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    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "The sport took a step jersey forward with Saturday’s gripping" Today

      George Foreman once said boxing is the sport to which all other sports aspire, and for 47 electrifying minutes on Saturday night that maxim rang as Blake Bortles Authentic Jersey true as the middleweights Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Álvarez, two of the finest pure fighters of their generation, met in a contest of extreme physical and psychological intensity, holding a sold-out arena and a worldwide Indians Jersey audience Indians Authentic Jersey of Jaguars Jersey millions Jaguars Authentic Jersey in their thrall. It was that rarest of unicorns: a main event that managed to exceed the years of hype that preceded it. The sport could have scarcely dreamt of a better advertisement. Until, that is, the decision.
      Whenever boxing asks the broader public to lean forward and pay attention, it seems a self-defeating blow is never too far ahead, reminding everyone why they abandoned the sport in the first place.
      From my ringside seat I had it eight rounds to four, awarding Álvarez the second, third, 10th and 11th. Watching the telecast the next day with the commentary muted, I could concede that Canelo may have done enough to earn the first and the 12th, but Golovkin’s destructive dominance in rounds http://www.jaguarsofficialshop.com/authentic-blake-bortles-jersey.html three through nine was beyond dispute. Which means even if you gave Álvarez wholesale benefit of the doubt and awarded him every swing round bookending the gruesome middle act, you couldn’t get any further than a draw.
      Adelaide Byrd has rightfully caught the brunt of the backlash for her risible score of 118-110 for Álvarez, somehow only awarding Golovkin the fourth and the seventh. But the more consequential lapse of professionalism was found in the verdict handed down by Don Trella, who arrived at 114-114 after inexplicably awarding the profoundly one-sided seventh round to Álvarez, a misstep that, unlike Byrd’s wholesale misread, managed to alter the outcome from a split-decision win for Golovkin to the split draw that history will reflect.Yes, it was a close fight. But the inadequate judging creates a perception of impropriety practically as bad as concrete proof, further undercutting the public trust in a sport that can ill afford it. Whatever the reason for Byrd’s outrageously wrong-headed assessment is immaterial.
      “Everybody won,” said Ricky Vaughn Womens Jersey Eric Gomez, the Golden Boy Promotions president who promotes Álvarez. “It was a great event.”The second statement is indisputable, but the first couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nothing can undo the valor and nerve of Golovkin and Álvarez on a night that enriched the legacies of both fighters, binding them forever in time and almost certainly setting the stage for a rematch that will generate even greater interest. But at what cost to the men inside the ropes?For years Golovkin was considered too good to get a big fight, a prodigious talent who time and again found himself on the raw end of the elemental risk-versus-reward calculus that governs the matchmaking process. One after another he ripped through middleweights, knocking out 23 in a row between 2008 and earlier this year. Then finally, at 35 years old and approaching the edge of his peak, the Kazakh puncher found himself at the top of a pay-per-view card in Las Vegas for the first time ever. While Saturday’s draw means he keeps the WBC, WBA and IBF belts, as well as the lesser IBO title, Golovkin was denied what should have been the defining moment of his career.
      Canelo, though spared the http://www.authenticclevelandindians.com/Ricky-Vaughn-Jersey blemish of an official loss, has been similarly cheated. The 27-year-old heartthrob from Guadalajara, for all his carefully engineered star wattage and robust endorsement portfolio, has never engendered the religious following enjoyed by Mexican forebears like Julio César Chávez and El Finito López and Salvador Sánchez, preferring a measured counter-punching style at stylistic odds with the devil-may-care aggression, reckless pressure and machismo tightly wound into the national identity. He was still a teenager when he signed a contract with Televisa, the TV network famous for telenovelas among the most watched in all of Latin America, who built him into a household name on the steam of his red hair and matinee-idol good looks. That’s led many unconvinced Mexicans to denigrate him as a media creation or, worse, a fraud.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "Tom Dumoulin takes world jersey time trial with Chris" Today

      Chris Froome pushed his weary body to its limit in the pursuit of his first world time-trial championship, but on a day of sunshine and showers in Bergen Bob Griese Authentic Jersey there was no rainbow jersey – or gold medal – awaiting him at the end of it.However the 32-year-old Dolphins Jersey Englishman Dolphins Authentic Jersey took Packers Jersey immense Packers Authentic Jersey satisfaction in a spirited effort on the final climb, which pushed him into bronze, behind the Dutchman Tom Dumoulin, who obliterated his rivals on the 31km course to win in 44min 41sec – 57.69sec ahead of the Slovenian Primož Roglič in second, with Froome 25sec further back.
      Afterwards Froome, smiling but spent, admitted he was delighted with a second medal of the championships, alongside a team time-trial bronze with Team Sky on Sunday. “Of course it would have been nice to be fighting for gold, but I have no regrets,” he said. “I gave it absolutely everything I had.”However he conceded that a combination of driving rain and weary legs from his victory in the Vuelta a España, had made for a hard shift in the saddle. “The weather conditions were tough,” he added. “It started raining halfway round after my first lap, and those corners were pretty slippery. I heard quite a few guys crashing as well. I wanted to stay upright but there was a hard balance between going too fast and being too conservative.”
      By the time Froome began his time trial, at 5pm Norwegian time, the gun-metal skies and damp roads that had greeted the early riders had given way to brighter skies http://www.officialnikedolphinsshop.com/bob-griese-jersey-for-sale-c-4.html and much easier conditions. However he was perhaps overly cautious to start with and at the 11.5km checkpoint was 13.66sec down in eighth place.He had improved one place as he approached the final part of the course, up Mount Floyen, a 3.4km mini-beast of a climb with a gradient of 9.1% and 19 hairpin bends. But Froome gritted his teeth, got his pedals moving and was able to improve from seventh going into the final climb to make the podium by 7.27sec.But he was a long way behind the pre-race favourite Dumoulin, who had targeted this race even before his surprise victory in the Giro d’Italia this year. The 26-year-old, who won the Olympic time-trial silver medal in Rio last year and also won the team time-trial with Sunweb on Sunday, was simply a class apart.
      “I thought my power meter was off because it was so high,” Dumoulin said. “I felt really, really good. It started raining and I needed to take the corners really slow, especially in the first kilometre of the climb with all the twists and turns – on every corner my back wheel was slipping as I Blake Martinez Youth Jersey had the TT tyres on because I thought it was going to be dry.”
      However Dumoulin never looked in any real trouble, unlike many of the other 63 riders. Poland’s Maciej Bodnar came a cropper on the first bend after skidding on a pot hole at the first turn and coming off his bike, while France’s Alexis Gougeard was in contention for a podium place until his chain came off.The devilish choice confronting every rider beforehand was whether to stick with their time-trial bikes up Mount Floyen, or to change to a conventional and lighter one at the bottom of the climb. The perils of getting it wrong were illustrated by the first rider of the day, Alexey Lutsenko of Kazakhstan, who struggled to get his feet into the pedals after changing bikes and lost around half a minute after needing several pushes to get moving again Dumoulin, however, decided to stick with his time-trial bike throughout – as did Froome – and was rewarded for his choice. “I was doubting for a long time actually,” he said. “But I took the decision not to risk it. It was the right one, I think.”No one would dispute that. Dumoulin’s overwhelming dominance on the day, however, rather made it academic.If the result is secondary to the action itself, the party line emphasized by one Golden Boy rep after another in Saturday’s aftermath, then why even announce a winner?No, everyone did not win. Not http://www.packersnflofficialshop.com/authentic-blake-martinez-jersey.html Golovkin, not Álvarez and certainly not boxing, which once again managed to hit the lottery and lose the ticket. On its biggest night in a long time, the sport took a step backward.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "The Liverpool tapping-up scandal jersey was finally" Today

