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    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Don’t be surprised if Austin Romine always catches Tanaka" 05.27.2017

      So look, this theory given life by startling numbers that Austin Romine should replace Gary Sanchez behind the plate whenever Masahiro Tanaka gets the ball may be nothing but nonsense, but chances are the putative ace of the Adidas Alec Martinez Jersey staff may just have a personal catcher for the next little while.
      Because after consecutive starts tossing to Sanchez in which Tanaka could not get through three innings without yielding at least six runs, he looked like himself Friday with a blistering 13-strikeout performance over 7 1/? innings in which he surrendered one run on five hits throwing to Romine.
      “I’m not going to say [Romine] won’t catch him the next time,” manager Joe Girardi said after the Yankees’ 4-1 loss to the Athletics at the Stadium. “But I’m also not going to say that Gary Sanchez doesn’t know how to catch him.”
      Steve Carlton had Tim McCarver, Jon Lester had David Ross, Clayton Kershaw had A.J. Ellis and now, at least for a spell, Tanaka has Romine. Why wouldn’t he?
      Because even as it is just as impossible to disprove a negative on the diamond as it is in life, it is folly to attempt to disprove numbers that reveal Tanaka with an ERA of 12.27 with 10 home runs allowed in 18 1/? innings pitching http://www.authenticlosangeleskings.com/authentic-alec-martinez-jersey Sanchez as opposed to his ERA of 2.21 with two homers surrendered in 36 2/? innings with Romine behind the plate.
      Romine, of course, disavowed any knowledge or interest in the numbers. Tanaka brushed aside the implication that the identity of his catcher had any impact on the location of his killer sliders and cutters that yielded 24 swings and misses on the night. And reason suggests this was simply Tanaka being Tanaka after a couple of outings in which an imposter slipped through security to don No. 19 and following a week in which he worked studiously on his mechanics with pitching coach Larry Rothschild.
      “It was more or less getting back to where he had a direct route to the plate,” Rothschild said. “He’d been kind of drifting both ways, opening up a little too quickly and accelerating too fast off the rubber. It’s a matter of having him stay in line, so we had him watching a lot of video from 2014 and having him get a visual on it.”
      Girardi, before the game, stressed the importance of Tanaka getting swings and misses on his signature pitches. And he did, repeatedly, in fanning eight of the first 11 batters he faced in the game. He looked strong and confident in Adidas New Yorkis Landers Jersey snapping off a succession of pitches that broke low in the zone.
      “I could feel right away that my pitches were working better,” said Tanaka, who took the loss when Tyler Clippard allowed the baserunner on first he inherited with one out in the eighth to score and break what had been a 0-0 game. “I could see the way the ball was moving and the batters were reacting.
      “I made some adjustments [during the week] but I’d rather keep those to myself, if I may.”
      The defeat was the Yankees’ ninth in the past 15 games, but the small-picture result was obscured by Tanaka’s big-picture revival.
      For while the 27-18 Yankees are one of baseball’s most pleasant spring surprises, they will need Tanaka at the top of his game and at the top of the rotation in order to have a chance of remaining in the playoff race through the http://www.authenticnewyorkislanders.com/ summer. That is a given.
      “Even when he was struggling, I had confidence,” Girardi said. “I believed he’d iron things out and figure it out, and he did that. He hasn’t had his slider and consistent splitter. When he does, he’s a different guy.”
      No, when he does, he is the same guy who finished second in the AL ERA race last year. He is the same guy who has compiled a 44-20 career record.
      “He didn’t give in; not once,” Romine said. “He attacked the zone. That’s the way he pitches.”
      Tanaka, who departed after surrendering five hits on 111 pitches, said the next time out will be critical for him.
      “I think the most important is the next game,” he said. “I’ll try to go out strong and see what happens.”
      When he no doubt will be throwing to Romine.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Odell Beckham can learn more from me than Giants" 05.27.2017

      Count Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter as one authority who not only doesn’t believe Odell Beckham Jr. blowing off Giants OTAs is a big deal but also thinks it’s a good idea.
      Carter, the former Vikings and Eagles receiver who is serving as a personal trainer and mentor to Beckham, said Friday on “The Herd’’ on FOX Sports Radio that Beckham’s detractors should back off. He, too, guaranteed Beckham was going to be better than Chad Bettis Jersey ever this season, beginning with the Giants’ Week 1 game at Dallas on Sept. 10.
      Carter also napalmed the Giants’ coaching and training staff in the process, saying what he’s delivering to Beckham in their personal sessions is more valuable than anything Beckham can get with the Giants at their OTAs.
      Carter, who worked with Beckham this week in Los Angeles, also said he never went to minicamps or OTAs as a player and the Giants star doesn’t need to, either.
      “Odell has the ability to tap into people like myself and [former 49ers great receiver] Jerry Rice and other people if he’s not at [the team] facility,’’ Carter said. “We can’t go into the Giants facility and help him. The Giants receivers http://www.authenticcoloradorockies.com/Chad-Bettis-Jersey coach [Adam Henry, who was Beckham’s position coach at LSU from 2012-14], he probably thinks he knows more football than me. Odell’s opinion of that is a little bit different. I teach a little differently than the coaches, so he’s getting some different information from me.
      “I didn’t go to minicamps and OTAs. We missed them. We would get an agreement with the coach — ‘Coach, when do you need me to be there?’ Randy Moss and those guys came to Florida to train with me.’’

