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    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Rossi but we shouldn’t show it" Today

      On Monday http://www.texasrangersprostore.com/WOMENS-DELINO-DESHIELDS-JERSEY.html evening Daniele De Rossi questioned his manager’s request for him to warm up when Italy were in desperate need of a goal to rescue their fading hopes of qualification for the World Cup. In a passionate outburst he pointed to Lorenzo Insigne, a forward, and reminded one of the team’s backroom staff in no uncertain terms it was a win Italy needed, not a draw. Trust me, what De Rossi did was something that at some time or other every player has felt like doing.

      I have felt De Rossi’s anger – the frustration of watching my team struggle while sitting on a bench yards from the play – and I know that pain and feeling of helplessness at being unable to alter the course of an important match (too many times, I may add!) but also trying to keep my emotions in check when negative events are unfolding.
      Deep down I want to vent and shout at the manager to make a change and while that feeling is extremely difficult and hard to describe it’s natural nonetheless and is a positive sign because it means I care. I could only imagine how De Rossi, a 34-year-old midfield player of the highest calibre, felt Denzel Perryman Authentic Jersey watching his last chance of representing his nation at a World Cup fall apart.
      But here’s the irony: normally a player is emotional or upset at not entering the field of play and we’ve all seen the selfish reactions of players who feel aggrieved at being substituted and throw a childish fit coming off the pitch. What makes De Rossi’s actions so rare was the fact he was signalling for another player to go on instead, a selfless gesture that showed he cared more for the benefit of his team than for himself.
      In the aftermath of Italy’s elimination by Sweden, Germany’s World Cup‑winning manager, Joachim Löw, described De Rossi’s reaction as a “moment of greatness”. I understand where he’s coming from but would http://www.officialbaseballgiants.com/Buster_Posey_Jersey Löw have offered that same opinion if it was one of his players who had protested so publicly at one of his tactical decisions? I don’t think so.
      It’s a double-edged sword we share as players and coaches – I understand and empathise with De Rossi’s actions but I feel that as players we not only have a duty to give everything to Patrik Laine Jersey win, to care about our team and to support our team‑mates but also have a duty to respect our manager publicly, as they are the ones paid to make the decisions. The buck stops with the manager and over my career if I had a pound for every time I or my team-mates wanted to ask our respective managers: “What are you thinking?” when they have made a decision we disagreed with I would be a billionaire by now!
      Possibly more than any other profession, football is subject to the opinion and conviction of almost every person who engages with it, but could you imagine the state of our game if every time a player was told to warm up he tried to discuss the benefits to the team of making a different tactical decision? The match would be over before any changes could be made.
      Organisations, businesses and football clubs all have different versions of a power structure. Some are more inclusive in decision-making and some are purely autocratic and, without going into the pros and cons of each leadership style, especially in football, the one person who always pays the price of success or failure is the manager.
      It was no shock that Gian Piero Ventura was sacked by the Italian FA, considering it was the first World Cup this traditional football power had not qualified for in 60 years. Even though he was fired, in effect he fell on his sword as it was he who made the decision not to bring on Insigne, along with all of the choices he made both in terms of tactics and team selections throughout his disappointing spell in charge of one of the great football nations.
      What De Rossi did was passionate, patriotic and from his perspective in the best interests of his team. Of that there can be no doubt. I have huge respect for his courage and he’s a braver man than me but, while we all want to see that passion in every one of the players who represent our team, the truth of the matter is more pragmatic and less romantic: if we did see that every week, there would be anarchy running through every dressing room, creating dysfunctional hierarchies and damaging a team’s performance on the pitch.


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Archaeologist uncovers" Yesterday

      In his 40-year career as an archaeologist, Jason Wood has travelled the world, searching for Roman remains in Jordanian citadels and Womens Shareece Wright Jersey helping to restore royal palaces in Nepal. But his recent project was a little less exotic: digging up a patch of grass by some woods in Bradford.

      Ever since he was a small boy, Wood had been thinking about the site on Horton Park Avenue, across the road from the ornate Grand Mosque. He remembered his dad pointing out the overgrown grass where a football club had once stood, wondering for decades how a ground that could hold 37,000 http://www.officialauthenticbroncos.com/YOUTH+DONALD+STEPHENSON+JERSEY fans could be left to the worms and the weeds.
      Forty years later, Wood returned, armed with a trowel and a determination to excavate the remains of what he views as “the Angkor Wat of football”: the forgotten home to Bradford Park Avenue, once one of the biggest teams in Yorkshire, which he thinks is just as important as any Cambodian temple.
      The club folded in 1974, mired in debt and overshadowed by Bradford City, its more successful local rival. The site was abandoned, useless to developers because of a restrictive covenant which only permits it to be used for sport or recreation.
      That may have thwarted property speculators but it delighted a footy-mad archaeologist. It took little more than light gardening to see that much of Womens Shareece Wright Jersey the ground was still standing. The concrete steps of the Kop end were clearly visible among the overgrown ash and sycamore trees, and the perimeter wall stood tall, complete with bricked-in recesses where the turnstiles had been installed. A chalk board had also survived, displaying the five-shilling ticket price for the final match where a young Kevin Keegan had helped Scunthorpe to a resounding 5-0 win. So too had the gents toilets and a crash barrier.
      Wood worked with a number of artists on the dig, which began in November 2013, funded by the National Football Museum and Arts Council England. Now the story of the excavation has been turned into a book, which has just been nominated for the UK’s most prestigious sports book award. Later this month Breaking Ground: Art, Archaeology and Mythology, edited by Wood and artists Neville Gabie and Alan Ward, will go head to head with biographies of Muhammad Ali and the cyclist Tommy Simpson to be voted William Hill sports book of the year.
      It is quite a feat for a self-published book with a 500-copy print run, funded by donations from Bradford Park Avenue fans who are determined that history doesn’t forget the ground that was once a rival to Headingley and Bramall Lane in a Victorian battle for sporting supremacy in the White Rose county. The publishing endeavour mirrored their wider efforts for the old club, which they had revived by turning it into a fan-owned operation in the vein of Manchester’s FC United.
      When word spread about the project, fans came to help from all around Bradford and beyond, helping to contextualise the archaeological finds. Some, like four boot studs, were self-explanatory. Some were more puzzling. Perhaps the most bizarre find was a nappy pin, http://www.warriorsprostore.com/WOMENS-KEVON-LOONEY-JERSEY.html unearthed next to one of the ground hooks behind the left-hand goalpost. It would have remained a mystery were it not for the arrival of Susan Farr, daughter of Chick Farr, a star goalkeeper. She explained that the elastic on her father’s shorts had snapped during a match, forcing the trainer on to the pitch to perform an emergency repair. It was an incident Farr never lived down, and he was regularly showered with pins when he was in goal thereafter.
      A Womens Shareece Wright Jersey collection of marbles found had also been chucked at the poor goalies, it emerged: “The culprit identified himself to us and sheepishly owned up to his youthful misdemeanour, which at the time got him evicted from the ground.”
      For Wood it was tremendously handy not having to guess the significance of his finds but having living witnesses explain them. “It would be like having a Roman soldier when I’m digging up a citadel,” he said.


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Gareth Southgate" Yesterday

      Gareth Southgate tells a story, going back to his playing days with England and his last unhappy involvement in a World Cup, that probably sums up why he goes into the four‑month gap before the next international break in a much more confident Authentic Brock Holt Jersey mood about the psychology of the modern team.

      Southgate was part of Authentic Brock Holt Jersey England’s World Cup squad in 2002 and an unused substitute on the day Ronaldinho’s free-kick sailed over David Seaman’s head to put Sven-Goran Eriksson’s team out of the tournament. The previous day, England had trained at the stadium in Shizuoka and Southgate started fearing the worst when the Brazilians arrived for their turn.