      According to Martin Glenn, the Football Association chief executive who broke the news, Mark Sampson was “calm but angry” as he found out from a fourth‑floor office at Wembley that his luck had finally run out.The summons had Chris Bosh Authentic Jersey come the night before. Sampson arrived around midday and the formalities did not last too long once he realised that a scandal had caught up with him – just not the scandal, perhaps, that most people might have envisaged.That does not make the other allegations swirling around the now-deposed England Women’s manager any less serious or change the fact that a second crisis is running concurrently – a story featuring racism allegations, hush money and yet more evidence of systematic failure – that needs a proper ending rather than any more of the FA’s attempted spin, deflection and pulling down of shutters.
      The Eni Aluko affair, a story this newspaper has been driving for several weeks, is already threatening to go to the top of the FA now that a third investigation is under way and the House of Commons culture, media and sport select committee is summoning the relevant people to explain the gaping holes in the previous two inquiries.If, that is, it can still be called the Eni Aluko affair when a second player, Drew Spence, will meet the barrister Katharine Newton on Friday for an interview that http://www.officialheatauthentic.com/authentic-1-chris-bosh-jersey.html should have taken place the best part of a year ago. As if Sampson does not have enough on his plate, Spence intends to corroborate Aluko’s version of events by saying she, too, was the recipient of an allegedly racial remark.Ultimately, though, Sampson has gone for something entirely different, involving a safeguarding investigation that went on for the best part of a year, a breakdown in communications within the FA structure and, it appears, some particularly dubious behaviour from his time at Bristol Academy where there are first-hand reports that some of the club’s trips were more like a coming together of stag- and hen-dos.
      No doubt Heat Jersey more Heat Authentic Jersey will Phillies Jersey come Phillies Authentic Jerseyout in time but it is not going to be pretty when it involves a football manager, a number of backroom staff, a women’s team and a culture where, according to reliable evidence, some of the more sensible players became increasingly alarmed about what was deemed acceptable.Stories about Bristol Academy have been floating around for some time and a lot of them now appear to be true. For the moment, we will probably have to join the dots. “No law was broken but we felt that, during his time at Bristol, Mark had overstepped the professional Jimmy Foxx Authentic Jersey boundaries between player and coach,” Glenn said.
      There will be some, undoubtedly, who find this all a bit convenient. Here we have the FA, in the midst of what could be an appalling race controversy, suddenly finding an entirely separate reason to get rid of the alleged offender for something that happened in his previous employment.Whatever Sampson has done to warrant the sack, the men in power decided it could wait a few days
      Glenn was at pains to absolve himself of any responsibility and also said the same about Greg Clarke, the chairman. Dan Ashworth, the technical director, was the person who appointed Sampson, championed him and brought him through the system. Surely he could have stopped this? “No,” Glenn again insisted. And it was staggering how it panned out – all of the FA’s top three executives were, apparently, not to blame one bit.The fault, according to Glenn, lay further down the organisation and with a number of other people who just happen not to work for the FA any more. “Mark joined the FA at the end of 2013. A couple of months into http://www.authenticphillieshop.com/authentic-4-jimmy-foxx-jersey.html his employment, the FA received anonymous allegations about his conduct at Bristol Academy. The FA safeguarding system clicked into gear and those safeguarding officers spent quite a bit of time, almost a year, investigating a range of issues that had been raised. They presented that to a safeguarding review panel in early 2015 and in March 2015 the panel reached a decision that, if he had some training and mentoring, he wasn’t a safeguarding risk.In other statements Glenn appeared to hold a previous regime responsible, a time when Greg Dyke, Adrian Bevington, Sir Trevor Brooking and Alex Horne were running the organisation.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "Mark Sampson departs jersey amid a flurry of FA confusion" Today

      The Liverpool tapping-up scandal was finally resolved on Wednesday after the club and Premier League agreed to pay the school fees and compensation of Authentic Mitch Richmond Womens Jersey Their plight was exclusively chronicled by Telegraph Spor the 13-year-old victim.More than a year after the Anfield side’s illicit pursuit of the unnamed schoolboy left his family in thousands of pounds of debt and him unable to play academy football until Stoke City were paid £49,000, they and the league reached an out-of-court settlement with his parents.That spared the boy being thrown out of the private school he had been attending since the age of eight, initially on a two-year scholarship secured by his father and then at the expense of Stoke.
      Their plight was exclusively chronicled by Telegraph Sport, which also revealed the lengths to which Liverpool were allegedly prepared to go to lure him to Anfield and to conceal their tapping-up from the authorities.The club, who were http://www.officialbasketballkingstore.com/Mitch_Richmond_Jersey banned from signing academy players from other league teams over the saga as well as being fined £100,000, faced being sued by the boy’s family following the collapse of a deal to sign him from Stoke that would have seen them cover his school fees.
      Liverpool and the Premier League said in a joint statement: “The Premier League and Liverpool FC have reached a constructive agreement regarding the future education of a young player who was unable to register with the club.“Under the terms of the agreement, the player will be able to continue his education at his current school.“He will also be free to join another club in the academy system without that club being required to pay compensation, which has been settled with his former club, Stoke City FC.“We understand this has been a difficult situation for the young person. We are pleased for him that it has been resolved and wish him a successful future.”
      A spokesman for the family declined to comment on the outcome of a case which the boy told the Telegraph in May had made him “sad” and “stressed”.His father added: “It’s seriously had an impact on my health. The sleepless Authentic Scottie Upshall Womens Jersey nights, the worry that I’ve had to cope with this.“It’s had an impact on all the family. If I’m stressed, they’re all stressed.”Among the allegations made by the family against Liverpool were that they instructed the boy’s father to lie to Premier League investigators about their tapping-up of his son.The club were also accused of submitting a “falsified” document to the Premier League when trying to register the boy.Liverpool denied both allegations but admitted breaching rules brought in during the summer of 2016 designed to prevent poaching in the academy game.
      That included severe restrictions on the paying of private school fees, which ultimately led to the collapse of their move for the boy at the centre of the scandal.The family blew the whistle after being left to foot that bill, which Liverpool refused to cover until today, despite Manchester City having done just that for two scholars they were found guilty of tapping up.Alan Shearer has insisted Liverpool have barely improved at all since Jurgen Klopp replaced Brendan Rodgers as manager in http://www.officialbluesauthentic.com/authentic-10-scottie-upshall-jersey.html October 2015.
      Rodgers was sacked despite masterminding Liverpool's most genuine Premier League title challenge during their 2013/14 season.Liverpool were eventually pipped to the title by Manchester City after dropping points against Crystal Palace and Chelsea in their run-in and Shearer believes Klopp has done little to improve the team's familiar failings in the two years he has been at the club.Since taking over the reigns at Liverpool, Klopp's side have conceded 91 goals in the 73 games , four goals more than Rodgers' team allowed in the same number of games."The truth, however, is that Liverpool are no different under boss Klopp than they were under Brendan Rodgers," Shearer wrote in his Monday morning column for the Sun.Liverpool drew 1-1 with Burnley on Saturdaydespite having 35 shots to the visitors' five, a result Blues Jersey that Blues Authentic Jersey leaves Kings Jersey them Kings Authentic Jersey eighth in the table with just two wins from five games.I am left wondering just what he does on the training ground when the same defensive errors are repeated week in, week out.Klopp has rejected suggestions he should have done more to sign a new centre-back over the summer after a deal to sign Virgil van Dijk never materialised.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "Social issues such jersey as same-sex marriage" Yesterday

      In August this year, on a Friday night with the Western Bulldogs’ season on the line, I experienced one of the more painful incidents of my football-going Authentic Nikola Jokic Womens Jersey life. It came in the third quarter, when the Giants kicked away through arch-nemesis Toby Greene, a man well-known to our brood, not just for the boot to the face of Luke Dahlhaus that night, but for his callous hit on Caleb Daniel earlier in the season. Enraged, a teenage boy behind me screamed at Greene as he gestured to the crowd, calling him a “faggot”.My heart sank. Seated next to my girlfriend, my hand in hers, I surveyed the crowd with intent. She nodded in the direction of the boy who had used the slur, and I shook my head at the woman I presumed was his mother. The woman, in turn, angrily denied he had yelled the abuse. I stood, my voice shaking, and addressed the crowd en masse: “I don’t care who said it – it’s not OK”.
      I left the ground that night feeling alienated from my Bulldogs family and from AFL football more broadly. Although no club or sporting body can completely control its crowds and the diverse communities that flock to it, I questioned whether the AFL would have the guts to publicly stand up to incidents such as this.The AFL has this week thrown its support http://www.authenticnuggetstore.com/Nikola_Jokic_Jersey behind the yes campaign in the marriage equality debate; on Wednesday it replaced its logo at AFL House with a prominent “YES” sign. In so doing, it belatedly follows a range of prominent sporting bodies including the Australian Rugby Union, Cricket Australia, Football Federation Australia and the NRL.
      The latter’s stance on marriage equality was reportedly inspired by a plea from Ian Roberts, still the only openly gay NRL player (past or present), who wrote to Todd Greenberg asking him not to “miss this moment in history”. Greenberg responded by arguing that “one of the key pillars of rugby league is inclusiveness – and the game has a duty to back up its policy with action”.The ARU was similarly staunch in its support, two years after former Wallabies captains David Pocock and Stephen Moore took a stance against the use of a homophobic slur in a match between the Brumbies and the Waratahs. But despite the current captain, Michael Hooper, arguing that the Wallabies were “all very supportive of the yes campaign”, Israel Folau made waves earlier this week with a tweet to the contrary.
      The ensuing criticism of Folau, a devout Christian, has since been used as evidence by conservative pundits of “bullying” and “intimidation” by the yes campaign (despite clear evidence that it is LGBTI Australians whose mental health has suffered as a result of the divisive vote). Prominent Authentic Bucks Youth Jersey News Corp columnist Rita Panahi went on to argue that the response to Folau proved the “last thing supporters want is sociopolitical issues intruding on their love of the game”.What such arguments fail to realise is that sociopolitical issues are inextricable from sport. Those who belong to marginalised communities and play or consume sport constantly juggle their love of these games with the ever-present threat of homophobia, sexism and racism – whether it’s attending a match where “faggot” is used to taunt an opponent, or watching Brian Taylor call Harry Taylor a “poofter” for giving a “royal wave” to the crowd when celebrating his 150th game.
      The response of associated governing bodies serves as a barometer for how acceptable this behaviour is to the broader community. At its simplest, to support marriage equality is to assert that the rights of LGBTI people ought to be equal to that of others. The messaging inherent in such a stance is that http://www.officialbuckstore.com/Matthew_Dellavedova_Jersey they deserve respect in the same way that other members of these sporting communities do.That’s why it was so meaningful for me that my own club pledged its support for marriage equality (alongside Collingwood, North Melbourne and St Kilda) and why I hope that this support can trickle down to fans such as the boy at that game earlier this year. It is not just the culture of Australian sport at stake here, but the lives of those who love it.At least the Celts on the summer Lions Eagles Jersey tour Eagles Authentic Jersey now Mason Crosby Jersey know Mason Crosby Authentic Jersey the All Blacks are not entirely invincible.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "Two years to Japan’s jersey World Cup and rugby union" Yesterday

