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    • "Rizzo showed up at the endure second, but he (how to get Cheap Rocket League Trading you can come to https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league/rocket-league-items) was in actuality our extenuative grace." - Kronovi

      Some added players accustomed out for the third spot, but it was Dillon "Rizzo" Rizzo who anchored the seat, which adeptness accept been a abruptness to anyone who followed the RLCS endure season. Rizzo was a affiliate of the highest-ranked North American aggregation from division two, Yield 3, which initially seemed like the region’s best bet for success at the time. "Rizzo showed up at the endure second, but he was in actuality our extenuative grace," Kronovi said. "He was like the cement to the team. He fit the addle perfectly."

      Although Yield 3 appeared abreast for connected success, Rizzo autonomous for the new alpha with G2. "I was disturbing for a while to in actuality bulk out if I enjoyed amphitheatre competitively. And I affectionate of accomplished that I was on one aggregation for basically the absoluteness of my Rocket Alliance career, so I absitively to accomplish a about-face to see if I enjoyed it more. It's formed out," he said.

      As Kronovi sees it, ceremony affiliate has his own altered motivation: some contempo act of falling abbreviate or not active up to abeyant that they can all absolve for calm as a team.

      "I anticipate there's an absorbing dynamic—there's a lot of activity on this team," Kronovi said. "Rizzo's advancing from the top aggregation in NA, but still not a first-place finish. And Selfless last division — JKnaps was on that band and didn't accomplish Alliance Play. And afresh [G2] in fact aghast anybody in Alliance Play, if I was on that roster."

      "So JKnaps and I accept a lot to prove this season, and we're abundantly motivated to prove that [last season’s loss] was a fluke, that we accept what it takes," Kronovi said. "And Rizzo's going to try to prove that he can breach on top in NA, at least, and maybe this time be #1 in the world."

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Rocket Alliance teams up with WWE for reside accident and more" 05.19.2017

      In the adumbration of its antecedent (click https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league/rocket-league-items) apple colliding efforts amid battling platforms Xbox and Playstation, Rocket Alliance is already afresh bridge boundaries to accompany two acutely disparate audiences calm with its anew appear advocacy of the next WWE pay-per-view.

      With a abrupt Twitter announcement, Rocket Alliance has let its admirers and the admirers of WWE superstar wrestler’s know, it will be allotment of the absolute reside PPV accident Backlash on May 21 on the WWE network.

      The WWE cosigned on the activity by tweeting its own promotional video showcasing Rocket Leagues involvement. With a few weeks to go, it’s still cryptic the akin of captivation Rocket Alliance will accept during the broadcast, but admirers of the berserk accepted Windows 10, Xbox One and PS4 bold should apprehend some reasonable tie-ins into the gaming authorization somehow.

      Fans of the two franchises are still aggravating to accomplish animate or cape of the announcement, but the all-embracing faculty is that it’s something could ultimately plan for the WWE and Rocket Alliance because their fan bases added than cantankerous the venn diagram of engagement.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Steam Workshop Spotlight: Obstacle Beat 1" 05.18.2017

      Following the accretion of Beef Workshop abutment as allocation (how to get Rocket League Trading you can come to https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league/rocket-league-items) of the Starbase ARC updateRocket League, able modders in the Rocket League amalgamation acquire been creating levels that abuttals from affray floors to obstacle courses.

      In this Beef Workshop Spotlight, we assay out a affiliated from the able Rocket League modder French]“French Fries.” He’s garnered over 110,000 subscriptions to his “Obstacle Beat 1” level, authentic it the a lot of subscribed to map currently available. A quick accessory at the Rocket League Workshop shows that French Fries’ creations advantage three of the top ten spots in the Top Rated All Time annual as obstacle-based levels are ablaze favorites a allocation of players who are aggravating to claiming their abilities.

      Originally played above-mentioned to the amalgamation of Beef Workshop for Rocket League, “Obstacle Course” has anchored its position as the ancient admired amalgamation map. Consisting of 4 beat affliction levels, Obstacle Beat allows a abounding abuttals of players to claiming both their aeriform and freestyling abilities.

      While there is no dent timer, Obstacle Beat has advancing abounding enthusiasts to accepting the activity as they hunt through the courses in an beat to adeptness with the fastest time possible, creating an actualization dispatch animate movement aural the Rocket League community.

      If you acquire any Beef Workshop levels attainable to be accumulated to the Rocket League masses, assay out the Psyonix Workshop uploading adviser so you can accustom your own creations to the Rocket League Workshop.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Knight three major advantages can return to the finals" 05.17.2017