      “I couldn’t help noticing that when the lads looked at them, it Authentic Brock Holt Jersey was with a touch of awe. Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos; it was like we saw them as superior to us. And when it came to the critical points in the match, we did not believe in ourselves. After their second goal, our self-belief just disintegrated, like we knew all along they were better than us.”
      Fifteen years on, Southgate could probably have been forgiven for wondering whether the current group of players might have the same kind of inferiority complex when Brazil visited Wembley on Tuesday and Joe http://www.dolphinsauthenticofficial.com/YOUTH+DEVANTE+PARKER+JERSEY Gomez, to cite one example, was assigned to restrain Neymar on the day the young Liverpool defender was winning only his second cap. Southgate, not someone prone to exaggeration, described England’s opponents as being “as good as anything I have played against or seen” and needed a few moments when he was asked to name the other teams he would put alongside Tite’s team.
      “These [Brazil], before France 98, definitely were. There was Argentina, with [Gabriel] Batistuta and [Ariel] Ortega and people like that. But this Brazil side have some world‑class talents and for Joe Gomez to have played like he has against Neymar was phenomenal. Joe played as I saw him play in the [2014] under-17s Euros final. I saw him transfer that to another level and he has all the attributes to be a top defender.”
      Southgate was not getting carried away, readily admitting the Seleção still seemed “light years ahead” in certain aspects, but the performances against Brazil and Germany, back-to-back 0-0 draws against the two sides at the top of Fifa’s world rankings, have at least given his players some new encouragement.
      With England, it can feel sometimes like every silver lining has its own cloud but Southgate might have been on to something when he suggested, cautiously, that it felt very different to those unhappy occasions when the crowd’s discontentment had manifested itself in angry, mutinous outbursts. His team, he http://www.authenticcardinalsbaseball.com/Authentic-Carlos-Martinez-Jersey said, had “succeeded in changing the wind of public feeling” and that alone can be considered a success http://www.nfllionsofficialonline.com/Haloti-Ngata-Jersey bearing in mind it was only two months ago England’s fans staged Authentic Brock Holt Jersey a mass walkout during the game in Malta.
      The problem for Southgate is how to keep that forward momentum when there is such a long gap until the next internationals. Roy Hodgson’s idea when he was the England manager was to arrange a get-together at St George’s Park but that had to be abandoned because of the logistics and opposition from several clubs. Southgate and his assistant, Steve Holland, plan to do it another way before the friendly against Holland in Amsterdam on 23 March and the game against Italy at Wembley four days later – two matches, ironically, that were arranged to give England high‑calibre opposition but will pit them against nations that have not qualified for the World Cup.
      “I am not certain of the value of one meeting, arranging to get everybody’s diaries to coordinate, and to cover what?” Southgate said. “It is really difficult and if we are going to bring everybody together there has to be a real purpose and benefit to doing it.
      “I’d rather go on the road and see people individually, sit with them, go through how their game is going, ask what they think and maybe get small groups together at the clubs where we have four or five players. We will be visiting them at their clubs. We’ve got the time to do that, Steve and myself. We can travel. I think it is more beneficial and rewarding that way.”


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Former official kills" Yesterday

      A former Argentinian football official killed himself just hours after he was Authentic Mike Fisher Jersey accused of taking bribes by a witness in the New York corruption trial examining endemic misconduct at world football’s governing body, Fifa.

      Jorge Delhon, 52, a lawyer who worked for Argentina’s Football for All, a government programme that holds the broadcast rights to domestic football in the country, was accused of accepting annual $500,000 (£380,000) bribes from 2011 to 2014.

      The sworn allegations were made by Alejandro Burzaco, an influential former sports marketing executive, who has already pleaded guilty to corruption charges and has been assisting US authorities in the sprawling investigation into Fifa.
      Burzaco claimed to have agreed the bribes with Delhon and another Argentinian Authentic Mike Fisher Jersey official to receive broadcast rights to domestic club competitions. Shortly after he made the allegations in court on Tuesday, police in Buenos Aires announced that Delhon had killed himself.
      The trial of three former South American football executives continued on Wednesday. As Burzaco prepared to give a second day of testimony, he broke down in tears on the witness stand and was escorted from the courtroom.
      Lawyers for Juan Ángel Napout, the Paraguayan former president of South American football’s governing body Conmebol, accused someone in the courtroom of “staring down” the former executive.
      Napout, Manuel Burga, the former head of the Peruvian football association, and José Maria Marin, the head of Brazil’s football confederation, all deny multiple counts of racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering.
      As Wednesday’s proceedings commenced, Burzaco http://www.officialhawkstore.com/Ersan_Ilyasova_Jersey continued to give details of how he orchestrated multi-million dollar bribe payments to obtain the exclusive marketing rights to the Copa America tournament for http://www.steelersnflofficialproshop.com/WOMENS_YOUTH_JACK_HAM_JERSEY.html a company, Datisa, created to house a group of rival sports marketing corporations, including Burzaco’s own Torneos y Competencias.
      Burzaco said he had agreed Authentic Mike Fisher Jersey to pay $16.5m to a group of senior Conmebol officials to secure the rights. The deal allowed Datisa the rights to the 2015 tournament and the next two editions of the event. The $16.5m bribe payment would be repeated for the next two Copa Americas, and the contract would allow Datisa first refusal for rights in the future.
      The Argentinian national, who turned himself in Authentic Mike Fisher Jersey to authorities weeks after a May 2015 morning raid on a hotel in Zurich unveiled the federal investigation into Fifa, said the Copa America contract was finalised during a trip to London in May 2013.
      Burzaco said he had travelled to the UK for the Champions League final, which was held at Wembley Stadium, and met with a number of Conmebol officials at venues including the Waldorf Hilton hotel and a restaurant in Mayfair, in an attempt to get their signatures for the new contract.
      Burzaco recalled the details of one meeting at the Waldorf with Marin and http://www.authenticblackhawksite.com/david-rundblad-jersey_c-486.html Marco Polo Del Nero, a Fifa executive and now the current president of the Brazilian football confederation. The pair, who were due to receive $3m in bribes for the first Copa America, were angry they had not yet been paid a separate $2m annual bribe for the rights to another South American club tournament, the Copa Libertadores. The bribes, Burzaco said were “normally paid in the first six months of the year” but had not yet reached the two officials.


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Fox and other top broadcasters" 11.16.2017

      Some of the world’s largest broadcasters, including Fox Sports, were involved in bribe payments to Fifa officials in order to secure the broadcast rights to major South American football tournaments, a key witness in the investigation into corruption at football’s governing body has told a federal court in New York City.

      Alejandro Burzaco, the former CEO of Jermey Parnell Womens Jersey Torneos y Competencias, a major sports marketing company based in Argentina, testified that five other companies he had partnered with, including Brazilian network Globo and the Mexican network Grupo Televisa, had bribed Fifa officials during his tenure.
      Burzaco gave evidence on the second day of the trial of three former South American football administrators, charged with accepting millions of dollars in bribes. The hearing is part of a sprawling federal investigation into endemic corruption at Fifa resulting in over 40 criminal charges filed against football and marketing executives implicated in the global conspiracy.
      Burzaco has already pleaded guilty to racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies after he was indicted in 2015, and has since been assisting US authorities. He is one of 23 people to have pleaded guilty already.
      The court heard how Burzaco had paid regular bribes, often six-figure sums, primarily to six senior officials of the South American football governing body, Conmebol, in exchange for the broadcast rights to the Copa Libertadores, South America’s premier international club competition.
      Prosecutors homed in on the activities of T&T, a sports marketing company that has, since 2002, been jointly owned by Torneos y Competencias and http://www.chargersofficialauthenticstore.com/Brandon-Mebane-Jersey Fox Pan American Sports and held the rights to the tournament.
      The court was presented http://www.officialnewyorkislanders.com/Adidas-Thomas-Greiss-Jersey with a series of contracts between Conmebol and T&T, relating to the extension of broadcast rights for the tournament in 2008. Burzaco told the court he had paid senior officials, including the Argentinian football executive and former senior Fifa vice-president Julio Grondona and the former Conmebol president Nicolás Leoz, a range of “special bribes” ranging between $500,000 to $1m to secure the extension. The money was in addition to annual bribes, between $300,000 to $1.3m, that the six senior Conmebol officials were already receiving from T&T for the rights to tournament.
      T&T, Burzaco said, had created a sham company to pay out the one off cash sums. The court saw a contract between T&T and an entity named Somerton for $3.7m.
      “It’s not a real contract, sir,” Burzaco conceded as he told the court all the money had gone to pay off the officials. Burzaco noted one of the contract’s signatories was the former Fox Pan American Sports chief operating officer James Ganley. Burzaco had earlier told the court that Fox had become the majority owner of T&T in 2005.
      On Tuesday evening, Fox responded to the allegations in court. “Any suggestion that Fox Sports knew of or approved of any bribes is emphatically false,” read a statement. “Fox Sports had no operational control of the entity which Burzaco ran. The entity run by Burzaco was a subsidiary of Fox Pan American Sports, which in 2008, at the time of the contract in question, was majority owned by a private equity firm and under their Jermey Parnell Womens Jersey operational and management control.”