      Exactly two years from Wednesday, the Rugby World Cup will kick off in Japan, and World Rugby is starting to twitch, judging by its public warnings to local Authentic Al MacInnis Youth Jersey organisers about the sluggish pace of preparations. Get your pagoda in order now has been the theme before this week’s two-years-to-go extravaganza at Shibuya 19 in central Tokyo.Normally this would be a high-profile story but, right now, there seem to be more serious concerns, not least that Japan is at the heart of global geopolitical tension with North Korea given a second missile test fired over the 2019 host country in the past week. Rugby, meanwhile, has its own worrisome long-term problems to fret about. Those South Africans still shaking their heads at last Saturday’s 57-0 thrashing by the All Blacks are not alone: the scoreline sent a shiver down every traditional rugby spine, from Bloemfontein to Buenos Aires. The Springboks were supposed to be improving, the men in black still rebuilding. What if this yawning gap widens further between now and 2019? Only the most sand‑obsessed ostrich could ignore the possible ramifications.
      Because, without any question, a http://www.officialflamesauthentic.com/Alex_Chiasson_Jersey permanently sub-par Springboks side dangerously weakens the whole of Test rugby. The international game is not commercially bulletproof worldwide and relies on its trusty mix of delicious anticipation and competitive tension to keep interest alive. Increasingly the Boks are struggling on both counts: they have lost 14 of their last 16 Tests against the All Blacks, their once-impregnable aura has evaporated, many of their best players have relocated to clubs overseas to earn more money and even their most ardent fans are wondering aloud if their days as a rugby superpower are gone for good. One of that country’s most seasoned observers expressed it perfectly: Saturday was South Africa’s darkest night, and there may not be a dawn.Worse still is the fear that many of the hyenas circling the stricken Boks are weakening themselves. Australia, despite a slight recent upturn, are struggling even to woo their own supporters, never mind the rest of the world – a crowd of 14,229 turned up to watch their first Test in Canberra in seven years last weekend. Argentina, for their part, have lost 13 of the last 15 Tests, beating only Japan and Georgia, with their policy of picking only homegrown players threatening to unravel completely.
      Then there is the United States Authentic Keith Yandle Womens Jersey where, as underlined in Pennsylvania at the weekend, 15-a-side rugby only really appears to catch the Panthers Jersey mass Panthers Womens Jersey imagination Flames Jersey when the Flames Authentic Jersey All Blacks pitch up in Chicago. Sevens may yet prove a different story but its confirmation last week as a guaranteed Olympic sport until 2024 at least could destabilise the traditional game even more, as is happening with Twenty20 and Test cricket.And so it goes on: France have won the Six Nations just once in the past decade, Samoa have been slipping backwards, the spectre of concussion and player welfare in general still stalks the sport, the professional players of the Premiership are muttering about strike action, the Pro14 is expanding because the alternative is too horrible to think about and none of the big English clubs are making a significant profit either.
      On these pages all these issues have been variously flagged up before; the difference is that many are now flocking home to roost simultaneously. The Lions tour was a wonderful anachronism, temporarily blinding all of us to major issues elsewhere. At this rate, even in the two-year http://www.officialpanthersonlinestore.com/Keith_Yandle_Jersey window before the 2019 World Cup kicks off, we could be in for a 20-team tournament at which only two squads, at best, have much hope a) of lifting the trophy and b) not being reduced to a pulp at some stage.Of course it is still only mid-term but a predictable two-horse race would be bad for the game as a whole. While England are by no means yet the finished article, their 19 wins in 20 Tests under Eddie Jones do make them legitimate contenders. But if they cannot stop the All Blacks then who will? Ireland, who have never been beyond the quarter-finals at any World Cup, an improving but still inconsistent Scotland, or a Wales team awaiting an infusion of new blood? At this precise moment a black-and-white-dominated World Cup feels more likely.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "Jonny Bairstow century jersey guides England to routine" Yesterday

      Jonny Bairstow in his latest role as a one-day international opening batsman – and wizard boundary fielder – shepherded his side to the simplest of victories Authentic Terry Sawchuk Womens Jersey in the first match of the series. England cruised home by seven wickets on the nearest we are likely to come to a balmy Manchester evening at this time of year. Bairstow hit a fluent, unbeaten 100, his first ODI century, which means that it will take a while for the displaced Jason Roy to regain a place in England’s best team.“It’s a long time since I made my debut at Cardiff [six years ago] so I’m really delighted,” said Bairstow, who must regard this as a landmark innings that is likely to forge a new career for him as an ODI player.
      The win was so emphatic that this match is unlikely to linger long in the memory, beyond that of the Bairstow family. The home fans could take some satisfaction in an efficient England performance but there was little excitement and much early frustration. Those who arrived promptly had to wait two hours before the conditions were deemed to be playable and there was not much reward, for their patience since the game lacked much drama. The outcome was seldom in any doubt.The quirky 12.30pm start never came to pass. At 11.30am, as the sun came out, England were happily playing football on the outfield; West Indies were knocking up with http://www.officialredwingsauthentic.com/authentic-62-thomas-vanek-jersey.html bats and balls. At 1.45pm the sun was still beaming down and the playing area was deserted except for Rob Bailey, the fourth umpire, and a forlorn groundsman.England beat West Indies by seven wickets in first ODI – live!
      Jonny Bairstow’s high-class unbeaten 100, his maiden ODI century, guided England to an emphatic victory over West Indies at Old Trafford There had been no play because of a damp outfield and a second inspection was imminent; there was a reluctance to start because of the risk of player injury. Ho-hum – on that basis rugby players would never take to the field. The two-hour delay contrived to make our summer sport look ever more ridiculous. If it is deemed to be a good idea to schedule international matches for the second half of September, do not expect perfect playing conditions.After the second inspection, sanity prevailed; the umpires gave up consulting with wary captains and decreed that play would commence at 2.30pm and the contest became a 42-over match. Thereafter, there was never any indication that the players Troy Brouwer Youth Jersey were being exposed to unacceptable risks – provided they had remembered to apply sunscreen diligently.
      West Indies, who won the toss and batted, only threatened when Chris Gayle, playing his first ODI since the World Cup of 2015, was at the crease. He should have been dismissed for a duck when driving in Chris Woakes’s first over, but Joe Root at second slip – probably standing too close given the batsman – dropped a chance that sped towards him at chest height.Then Gayle batted as Gayle does; there was minimal foot movement whether he was playing a shot or running – sidling would be nearer the truth – between the wickets. Gayle has long been a phenomenon, mechanical yet spellbinding at the crease. If the ball is in his slot he hits it for six – there were three of those, two off David Willey, who was swiftly removed from the attack, and one off Woakes. All of them were walloped back over the bowler’s head. There was also the odd dismissive pull shot interspersed with the occasional quick single, which for Gayle, 38 on Thursday, constitutes a gentle jog while the ball travels to long-on.It looked as if Root’s miss would cost http://www.officialflamesauthentic.com/Troy_Brouwer_Jersey England dear. But soon the fielding and the match situation improved significantly. First, Alex Hales snaffled a fine catch at square leg after the early introduction of Moeen Ali to remove Erin Lewis. Then Root atoned brilliantly, sprinting back from extra cover to take a superb catch over his shoulder from a lofted drive by Gayle off Woakes.Off limped Gayle – there was a suspicion that he had damaged a hamstring while Flames Youth Jersey walking Authentic Flames Womens Jersey one Red Wings Authentic Jersey of Red Wings Jersey his singles – and then only Shai Hope with a polished 35 and Jason Holder, who hit a skittish, unbeaten 41 at the end caused England any concerns.Marlon Samuels spent a lot of time in reconnaissance but to no avail.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "Ian Botham calls for jersey transfer system after Durham" Yesterday