      NBA playoff Eastern (how to get https://www.lolga.com/ you can come to lolga) Conference semifinals seventh, the Boston Celtics to 115-105 victory over the Washington Wizards, with a total score of 4-3 cut, "Green Shirt Army" will be the defending champion Cavaliers to join the Eastern Conference finals. From the war record, lineup, and then to the playoff experience, the Celtics have no obvious advantages, home advantage into a "green jersey army" of the straw, the problem is the Celtics can drag the series The seventh field?
      The regular season, the Cavaliers and the Celtics a total of four encounters, including the Cavaliers to take advantage of 3 wins and 1 loss. Two teams in the history of the playoffs a total of six clash record, which the Celtics 4 times to qualify, 2 was eliminated to dominate, but with the "emperor" James back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Knight The team swept the Celtics 4-0 in the last clash between the two teams. In addition, the last two seasons, "Celtics" only beat the Cavaliers twice.
      The Cavaliers have three All-Star players, and from the role players to the bench players are fierce, Smith, Thompson, Frye, Owen, Deron, Korver, these people's ability to score can not be overlooked, any sudden Feel hot, will be a nightmare for the Celtics.
      In contrast, the Celtics side, the team is only a small Thomas all-star level players, team basketball is the characteristics of the team, but also the team's upset. Although the fourth quarter, Thomas can be turned into "Mr.", but the small Thomas's height is inadequate.
      Moreover, the height has always been a huge short plate of the Celtics. Whether it is before the Bulls, or the current Wizards, their strength inside the league does not have the level of dominance, but they can stir up trouble in the Green Army inside, we can see how the Celtics inside " The Although the Cavaliers have a lot of defects inside, but compared with the Celtics, the Cavaliers inside but turned into a strong point, so the Cavaliers and the Celtics compared to become a perfect team.
      The Celtics are a traditional team, but now the players in the "Green Shirt Army", the lack of experience in the playoffs, especially those who have experienced the final division of the players is very few. The other hand, the Cavaliers side, the Big Three are experienced the finals of the experience of the players, and the bench there are Deron and Corvor + Fry and other veterans.
      "Celtics" tenacious degree can not be overlooked, but tenacious, after all, still need hard power as a basis, of course, the Celtics there is a trick killer - home advantage, but if the Cavaliers to avoid the seventh king of war, that also Means that the Celtics killer did not show the opportunity.
      So for the Celtics, winning the series will be very difficult, if you want to play home advantage, we must first try to drag the series into the seventh game, only this "green jersey" only to qualify for the finals The

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Dwight - Howard: treat her every day like Mother 's Day" 05.16.2017

      Today, the eagle player Dwight - Howard in Twitter to (welcome to our NBA 2K18 MT site https://www.lolga.com/nba-2k-18/nba-2k-18-mt) update a picture of his mother kissing (see news map).

      "Treat her every day like Mother's Day," Howard wrote.

      This year's playoffs, Howard played 26.2 minutes per game, can get 8.0 points 10.7 rebounds and 1.3 assists. Eagles to 2-4 score loss to the Wizards stop the first round.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Harden G6 sleepwalking into the whole season" 05.15.2017

      Efforts throughout the season, but with a strange, disappointed, and even ugly way to end the journey, do not know, Harden heart in the end how to feel it?
      On the second day of (how to get https://www.lolga.com/ you can come to lolga) the end of the rocket season, before the rest of the city star McGrady, in the program, publicly criticized the Harden semi-finals G6 play. And in fact, in addition to McGrady. And his similar views of the attackers, but also a lot of people. In their view, as the core of the team, Harden G6's performance can not be forgiven, he should be a deep reflection, he should apologize for the rocket collapse.
      But for the outside world accusations, Harden really care about it?
      After all, over the past four years, harsh media, never gave him a good life too. Harden's private life under the magnifying glass without dead ends of the exposure. On the pitch, his every trace of lax, every time defensive people, every time and his teammates conversation, will be too much interpretation.
      In a certain period of time, Harden defense is really bad; a year ago, he and Howard, and coaching staff, there is indeed a contradiction; privately, he also really obsessed with nightclubs, and with the star, We have had a lot of romantic past. Harden will suddenly unhappy, will suddenly power; similar to this year's ghost upper body G6, Harden is not the first time there.
      However, all of the above counts, really can Harden the whole season's efforts, he achieved the results, easy to cover up?
      Almost everyone had to admit that this season, Harden reborn growth. Put aside the last battle aside, Harden's season journey, perfect. Throughout the season, Harden three pairs of breakthrough 20 times, and even had two scoring 50 + three pairs. He surpassed Olajuwon, became the history of the Rockets three doubles king. He assists the top of the table, with a pass and assists the seamless docking, to the backcourt organizers a new interpretation. He scored, rebounds, assists three data continue to improve, have created a new career career.
      In the Rockets, Harden and the coaching staff to get along, never like this season so harmonious, his chemical reaction between his teammates, and never as good as this season. Throughout the season, the Rockets in the West has always been the top 4, and in the absence of 4 regular season case, to ensure that the first 3, wait for the playoffs opponents, so the situation is also the majority of media experts, and even rocket players themselves Pre-season can not imagine.
      This season, Harden also played 81 regular season, you know, the past three years of regular season, he missed a total of only two games. D'Antoni's weight, teammates around the sacrifice, gave Harden more play the power, let him find the fun of playing. Since last summer, his name rarely appeared in the entertainment page, the media on his positive evaluation began to increase, and his distance from the regular season MVP trophy, has never been so close to this year.
      Just, the shame of the semi-finals G6, the strange semi-finals G6, will eventually become the whole season of Harden stains, even in the future career, this group of clouds will be a long time in Harden around wandering.
      But Harden is so maverick, after the end of the season that moment, he head into the nightclub, the whole year of fatigue, the pressure will be G6 stagnation of the mind, are a brains released. He does not care about other people's criticism, he did not even participate in the rocket season summary conference.
      The future, the rocket may become better? When the end of the playoffs, even a lot of optimistic people, suddenly become skeptical. Can be in Harden's philosophy of life, but never doubted the word. For their own, for the Rockets, for the next season's prospects, he still holds the kind of aloof, even paranoid fans of self-confidence.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "The beard has played off the chain several times" 05.13.2017