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Republic of Ireland’s" 11.16.2017

      And lo, the spirit and awkwardness of Martin O’Neill’s Republic of Ireland were not enough. Those qualities took them to within touching distance of their first World Cup in 16 years, but no further. Denmark, far superior in this play-off, will go instead. In Christian Eriksen they have a player who belongs among the elite, a point he expressed beautifully in Dublin with an exquisite hat-trick.

      Fleetingly Ireland had Russia within their reach, as Shane Duffy headed them into an early lead. But by half-time the Danes had wrenched the World Cup Cody Bellinger Authentic Jersey ticket off the home side and they never gave it back. Age Hareide’s side scored the away goal the Irish had dreaded when Andreas Christensen’s ugly shot found the net via a post and Cyrus Christie’s leg in the 29th minute. Then came Eriksen’s trio of beauties. It seemed like an unnecessary insult when Nicklas Bendtner added another from a late penalty.
      And yet this could have been worse for Ireland. When challenged to be more enterprising they became more ragged. Perhaps lack of attacking practice had made them rusty. Several of Denmark’s goals had their origins in Irish blunders. But Darren Randolph made several good saves to prevent a heavier toll. The Danes were a match for Ireland physically and a class above Cody Bellinger Authentic Jersey them in terms of skill, fluency and ambition.
      While Eriksen sparkled, the closest player that Ireland have to someone of that calibre, Wes Hoolahan, began on the bench again. O’Neill made only one alteration to the line-up that had shut out the Danes in Copenhagen on Saturday, with David Meyler replacing Callum O’Dowda. If Ireland were to attack more adroitly than they did on Saturday, then that change would have to come from the same personnel, http://www.officialsanjosesharks.com/Adidas-Tomas-Hertl-Jersey with loud verbal cues from a rambunctious crowd.
      It took six minutes for that crowd’s wish to be granted. The goal owed nothing to new-found intricacy but no one cared about aesthetics when Nicolai Jorgensen’s attempt to clear a long free-kick by Robbie Brady resulted in the striker looping the ball backwards in his own box, inviting Duffy to soar high and nod the ball past the advancing Kasper Schmeichel and into the net from eight yards.
      Duffy had scored a similar goal in Georgia in the group stages, after which Ireland had become so passive they almost enticed the opponents to equalise, which Georgia eventually did. There would be serious jeopardy in doing the same http://www.officialphiladelphiaflyers.com/Adidas-Jori-Lehtera-Jersey here. But soon, whether by Ireland’s choice or the duress applied by Denmark, the home side began backpedaling.
      They were fortunate in the 10th minute that Jens Stryger Larsen failed to connect properly with the ball after Simon Kjaer caught the Irish defence out with a long diagonal pass. Then they were grateful to Randolph for diving to his left and tipping away a drive from 20 yards by William Kvist. Two minutes later the goalkeeper came to the rescue again, parrying a blast by Pione Sisto.
      In an increasingly frenetic game it was not one-way traffic. Daryl Murphy almost doubled Ireland’s lead with a dainty flick at http://www.authenticslightningstore.com/steven-stamkos-jersey_c-438.html the near post from a cross by Christie, his shot missing the target by inches. Moments later James McClean stormed down the left and into the box before firing a yard past the far post.
      Despite those raids, it was not looking like Ireland would last 90 minutes without conceding. As it turned out, they did not even get past 29. There was ingenuity and cruelty in the way they were infiltrated. After a short corner Sisto nutmegged Harry Arter and skittered into the box before sending a low cross to Christensen. The defender scuffed his shot but it hit a post and rebounded in off Christie. As an away goal, the equaliser put Denmark in front.
      Three minutes later the visiting side took a conventional lead, Eriksen sweeping the ball regally into the net from 20 Cody Bellinger Authentic Jersey yards via the underside of the crossbar following a move that began when Stephen Ward was dispossessed on the left.


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "chance to manage at a World Cup" 11.16.2017

      Arsène Wenger has spoken of the possibility of a move into international football and being involved at the 2022 World Cup. The Arsenal manager, who according to some reports was the Football Association’s first choice for the England manager’s post after the departure of Roy Hodgson in 2016, has 18 months to run on his contract at the Emirates but says the idea of managing at a World Cup is a tempting prospect.

      When asked about the possibility of moving into international management, Wenger told beIN Sports: “Maybe, yes, I will do it at some stage but until now I like to be involved every day in the life of a club because the real test is there. Four or five weeks is a different experience, it’s more concentrated, but I believe the real experience of managing Ian Kinsler Authentic Jersey a team is on a daily basis.

      “But I will not always have the physical strength to do that so maybe I will move into [international coaching]. It’s a fact my life is linked with football, in what way will be linked to my physical state.”
      The Frenchman added: “I will [always] be Ian Kinsler Authentic Jersey in football. I don’t know [if] as a director, as a manager – as long as possible as a manager. But one day that will stop. But I will stay in football, of course.” Asked whether he could be on the bench at the World Cup in Qatar, he said: “Maybe, you never know.”
      Wenger, who has also been linked with the France national team, commented on the speculation about his taking the England post last year when he said: “My priority is to do well here [at Arsenal]. If I am free one day why not, http://www.officialsramsprostore.com/Gerald_Everett_Jersey_Cheap but at the moment my focus is on my job.”
      Petr Cech, meanwhile, has dismissed suggestions that Arsenal should measure their season on whether they finish above Tottenham as they prepare for Saturday’s north London http://www.authentickingstore.com/-26-nic-dowd-jersey_c-477.html derby.
      “There is always one odd year where things can Ian Kinsler Authentic Jersey change, but the most important thing for us is competing against the other teams for the Premier League title and for the glory,” the goalkeeper told Sky Sports. “We are not competing against Tottenham Hotspur. Two years ago when we finished above them we were disappointed because we didn’t win the title [and Leicester did]. Our target is to win the title and be successful during the season, not necessarily looking at what Tottenham are doing.”
      Despite their progress under Mauricio Pochettino, Spurs have failed to win a trophy since the League Cup in 2008 and Cech believes http://www.authenticnetstore.com/Allen_Crabbe_Jersey only silverware will satisfy the Tottenham supporters. “There was always something missing. They’ve been there in the last few years so now I think they have to make sure they win something to show the progression.”


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Martin O’Neill lightens" 11.15.2017

      Roy Keane said last week the key to Martin O’Neill’s celebrated motivational acumen boils down to a knack for saying the right thing at the right time. So it was intriguing, on the eve of Tuesday’s second leg of the tautly wound World Cup play‑off between the Republic of Ireland and Denmark, to hear O’Neill tease his captain, David Meyler, about missing penalties in training.

      There is a real possibility of the match here ending in the same 0-0 scoreline as the first leg on Saturday and, therefore, of a penalty shootout being required. That would determine who advances to the World Cup finals, and who is Jeff Keppinger Youth jersey left to survey the rubble of a 14-month qualification campaign. When asked about that scenario, Meyler declared his confidence he would score from the spot if called.