      Sir Ian Botham, the chairman of Durham, has angrily questioned conflicts of interest within the England selection panel and called for the introduction http://www.authenticcapitalshop.com/authentic-92-evgeny-kuznetsov-jersey.html of a transfer system in cricket after seeing Paul Coughlin, a talented all-rounder, opt to leave the embattled club for Nottinghamshire.In a pointed statement issued on Tuesday announcing Coughlin’s decision to leave for a three-year deal at Trent Bridge, Botham expressed his frustration at losing a home-grown player and while not naming him directly, highlighting the fact that one of the draws of Nottinghamshire is that their director of cricket, Mick Newell, is also on the national selection panel.
      Coughlin’s departure stems from Durham’s enforced relegation last October, as the three-year contract he signed just weeks before included a £20,000 buyout clause should the club find themselves in Division Two. With Keaton Jennings, the England opener, in possession of a similar clause in his deal and on the radar of Notts and Lancashire, the situation could re-emerge soon.Toby Roland-Jones excels for Middlesex but back issue causes concern
      Toby Roland-Jones showed why England see him as a major player for the Ashes, impressing for Middlesex before going off with a stiff lower backBotham, whose chairmanship began when Durham were restructured as a community-interest http://www.authenticcapitalshop.com/authentic-30-ilya-samsonov-jersey.html company following their £3.8m bailout by the England and Wales Cricket Board, claims Coughlin was offered new terms this season but is leaving for the greater international opportunities. And though the club received the small fee for the move, the former England all-rounder was clearly put out.Botham said: “I respect Paul’s right to move clubs and understand that players at certain times in their careers may want to move on. However, it’s without question that our second division status, points-penalties and difficult financial situation have created an opportunity for rival counties and intermediaries to unsettle players with promises of first division cricket, greater England opportunities and immediate financial reward.
      “The ECB is currently reviewing its partnership agreement with the counties and Durham will be making strong representations to properly reward those that invest in the development of local talent.“They need to introduce a transfer or similar system of compensation, [and] to remove the potential for http://www.officiallaramsauthentic.com/Eugene-Sims-Jersey.html conflict of interest by preventing serving directors of cricket acting as selectors, and to better regulate the behaviour of agents.”There is no suggestion that Coughlin’s agents, Quantum Sport, have acted inappropriately. Newell, who along with Angus Fraser of Middlesex is both an England selector and a county director of cricket, declined to comment when contacted by the Guardian but speaking on BBC Radio Nottingham he said: “It’s always going to happen that players will look to their own careers.”The issue of selectors holding such Rams Jersey positions Capitals Authentic Jersey and thus whether it increases the appeal of their clubs to prospective players – falls under the remit of Andrew Strauss, who opted to retain the current panel that also includes James Whitaker and the England head coach, now Trevor Bayliss, when he became director of England cricket back in 2015.With Durham remaining in Division Two next year after failing to overcome their 48-point deduction this season, and Nottinghamshire within touching distance of promotion to cap a summer that saw them win both the Royal London Cup and the NatWest T20 Blast, the appeal to Coughlin, a 25-year-old seam-bowling all-rounder, is clear.
      Coughlin becomes the latest http://www.officiallaramsauthentic.com/Case-Keenum-Jersey.html player to leave the north-east since the events of last autumn, with Scott Borthwick and Mark Stoneman both joining Surrey – the latter earning his first Test cap this past summer – albeit having agreed terms at The Oval before the ECB’s bailout.Jennings, who was dropped from the Test team this summer, could well join them, with Nottinghamshire strong contenders for his signature. There is talk that the captaincy may be an added incentive in light of Chris Read’s impending retirement, while the departures of Michael Lumb, Greg Smith and Brendan Taylor give them money to spend.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "Sead Kolasinac adds jersey missing muscle to Arsenal’s array" 09.19.2017

      One thing you often lose watching a football match on television is the sound levels. Not just the noise of the crowd but the noise of the players, a scale Authentic Brandon Doughty Womens Jersey of collision and opposing force that means certain incidents, and indeed the careers of certain players, can have an entirely different register in the flesh.David Luiz’s red card against Arsenal on Sunday was one such case. Replays and stills will show a raised foot but really this was a red card you had to hear. So profound was the thunk of contact those nearby knew instantly the challenge went beyond necessary force and into the realms of dangerous excess.So, red, then. David Luiz does this kind of thing now and again. There has always been something zany about his bullocking runs, veering upfield like a dustcart on an icy incline, wheels spinning, horn parping, shearing off wing mirrors. Why he chose to do so here is perhaps more interesting.
      Antonio Conte suggested his http://www.miamidolphinsauthorizedstore.com/brandon-doughty-jersey-elite player had been riled by Alexis Sánchez nipping at him from behind. The player in front of David Luiz might also have had something to do with it. It may have been a coincidence Sead Kolasinac was looming into view as David Luiz set off on his full body lunge. But the fact is Kolasinac had been outmuscling Chelsea’s right side all afternoon, to the frustration of Chelsea’s players and the home crowd.Several times Pedro simply bounced off Kolasinac in a sprint for the ball. Victor Moses, who can often overpower his direct opponent, had a poor game, unable to find space on that flank. Against Cologne on Thursday Kolasinac had spanked the equalising goal though Timo Horn with such force there was a burst of laughter mixed in with the celebration of some Arsenal fans. Here he did something similar, lifting his team simply through his controlled aggression and a basic Authentic Warren Moon Womens Jersey sense of strength in reserve.Not that anyone should be getting carried away here. It is a familiar Arsenal trope to fight hard for a creditable point after losing their past two away games but there is still something significant in Kolasinac’s presence in this team. If not as an indicator of future Wenger glories – it is, after all, getting late now – then as a glimpse of something that has been missing for too long, an echo of chances missed, opportunities passed, seasons congealed because of a lack, among other things, of just this quality.
      Kolasinac is a fine player, a member of the Bundesliga team of the season last year. But he is above all a certain type, ambling about on legs that resemble industrial scale sacks of millet, great bulky elbows dangling at his side like a man carrying a pair of rolled-up carpets under his armpits, radiating not just power and willing, but a sense of cheerful optimism.Fans have always loved players like this. There is nothing quite like seeing one of your own walk out at some distant, prickly away ground and immediately barge his way through the toughest player http://www.tennesseetitansauthorizedstore.com/warren-moon-jersey-elite in the opposing team. More to the point this is Arsenal, who have not had a player like this to admire in some time. Not least at Chelsea, where these frail late-Wenger princelings have so often been jounced and bumped off the park.
      When Wenger signed Kolasinac he suggested the Bosnian might be “the strongest” player he has ever worked with, praising his ability to use his power “without violence”, bumping opponents off without conceding a foul. It is tempting, as ever with the world’s most stubbornly Titans Jersey one-note Titans Authentic Jersey elite Dolphins Jersey level Dolphins Womens Jersey manager, to wonder if there is some sort of willed amnesia in train here.Instead Kolasinac represents something half-forgotten, a note of Wengerisms past, an echo of the powerful, hard-running players who characterised his best title-winning teams. Lauren, Ashley Cole, Nigel Winterburn and Lee Dixon were high-energy full-backs, a little nasty at times. Over time the Gilberto Silva, Patrick Vieira type steadily gave way to the dinky little Velcro-touch skill-gnomes of the stadium debt years, and after that to the non-specific midfield triers of recent years. But the best Wenger teams always had a notable physical power.

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      The win in Singapore may prove to be the miracle at Marina Bay Lewis Hamilton had been Ravens Jersey Ravens Authentic Jersey Redskins Jersey Redskins Authentic Jersey hoping for but, putting aside divine intervention, the British driver comprehensively earned his victory. The crash off the grid took out his rivals but he still had to execute a perfect race to take the flag. He was on it immediately. Just moments later, aware that Sebastian Vettel’s car was leaking fluid, he went offline out of turn three to avoid it – wisely as it was there the stricken Vettel spun and crashed.Always strong in the wet, Hamilton was grateful Authentic Brandon Carr Youth Jersey for the rain and proved again that he is the master of difficult weather. He overcame conditions, including three safety car restarts, that went across the gamut – from an almost full-wet tyre scenario through a greasy, drying phase on to a dry, slick rubber finale.Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo did have a gearbox problem but Hamilton’s pace would have likely been enough to deny the Australian anyway. He was three-tenths of a lap quicker in the early phase and a whopping five-tenths through the crucial middle period. A virtuoso performance.
      The 28-point advantage Hamilton now enjoys over Vettel is more than the British driver could have hoped for going into Singapore where damage limitation was his aim. But for neutral fans the huge swing is a disappointing blow to a title fight that had looked like it was going to the wire.With http://www.baltimoreravensauthorizedstore.com/brandon-williams-jersey-elite the majority of the remaining six races likely to favour Mercedes, Hamilton is on course for his fourth title. If Singapore proves to be the moment he lost the championship, Vettel can only blame himself. He had a poor start and saw Max Verstappen shooting up the inside. As a title contender the percentage game would have been to give him space and avoid contact. Instead he invoked the Michael Schumacher chop, went left to squeeze the Dutch driver, almost certainly unaware Kimi Raikkonen had gone up the inside of Verstappen, who had nowhere to go. Contact and disaster for Ferrari ensued – Verstappen was an innocent party. Vettel made a poor decision in the heat of the moment, as he did in barging Hamilton in Baku. This time it may have cost him the title.
      With McLaren’s divorce from Honda finalised in Singapore the team are looking to start afresh with Renault and re-signing Fernando Alonso to complete their plans appears to be a formality. They need Alonso and he proved it again at Marina Bay. He once again excelled in qualifying, pushing the McLaren to eighth on the grid and followed it with an electrifying start. He was up to third by the first corner and a podium was on the cards Authentic Bashaud Breeland Womens Jersey when he was collected by Raikkonen and Verstappen. He then continued to wrestle a heavily damaged car round for a further seven laps.Instructive perhaps that his mindset has already improved, in that before ditching Honda he was only too happy to retire. He remains eager to achieve the triple crown and McLaren have said they would allow him to race at Le Mans next year. Toyota, should they commit to it, will be the only manufacturer in the top LMP1 class and strong favourites. With the Honda connection dispensed with, that barrier to his participation with Toyota has gone. It is an exciting prospect, reflected in the Spaniard’s upbeat demeanour.
      As part of the complex negotiations on McLaren’s deal for Renault engines, the manufacturer took on Carlos Sainz Jr from Red Bull. It was at the expense of Britain’s Jolyon Palmer, who is without a drive for next season, but Renault are serious about their desire to be fighting for the title within three years and Sainz deserves to step up. After three seasons with Toro Rosso he has gone as far as he can and while Red Bull have no room for him they rate him highly enough to have ensured they have an http://www.washingtonredskinsauthorizedstore.com/bashaud-breeland-jersey option to have him back in 2019. The 23-year-old Spaniard showed his class in Singapore. That he has pace has never been in doubt but his run to fourth, his highest finish and the team’s best result since Verstappen managed the same at the USA GP in 2015, showed a maturity that augurs well. He managed the conditions superbly, stayed calm and most importantly out of trouble, even when strongly pressured by Sergio Pérez.