      James Harden in the Western Conference semifinals sixth (how to get https://www.lolga.com/ you can come to lolga) performance which is extremely bad, there are MVP candidate level, the game Harden has only 10 points and seven assists, and 6 turnovers, and 6 offenders The
      10 points is the lowest score of Harden season, the game Harden fighting no more than 11 times shot, 2 hit and all three-pointers. The Rockets had the right place and the trend, the Spurs number one star Leonard because of injury, the sixth is the Rockets home. However, the performance of Harden six games, he is hard to call this season MVP.
      Harden's performance will reminiscent of Stephen - Curry last season in the finals of the seventh game of the downturn, as well as 07 Mavericks in the first round against the Warriors were black eight games in 13 of 2 in the king of the king. Harden in the early stages of the game did not try to use the ball to help the Rockets, it seems that he did not want to participate in the attack, in the first section of life and death Harden uncharacteristically no shot The second section of the remaining 6 minutes and 18 seconds, Harden completed the game the first shot, left 4 minutes 34 seconds when Harden eat the third foul.
      MVP is part of the regular season awards, Harden has never proved his own value in the playoffs, 11-12 season Harden regular season performance to get the best sixth season, but in the finals face Heat and LeBron - James, Harden Chicken. Finals five games, Harden has 3 points is a single score, respectively, 5 points, 9 points and 8 points. The Rockets and Clippers in the sixth game in 2015, the Rockets 19 points behind the completion of the reverse overturned, Harden was abandoned in the distal bench, the Rockets reversal with him nothing to do.
      Harden's regular season MVP rival Russell Westbrook averaged 37.4 points, 11.6 rebounds and 10.8 assists in five games in the first round of the playoffs and the Rockets, and every game was done Harden had a clear drop in the sixth game. Many American journalists in the Twitter expression of the disappointment of Harden and the Rockets. In the name of A - Smith bluntly Harden did badly.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "76 people or to the small steel guns about fat" 05.12.2017

      From the US media reports, sources informed that the Raptors (welcome to our NBA 2K18 MT site https://www.lolga.com/nba-2k-18/nba-2k-18-mt) All-Star point guard Kyle - Lori has a great interest in this summer home (Philadelphia) to play. The 76ers, also plan for the "small steel gun" out of fertilizer about.
      With the Raptors in the Eastern Conference semifinals were swept the Cavaliers out, Lori this summer's destination to become the focus of attention. Season farewell, Lori said he wanted a championship ring, suggesting that the offseason will leave Toronto. The Raptors general manager Marseille - Wu Jie Li said the team will make every effort to leave Lori, but will weigh the specific situation, that is unlikely to open the top salary. If the Raptors out of the top salary, then Lori can get a 5-year total value of 200 million US dollars of fat about.
      News source said, Lori interest in the 76ers more and more concentrated. In addition to the 76ers team is a very talented team, there are Bryan - Colangelu Luo is the "Bole". When the Raptors served as general manager of the year, Colangelo through the Rockets deal with Lori. After that, Lori and Colangelo have maintained a good relationship.
      The Sixers have young people like Joel-Ebid, Ben-Simmons, Dario-Salic and Jahir-Okafor, who lack an experienced all-star point guard like Lori Control the team.
      76 people because of the young players more, so the salary space is relatively abundant. In fact, they also plan to open a large contract for Lori. Just for Lori, if the home, a short period of time title is not realistic.
      There is another talk, Lori may offseason to join a western team.
      31-year-old Lori this year, the playoffs played a total of eight games, averaging 37.5 minutes, made 15.8 points 5.9 assists and 3.1 rebounds 1.5 steals the data.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Atletico strikers refused to go to Real Madrid reasons exposure" 05.09.2017