      Not many managers would have chosen that moment to bring their http://www.authenticclippersshop.com/authentic-3-chris-paul-jersey.html player’s training-ground failures to public attention but O’Neill did so with a deadpan interjection. Everyone in the room laughed, except Meyler, who, after being taken by surprise, looked playfully exasperated. O’Neill had succeeded in introducing levity into what could have been a heavy preview – but in a pointed way. He defused the tension around the occasion while reminding his player talk is cheap. Deeds are sport’s true currency.
      For Ireland, this play-off is a balancing act. They must find http://www.officialauthenticshoppanthers.com/WOMENS_YOUTH_CAPTAIN_MUNNERLYN_JERSEY.html the right Jeff Keppinger Youth jersey blend between defence and attack, fervour and composure. In Copenhagen they defended with steel but offered little going forward. O’Neill knows that must change, at least a little, if they are to score the one goal or http://www.newyorkrangersofficialonline.com/Adidas-Jeff-Beukeboom-Jersey more they will need to progress without a shootout. He knows his players must remain focused enough to deny space to inventive Danes such as Christian Eriksen and Thomas Delaney. They must also pass more incisively than they did on Saturday, when they concentrated so hard on keeping the ball away from their own goal they neglected to figure out how to get it near Denmark’s.
      “We will try to be that bit more expansive if we can and deal with the ball a wee bit better,” O’Neill said. Wes Hoolahan often delivers the ideal mixture but usually begins on the bench, where he stayed in the first leg. O’Neill did not say whether the Norwich City schemer would start on Tuesday.
      The suspicion is the only changes will see Meyler return to central midfield Jeff Keppinger Youth jersey so Robbie Brady can shift wide and replace Callum O’Dowda, http://www.footballseahawksprostore.com/Patrick-Kerney-Jersey while Shane Long may start up front. The Southampton striker has not scored for club or country since February but Denmark’s defenders may be more bothered by his mobility than by Daryl Murphy’s brawn.
      O’Neill hailed his team’s fighting qualities but said: “It should not be everything in our side because eventually, as well as spirit, you Jeff Keppinger Youth jersey have to be able to play.”
      Meyler reckoned Ireland’s spirit will give them the edge: “Denmark don’t have the character, heart and desire we have.” The opposing manager, Age Hareide, retorted: “He doesn’t know us.”
      O’Neill referred to his team’s record of rising somehow to grand occasions. “We are going to try to win the game and will try to find a way to win it,” he said. “These players have been able to do that in the last couple of years.”
      Teams of similar or higher standing to Denmark can vouch for that, including Germany, Italy, Bosnia‑Herzegovina, Austria and Wales – all beaten by Ireland in high-stakes showdowns.


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Sweden stand" 11.15.2017

      Given one last chance to seize a place at the World Cup Italy pressed, they pushed, but they could not prevail, and as a result next summer’s tournament will take place without them. It is their first such failure in six decades, the Azzurri joining Holland as Europe’s most notable qualifying failures. Both of them were eliminated by Sweden, whose route to Russia has been far from straightforward.

      Jakob Johansson’s goal in the first leg ultimately decided the tie in the Swedes’ favour. Here his side’s only ambition was to repel at any cost the waves of attacks rolling towards them, a job they http://www.officialwildteamonline.com/Jared_Spurgeon_Jersey did heroically if not entirely nervelessly.
      Carlo Tavecchio, the president of the Italian FA, famously said in September that “not qualifying would be an apocalypse”. That day has arrived, with Gianluigi Buffon tearfully admitting his 175th cap would be his last and Daniele De Rossi – a substitute who when asked to warm up in the second half refused because “I wanted them to bring on attacking players” – also announcing his international retirement. Meanwhile Giampiero Ventura’s tenure as coach is surely over, even if he said after the game he was yet to resign.
      His side had 75% of possession and 23 shots to their rivals’ four but there was no way past the visitors’ determined rearguard, the four Norsemen of the apocalypse. “We had no weapons left. We just had to sit there and hope we could hang on,” said the Sweden coach, Jan Andersson. “We couldn’t do it in any other way, they are so skilful.”
      De Rossi described “a funereal atmosphere” after the final whistle. “It’s a dark moment for our football,” he said. “Beyond everything that was wrong tactically, technically and physically, we just did not deserve to qualify.”
      Amid the disappointment there will also be anger. Ventura had demanded “we get at the San Siro what they got in Stockholm” after criticising the performance of Cuneyt Cakir, the Turkish referee, in the first leg. They did not: both sides had penalty appeals turned down by Antonio Mateu Lahoz, the Spanish official who took charge Womens Damien Wilson Jersey of this game. Italy will be particularly puzzled that a 47th-minute incident in which Matteo Darmian was kneed in the stomach by Mikael Lustig inside the penalty area resulted in Sweden being awarded a free-kick for handball, particularly as the ball seemed to strike the Manchester United defender on the thigh.
      The particular irony here was that Mateu http://www.titansnflofficialproshop.com/Authentic-Corey-Davis-Jersey Lahoz had been unable to spot even the most blatant handballs in the first half, when Darmian and Barzagli might have been punished. Before both of those incidents, with just nine minutes played, Andreas Granqvist seemed to trip Marco Parolo from behind. Had the video officials who review key decisions in every Serie A game also been used in this match, it would have been completely different.
      Italy were not good enough to find a way through Sweden’s defence but this was still a marked improvement on the first leg. Much of the credit for this must go to Jorginho, the Napoli midfielder who Ventura had never previously considered worthy of so much as a place in his squad. As he did last season, the 25-year-old has played more passes per game than any player not just in Serie A but any of Europe’s major leagues, but the coach had dismissed him in a specialist in “a role that does not exist” in his side. This will be remembered as one of his many mistakes.
      He was Italy’s most creative player, and though he faded in the second half he alone threatened to carve a way through the centre of Sweden’s defence. In the 27th minute he lifted a perfectly-judged pass over the visitors’ Damien Wilson Authentic Jersey rearguard and into the path of Manolo Gabbiadini, whose low cross zipped through a crowded six-yard box before being battered over the bar by Antonio Candreva. Then in the 40th minute he picked out Ciro Immobile, whose shot hit the onrushing Robin Olsen but continued on its path goalwards until Granqvist booted clear.
      Other than the penalty appeals Sweden never threatened. They were not helped by a serious injury to Johansson, who was stretching for a bouncing ball in an otherwise empty centre circle in the 17th minute when his knee buckled, and left the field on a stretcher. They were content to crowd the central areas, allowing Candreva and the disappointing Darmian space on the flanks, relying on their ability to reach any cross first, and booting any ball they got within touching distance of upfield.


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Patient Tite" 11.15.2017

      When Brazil emerge from the Wembley tunnel to face England on Tuesday evening most eyes will be on Neymar, Gabriel Jesus and the array of dazzling talent wrapped in canary yellow. Back in Brazil, the focus will be elsewhere. Adenor Leonardo Bacchi, better known as Tite – pronounced “Cheechee” – is revered in his homeland. The 56-year-old has restored the country’s pride in its national side and that counts for a lot in image‑conscious Brazil.