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      On a bleak afternoon in Windermere, where Hughie Fury is preparing for the WBO world heavyweight title fight against Joseph Parker this Saturday, the past rolls Bernie Parent Youth Jersey in like a heavy bank of cloud bringing yet more rain to the Lake District. Fury remembers a childhood of little education, a family of Travellers tested by his father being in and out of prison, and a life marked by sacrifice.He talks simply, without the surreal or distasteful flourishes of his notorious cousin. Tyson Fury was the undisputed world heavyweight champion for just under a year before, last October, relinquishing all his belts amid controversy, depression and associated mental health issues. Hughie is less troubled than Tyson but he lacks the charisma of Anthony Joshua, his far more famous British contemporary who holds the IBF and WBA titles and dominates the popular imagination as the only heavyweight in the world who matters.
      But Fury, who turned 23 on Monday, tells a gritty story. “I always said to myself: ‘I’m going to be world champion.’ I wanted to give my heart and soul to get there. And I’ve sacrificed everything. I’ve had no teenage life, no drinking or having friends. I trained like a professional from a young http://www.officialphiladelphiaflyers.com/Adidas-Bernie-Parent-Jersey age. No kid has done what I’ve done – going alone to train with different people who would shout at me when I showed up at their gyms. I’ve never had a girlfriend. I’ve always concentrated on boxing because my dad said: ‘Women and boxing don’t go.’ He’s a wise man so I’ve listened and here I am – fighting for the world title in my home town.“I’ve fought all over the world – but not in Manchester. It’s crazy because I was born and bred there. As a pro I started in Montreal, fought in New York, even Romania – but never Manchester. I was so eager to learn boxing I’d to go to Doncaster, Leeds or Sheffield when I trained by myself as a kid. I wanted to get so much experience with different trainers. I knew I wasn’t going to learn much sticking to one gym.”
      Fury’s thirst for fistic knowledge was not matched by an appetite for the classroom. He stopped going to school when he was 11. “After a few months of high school I Jake Gardiner Youth Jersey said: ‘What’s the point when I already know what I want to achieve?’ I knew it would mess with my boxing.”
      Tyson Fury, in one of our more introspective interviews, regretted leaving school at the age of 10. He lamented that, with little basic reading or writing skills: “You feel like an illiterate dummy.” Does Hughie now wish he had had more of an education?“Yeah, 100%. But in school I never learned anything. I didn’t even know how to read or write. Out of school I learned reading and writing, everything, on my own. I would read signposts and texting on phones helped. I managed to get there but it would be nice to have a full education. I sacrificed everything because I always believed I’d become world champion. I said to my dad: ‘This is what I want to do,’ and he always supported me.”
      Peter Fury, who trains Hughie and Tyson, educated himself in prison. He exudes an understated but obvious intelligence. Fury Sr even nods sagely when I ask if he was happy http://www.officialtorontomapleleafs.com/Adidas-Jake-Gardiner-Jersey when Hughie abandoned school. “Our culture [as Travellers] has always said it’s my responsibility as a father to look after my family. So when your sons get going they are on the way to looking after their wives and children. If he liked school I’d have left him in there.”Fury Sr started working at the age of nine, for his father, and went from house-to-house selling door mats. “I remember knocking on the door and a strange person answers and you say: ‘Excuse me, Mister. Excuse me, Mrs or Miss, can I interest you in this doormat?’ You get doors shut in your face but you build confidence. At 14 I was driving my own car. Seriously. We were driving around getting a living. I looked 18 so I didn’t get stopped. I got married at 16 to my wife now, Maureen, Hughie’s mother, and we’re still going strong.”Peter Fury was jailed twice – the first time in 1994 when he received Jake Gardiner Jersey a Jake Gardiner Authentic Jersey 10-year sentence for dealing in amphetamines. Hughie was still a baby and his father Flyers Jersey Bernie Parent Jersey acknowledges the strain. “Especially for the missus, all them years carting Hughie hundreds of miles to visit me in prison. I spent nine years away and that’s a lot for a young woman to deal with.

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      Some mighty cricketers are returning to the fray. For West Indies’ Chris Gayle is about to play his first one-day international since the World Cup of Ryan White Youth Jersey 2015. His fellow Jamaican, Marlon Samuels, the expert Ben Stokes provocateur, also returns to add some spice to the five ODIs that commence at Old Trafford on Tuesday. And for England prepare for a rare sighting of the captain, Eoin Morgan.Recently one has had to be pretty sharp to glimpse Morgan at the crease. Since England lost against Pakistan at Cardiff on 14 June in the Champions Trophy semi‑final Morgan has played some cricket but not in any match that has lasted longer than 40 overs.
      He captained Middlesex in their Twenty20 campaign – they finished seventh in the South Group – then he popped off to the Caribbean, where he had four innings for the Tridents (the team based in Barbados, since you ask) and then he appeared in the frozen north at Chester-le-Street for Saturday’s T20 match, which was won by West Indies by 21 runs.We would http://www.officialarizonacoyotes.com/Adidas-Ryan-White-Jersey be alarmed by Morgan’s recent form if it applied to anyone else. In his past seven innings his output does not even resemble a mobile phone number since he has never reached a score as lofty as seven. For the record those innings have produced 12 runs: two for England last Saturday; two, two, five and a duck for the Tridents while his efforts with Middlesex were one and another duck.
      If anyone can cope with this little drought Morgan can. He has fashioned a unique career path among England cricketers – even Jos Buttler turns out for Lancashire in red-ball cricket when he can – and so far it has worked. He plays for various T20 teams and captains England in white-ball cricket. Fifty overs in the field may seem like an eternity to him over the next 10 days.Morgan played well in the Champions Trophy and the ODIs against South Africa when his preparation was a few outings in the Indian Premier League. For him time in the middle, the old mantra of every batsman in history, does not seem to be essential. He has scored runs without what most would view as adequate preparation Authentic Jordin Tootoo Womens Jersey before and he is unassailable as England’s ODI captain. However such a schedule makes him vulnerable if the magic disappears. As so many of England’s ODI captains have discovered it is a tough job without runs; moreover it is tough to drop anyone if your own contribution is minimal.
      As ever Morgan adopts a positive outlook. “There’s five opportunities to turn that [bad form] around”, he said. “I’m desperate to do it.”It feels as if England have dropped Jason Roy for the first match of the series in Manchester, though technically this is not the case. In June Roy was omitted from that semi-final against Pakistan and was replaced by Jonny Bairstow and that remains the case for Tuesday’s game. “He [Roy] is certainly in our plans for the future,” said Morgan, who has always advocated consistency in selection and the virtues of giving players the security of a long run. Hence the suggestion is that Bairstow http://www.officialchicagoblackhawks.com/Adidas-Jordin-Tootoo-Jersey will now be given plenty of chances to demonstrate that he has successfully converted into an ODI opener.
      “We feel Jonny deserves a chance. He’s been waiting in the wings for quite a while,” Morgan said. “He will open with Alex Hales. This is an opportunity to make the opening position his. We feel it is the right time to make a change. Jonny has been in fantastic form for some time and has never let us down regardless of the role we have asked him to play”.Bairstow has never hidden his eagerness to be involved in every format and this is mirrored by other members of the squad, which is a healthy reflection of the mood of England’s best players. There may have been a temptation for Joe Root, the Test captain, and Stokes, his vice‑captain, to have a pre-Ashes break. But both of them want to keep playing, whatever the format.Morgan is conscious that with their senior reinforcements on board West Indies are “a strong team and we don’t take them lightly. It is going to be a tough test”. But Jordin Tootoo Jersey in recent years the longer Jordin Tootoo Authentic Jersey the game, the more fragile West Indies Ryan White Jersey become. Even in 50-over cricket they are ranked No9 in the world and they probably need to win all five matches to qualify automatically for the 2019 World Cup.