      Real Madrid official Twitter in the online social platform on (welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site https://www.lolga.com/fifa-18/fifa-18-coins) the Thai through the Real Madrid news below, causing numerous fans guess. Then the Western media revealed that Real Madrid KO Barcelona, ​​and ultimately get the reason of Theo, "Aspen newspaper" lists the three reasons, why the final choice of the local defender Real Madrid.
      Theo and his brother Lucas are from the Atletico youth camp, Lucas in the last two seasons in the Atletico gradually stand firm, and there is a long time to stay in the effectiveness of the bed legion may, Cass is too far away, so the same is the Madrid city of Real Madrid is in the physical distance KO out of Barcelona. And Madrid there are many local clubs, but people go to the height, ito can not choose Getafe or Vallecano, leaving Atletico can only choose Real Madrid, although he is the horse race youth training fans, but the great himself is Real Madrid fans The
      And Real Madrid KO Barcelona the most critical reason is that the great salary of the company is stronger than Barcelona, ​​the two sides signed the future five years, theoo's pre-tax salary will reach 36 million euros, of which the first and second year is 6 million euros, then 3 Respectively, 7 million, 8 million and 9 million euros.
      Florentino this is to tear up the Real Madrid and Atletico each other do not blaze agreement, and is more brutal direct digging, bypassing and Atletico negotiations. And Theo's breach of contract for the 24 million euros, the money for Real Madrid is not high. Atletico is asking for 30 million euros, but Real Madrid will probably refuse to say, but Atletico to do so if you do not meet this request to contact the players in private as a condition to threaten the Real Madrid to FIFA.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "KD is as fast as a rock and mortar" 05.08.2017

      Jazz 91-102 home loss to the Warriors, the (how to get https://www.lolga.com/ you can come to lolga) series has been 0-3 behind. Jazz with Gobel dominated the inside, but also limits the warrior conversion attack. But the Warriors rely on Durant's personal ability, in the half position battle still help the warriors to maintain the advantage, coupled with the warmth of the Curry distal, the two together blasted a wave of direct take away victory, to overcome the Jazz home, large Score 3-0 lead to get match points.
      Jazz opening two attacks, Ingles directly choose three points all the blacksmith, then again into the attack inside the rhythm, Dior want to find a way for Gobel to feed the ball, he also opportunistic attack the basket, including the outside of Hayward and Mike, etc., the first choice is to break the ball hit the basket, but the jazz hit rate is not high, only Dior hit a record layup.
      Warriors after the opening of the same hope to hit the basket, but the Jazz striker defense is very tough, the Warriors can not rely on a breakthrough directly to the inside, Pachulia will Gobel led the restricted area after the assists empty cut the library into the first ball. Since then, the Warriors goal basically rely on empty cut to go, as well as Durant and Curry two personal ability, in the offensive efficiency is much higher than the jazz.
      After the rotation of the lineup, the jazz put on Hood to increase the attack fire, which quickly took advantage of breakthrough assists inside dunks. Gobel end, the jazz's outside attack began to increase, slowly into the rhythm of the Warriors run. Warriors, the transfer of the ball can not easily tear the jazz line of defense, but Durant and Curry's personal ability is Jazz can not limit the point, Durant first section scored 13 points, although the Warriors did not fast break, but in the half Field position war to rely on personal ability is still leading.
      Came to the second section, the jazz main lineup in the face of the Warriors mixed lineup obvious advantages, relying on effective defense to cause warriors a lot of mistakes. Gobel once under the fast-break dunk, the Jazz will be 11 points difference narrowed to 4 points. Durant came back, one person scored 6 points quickly stabilize the situation of the Warriors.
      Jazz also strengthen the attack, Mike by the cover to the top of the paint area to attract the defender, and then pass to the basket Gobel hit, then Hayward + Gobel + Dior to complete a three match, and finally Dior basket hit hit, Ge Bell later sent an assists, Jazz this wave of the attack directly to the basket to catch 1 point.
      Critical moment, David - West in the cast into the jazz boiling home again to settle down. But the Jazz has found the rhythm of the attack, Gobel in the last two minutes of this section caused Green's third foul, then also gave Durant a big hat. While the jazz outside also hit a note three points, and Gobel's free throws, so that the jazz with 1 point advantage ahead into the second half. Durant in this section and then cut 9 points, but the first half of the water brothers 13 cast 3, only 9 points recorded.
      Easy to battles, jazz once again evolutions, Joe - Johnson and Hood replaced Dior and Ingles, in addition to Pachulia outside the death of the rest of the Warriors to suppress the other four points, Gobel empty after the buckle, the jazz lead 9 points. After the warriors to make adjustments, shrink inside the anti-live basket, forcing the jazz election in the long distance, coupled with the offensive end of the library with 5 points, the score go-ahead.
      At the end of the decisive battle, the Jazz main attack Gobel and Hayward two points, the offensive efficiency is not stable. The Warriors to Durant and Curry-based, on the sub-speed is very fast, the two together will soon expand the advantage to more than 10 points, the game lost the suspense.
      The audience finished, Gobel scored 21 points and 15 rebounds and 4 assists and 2 blocks, almost dominated the inside of the audience, the Jazz restricted the warrior conversion attack, and once rely on the inside advantage to 9 points. But outside the jazz outside the Hayward, did not give too much support. Leading after the warrior to confront the inside of the strategy, outside the opportunity to vote is not.
      Durant scored 38 points and 13 rebounds, the Warriors rely on his no solution of the individual singles, even if the field is not much chance of fast break, still in the half positions continue to attack firepower. And Curry in the distal part of the third and kill, help the Warriors quickly expand the lead. Warriors then hold the rhythm, lock the victory of the field, but also to the big score came 3-0.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Little Thomas 13 points is not magical" 05.06.2017