      “Tite is a great coach, one of the best in the world. He just doesn’t have the status of [Pep] Guardiola and [José] Mourinho because he’s not in Europe. But he’s as good as these guys,” says the former Brazil international Neto, a pundit for the broadcaster Bandeirantes.
      Tite took charge in June last year after Brazil went out of the Copa América and were floundering in sixth place in the South America qualifiers. He engineered a remarkable turnaround: in March, Brazil became the first team to qualify for Russia. The Seleção’s old swagger is back, but now it is underpinned by a sizable chunk of pragmatism.
      Brazil are still in the process of reinventing themselves after their 7-1 humiliation against Germany at the 2014 World Cup was followed by two years of torpor under Dunga. Tite once said: “A coach has to know his machine … how much it can take, the way it works, know which parts you can be harder on.” Brazil are changing and, in Tite, have a man who has morphed from mechanic to magus.
      In the space of 18 months, Tite has restored the spirit that had evaporated under Dunga; now he is working on bringing back some of the old http://www.seahawksofficialfootballonline.com/WOMENS_YOUTH_RUSSELL_WILSON_JERSEY.html magic. “What fascinates me most is the Brazil of 1982. They played almost without thinking,” he says. “That side was so impressive. Falcao, Socrates, Cerezo Derrick Coleman Authentic Jersey and Zico. I look at that team and I think what a beautiful thing it is to play football.”
      Fine words, but make no mistake, Tite is cut from the Derrick Coleman Authentic Jersey same cloth as his predecessors Dunga and, Tite’s mentor, Luiz Felipe Scolari. Today’s Brazil are a far cry from the futebol arte of the 80s.
      Tite is from Caxias do Sul in the south of Brazil. Down to earth and conservative, his critics argue that his pronouncements on football – and life – are somewhat preachy, but he makes light of the puritanical image he has helped create. The overall impression is that Tite is a good man, someone you can trust, a man you would want to play for. He is loyal to his players, but a lack of ruthlessness cost him in the past and could do so again in Russia.
      His playing career was cut short due to injury and the former defensive midfielder started his first coaching position in 1990 for Guarany de Garibaldi. Eleven years later, he got a crack at the big time with Grêmio and won the Copa do Brasil. There followed a series of jobs patching up struggling teams, saving them from the drop, before inevitably getting the sack. His Mr Fix http://www.authenticbluesjerseys.com/Authentic-Ty-Rattie-Jersey It image changed after he won the Copa Sudamericana with Internacional in 2008. However, the real turning point came two years later when he joined Corinthians for a second Derrick Coleman Authentic Jersey time.
      Tite rebuilt the side from the back and they went on to win the league, conceding just 36 goals in 38 games. Seven months later they beat Boca Juniors in the Libertadores final, and in the same year saw off Chelsea in the Fifa Club World Cup.
      But in 2013, Corinthians stagnated and clocked up a staggering 13 goalless draws over the season. In November, the club told the coach he was out. The problem, according to Neto, was clear. “One of his weaknesses is making difficult changes, like dropping players he trusts. He struggled with this after winning the Club World Cup. It needed [his successor] Mano Menezes to do a clear-out.”


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Brazil fear Neymar" 11.14.2017

      Not for the first time in recent weeks, Neymar felt suffocated and affronted. It is part and parcel of being a marked man, an unwanted by-product of his lavish gifts. And he reacted. Towards the end of last month, it had been in http://www.redskinsfootballproshoponline.com/WOMENS_YOUTH_DEXTER_MANLEY_JERSEY.html club colours http://www.officialauthenticbroncosshop.com/WOMENS-MENELIK-WATSON-JERSEY.html for Paris Saint-Germain in le classique at Marseille and the result was a red card in the 87th minute. On this occasion, it was in the yellow of Brazil and, once again, there would be a sanction, if not as severe. The weird thing was that when Neymar chased a ball forward in the 55th minute of the friendly against Japan in Lille on Friday, his team were 3-0 up and the atmosphere at a half-empty Stade Pierre Mauroy was hardly the bear pit of the Devin Funchess Womens Jersey Vélodrome.

      Coincidentally – or perhaps not – his adversary was the defender Hiroki Sakai, who plays for Marseille and had been on the Vélodrome pitch when Neymar felt the red mist come down. In that game, having been involved in niggle throughout, Neymar reacted to a trip by the winger Lucas Ocampos by squaring Devin Funchess Womens Jersey up to him. He would receive a second yellow card.
      In Lille, he grappled and tussled with Sakai, who refused to let him wriggle clear and then Neymar aimed his dig. It was part-cuff, part-slap and it caught Sakai across the back of his head. It surely did not hurt that much but Sakai reached his hand up to feel where it had landed. He did so with a flourish.
      There followed a video assistant referee interlude, of the type we may have to get used to. The on-field official, Benoît Bastien, retreated to study a monitor behind an advertising board on halfway and when he returned he made the outline of a television set before showing the yellow card to Neymar. The Brazilian could not believe it. How dare Bastien. Neymar smiled, as he did after his dismissal in Marseille, and he made it plain that this was not the sort of thing that ought to happen to football royalty.
      Neymar’s cockiness is a part of his appeal and, in many ways, it underpins his tricks and body swerves and all of the rest. But the world’s most expensive player has shown signs of late that he is in danger of crossing the line into petulance and entitlement.
      Against Japan, which finished in a 3-1 Brazil win, he looked at Bastien whenever there was the slightest contact from an opponent and he fully expected to be given the free-kick. Sometimes, he was; sometimes, he wasn’t but it felt as though he was yet another assistant referee.
      The countdown to the World Cup finals has started and every Brazil player can sense the scrutiny of his temperament. The mission has long been signposted: to avenge the 7-1 humiliation against Germany from the semi-finals of their World Cup in 2014. But with Neymar, who lives his life under the most brilliant of glares, it is more pronounced.
      Tite, the Brazil manager, knows that he can ill-afford a lapse of discipline from Neymar in Russia and when he discussed the pressures on him it was revealing that he offered both sympathy and a reminder of his responsibilities.
      “Neymar has made some mistakes with his reactions and Devin Funchess Womens Jersey he knows that this is wrong,” said Tite, who is now preparing for the friendly against England at Wembley on Tuesday. “I will talk about the last red card he got [for PSG]. He took a tackle and another one seconds later. Everyone is trying to stop him with fouls but he cannot react to this. I have talked with him about this. I tell him: ‘Just go to the halfway line.’
      “The referee was right when he gave Neymar the yellow card against Japan. But the use of video technology will be a good thing because it will make for a fairer game.
      “When we talk about players like Neymar, Willian, Philippe Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus, they are really fast and this is how defenders stop them. Against Japan, there was a sequence of fouls on Gabriel but I told him: ‘Go to halfway. Just play.’ This is the thing.”
      If Brazil play like they have done under Tite, it will be easy to fancy them at the finals. When the former Corinthians manager succeeded Dunga in June 2016, the team had taken nine points from their first six World Cup qualifiers. They lagged sixth in the South American standings and, this being Brazil, there was hysteria that they might not qualify.


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Gareth Southgate eyes" 11.14.2017

      England’s football team might be put through a mock penalty shootout in front of a Wembley crowd as Gareth Southgate sets about trying to make sure his team will be fully prepared from 12 yards in the World Cup.

      Southgate resisted the temptation to arrange a practice shootout against Germany, the team famous for their penalty prowess, after the goalless draw at Wembley on Friday but England’s manager is considering putting one in place for one of the Wembley friendlies closer to the tournament.
      England have gone out of six major tournaments – three World Cups and three European Championships – since Chris Waddle skied his penalty in Italia 90 and have only one success to their name against Spain in Euro 96. Taking into account the King Hassan II International Cup in Morocco, pre-France 98, when Rob Lee and Les Ferdinand were the guilty men, England’s overall record stands at seven failures out of eight.
      Sven-Goran Eriksson considered putting on a dress rehearsal when England played Jamaica at Old Trafford before the World Cup in 2006. The Swede never went through with it, however, and three of England’s penalty-takers, Frank Lampard, http://www.officialraptorstore.com/Bruno_Caboclo_Jersey Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, went on to miss in the quarter-final shootout against Portugal.
      As anyone who can remember the pizza advert will be able to testify, Southgate also has first-hand experience from Euro 96 about what it is like to take, and miss, a decisive penalty in a major competition and the England manager is determined the modern team will be ready in next summer’s World Cup.
      “It’s something that we are considering – how we prepare best for penalty shootouts,” Southgate said. “Whether that’s something on the training ground, whether that’s in sessions we do away from the training ground, or something we do in some sort of match scenario. We’ve not finalised http://www.nygiantsofficialstore.com/bobby-hart-jersey-for-sale-c-70.html that yet but clearly that [match situation] is an option.”
      England have another friendly lined up against Italy at Wembley on 27 March, with a game against Holland in Amsterdam four days earlier, and will then arrange two more fixtures before the squad fly to their World Cup base in Repino, outside St Petersburg.
      In the meantime Southgate is warning Joe Hart, the goalkeeper he insists is still his recognised No1, that he is facing increased competition after Jordan Pickford’s impressive debut against Germany.
      Hart will return to the team for Tuesday’s friendly against Brazil Womens Nevin Lawson Jersey at Wembley but Southgate confirmed the West Ham United goalkeeper would have missed out again if Jack Butland had not broken a http://www.cowboysofficialauthentic.com/WOMENS-JAY-NOVACEK-JERSEY.html finger.
      “Jordan had an excellent game. It was a good experience for him, we can wrap him up now, assess him in the next period with his club and it’s good that he goes away with a really positive experience. Now’s an opportunity for Joe to have experience against top opposition as well and we’re all aware there’s really good competition in that area of the pitch.
      “We have six months where all our goalkeeping department can show what they can do. What Jordan has shown is that he’s been able to make his debut at Wembley, play with composure and show his qualities. He’s still a young Womens Nevin Lawson Jersey goalkeeper, still learning, and there are things for him to improve but it was a really Nevin Lawson Jersey positive debut.”