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      Ronald Koeman told José Mourinho to “get realistic” after the Manchester United manager claimed before his side’s 4-0 win that Everton should be aiming Rodney Stuckey Youth Jersey for a top-four finish “at least” having spent £140m in the summer transfer window.
      Goals from Antonio Valencia on two minutes, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, on 83, Romelu Lukaku, on 89, and an Anthony Martial penalty in added time put United joint-top with Manchester City, both teams having 13 points and 16 goals with two conceded after five matches.
      Koeman’s side have lost their last four matches in all competitions and are in the relegation zone. His frustration was evident when discussing Mourinho’s comments. “I read the United programme and my colleague told me about Everton spending £140m and so they need to go for the top four,” the Dutchman said. “If there’s anybody in this room and outside and sees this as something realistic for us, please comment. Be realistic. I’m not happy how we started the season, but please be a bit realistic about Everton. We need time, but it’s difficult in football.”
      Mourinho had written: “We are up against a team that has spent £140m. Obviously we are playing a team that wants to at least secure a top-four position.”Afterwards, the Portuguese said of his side’s win: “The performance was very good, especially in the first 30-35 minutes, it was probably http://www.officialpacershop.com/authentic-21-thaddeus-young-jersey.html our best performance of the season. We pressed them and they did not have a chance to get out, they did not have a shot, it was very impressive. I think if the result was two- or three-nil after 30 minutes I would say a clear reflection of fantastic football we played in the first 30-35 minutes. The second goal went in, then game over.”
      Asked about City, who beat Watford 6-0 on Saturday, Mourinho said: “Today I didn’t think one single second about Man City. I thought about Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool. They didn’t win their matches and it was a chance for us to get two points like they got last week when we drew against Stoke. I was just thinking about them, not City. City won their Authentic Chuck Foreman Youth Jersey game, they did their job.”
      Regarding Paul Pogba and reports he may be out for 12 weeks because of his hamstring injury, Mourinho said: “I don’t know if it is 12 weeks or 12 days, honestly. Any comment, any views, any rumour, is totally wrong, because we do not know if it is 12 weeks or 12 days.“The player was diagnosed initially after the match because of the conditions of the muscle and bleeding, was one more week to wait and see clearly in the scans and nobody in this club spoke about 12 days or 12 weeks. It’s a muscular injury in the hamstring but we have a normal procedure and wait a few more days. It’s completely nonsense information.” Then again, perhaps we should not be surprised. Bryan Fogel, the film’s director, tells me that Bach sent him three letters last year promising that the IOC was taking the whole issue seriously before – in Fogel’s words – “deciding to go against every single Olympic value they sell to the world and basically stabbing every clean athlete in the back”.
      Not everyone is so trenchant. But http://www.nikeminnesotavikingstore.com/cris-carter-jersey-for-sale-c-8.html few doubt that, when the two IOC commissions looking into Russian doping report by the end of the year, an arrangement will be found where a few athletes are sanctioned but the rest head to South Korea.If the IOC does not vigorously uphold its values in one area – by ruthlessly prosecuting and expelling dodgy members – why would we expect it to clamp down hard in the other?It was hardly reassuring to hear the IOC president, Thomas Bach, confess he had not seen Icarus, the startling docudrama that reveals just how Russia pulled off the greatest doping trick of all at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.Dalvin Cook Authentic Jersey
      Davante Adams Womens Jersey
      David Bakhtiari Authentic Jersey

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      A jubilant Lewis Hamilton revealed he was taking inspiration from his hero Ayrton Senna after his win in the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday. The victory was Authentic Andy Pettitte Womens Jersey of great importance in this season’s Formula One world championship, with the British driver moving 28 points ahead of his title rival, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, after the German went out of the race following a crash off the grid going into the first corner.
      Hamilton had to endure tricky, wet conditions under the lights at the Marina Bay circuit in a race that required skill and control as the track dried and which was interrupted repeatedly by the safety car. His Mercedes did not have the pace of the Ferraris and Red Bulls over the weekend but the three-times world champion has always excelled in the wet and made the most of his opportunity after the first lap incident to take advantage. He was reminded, he explained, of when Senna crashed out while comfortably leading the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix.
      “I could have easily just binned it,” he said. “Every now and then Senna pops into my mind. The Monaco Grand Prix where he was obviously in the lead and hit the wall, that always comes in and reminds me not to do that. I’ve had experiences like that but I learnt that lesson. That always just comes in and http://www.officialastrostore.com/Brian_Mccann_Jersey reminds me in the back of my mind. It’s almost like he talks to me, just stay focused, keep it together.”
      Hamilton had started from fifth on the grid after a difficult weekend for Mercedes, whose car struggled on the high-downforce circuit. However, after Vettel and his team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen, came together with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen at the start and all three were knocked out, Hamilton took the lead and did not relinquish it.
      The win is a huge result for the British driver. He had come into the race three points ahead of Vettel in a season that has ebbed and flowed between the two drivers from the off. He has seven wins to Vettel’s four but the latter has led the title race at all but the last round in Monza when Hamilton’s win put him on top. However, Hamilton had expected to drop points to the German in Singapore. To leave with a greater advantage and only six races remaining was more than he could have expected.
      Hamilton acknowledged how well it had gone. “Today couldn’t be a more perfect scenario for us. I Seth Jones Youth Jersey definitely won’t change anything. Because it’s working. Whatever it is with the approach that I have, there’s no reason to change it. It’s a perfect balance of being aggressive and cautious at the same time. The formula works at the moment, so I’ll just continue with it.”‘It wouldn’t surprise me if the fix is already in,” warned Travis Tygart, the venerable head of the US Anti-Doping Agency, when I asked him on Thursday whether Russia will compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics. It was not so much pessimism as prophecy. Twenty-four hours later Alexander Zhukov, the head of the Russian Olympic Committee, confidently predicted at the 131st IOC summit in Lima: “It will be a Russian team with the Russian anthem and Russian flag” in Pyeongchang.Of course it will be. No one who follows the arcane politics of the International Olympic Committee believes otherwise. The fix is http://www.officialbluejacketsproshop.com/William_Karlsson_Jersey indeed in, just as it was before the Rio Olympics, when the IOC niftily side-stepped massive evidence of state-sponsored doping and allowed hundreds of Russians to compete, and again in what is now claimed to have been corrupted bidding processes for the Rio and Tokyo Games, in 2009 and 2013, when votes were allegedly traded for cash.
      As Tygart points out, doping and buying votes represent two sides of the same coin. Authentic William Karlsson Womens Jersey
      Authentic Astros Youth Jersey
      Jordan Matthews Authentic Jersey

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      There could not possibly be another extraordinary climax approaching the incredible. Could there? Indeed there could not. The winners, however, were the Mark Melancon Youth Jersey same.Defying a cold, dank autumnal night of the kind most of their team had never experienced let alone played cricket in and almost refusing to continue, West Indies defeated England by 21 runs in the solitary Twenty20 between the sides. In terms of conditions or method, it was nothing like the World Twenty20 Final in Kolkata 17 months ago, when these teams last met in this format. Then West Indies needed 19 to win from the final over and acquired them in four balls with successive sixes.Now they managed a total which, though not as large as it looked like being, put them solidly in the game before they put the squeeze on England. The ball (or balls since several were required) was damp going on drenched but the tourists used it admirably.
      West Indies’ victory was all the more admirable for the way they overcame their deep discomfort. Rain during their innings had merely dampened the ground further; they were slipping and sliding almost randomly. The full-house crowd, mostly huddled in four or five layers, cannot have known how Authentic Matt Moore Womens Jersey discomfited after the wicketkeeper Chadwick Walton pulled up in twisting for a ball.“We have definitely played in warmer conditions,” said the tourists’ captain, Carlos Brathwaite. “It was soft underfoot and dangerous, we thought. We had a chat with the umpires, they roped the outfield a bit and then there was an agreement that if it continued to be unsafe and anything drastic happened we would call it quits. Fortunately, nothing happened and cricket was the winner.”
      There was drama off the field too. Three spectators were injured when flooring on a stand gave way. It was immediately evacuated and a Durham spokesman swiftly pointed out that the stand passed safety inspections last week.England must have quite liked their chances at the start of their chase because West Indies did not quite sustain a blistering start after being put in. But though they too started frantically with Alex Hales, they too fell away and never recovered.All the spectacular batting was at the start of both innings, all the bowling that determined the course of events in the middle. It was hinted by Brathwaite on Friday that Chris Gayle had been superseded as a spectacularly Authentic Jonas Gustavsson Womens Jersey buccaneering opener by his new partner, Evin Lewis. Gayle seemed to take this as a personal slight and swiftly eased into the familiar routine.
      A lovely full swing of the bat launched the ball straight or over mid-wicket. England obliged by bowling length balls, a modern heresy.By the end of the six-over powerplay, the tourists had 72 and Gayle was threatening to take the match over the hill and far away. Having struck his 100th six in international T20s, he was prevented from doing so by a piece of remarkably indolent running which led to him being run out dawdling for a single.The innings never had quite the same purpose thereafter, though Lewis did show the reason for the high praise he has received. Not as brutally powerful as Gayle, his timing still allowed him three sixes and six fours in an innings of 51 spanning 28 balls.
      Evin Lewis made 51 and shared an opening stand of 77 with Chris Gayle to set West Indies on their way to a convincing victory over England at the Emirates Riverside. Photograph: Richard Sellers/PA
      West Indies understand their game well enough to recognise they will perish in pursuit of quick runs. And perish the middle order did. The first 10 overs brought 106 for one wicket, the last 10 produced 70 for eight, the last five 38 for four. There were cameos, none significant, all valuable.
      Everything in the conditions appeared Authentic Jonathan Ericsson Youth Jersey against them and soon they were slipping and sliding – in between desperately blowing on their fingers for warmth, that is – and suggesting to the umpires it was all too much.Brathwaite bowled Hales after he had made 43 from 17 balls, the batsman making a tad too much room outside leg for once and a clatter of wickets followed. Jos Buttler and Jonny Bairstow regrouped but when they pressed the accelerator for home found there was too much to do.Of the 14 previous T20 internationals between the sides starting in 2007, West Indies had won 10, including the most recent, the final of the world championship. Statistics may not tell all but that is pretty telling both about skills and passion for the short form.As a one-off T20 match plopped between Tests and one-day internationals there was an element of the circus coming to town.