      Celtics away 89-116 lost to the Wizards, big score (welcome to our NBA Live Coins site https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins) came to 2-1. The audience finished, Thomas played 29 minutes, 8 shots 3 get 13 points. Wizards will play a strong first half of the aggressive will spread to 20 points or more, the third quarter of the Wizards will continue to expand the advantages of the final game Thomas did not play early loss of suspense.
      Play the Celtics home win odds, big score came 2-0. Worth one is that the Celtics playoff in the start 2-0 lead the situation a total of 34 times, and each time the Green Army can eventually win this series. This is for the Celtics is undoubtedly a good omen, the two sides came to the Wizards home if the Celtics can win another, then the Celtics promotion road will be a bright.
      Little Thomas in the second game to play well, starting his debut of 33 of 18 games, a total of 53 points. Which also created a series of records of the history of the team, 53 points from the Kelvin Army history playoff individual single-game scoring record only 1 minute, the Green Army legend John - Havlicek in the 1973 playoffs In the single field to get 54 points. This is a small Thomas this year, the fourth game cut off at least 30 points, tied the retired Celtics name Paul - Pierce single season playoffs get 30 + times. 53 points is since Iverson in 2003, 55 points since the NBA playoff highest score.
      But the game did not continue the magic of Thomas, because the team early big score behind, Thomas did not play too much time, the score freeze in 13 points.
      The first half, the home game Wizards start the first force by Bill continuous score to maintain the field advantage, Wizards game to strengthen the restrictions on the small Thomas, the game went to 7 and a half minutes Thomas has two fouls, the Celtics Forced to replace the small Thomas end. The first game of small Thomas in the first section of the last 2 minutes to re-debut, after playing Thomas by free throws to get the first game of the game, this time the Celtics have been behind more than 20 points. Section II, the Celtics have been in the chase state, this time Thomas constantly impact Wizards inside scoring. Then there was a conflict in the field, Olli Nick defensive hit Ubu Lei, Ubu Lei got up to Olli Nick, the referee will be expelled from Ubud. May be affected by the emotional, the Celtics can not continue to score, the field has been trapped in a passive. Thomas only 7 points in the first half recorded, the Celtics big score behind.
      The second half, the Wizards still did not give the Celtics breathing space, Thomas at this time in the field is also powerless, compared to the magic of a play on the game Thomas mediocre, points difference has been expanded. Three times to half the time Wizards will spread to widen to 27 points, the game will lose suspense in the third quarter. Although the small Thomas is still in the field to play, but this is not meaningful for the game. The fourth quarter of the Celtics early change of small Thomas announced to give up.
      The next game will continue at the Wizards home, the Celtics if you can win a victory on the road then they may end the series as soon as possible, if the Wizards again win then the two sides will fight into 2-2 level, when the game will There will be more variables.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Raptors coach helpless knight team fortune" 05.05.2017

      Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Toronto Raptors with (welcome to our NBA 2K18 MT site https://www.lolga.com/nba-2k-18/nba-2k-18-mt) 125-103 big championships and 2-0 in the NBA's Eastern Conference semifinals. The next two games moved to Toronto.
      "You have to work harder than they are, stronger than they are, and you have to fight back, and you have to pay attention to them, but you can not be afraid of them." Raptors coach Casey said to the team before the game. Unfortunately, regardless of Casey coach made what kind of adjustment, the second game in the Raptors still James helpless.
      James played only 35 minutes to get 39 points and four rebounds and four assists. Less than four minutes after the start of the game, James again long-range hit three points, more than "days hook" Jabba NBA history to become the second playoff score second player.
      Raptors here this game is simply a nightmare. All-star player DeRozan audience only 5 points. Another all-star point guard Lori played well, got 20 points plus 5 assists, but in the third quarter accidentally sprained the left ankle, the fourth quarter did not return to the stadium.
      Knight side of the audience hit 18 points 3 points, the Raptors team shot a total of 17 times, the Raptors coach Casey said: "They cast very accurate, many times our players personal defense, they still dropped We should be able to further strengthen the defense, posted more close to the attack when we have to vote, (the audience shot only 17 shots) we should do better.
      For James in the playoffs Yuezhanyueyong performance, knights teammates are full of praise. Shampoo that is mainly James has the extraordinary ability to maintain their physical condition. "No matter the first day of playing 40 minutes, 48 ​​minutes, or double overtime, the next day he is the first came to the arena, for someone else to get on the ground." Coach Tyler - Lu that JR and shampoo Especially in the defense of the outstanding performance to reduce the burden of James, so that James can more easily play his talent. But James himself does not think so. "I am very respectful to Lu, but I have to say that I can do well at both ends."
      When James asked James for more than today Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the only remaining goal is the feeling of flying Jordan, James replied: "I am very lucky! For their own talent and the opportunity to feel lucky. I grew up dream of playing NBA, since I realized my talent, realized that I have a passerby, recognize the people around me the opportunity to let my talent to play, I did not see these as their own. Even today, I have 32 years old today, I still do not think these are what I deserve. I have excellent teammates, for 12 consecutive years into the playoffs, I have to thank my teammates and coaches. My task is to play every game Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is my childhood idol, and can be with him, feeling great.
      Today is Knight coach Tyler - Lu's 40th birthday. This victory is undoubtedly a beautiful birthday gift!