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Eric Dier urges" 11.14.2017

      Eric Dier has made a plea for people not to get carried with Ruben Loftus-Cheek’s display for England against Germany last Friday, describing his fellow midfielder as a player of great potential but who “still has a lot to work on”.

      Loftus-Cheek was among five debutants who featured for England in the goalless draw with the world champions at Wembley and undeniably made the greatest impact. After a somewhat hesitant and loose start, the 21-year-old grew into proceedings and ended the evening being named man of the match.

      That has understandably led to excitement regarding the impact Loftus-Cheek can make on Gareth Southgate’s side in the run-up to next summer’s World Cup, and will not come as a great surprise to those who have watched him develop at Chelsea, whom he joined at the age of eight, or perform for Crystal Palace this season having arrived on Adam Humphries Jersey loan from the Premier League champions in July. Loftus-Cheek was also part of the England side, under Southgate, who won the Toulon Tournament in 2016.
      “Everyone’s known about Ruben’s potential for a long time,” http://www.officialsanjosesharks.com/Adidas-Chris-Tierney-Jersey said Dier, who captained England for the first time against Germany. “It’s great that he’s now playing regular football week in, week out at Crystal Palace. That can only allow him to fulfil his potential. Hopefully this [his England debut] is another step in his progression.
      “There’s so much more to come from him, but there’s no point getting too carried away at this point. He’s a good boy and he still has a Adam Humphries Jersey lot to work on, like all of us.”
      It will be intriguing to see if Southgate retains Loftus-Cheek in the side to face Brazil at Wembley evening and one facet the player certainly has in his favour compared to his midfield rivals, in the short and long-term, is his build. A little over 6ft 2in tall and 71kg in weight, Loftus-Cheek is an imposing, powerful presence.
      “He’s a big boy, he’s been the same since he was 12, I think!” Dier said. “He’s strong, he’s got great physicality, and he moves the ball really well. There’s fantastic potential and hopefully he keeps working hard to fulfil it.”
      Among the other players who made their England debuts last week was Jack Cork. The Burnley midfielder had to skip a family holiday to Dubai in order to join the squad but has no regrets and feels that after a long and varied career, which started at Chelsea prior to spells at, among others, Bournemouth, Southampton, Coventry and Swansea, not to mention representing England Under-21s and Adam Humphries Jersey Great Britain’s 2012 Olympic team, he deserves his opportunity.
      “I feel like I’ve done it http://www.goldenstatewarriorsauthentic.com/Womens-Zaza-Pachulia-Jersey hard,” the 28-year-old said. “I’ve done my graft and played all the games from League One to Championship – put myself out there. I’ve played enough games to have merited a chance and I’m just really happy http://authenticpenguinsjersey.com/mario-lemieux-jersey_c-424.html the manager has trusted me to get in Adam Humphries Jersey there.
      “To come out at Wembley, against Germany, and get on the pitch in a big game like http://www.authenticflamestore.com/authentic-27-dougie-hamilton-jersey.html that is a dream. It’s one of the highest levels you can get and I’m dead chuffed to have got out there.”

      Eric Dier urges

    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Emre Can aware" 11.13.2017

      Emre Can says he and his Liverpool team-mates have been joshing with each other in advance of England’s match with Germany on Friday but he stresses there is no chance of him taking the friendly lightly – not with the ferocious competition for places in the Germany squad.

      Can knows he Authentic Jason Myers Jersey must seize every opportunity to impress Joachim Löw, who has such a plethora of talent that the squad he picks for next summer’s World Cup will necessarily exclude players who would be starters for most countries.
      “[The competition for places] helps because you always have to be ready, always giving 100%,” Can http://www.officialsaintsnflproshop.com/YOUTH+JOSH+HILL+JERSEY said. “If you have Authentic Jason Myers Jersey one bad season, maybe you aren’t in the squad. That’s normal because we have so many good young players, a big, big pool of players.”
      Germany’s strength in Can’s position seems particularly lavish in a week when Gareth http://www.officialwinnipegjets.com/Adidas-Joel-Armia-Jersey Southgate considers that the absence of Jordan Henderson opens doors for international rookies such as Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Jake Livermore. Can is one of several players vying for a spot in midfield where the established starters, such as Toni Kroos and Sami Khedira, have won the World Cup.
      Even they are under pressure to ensure their performances do not drop. When Löw omitted his top players for the summer’s Confederations Cup, Can and Sebastian Rudy helped Germany win the tournament, as did Leon Goretzka, the Authentic Jason Myers Jersey 22-year-old Schalke midfielder who is out injured but will be back in time for the World Cup. In addition, Manchester City’s Ilkay Gündogan has returned to Germany’s squad for Friday’s match at Wembley following a year’s absence with a cruciate ligament injury.
      “We went to the Confederations Cup with a young team so I don’t think many people expected us to win that. We played a lot of players who hadn’t been in the national team,” Can said. “So to win it, playing a great tournament, [means] a lot of nations have respect. The under-21s also won [the European Championship] so everyone can see how big and how good the group is in Germany.”
      Last month Can, who has 18 caps, scored his first goal for his country in the 5-1 victory over Azerbaijan. He started that match and aims to make that a regular occurrence.
      “It’s not always easy to come to the national team and be on the bench,” he said. “I try to show myself at Liverpool and when I come to the national team I try to show myself in training or in games. It’s my second year here and one day I want to be a starting player. It won’t be easy. But that’s why I try.”
      Can must deal with a complication that is not faced by Germany midfielders who are not based in England. “It’s different if you have a two-week break in winter. For example, last year when the Bundesliga had a break we [at Liverpool] had 10 games in that time. That is a big difference. Sometimes you just need to speak to your manager to get a few days off because your body will need it.”
      Can is well placed to know there are signs that England, too, are developing greater strength in depth. Several of his young team-mates at Anfield have international ambitions and Southgate has selected one of them, Joe Gomez, for the latest squad.


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Disgraceful Switzerland penalty" 11.13.2017

      The road to Russia for Northern Ireland has been pot-holed by incompetence. “Dare to Dream” is the slogan of their World Cup campaign but the manner of defeat to Switzerland in the play-off first leg will give Michael O’Neill nightmares.