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      Six races remain in the 2017 Formula One season and on the evidence of the Singapore Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has every right to believe that going into them he has the racing deities firmly onside. The British driver Authentic Jason Peters Womens Jersey had said he required “a miracle” to win at the Marina Bay street circuit and, within seconds of the lights going out in what may well be this season’s defining moment of high drama, he had it. With his championship rival Sebastian Vettel eliminated from the race, the chance of a win and a commanding lead in the title race was in his hands.He grasped it energetically and with considered, controlled and consummate skill in difficult conditions. The victory he completed extends his lead over Vettel from three points to 28. It represents a huge swing in his favour and an absolute body blow to the German and Ferrari, who were left to consider how a race that they were expecting to win could end so disastrously.
      The three-times world champion, who is now squarely in the driving seat for the title, acknowledged his good fortune. Asked if it was an answer to a prayer, he said: “I think it definitely was.”He was also absolutely aware of how important a result it had been. “I came here with the idea of damage limitation,” he added. “Thinking I would come out again behind in the championship. Now I am much further ahead, so I count my blessings.”Hamilton had been outpaced by both the Ferraris and the Red Bulls in qualifying, the Mercedes struggling on the 23 predominantly slow corners that define the high-downforce challenge of Singapore. He had started from fifth with Vettel on pole and minimising the points he expected to drop had been the aim as he sat on the grid.
      That goal had changed radically Jordan Hicks Youth Jersey by the exit of the first corner. In the rain, inaugurating a wet race for the first time under the lights of Marina Bay, Vettel’s team-mate Kimi Raikkonen had a lightning start from fourth. He came up the inside but with Vettel shifting his line to the left to go defensive into turn one, the two Ferraris sandwiched the Red Bull of Max Verstappen. Raikkonen hit the Dutch driver, who had nowhere to go, and the Finn was buffeted into his team-mate. Both Verstappen and Raikkonen were eliminated and Vettel took damage to his left sidepod, subsequently spun heading to turn three and lost his front wing when hitting the wall, ending his race.
      Amid the carnage Hamilton had swooped round the outside, avoiding any contact, and had the lead moments after Vettel’s spin. He still had much to do but in a race interrupted repeatedly by the safety car he maintained absolute control. The team called his tyre strategy with aplomb and the chasing Red Bull Authentic J.J. Jansen Womens Jersey of Daniel Ricciardo could not come close enough to challenge. The Australian finished in second ahead of the second Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas. The full distance could not be run, with the racing ending on the two-hour limit after 58 laps. Hamilton had battled hard for every minute of them.His reward was as unexpected going into the weekend as it was doubtless welcome. He has led the championship only once this season, after his victory at the last round in Monza, and Ferrari were strong favourites here. It is a track where Mercedes have traditionally struggled and is accepted as their most challenging race of the season. To leave without dropping points and also having increased his advantage, with the majority of the six remaining races likely to favour his car, was more than he or Mercedes could have hoped for.
      The team’s executive director, Toto Wolff, acknowledged as much. “This morning we woke up with a bad feeling, talking about damage limitation,” he said. “Here we are with a P1 and a P3 and a massive step forward in the championship.”Ferrari, in contrast, were left to pick up the pieces of an ignominious failure and begin a debrief that will be very difficult. It is http://www.officialpanthersnflauthentic.com/Nike-Jj-Jansen-Jersey.html the first time in 67 years of racing that the Scuderia has had both its cars eliminated on the opening lap. The team principal, Maurizio Arrivabene, described it as “an unfortunate day for Ferrari”. That is an understatement at best and he made no further comment before leaving the track. Vettel called it “not ideal”, he likewise understating what may well prove a cataclysmic blow to his title challenge.
      The crash was investigated after the race by the stewards and adjudged to be a racing incident, with no further action to be taken, but earlier the team had tweeted their belief that Verstappen was to blame: “VER took #Kimi7 out and then he went to #Seb5.” However, with hindsight Vettel must consider that moving across the track to defend against a charging Verstappen was too aggressive a move with a world championship at stake.Verstappen was unequivocal in his belief that Vettel had made the wrong move.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "It says a lot jersey about the world that the only man" 09.15.2017

      2017 has become the year when absurd jokes appear to be coming true. When Dennis Rodman Authentic Damarious Randall Womens Jersey made his first trip to North Korea back in 2013, it was amusing to imagine the eccentric NBA legend acting as the United States’ de facto ambassador to the country. The idea was as preposterous as Donald Trump somehow being elected president. It sounds surreal, but with tensions rising between the two countries thanks to North Korea’s growing nuclear weapons program, there’s a very real possibility that Rodman, a man who once married himself, ends up playing a key role in preventing armageddon. Rodman himself certainly believes he will. In an interview with Good Morning Britain, the five-time NBA champion offered to “straighten things out” between Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, emphasizing that he considers both men friends.
      Rodman, along with a group of journalists from Vice, first visited North Korea in 2013 after an invitation from Kim. It turns out that the North Korean leader grew up a fan of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls teams from the 1990s. Rodman, one of the best defensive players of the era, was a key figure on those teams, although ultimately he received far more attention for his (literally) colorful antics than his formidable basketball skills.
      Rodman stood out on the Authentic Davante Adams Youth Jersey court with his dyed hair and numerous piercings. Off the court, he moved from controversy to controversy, fueled by a near-limitless need for attention. Rodman dated several celebrities, most famously Madonna and Carmen Electra, appeared in terrible action movies, posed in wedding dresses and coffins to promote his tell-all books and became a tabloid fixture thanks to his self-destructive behavior. He was once even a candidate on Celebrity Apprentice, where Trump fired him for misspelling the name of the future first lady.Because of his history, few took his “basketball diplomacy” trip to North Korea very seriously. If they did, it was to criticize Rodman for participating in what was, at least partially, propaganda meant to humanize one of the world’s most notorious dictators. When Rodman proclaimed that he and Kim were “friends for life,” one wondered whether he had put any thought of the people his new best friend had imprisoned or executed.
      To Rodman’s credit, it turned out to be something more than a one-time publicity stunt. He made additional trips to North Korea and inevitably found himself in Authentic J.J. Jansen Womens Jersey the middle of international incidents. In 2014, Rodman drew harsh criticism by suggesting that North Korea had a valid reason to keep American missionary Kenneth Bae locked up. Bae would later claim that Rodman’s comments indirectly lead to his release: “Because of his rant, the media attention to my plight was increased.” (Rodman, who would later apologize, entered rehab in the aftermath of the controversy.) Earlier this year Rodman’s agent said that his client helped convince North Korea to release American college student Otto Warmbier before his death. Now, nearly everyone else involved with Warmbier’s release has denied that Rodman had much to do with it, but the mere fact that he was in position to take credit is proof enough that he has become the unlikely face of US-North Korean relations. As North Korea expert Ken Gause said to Time that “he’s not the best ambassador we could have but it’s who we have.”
      In just about any other situation, Gause would be correct in describing Rodman as an utterly Authentic James Bradberry Youth Jersey inappropriate ambassador – as the man himself admits “[Kim and I] ride horses, we hang out, we go skiing, we hardly ever talk politics and that’s the good thing.” Rodman also fundamentally lacks the tact and restraint required in most diplomatic situations, and has a tendency to make events all about himself.
      Oddly enough, all of these traits might make Rodman the perfect ambassador to North Korea. These are characteristics he shares with both Trump and Kim, which could go a long way to explaining how he became the only high profile individual with a direct line to both leaders.What makes the current situation between the United States and North Korea so unpredictable is that it’s a nuclear standoff without a rational actor on either side.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "Everton produced jersey another hugely disappointing" 09.15.2017

