if these people of oneself again mortgage go out not to know will drive how many Yasmani Grandal Youth Jersey persons Chuo back bone?Besides this pass arrive nation of heavy industry development, is move all immobile important event!If the Yuan a life time Kai also seemed don't hear him and put a hand:"This matter you need not much a tube, the Yan Sun has already just rehabilitated with four country talkses to greatly borrow funds of affair, perhaps soon can get hold of Japan not temporary hasty."
      Have no an one mouthful to stop up completely to let a Yuan gram settle on the whole is loose tone, after getting out together with Yang Du, the Yuan a life time Kai looking at son's figure but sighed tone:"Almond city, do you say that their meeting can't talk?The old man isn't to really do want to fight."
      Yang Shi Qi is understand what to say is anti- words, being just suffer from taking up arms to have no money just has to invite 2 people

    • jlsalh21 has written a new blog article "life time Kai hears here also sigh tone" 12.07.2017

      ning to say, although the Zhao Bing Jun and segment Zhi this matter of the 2 people don't goodly, can be one heart the north is for the sake of us ocean."
      Know the Xiang sun Rowan Wick Youth Jersey opened the news Yuan a life time Kai of dozen to really feel not in the right, due to canning not quickly control a whole country again yield for many times and make Yang Qiu have an opportunity to let go to strike against a southwest for the sake of the general situation, see a national defense soldier to at every step approach underneath those Jiao soldiers are fierce will already unclear a bit impatient, pass this matter also makes him feel that the bridle of northern ocean is to arrive have to tight one tight situation.But change a parties who go to he take to prohibit idea, Wang Shi Zhen's half backs, Ping Guo Zhang also would not like to again in command, as for segment the Qi Rui is too honorable, besides he also unclearly hereat the matter have connection and send him afraid of will more make more disorderly, so wanted to Sam Tuivailala Youth Jersey think behind ask a way:"Almond city you feel Chen Huan how?"
      Yang Shi Qi understands his meaning, the north ocean is the time that arrived to want three to go into some fresh bloods, say:"Although two Ans is unclearly young,also have great commander manner, the in addition vulgar job still recommends 11 mark Wu Pei Fu, this person year old heart Gao Qi Ao, fight to also have true skill, this time if isn't Yang Qiu's relief troops to arrive, the Xiang sun who's the winner still don't be able to know, if can the Wei should be able to get one crack troops in the town by heavy responsibility."
      "Wu Xiu just I know it's this person, he these years is quite good in three fool hands at the Cao, just although three fools once had move him perhaps."His words haven't finished saying, Yang Shi Qi says:"The meaning of the vulgar job BE, the Zhi spring and Chen Huan all since suggests to expand to weave into ten towns to add 25 to mix help, so might as well adjust he leaves three towns Seung Hwan Oh Youth Jersey only Zhang one town!Also see for his opportunity can tee off."
      "Boon, this way is quite good."The Yuan a life time Kai point's noding is just wanting to ask again to still have other candidates, outside sudden shadow of human figure in the door is one Shan, sees one expensive Zhi, Zhao Bing Jun and Yang Du San people already the Su hand stand at outside.
      "Hum!"Yuan a life time the Kai Be cold to hum 1, let go of a bowl to scold a way:"Do I still think that you all were to shrink a tortoise!Feel that I was getting older, could not beat you?"Zhao Bing Jun frightens the facial expression is one white, see a southwest be swallowed six to advertise for Xiang seat to no longer protect, if at the moment because make decision to strike against Xiang sun Stan Musial Youth Jersey to cause master son to oneself without authorization disaffection but throw the premier's, that loses more than gain, so frighten not to dare is talking.
      He not talk a Zhi expensive also not dare, 2 people this obedient appearance makes Yang Du's in the mind dark to sigh tone, the north ocean really doesn't go!Xu Shi Chang avoids to walk, the Long Gou Er people don't publish a matter, segment the Qi Rui is self-willed, although Yang Shi Qi has quite good idea is also whetted even sharp angle to become to nod an insect.Tang Shao Yi's fleeing is also a heavy stroke!Because he walks the north ocean is behind already nobody again understand a political party operation, more the nobody dares to speak without fear, now the last six advertise for Xiang to see to also want to walk, also have



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