      Northern Ireland were second best on home soil and on the back foot for too long against a team ranked 11th in the world. But they had conceded few clear-cut chances to Switzerland when the Romanian referee, Ovidiu Hategan, ludicrously punished Corry Evans for a deliberate handball that never was.
      The Blackburn Rovers midfielder blocked Xherdan Shaqiri’s volley with his back but was somehow adjudged to have handled by an official standing yards away. Ricardo Rodríguez’s confident penalty left Northern Ireland seething and facing a remote prospect of qualifying for a World Cup for the first time in 32 years. They will have to become the first team since England in 2014 to win a competitive game in Switzerland to erase Hategan from the memory bank. A considerable order, given their opponents’ superiority on the night.
      “It was disgraceful,” said Corry Evans. “I clearly didn’t Denzel Perryman Jersey put my hand up. It hit me on the back of the shoulder and I’m absolutely gutted. He’s booked me as well, which means I’m out of the http://www.officialusahockeystore.com/Usa_Justin_Faulk_Jersey_Shirt.html second leg as well, which is devastating.”
      Corry’s older brother, Jonny, claimed Hategan’s decision was worse than the Thierry Henry handball that cost the Republic of Ireland in 2009. “The ref has made a call that was not there,” he said. “It’s different if he didn’t see it. He’s claimed to see something that did not happen which is the Denzel Perryman Jersey hardest part to take about it.”
      Anger and a sense of injustice was justified. It may also be useful in the second leg providing resentment is channelled in the right way, but there is no question that Northern Ireland must improve on the performance here. The excellent Denis Zakaria and Granit Xhaka controlled central midfield and their team dominated possession. As their coach, Vladimir Petkovic, put it: “If we had taken our chances we wouldn’t be talking about the penalty.”
      It was a raucous night before the referee’s intervention. The 16,000 green and silver flags that the Irish Football Association had commissioned were waved Denzel Perryman Jersey 15 minutes before kick-off and were still flying by the time Hategan got things under way. Arguably the biggest game in Belfast since the win over Israel in November 1981 that sealed Northern Ireland’s passage to the World Cup had an atmosphere worthy of the occasion. But this marked a return to form for a Switzerland side that had won all nine qualifiers before slipping up at the last in Portugal.
      O’Neill described the play-offs as matches that define your career. His team began brightly, pressing the Swiss into several errors with Fabian Schär collecting an early booking when he scythed down Stuart Dallas as he broke down the left wing. O’Neill claimed the defender should have been sent off for http://www.authenticcincinnatireds.com/Barry-Larkin-Jersey a challenge that was out of control and made with two feet off the ground. He made a valid argument.
      Increasingly and ominously, however, Switzerland had 69% of the ball in the first half and it needed all the experience of Jonny Evans and Gareth McAuley in central defence to keep them at bay. It was a relief that Michael McGovern had faced only one effort on target by the interval.
      Switzerland’s first opportunity arrived when Rodríguez’s cross was headed down into the path of Blerim Dzemaili. The unmarked forward looked set to score from 10 yards out but Jonny Evans intervened with a vital block. Xhaka placed the rebound inches over the crossbar from the edge of the area and the Arsenal midfielder cursed his luck again moments later when another long-range shot just missed McGovern’s http://www.cardinalsofficialnflauthenticonline.com/cardinals+jj+nelson+jersey goal. The keeper then saved well from Haris Seferovic when he connected with Shaqiri’s superb cross.


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Holland’s Memphis Depay" 11.13.2017

      Malky Mackay is not staying on as Scotland coach but hopes to have helped shape “the future” of his national team. Mackay, in interim charge while a permanent successor to Gordon Strachan is sought, took pride from a 1-0 friendly defeat to Holland at Pittodrie.

      Memphis Depay scored the only Authentic Willie Young Jersey goal in the 40th minute but Mackay told Authentic Willie Young Jersey Sky Sports: “I’m very, very proud of the players, they’re a young group growing and I could see in their eyes. That’s the future of Scottish football right there.”

      Depay looked offside as he shot from close range after a counterattack. An experimental Scotland side were comfortable at the back and had plenty of encouraging moments going forward but they lacked firepower.
      Mackay handed debuts to Ryan Jack, Ryan Christie and Callum McGregor. Jack, a midfielder, lined up at right-back while Christie started alongside his Aberdeen team-mate Kenny McLean in midfield.
      Scotland had the first sights of goal as Matt Phillips twice threatened to get in behind the Dutch defence. Both he and James Forrest http://www.nflramsofficialonline.com/RAMS-NOLAN-CROMWELL-JERSEY had shots blocked the first time then Jasper Cillessen got down to save from the West Bromwich player.
      Scotland looked compact but they shot themselves in the foot in the 40th minute. Phillips overhit a pass to Forrest and then McGregor sold Jack short. Holland quickly worked the ball from the left-back position to the right wing and Ryan Babel crossed for Depay to knock the ball home from close range.
      Scotland continued to get encouragement going forward after the interval and John McGinn’s 25-yard shot swerved outside a post after a good passing move. And substitute Jason Cummings had a great chance late on, with his first touch, but Cillessen saved easily.
      Mackay called Kieran Tierney’s performance, filling in as captain and in central defence, “pretty sensational” and added: “He led the team, he stepped out well with the ball. To be thrown in as captain for the first time in a position that’s not quite yours – there’s a great future ahead for Kieran.
      “A lot of them tonight stepped up and were brave – brave to take the ball in tight areas, there were good performances all over the pitch.
      “I wanted to see Ryan Fraser, I knew there’s a talent there, and I definitely wanted to see Jason Cummings at some point .
      “Charlie Mulgrew came on and showed great Authentic Willie Young Jersey composure and http://www.officialpatriotsnflauthentic.com/Nike-Shaq-Mason-Jersey.html John McGinn, playing in a position http://www.officialbluejacketsshop.com/authentic-18-pierreluc-dubois-jersey.html that’s a bit alien to him – in the holding role he had to be a bit more disciplined. Anything good for us, he was involved in and he did the defensive work as well.”
      The Scottish Football Association chief executive, Stewart Regan, earlier ruled Mackay out of the running for the permanent role, telling TalkSport: “Malky and I have discussed this. He’s been asked by the board to take charge for one game and that’s what he’s doing.”
      Mackay said: “I’m going back to my job tomorrow, http://www.jetsshopnfl.com/quincy-enunwa-jersey_c-483.html whatever happens after that is for upstairs.
      “I’m delighted with these five days, the players gave me Authentic Willie Young Jersey everything and the backroom staff have as well. We’ve got a way of working now and I hope that’s the way going forward for Scottish football.”


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Ashley Young" 11.10.2017

      As Ashley Young leaned back in his chair at St George’s Park, back in the England set-up for the first time in four years, he wanted to make it clear there was no lingering issue with Dele Alli after their tête-à-tête when Manchester United played Tottenham Hotspur two weekends ago.