      Carter, referring to criticism of Beckham’s absence from the OTAs, said: “This is not something that’s new. It’s because of the boat trip [in Miami with Justin Bieber days before the Giants’ wild-card playoff loss to the Packers]. It’s because of who he is. It’s because of the loss in the playoffs and because the general manager [Jerry Reese] went out and said Odell has to be mature.
      “[Reese] didn’t know Odell wasn’t coming to the OTAs and now he’s got to answer questions on comments he made months ago.’’
      Carter’s premise was that he can offer Beckham different “position-specific’’ information than the Giants coaching staff. He pointed to the fact former Bears running back Walter Payton, “who was one of the best conditioned athletes ever,’’ ran hills on his own to train “and he wasn’t doing that with the Bears.’’
      “Jerry Rice, he brought the fitness level to athletes, especially to football players, to a different level,’’ Carter said. “I modeled my business that I ran, which was a gym, after what Jerry Rice did, because of the position-specific Adeiny Hechavarria Jersey training. Guys like [Cardinals receiver] Larry Fitzgerald has his own trainer who can do more sport-specific stuff.’’
      Beckham on Friday remained defiant toward his detractors, indicating he doesn’t have to listen to what head coach Ben McAdoo wants.
      He retweeted a Twitter post by Roland Martin of TV One’s NewsOne Now, which read: “I’m sick of folks acting like star athletes must always do what a coach asks. McAdoo wants @OBJ_3 at workouts? See ya when it’s mandatory.”
      Beckham also shared a tweet from FOX Sports’ Nick Wright, which read: “While people are on Odell’s [butt] for not being at a voluntary workout, he’s here in LA reaching out to an all time great for extra coaching,” referencing Beckham’s workouts with Carter.
      On Wednesday, Beckham responded on Twitter to his critics in the media, writing, “If they don’t have a story these days they’ll make one…’ I might get that tatted #StayTheCourse”
      Carter said he doesn’t see a problem with the perception http://www.authenticmiamimarlins.com/Adeiny-Hechavarria-Jersey Beckham has created that he’s not a team player.
      “To me, it’s not about the optics,’’ Carter said. “It’s about a guy that reached out to me three years ago I have a relationship with. And, he is among the three best receivers I’ve ever mentored. He is in the same class going into Year 4 as a guy by the name of Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald.
      “This kid is freaking phenomenal. The sky is the limit, and I believe in 108 days the Dallas Cowboys will see that.’’

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Manchester United To Emotional Europa League Triumph" 05.26.2017