      Everton produced another hugely disappointing display as they were soundly beaten for the third successive game, this time Atalanta inflicting the damage in Adidas Authentic Brayden Schenn Youth Jersey their Europa League Group E opener in Reggio Emilia.Ronald Koeman’s misfiring team went into the match having endured a 2-0 defeat at Chelsea and lost 3-0 at home against Tottenham Hotspur. Koeman, the Everton manager, had warned they would “need to react” in Italy after that last performance.Arsenal beat Cologne in delayed Europa League match – as it happened A rousing second-half fightback earned Arsenal a deserved victoryThey were abject once again here, however, with their sloppiness punished by a dynamic Atalanta side who scored three times in the first half through Andrea Masiello, the captain Alejandro Gómez and Bryan Cristante.
      While failing to mount anything really resembling a fightback after the break, Koeman’s men at Adidas Authentic Brian Propp Youth Jersey least managed to avoid conceding any further goals, although Remo Freuler’s shot did connect with their crossbar.Everton may have hoped the fact this match was taking place at Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia rather than at Atalanta’s Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia home – which is to be redeveloped to make it fit for European competition – would mean last season’s Serie A surprise package were less potent than usual.
      However, it was clear from the off that the Bergamo team, roared on by their vociferous fans, were going to provide a considerable challenge.The visitors – with six changes to their starting XI from the Tottenham game – did threaten the Atalanta goal in the 13th minute, when Gylfi Sigurdsson’s strike was parried by Etrit Berisha and Wayne Rooney then tried a delicate shot from the edge of the box that drifted just off target.
      But otherwise they were more or less entirely on the back foot in the opening stages – something they were handling well enough until the 27th minute, when Masiello broke the deadlock.The defender had a shot turned behind in fine style by Maarten Authentic Jason Peters Womens Jersey Stekelenburg but from the resulting corner, the ball ricocheted off Phil Jagielka to the back post where the unmarked Masiello tapped in with ease.While Everton struggled to muster a response, Atalanta continued to go at them. After Stekelenburg had been called into action a couple more times, the impressive Gómez made it 2-0 in the 41st minute as, with Everton standing off him, he received the ball from Andrea Petagna just outside the box, cut inside and unleashed an excellent shot that flew into the top corner.
      Three minutes later Atalanta made the most of more ponderous Everton play, extending their lead via Cristante’s finish, and Koeman and his men must have been relieved to then hear the whistle for half-time.Rooney had a shot blocked at the start of the second half but it was Atalanta who continued to show the real verve in attack, with Petagna having a low drive batted away by Stekelenburg and Freuler hitting the bar.Koeman subsequently brought on Davy Klaassen, Sandro Ramirez and Kevin Mirallas but it made little difference to a thoroughly dispiriting night for Everton and their fans, who face a daunting trip to Old Trafford on Sunday.It’s also obvious that the Trump administration seems far more open to using nuclear weapons than any of the previous http://www.nfleaglesofficial.com/WOMENS_YOUTH_JASON_PETERS_JERSEY.html ones. There’s no obvious solution.
      Is it likely that a troubled basketball legend/terrible actor/reality show star could actually end up helping to avert a nuclear war? Probably not. It is worth giving him a shot? Well, why not? Could it just be magical thinking? Well yes, but considering everything that has happened in the last year, it’s foolish to rule out any event, no matter how preposterous.No one has a realistic idea of how to deal with North Korea’s growing nuclear program, every option seems to either be ineffectual or potentially catastrophic. What makes the current situation between the United States and North Korea so unpredictable is that it’s a nuclear standoff without a rational actor on either side.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "FA may launch new jersey Mark Sampson inquiry" 09.15.2017

      The Football Association is giving serious consideration to launching a new investigation into the Mark Sampson affair after Drew Spence, one of the two players Authentic Adidas Nail Yakupov Womens Jersey to allege he had made a racial remark, came forward for the first time to tell the governing body what Eni Aluko has said about the England women’s team manager is true.In a key development to a controversy that is threatening to go to the top of the FA, the Guardian can reveal Spence has given a written statement to the organisation alleging that on her first England callup, at the China Cup in October 2015, she was left upset and offended by Sampson asking her, a mixed-race player, how many times she had been arrested.
      Spence has also had a private meeting with senior FA officials to give her version of events and is understood to have expressed surprise that the two inquiries which have cleared Sampson of any wrongdoing – one an internal review and the other a three-month independent inquiry, carried out by the barrister Katharine Newton, on behalf of the FA – did not think it necessary to speak to her.As the Guardian revealed this week, the two inquiries also chose not to interview any of the other players present at the meeting where Sampson is alleged to have http://www.authenticedmontonoilers.com/authentic-nail-yakupov-jersey turned to a mixed-raced player, then 22, and said: “Haven’t you been arrested before? Four times, isn’t it?” Aluko has described the inquiries as a “farce” and the Professional Footballers’ Association has accused the FA of holding an internal review that was “not a genuine search of the truth” and “a sham which was not designed to establish the truth but intended to protect Mark Sampson”.
      Spence’s decision to back Aluko leaves English football’s governing body under mounting pressure to abandon its previous stance that the issue was finished at a time when the culture, media and sport select committee is preparing to summon senior FA executives on 17 October to explain the holes in the process.Although the FA is not making any comment, it has become apparent in the past few days there is a growing feeling within the organisation it has made significant errors during a controversy that has led to calls from Kick It Out, the PFA and the shadow sports minister, Dr Rosena Allin‑Khan, for another inquiry. The FA is also likely to come under pressure for Newton not to be involved Authentic Adidas Kyle Quincey Womens Jersey in any new process.
      At the same time Sampson may face a more in-depth investigation into Aluko’s allegations – repeatedly denied by the manager – that he told her to be careful her Nigerian relatives did not bring the Ebola virus to a game at Wembley. Aluko was paid an £80,000 settlement, including a confidentiality clause, while the sum total of the FA’s investigation into that matter appears to have been asking Sampson whether it was true and receiving his denial.Aluko told the Guardian in an exclusive interview on 21 August she felt she had lost her 11-year, 102-cap England career as a result of reporting a number of grievances about Sampson and the FA’s credibility has come into question because of what appear to be other shortcomings in the investigation process.
      Mark Sampson says his ‘conscience is clear’ but in his first press conference since the controversy blew up he appeared to contradict the evidence he had given to an inquiry. Photograph: Mike Egerton/PA
      The original explanation for not interviewing Spence was the FA did not know her identity, with Aluko being blamed for apparently “refusing” to help. Yet Aluko, a qualified sports lawyer, supplied evidence that clearly states http://www.authenticnewjerseydevils.com/authentic-kyle-quincey-jersey it was a mixed-raced midfielder who was raised in south London, played for Chelsea and on her first England camp. Spence, to put it into context, was the only mixed-race midfielder on that trip.The FA has also been forced to admit it delivered its initial findings to Aluko, effectively throwing out her complaints about bullying and victimisation, before it had spoken to at least one of the key witnesses.
      Newton’s report did say the barrister had seen a video, filmed by FATV, of the China Cup meeting and that it did not show Sampson making the alleged comment to Spence. Aluko’s camp have requested the video to check if it is the correct meeting, or if it has been edited, but the FA has declined to pass it over.

    • lucyweiweiwei has written a new blog article "Arsenal caught jersey on the hops as boozy Cologne fans" 09.15.2017

      So this is how it feels to be there when the English turn up, to be over there when we go over there. On a night of confusion, anxiety and some mild outbreaks Authentic Martin Maldonado Womens Jersey of violence around the Emirates Stadium, London had a taste of what it feels like to be caught on the hop by thousands of boisterous, tribal, boozed-up football fans in search of a space to call their own for the night.First the good news. Arsenal’s Europe League match against Cologne did eventually go ahead, delayed to a 9.05pm start after massive congestion problems outside the stadium. Tens of thousands of confused and anxious football supporters mingled on the concrete walkways around the ground without losing their heads or becoming violent or coming close to the kind of problems severe overcrowding can cause. Inside the stadium, where an estimated 20,000 Cologne fans gained entry, the scene was fevered and edgy but largely peaceful as supporters intermingled in the stands. It really could have been so much worse given the numbers involved, and given the state of garrulous all-day intoxication of the Cologne fans who seemed to have spent most of Thursday drinking high-strength Belgian lager in various spots around central London.
      In the most fraught moments leading up to kick-off police riot teams could be seen snaking through the huge crowd at the turnstiles, and some arrests were made after a group of Cologne fans tried to storm one of the entrances. There were scuffles among the visiting fans and some nasty moments in the away end in the delay before kick-off as those with tickets in other parts of the ground tried to force their way into the main mass Authentic Mike Trout Youth Jersey of Cologne fans and fought intermittently with stewards. Eventually the police arrived, hundreds of extra officers having been scrambled to deal with a situation that appeared to have caught them on the hop a little.
      something unusual was building. Cologne are one of the Bundesliga’s most boisterously supported big-city clubs and their fans have been in a fever at their first European campaign in 25 years. Warnings of a massed ticketless invasion had been circulating ever since the draw. Only this week Arsenal had issued a warning to fans not to travel without tickets. A spike in memberships taken out in Germany had been reported and new German-based ticket applications refused.Forewarned, then. But not apparently prepared. As north London yawned its way grudgingly through Thursday afternoon’s preliminaries a massed phalanx of the travelling supporters army marched and sang and lit fireworks and thundered its way slowly from Oxford Street to Holloway Road. Perhaps police could have intercepted them further from the Authentic Nolan Ryan Youth Jersey ground. Surely they could have been there in larger numbers at the start.
      By six o’clock a surge of German fans appeared to be simply wandering around the stadium, mingling with commuters, blocking out side streets. It felt good natured, if a little claustrophobic. Last week there were roadblocks and police horses in west London to tackle 1500 travelling Millwall fans. Here two hours before kick-off a lone officer could be seen energetically pointing an endless procession of chanting fans away from the wrong side street turning.As the bridges leading into the ground were closed and news emerged of the delay to kick-off rumours circulated of German fans buying Arsenal scarves in the club shop to gain entry to the home ends. Some said Cologne fans had been allowed to sit in their ticketed seats alongside the home fans, but instructed not to cheer if their team scored – a fanciful piece of rumour–mongering that went out of the window the moment Jhon Córdoba scored a spectacular opener after nine minutes, drawing leaping celebrations all around a genuinely fevered Emirates. Arsenal fans leapt to their feet Authentic Steven Matz Youth Jersey in turn, urging some stewards to expel the away fans in their midst. Everybody kept their head, just about.What could Arsenal have done differently? What is the correct protocol for dealing with 20,000 boisterous people turning up in your corner of the city demanding entry? In the past England fans and the English media have been critical of police abroad kettling or herding or even lobbing gas canisters. Here the visitors were largely well behaved, the response of police and club sensible, if a little strained.



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