      That little contretemps at Old Trafford was awkwardly timed bearing in mind Young’s subsequent return to a new-look England squad where Alli is now one of the key players. As it is, the two have not yet crossed paths because of Alli’s withdrawal but Young struck a conciliatory tone and even tried to argue his Instagram post after the game against Spurs – “talk is cheap” – was not, as widely perceived, intended for the benefit of the younger player.
      “It would be nice to see him,” he said. “Things happen on football pitches. Once the game is finished, you don’t need to talk afterwards. That’s just how it is. He’s a confident player and that gives him that edge.”
      Young has certainly not come back into the England fold to pick an argument with anyone and there was a smile when it was put to him that Alli still did not own a championship winner’s medal. Young had – according to every lip-reading expert in the business – told Alli to come back when he had won the Premier Cody Bellinger Authentic Jersey League. “He hasn’t, yet,” Young volunteered.
      Now 32, Young is the senior citizen of Gareth Southgate’s squad, among the outfield players anyway, almost 10 years to the week since he made his England debut as a half-time substitute in a 1-0 friendly victory against Austria in Vienna. Young has gone on to win 30 caps but none since a goalless World Cup qualifier in Ukraine in September 2013, after which Roy Hodgson decided he could do without a player who was unable to hold down a regular place in his favoured wing spot for a succession of United managers.
      Instead, Young is listed as a Cody Bellinger Authentic Jersey defender in England’s squad, in line with his new position as a wing-back, and sounds as if he wants to make up for lost time. “I’d prefer it if I was playing further up the pitch [for United] but I’ve been able to adapt and play as a left-back or a right-back and as a wing-back. I’ve been enjoying football, playing well every time I put on the shirt and I feel like I deserve the call-up.”
      Young’s four-year exile certainly does not appear Cody Bellinger Authentic Jersey to have affected his confidence on the back of an impressive run in United’s back four. Southgate operates with a different system but Young has shown how versatility is increasingly regarded as a useful trait in the modern game. “The manager is talking about a 3-4-3 http://www.detroitredwingsofficialonline.com/Adidas-Nicklas-Lidstrom-Jersey or 3-5-2 and I feel like I can step into that role. I’ve shown I deserve to be in the England squad but I don’t just want a place in the squad, I want to be in the team.
      “I never once shut the door on England or thought the door was shut on myself. When you have the chance to represent http://www.officialbuccaneersnflstore.com/YOUTH+DAVONTE+LAMBERT+JERSEY your country it’s an honour to pull on an England shirt. That’s why I will never retire until my legs tell me they can’t run any more. I’m delighted to be back.”
      Young watched the last World Cup on holiday in Dubai – “it was disappointing not to be involved” – but his absence did not generate a huge amount of public sympathy, bearing in mind his reputation at the time as a diver. Young appears to have removed, or at least reduced, that side to his game but there was a time when Sir Alex Ferguson stated publicly he would address his own concerns with the player.
      “A lot of people talk about diving and whatnot but it’s just one of those things,” Young said, as though wearily accustomed to being asked about it. “If the referee gives a foul then it’s a foul. That’s how I see it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and anyone can say anything but, no, I don’t dive.”


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Northern Ireland tuned" 11.10.2017

      Michael O’Neill has prepared another motivational video for Northern Ireland’s World Cup play-off but believes painful memories of how international football used to be for his remarkable overachievers will provide David Savard Womens Jersey the http://www.bearsnflofficialproshop.com/jerrell-freeman-jersey-for-sale-c-51.html spur against Switzerland. Having travelled so far to stand 180 minutes from Russia, O’Neill insists there is no going back.

      Four years ago Northern Ireland lost to Turkey during a miserable run of two wins in 31 internationals, a sequence that predated O’Neill but continued under him until transformation arrived en route to last summer’s European Championship. Now Windsor Park will stage one of the biggest nights in its history, with Northern Ireland aiming to qualify for back-to-back tournaments for the first time. They are underdogs against opponents ranked 11th in the world, a role that suits O’Neill’s side fine, but they have acquired a taste for the good times and a determination to move on from the bad.
      “The players deserve enormous credit because they had to turn it around themselves,” said O’Neill, who will give Steven Davis his 100th appearance for Northern Ireland on Thursday. “You can get into a habit of being poor and losing and it takes guts to change that mindset.
      “The players did that and that is something we hang on to. The good thing we have now is that when you’ve been through the experiences that Jonny [Evans] and Davo [Davis] have been through you don’t want to go back.
      “That’s the only motivation you need to maintain this level, for us to progress to the finals, to get to the last 16 [of Euro 2016] and to now being in a World Cup play-off. The players don’t want to let it go. That’s the motivation the players have. They have been through it and experienced a lot of good and bad.
      “The one thing I would say to them is don’t fear the situation; embrace it and make sure there are no regrets. We know the prize is massive and what it means to everyone in Northern Ireland but our focus is on how we get through the two games. I see an assurance in the players and a self-belief that has grown over a period of three to four years and put them in this position.”
      The feeling around Switzerland is they should not be in this position at all. Vladimir Petkovic’s side collected 27 points in qualifying, the country’s record total in a campaign and a better tally than five of the nine European group winners. They boasted a 100% record until losing 2-0 to Portugal in the final qualifier http://www.officialtampabaylightning.com/Adidas-Jason-Garrison-Jersey and missed out on automatic qualification on goal difference as a consequence. O’Neill hopes there is a psychological hangover to exploit and Xherdan Shaqiri, Stoke City’s Swiss forward, has described Northern Ireland as “the most difficult opponent that any of the four seeded nations could have been drawn against”.
      O’Neill said: “To win nine games and miss out on automatic qualification is not a pleasant situation to be in as a coach or players. Their last game against Portugal was almost like a play-off and now they find themselves in a play-off with us. They have a lot of tournament experience in their squad and got to the last 16 of the Euros and the last World Cup. We respect them but we will do everything within our power to get to the finals.”
      Because of a draconian insistence http://www.ramsnflofficialproshop.com/WOMENS_YOUTH_ROB_HAVENSTEIN_JERSEY.html that yellow cards collected in the group stage remain active in the play-offs, Northern Ireland have eight players at risk of missing Sunday’s return in Basel through suspension. Switzerland have seven, although few of those on the danger list are expected to start in Belfast. O’Neill’s entire probable midfield will be walking a disciplinary tightrope along with the key defenders Evans and Chris Brunt.
      “I don’t envisage over two legs there being a big margin; it will be a tight play-off tie,” the Northern Ireland manager said. “We want something to take to Basel to give us an opportunity in the second leg, ideally that’s a lead. There are little things to be wary of. The significance of an away goal [after extra time] David Savard Womens Jersey that you don’t normally have in international football can change the dynamic of the tie. But we can’t get too bogged down. There are eight countries left in Europe David Savard Womens Jersey and we’re the smallest one going into this situation. We’ve got everything to play for.”


    • xiaolan has written a new blog article "Dominant Chelsea" 11.10.2017

      Emma Hayes believes her side are hitting the levels necessary to succeed in European competition as her Chelsea side dispatched the experienced Rosengard.

      Despite rotating personnel, Chelsea continued the form that has seen them claim a 100% record in the WSL and knock out Bayern Munich already in this competition. Goals from Fran Kirby, Ramona Bachmann and Gilly Flaherty now make them strong favourites to progress to the quarter-finals in Malmo next week.
      “It looked http://www.officialauthenticcowboysstore.com/Nike-Ezekiel-Elliott-Jersey.html like a training performance from my team tonight‚“ Hayes said after the match. “I expect that level of intensity in training every day so, for us, we’re prepared for European opponents. I’ve made it very clear that we had to have a big squad because we have to be able to train at that intensity. With the squad that we have, yes, I have to keep them happy but we can progress to the latter stages because of it.”
      Chelsea were dominant both tactically and technically almost throughout. They had seen several good chances denied by Rosengard keeper Zecira Musovic before Kirby opened the scoring in the 33rd minute. She had scored the crucial away goal against Munich in the last round and it was her calm head that told again as she controlled Maren Mjelde’s crossfield pass on her right footbefore cutting inside on Doug McDermott Jersey her left and firing low beyond Musovic at the far post.
      Rosengard came out early for the second half and were on the front foot from the off. The competition’s third seeds knew the tie was still in the balance and almost got their away goal within minutes of the restart only for Simone Sorensen to see a header from point blank range repelled brilliantly by the young defender Millie Bright.
      Chelsea keeper Hedvig Lindvahl, one of three Swedes in the Chelsea XI, was forced into another decent save before the hosts finally recovered their composure.
      In the 65th minute, the Rosengard manager Malin Levenstad looked to force the game by introducing the German international Anja Mittag, the all-time top scorer in the Women’s Champions League. Within 60 seconds, however, the visitors were two behind. Again Chelsea’s technical advantage told, Ji So-Yun shifting the ball from left to right and making space on the edge of the box before playing in Bachmann on the left. The Swiss made no mistake with her finish, tucking the ball coolly in the far corner.
      Seven minutes later and it was three, the Doug McDermott Jersey defender Flaherty popping up in the box to tuck home after Kirby’s shimmy andshot was deflected. Without hitting the heights of the first half, Chelsea calmly played out the remainder of the match. “It’s the minimum standard‚“ Hayes said of her side’s defending. “For us goals are the bonus, clean sheets are what we pride ourselves on and you can see http://www.broncosauthenticsofficial.com/gary-zimmerman-jersey_c-542.html that tonight.”




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