      Paul Pogba dedicated victory to the victims of this week's Manchester terror attack after propelling Manchester United towards a 2-0 victory over Ajax in Wednesday's Europa League final. A night that began with a moment of silence, then applause, in memory of the 22 people Authentic Art Monk Womens Jersey who died at Manchester Arena on Monday ended with United completing their trophy collection through goals from Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.
      "We played for the people who died," Pogba told BT Sport.
      "These things are terrible all over the world, in London and in Paris. We went out focused to win and we won for Manchester and the country."
      Reminders of the attack were everywhere at Stockholm's Friends Arena, from United's black armbands to the chants of "Manchester!" from their fans, while Pogba, too, was grieving, following the recent death of his father.
      United manager Jose Mourinho told reporters: "If we could, we would obviously change the people's lives for this cup, immediately.
      "We wouldn't think twice. Does this cup make the city of Manchester http://www.authenticnikeredskinshop.com/brandon-scherff-jersey-for-sale-c-21.html little bit happier? Maybe. But we just came to do our job."
      Victory enabled Mourinho, who said prior to the game that he and his players were struggling not to think about the tragedy, to bring his maiden Old Trafford season to a successful conclusion.
      He had already guided United to glory in the League Cup and despite a sixth-place finish in the Premier League, success in the Europa League means his side will return to the Champions League next season.
      United became only the fifth club -- after Juventus, Ajax, Bayern Munich and Chelsea -- to have won the Champions League, the Europa League and the now defunct European Cup Winners' Cup.
      Mourinho, a UEFA Cup winner with Porto in 2003 and two-time European champion, has now won all four of the major European finals he has contested.
      Ajax were appearing in their first continental showpiece match since the 1996 Champions League decider and fielded a team with an average age of 22 years and 282 days -- the youngest to have ever started a major European final.
      - Defiant chants -
      Peter Bosz's effervescent team caused United some uncomfortable moments, but without ever threatening to pull off an upset.
      "Obviously both sides were affected (by the attack in Manchester), but once you play the final, for that moment you forget it," said Bosz.
      "I'm disappointed because you play finals to win them. We didn't. I haven't Babe Ruth Jersey see the Ajax that I'm used to, which means good football, high pressing and being dominant.
      "High pressing was difficult because Man United only played long balls and didn't take any risks in the build-up. I think it was a boring game."
      Denied a glorious homecoming by a serious knee injury, United's Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic was present instead as a spectator to see his current side take on the team where he made his name.
      Pogba put a volley fractionally wide in the first minute and in the 18th minute he found the target, albeit with a helping hand.
      From Marouane Fellaini's lay-off, the French midfielder let fly with a left-foot shot that flicked off Davinson Sanchez's left foot and looped past Ajax's helplessly wrong-footed goalkeeper Andre Onana.
      It was the biggest return yet on United's world-record £89.3 million ($115.8 million, 103.2 million euros) investment in Pogba, who celebrated by pointing to the sky.
      Moments later, Antonio Valencia stung Onana's palms after a raid down http://www.authenticbostonredsox.com/Babe-Ruth-Jersey the United right.
      The English side then took their foot off the pedal, enabling Ajax to start finding space in dangerous areas, but within three minutes of kick-off in the second half they had tightened their grip on the game.
      Juan Mata's corner from the right was headed down by Chris Smalling and with his back to goal, Mkhitaryan held off Joel Veltman to flick the bouncing ball past Onana and claim his sixth goal in the competition.
      Onana was called upon to field a header from Fellaini and United goalkeeper Sergio Romero saved from substitute Donny van de Beek.
      But there was little to worry United's fans, who continued to defiantly chant the name of their grief-stricken city as the final whistle neared.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Odell Beckham is a no-show again" 05.26.2017

      Odell Beckham Jr. and Johnny Manziel remained in sync for the third straight day — neither practiced with an NFL team.

      Though it was believed the star Giants receiver might be present for the team’s OTA workout Thursday, Beckham was a no-show in New Jersey again. The 24-year-old, who worked out with the disgraced former Browns quarterback this week, reportedly Carey Price Jersey remains in Los Angeles, and it is unclear when, or if, Beckham will participate in any of the voluntary sessions with the Giants.
      “No comment,” Beckham told NFL Network’s Kim Jones regarding whether he will join OTAs. “I love my team [and] am excited about the season.”
      Beckham added he “for sure” will attend the team’s mandatory minicamp, which begins June 13, but Giants [url]http://www.authenticcanadiensonline.com/Authentic-Charlie-Lindgren-Jersey[/url] coach Ben McAdoo wasn’t looking that far ahead.
      “You want all your players here, especially your great players,” McAdoo said Thursday. “It’s a time to build fundamentals and communication and chemistry and trust, so you want all your players here, especially the great ones. They facilitate a lot of those things for you, but you coach who’s here.”
      Beckham, who participated in the team’s offseason program, hasn’t addressed why he remains away from the Giants during OTAs, while nearly every other player on the roster — other than defensive end Olivier Vernon — was at the team facility in East Rutherford. McAdoo wouldn’t address whether Beckham’s absence might be related to a contract issue.
      Though Beckham has been the most prolific pass-catcher in league history through the first three years of a career, the receiver is set to make $1.8 million in the final year of his rookie contract.
      The Giants recently picked up Beckham’s fifth-year option for the 2018 season, which is worth $8.4 million, and Beckham also signed a five-year, $29 million endorsement deal with Nike this week, marking the most lucrative shoe deal ever signed by Authentic Andrew Gachkar Womens Jersey football player.
      Though the coach clearly was displeased Beckham and Vernon weren’t with their teammates, the players weren’t bothered.
      “We know those guys are very talented, and we know this is business, and we know they’re out there working, and it’s not a big concern for the team,” cornerback Janoris Jenkins said. “When they get back, they’re going to come in and fit in like they always do, have fun and continue to practice.
      “It’s their call. Every man’s got [to make] a call. He’s not here, but when he comes back, we’re gonna welcome him back like he’s been here.”
      Damon Harrison disagreed with the notion Beckham’s absence hurts the team’s culture or demonstrates a lack of maturity, though the Giants’ defensive lineman said missing OTAs could negatively affect players first entering the league.
      “They miss the opportunity to get out here around the rookies,” Harrison said. “[Vernon], to get to feel out [second-round draft pick] Dalvin [Tomlinson] right now, and that’s something they’re gonna have to work on in training camp and http://www.nikecowboysjerseys.com/ going forward, but they’re not missing much. … It’s voluntary. I’m more than sure [Vernon] and [Beckham] are somewhere working out, just as hard, or maybe even harder than we are. I’m confident they’ll come in and they’ll be ready.
      “They have some valid reasons why they’re not here. I’m sure they’re not here just because they just didn’t feel like coming. If I didn’t live in New Jersey full time, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. [Vernon’s] from Miami. Have you seen the weather here lately? I’d run from it, too. I’m sure they’ve got some good reasons why.”
      Yet even his teammates don’t know why.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Help Bangladesh Register First Away Win Against New Zealand" 05.25.2017