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Bulls Vice President: Hoyeberg continues to teach" 05.04.2017

      From the US media reports, Bulls basketball (how to get https://www.lolga.com/ you can come to lolga) vice president John - Parkson said, Fred - Hoyberg next season will continue to coach the team; also said there is a great opportunity to pull Jane - Rondo back Chicago.
      The first round of the playoffs, the Bulls in the 2-0 lead case, was the Celtics Lianban 4 games were eventually eliminated. G6, Chicago fans with boos dissatisfaction with Hoyberg. So, next season, Hoyberg will continue to teach it?
      "He (Hoyberg) is our coach and will come back next season," Paxson said. "The team has too many young players, so hope the fans can give him enough time and patience."
      Rondo signed a two-year, $ 28 million contract with the Bulls last summer, with an annual salary of $ 13.4 million, but the secured portion was only $ 3 million.
      Pachson said the team will meet with Rondo and will discuss the contract. "We have a lot of opportunity to bring Rondo back." Rondo in the G2 right hand thumb injury, he appeared after the injury, the Bulls offensive organization lacks the brain, and ultimately tragically the Green Army comeback.
      Dwyane Wade next season's annual salary is 23.8 million US dollars, "Dwyane" has a player option. Bulls management believes that Wade is likely to jump out of the contract. "Wade will first observe the direction of our team, offseason we will look for opportunities to sit down and talk," Parkson said.
      "This is a process, and we expect more young people to have a clearer and long-term role in the team, like Jimmy Butler," Pachson said, and the team wanted to reshape the team's image with strict discipline. Said Parkson.
      The regular season of the season, the Bulls made 41 wins and 41 losses, to the eastern part of the identity of the last weekend to catch the last train.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "22 in mind three-point ball + choking defense" 05.03.2017

      Spurs 99-126 home defeat rocket, the series lost a (how to get https://www.lolga.com/ you can come to lolga) home first. The audience finished, the Rockets under the record of twenty-thirds to create a team record, but also with the choking defense of the Spurs's overall offensive split into the inside and outside the various low-cost singles, half of the leading Spurs 30 points, to the wave Bovicky coach Spurs since the playoffs halftime most embarrassing record, but also let the game early loss of suspense.
      After the opening, Harden face David - Li Qiang from the third, after the break into the restricted area take off to the outside of Trevor Ariza scored three points. Then a round, Harden made Green foul, Green end, Spurs for Leonard defense. However, Beverly pass to Harden empty cut, Harden kept the ball directly to Capella, the Rockets 15-6 lead. Spurs after the opening, can not limit the collapse of Harden in series, Popovich called the two pause also no effect.
      Spurs for the first time attack, Parker continuous search for Green and David - Lee's cover, but in the end did not rip off the outside defense, and ultimately can only be given to Leonard. The second attack, Parker broke into the middle position to Adelaide, Ade pushed to the midline position to the outside line is not in the third. After the opening, Parker did not open the situation. Ginobili came up after a very complex battle speed after throwing, but the ball could only be handed over to Leonard singles.
      The first section of most of the time, the Spurs back and forth at both ends of the offensive and defensive ends have been completely burst, the offensive end Parker was completely limited, the ball is difficult to hit the inside, the defensive end of the performance of Greenbokovich is very dissatisfied with the direct replacement. Spurs completely into the rhythm of the rocket, the offensive side was forced to Leonard singles to solve the problem, the defensive end can not limit the pace of Harden, the Rockets first hit their own style, the first section leading 11 points.
      After the second team came up, Lewei and Beverly led the second team, quickly attacked a wave of 19-4 shock wave, points difference directly to more than 20 points. During this period, there are Beverly and Lu Wei's third, there is Anderson's killing, there are red rush inside, the Spurs did not prevent anyone. After the main lineup came back, Harden face Leonard defensive false propaganda, assists Arizona corner three points, only in the desperate Ginobili scored 6 points into a fig leaf.
      Halftime, the Spurs had only 39 points, 30 points behind the rocket. Spurs shot only 32% in the first half, 24% hit rate, 8 more than the Rockets three rebounds, rebounds and assists full backward. Halftime 30 points, but also Popovich as Spurs coach since the biggest playoff halftime difference.
      Although the outcome has no suspense, but the main spy will stay in the field to find the feeling. But in the whole section of the third quarter, the Spurs still did not break the rocket defense, especially between the inside and outside the line is still not separated from the outside, after the break can not find collusion after the inside players, unable to form a match can only barely shot or mistakes The This allows the rocket can be more assured of Leonard attack, the latter began to increase the mistakes, hit rate will be obvious.
      The Spurs want to make adjustments, Gasol and Deemon's inside, opening up to Ade and David-Lee's combination to better attack the Rockets. But it is still difficult to fundamentally change the overall decline, from Dade Meng is not calm way to see the Spurs heart anxious, but helpless heart state. And from the opening of the rage, Popovich did not have any expression, the performance of the team disappointed.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Paul Griffin from here" 05.02.2017

      Clippers lost at home to grab the (how to get https://www.lolga.com/ you can come to lolga) seven war, the playoffs again this season, hurriedly draw a full stop. This is not just the end of the season, for the Clippers Paul, Griffin can stay team will be a big problem.
      There is no last moment of the rattling, there is no sudden collapse of the fourth quarter, the game did not appear conflict and injury, the Clippers watched the timer finished the last second, the final Clippers to 91-104 lost the playoffs and jazz Of the seven games, their new season to this end. After a symbolic embrace of opponents, look lonely they pass through the Staples player channel to the locker room, which became the Clippers a miniature of the season.
      The Clippers gave up the last game of the season, not because they could not overcome their inner hurdles, but because they were at a disadvantage in the first three quarters, and the big scores left them uninterested.
      Chris Paul played in the round, 50 percent from the series, 40 percent from the quarter, 90 percent from the free throw, averaging 27.3 and 10 assists. But in the jazz high-quality defense and pick off, Paul seemed powerless.
      "I think they (jazz) play very well on the pitch," Paul said. "They have been squeezing our offensive space."
      Over the past two weeks, the Jazz for the Clippers have tried different cosmetic treatments to deal with, which shows their flexibility in cosmetic deployment. Although Jamaal - Crawford is still fighting alone, but the Jazz is still on the anti-Derek defense, Jazz firmly limit the main points of the Clippers score. In the case of Gobel's injury, Phevos will be Clippers players firmly limited to the free throw line, he played in the series 1-3 field play a vital role, the series is also playing the seventh game To make the final 6 off.
      Finally, the Clippers failed to overcome the toughness of the Jazz, Paul's heroism, Griffin's early injury back, they once again experienced a exactly the same season. This is a tough series, the series has been decisive to the seventh field before the winner, jazz coach Schneider has enough patience and resourcefulness, the jazz in the play after many years into the second round of the playoffs.
      Since Paul in Los Angeles combined with Griffin and Jordan, the Clippers have for six consecutive seasons have achieved more than 6 percent of the regular season winning percentage, but did not once into the Western Conference finals. After the end of the game, Redick said: "This is a recurring thing, for the end of the team seems to have been racing." "Yes, too many times," Paul said.
      Hall of Fame Paul Pierce will end his 19-year career after the game, and after silence he clears his lockers and knows that he will not be playing again as a player. After the game the Clippers have refused to talk about the future of the team, the failure of these years so that they have numb. The most critical is that Paul and Griffin this summer is going to stay will be the biggest problem for the team.
      Thanks to the new labor agreement, if Paul can stay in the Clippers, he will get 200 million in five years of pay, the Clippers in the Griffin's bid also dominate, but the problem is that they continue to stay in the Clippers The possibility is not so sure.
      Griffin is particularly regrettable during the Los Angeles period, his past two playoffs are not eliminated, but injured. Earlier this season, Griffin said that anything about his next season will be the result of the game will be decided after the end of the season, there is no exact information that speculation is only speculation only. But with the first round of the playoffs, all the information is already available, Griffin will make a decision within nine weeks, is to stay will become a focus topic, once Griffin test the water free market then This big fish will be attractive enough.
      Although they are of a different type, both Paul and Griffin are attractive enough to find a good job wherever they are. But it is important to be able to influence what they decide is: "Where can I go farther?"
      Let us look at the following Clippers in recent years, the playoff experience:
      2013-14 season, the Clippers first victory over the Warriors, the second round in the case of leading the Thunder was reversed out.
      2014-15 season, the Clippers break through the first round against the rocket, in the case of 3-1 leading rocket again reversed.
      2015-16 season, the playoffs due to injury, the first round of the Clippers will be eliminated by the Blazers.
      2016-17 season, the first round of the Griffin playoff, and Jazz struggling after seven games in the playoffs.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Broker Kongduobia could go to Naples the approaching are possible" 04.28.2017

      Inter players Kongduobia's agent appear that the midfield afore abutting Inter Milan could acquire gone to Naples.

      The French midfielder abutting the Nerazzurri in the summer of 2015, but the affair who answer the accord appear that he could acquire led the accord to St. Paul's stadium.

      The middleman, Paolo Schiavone, told Naples Kiss Kiss: "He did not affliction that he had called Inter Milan, and he had alone regretted audition that I had adjourned with Naples and that he had apparent a book from Surrey and De Lauren Teth created the abundant team, he anticipation de Laurentis was the best chairman.

      "It was a few years ago, we just talked with (how to get https://www.lolga.com/ you can come to lolga) Naples a little bit, but I did not aphorism out any accessible future, aggregate in football could happen."

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Reversal Bayern promotion finals, Dortmund public will sound after the game" 04.27.2017

      Dortmund in Beijing during the early morning of (how to get https://www.lolga.com/ you can come to lolga) a German Cup semi-final to 3-2 reversal Bayern promotion finals, after the game more special will be published on the game.

      "We have a great spiritual power, and it is not easy to do this in Munich, especially three weeks ago, we've just lost 1-4 here," he said.

      Wenger: "I want a little luck in Munich if you want to win, and I think the decisive factor is that we have been doing all the way, and Bill has made a few good saves.We know we have the ability to brand ourselves for the game Engraved, very lucky we did. To the last nobody cares if we are not lucky party, we are important to the finals!

      Royce: "The locker room is full of happiness. This is a very exciting game.Of course, Bayern had some good opportunities, but not luck is that they did not grasp from the 65th minute, we feel ourselves There is still plenty of energy to reverse the game, and the ball of equalizer is extremely important to our minds, and finally it may not be a triumphant victory, but we are rewarded for our spiritual strength.

      Schmidt: "Fortunately, today we stand on our side, so that we can once again grasp the opportunity for the fans in terms of this is a two in front of many opportunities have a wonderful game, but also to our victory end Bend made an incredible siege, and if they got into the third ball, the game might end up, and it was important for the team to achieve the reversal. It is important that we are going to work in Berlin That 's our goal.

    • lbluesky has written a new blog article "Ramos suspended a no penalty" 04.26.2017

      In the national derby, Ramos was sent directly by the flyer Messi, and he attacked Pick and satirized when he left. As the referee did not put Ramos's applause in the post-match report, the La Liga Disciplinary Committee suspended the Ramos only because of the red card, and Ramos was not punished. Real Madrid has appealed for this red card, and the appeal has been dismissed. If Real Madrid does not continue to trouble the Arbitration Commission, then, Ramos will miss tomorrow morning Real Madrid and La Coruna war.
      In the national Derby, Ramos claimed that he did not uprooting Messi, he therefore considered himself to be injustice punishment, Real Madrid also made an appeal. The Spanish Football Association Disciplinary Committee believes that this red card of the penalty without any problems. After watching and analyzing the video, the Disciplinary Committee decided to maintain the suspension of Ramos and 350 and € 600 for Real Madrid and Ramos respectively.
      Ramos red card appeal failure is reasonable things, Canadian media can not understand why he was not subject to additional punishment. As in the red after the referee satirical applause, Nei Maer was suspended for two games, he also missed the national derby. Ramos was sent off after being sent off, but did not receive any additional punishment. "Daily Sport newspaper" in the front page headlines rage, this penalty is simply a scandal.
      As Real Madrid fans of La Liga Te Bass, on the matter (welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site https://www.lolga.com/fifa-18/fifa-18-coins) given his view: "I think Ramos should not be punished because of his move, I do not think this is a lack of respect for the performance." In the existing video Information, do not see whether Ramos satirical irony to the referee. The referee Fernandez-Fernandez did not mention the matter in the post-match report, which made Ramos eventually escaped punishment.

    • The Clippers exhausted the Applesauce home to achieve a city, carbon the alternation bout 1-1.

      The campaign, the Clippers to abolish the accomplished jazz, the aboriginal area to play a individual annual of 29-18, Blake - Griffin, Chris - Paul and De Andre - Jordan three of the aboriginal area of the collective 13 in 10. The Applesauce did not annual advanced of the match.

      "This is significant," Blake - Griffin said, the bold he assets the accomplished 24 points, the end of the bend hit the key three credibility advanced of time to allowance the victory. "Our spirit is great, the admirers is apprenticed by the aboriginal area of the game, because anybody is absolutely aggressive, and this is what we charge the attitude now.Whether the cutting into and without, accept to be advancing The abhorrent end of the abhorrent end will drive the arresting end.

      Due to Gobel's absence, the Applesauce denticulate alone 38 credibility inside, while the Clippers is 62 crushing advantage, which is an important agency affecting the aftereffect of the game. No bit pressure, the baby Jordan with 18 credibility and 15 rebounds of the abstracts aphorism inside.

      "I do not affliction about anyone," if asked whether it was easier to appearance advancing because of Gobel's absence. "I achievement Gobel is in acceptable bloom and I achievement he can acknowledgment to the series, and we can not just anguish about a accurate person, as to whether he is present or not, and will not affect my duties. Is arena the game. "

      Jazz drillmaster Quinn - Schneider speaks "the aggregation to acquisition added means to break the central shackles."

      In accession to the accomplished (welcome to our NBA Live Coins site https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins) achievement of the Clippers' three giants, Luke-Bamor is aswell accomplishing able-bodied in the bout adjoin Gordon Hayward, the absolute and abrogating amount of the bold +17 is the accomplished in the audience, and the Hayward absolute and abrogating As low as -17, so the achievement has aswell been the aggregation headed Paul sure.

      "I'm the a lot of loyal fan of the accomplished game," Paul commented.

    • According to Burger's bounded media, "Hamburg Evening News" appear that the Bundesliga Dortmund club achievement for Obama to acquisition a acceptable acting striker, appear that Dortmund adorned Hamburg striker Wood.

      US civic football by a bulk of Bundesliga and (welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site https://www.lolga.com/fifa-18/fifa-18-coins) adopted clubs from the apropos of his arrangement this summer, 12 actor euros in the agreement of the arrangement will appear into effect, if the assignment of Hamburg, afresh the agreement of the transaction of alone 5 actor euros. However, according to the "Sports Photo" message, Hamburg hopes to try to accumulate Wood, Hamburg is accommodating to renew the arrangement with Wood, and accession the bulk of gold terms.



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