      Bangladesh took a huge step towards qualifying for the 2019 World Cup with a five-wicket victory over New Zealand in the tri-series finale on Wednesday. The win at Clontarf promoted Bangladesh to sixth place, above Sri Lanka in the standings, with just four months to go before the cut-off date of September 30 when the top eight are guaranteed automatic Bradley Roby Authentic Jersey qualification for the finals in England.
      An unbroken stand of 72 between Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmudullah saw the Tigers to their victory target of 271 with 10 balls to spare.
      Mushfiqur finished 45 not out at exactly a run a ball but the partnership was dominated by a superb innings from Mahmudullah who scored his 3,000th run in his 36-ball 46, with six fours and a six.
      He took 14 off the 47th over, bowled by Hamish Bennett to make the last three overs a formality and fittingly Mahmudullah hit the winning boundary.
      Bangladesh had the momentum going into the second innings after they had http://www.officialauthenticbroncostore.com/Nike-Adam-Gotsis-Jersey.html restricted the Black Caps to 270 for eight, with just 62 coming from the last 12 overs as five wickets fell.
      Tamim Iqbal and Sabbir Rahman then carried it on with a second wicket stand of 136 with both batsmen dismissed for 65.
      Tamim was caught at deep mid-wicket off Mitchell Santner and Sabbir run out by the length of the pitch when he found himself at the same end as Mosaddek Hossain.
      But despite Shakib Al Hasan holing out to long leg with 72 still needed from 70 balls, it was to be New Zealand's last success.
      Bangladesh won in spite of a desperately poor fielding performance which saw four dropped catches including man of the series Tom Latham before he had scored and again the ball after reaching his 50.
      He was eventually bowled by Nasir Hossain, playing his first match of the series, for 84 from 92 balls with 11 fours.
      The Black Caps also had a century second wicket stand of 133 between Latham and Neil Broom who was dropped on 56. That miss cost only seven runs as Broom swept to square leg and was well held by the captain.
      Latham's dismissal still left the Black Caps well placed on 167-3 in the 31th over and on course for a total of 300 but the wicket of the dangerous Corey Anderson led to a collapse -- at one stage they lost three wickets for two runs in 11 balls -- and it needed Ross Taylor to hold the innings together.
      The former captain finished 60 not out, from 56 balls with just six fours, as wickets fell around him.
      In the on-going PCB Fazal Mehmood Inter-club Cricket Ian Kinsler Womens Jersey Championship, a cricketer from Shikarpur etched his name in the record books by smashing an unbeaten triple century in the tournament. The 26-year-old Bilal Irshad, who opened the batting line-up for Shaheed Alam Bux Cricket Club, in his scintillating innings of 320 runs off 175 deliveries, hit nine sixes and a mind-boggling 42 boundaries against Al Rehman CC in Shikarpur region's tournament during the championship. The championship which aims to provide raw young talent, a platform to showcase their skills is being played across Pakistan in 30 districts.
      However, according to media reports, proper records of club cricket are not available, but the score is believed to be one of the top innings in the history of all forms of limited-overs cricket in the country.
      The Fazal Mahmood club championship started as an initiative to bring together as many as 98 districts across the country and was launched in Balochistan.
      Bilal, along with teammate Zakir Hussain, added 364 runs for the second wicket partnership and powered his team to a mammoth 556 runs in 50 overs which in turn helped his team win the match by a massive 411-run margin. Irshad has also represented Hyderabad region in seven first-class games, two T20's and one List A game.
      However, according to Geo TV, India's S. Sankruth Sriram http://www.authentictigershop.com/authentic-28-j-d-martinez-jersey.html holds the record of the highest individual score of 486 runs in an inter-school tournament in 2016 in any form of limited-overs cricket.
      Commenting on the achievement, a PCB spokesperson said, "The top performers in this tournament will be dovetailed into our existing inter-district (currently the only feedstock system), District/Regional (Inter-District Tournament) selection process will be based on performance, emerging cricketers will be motivated to improve their skills and fitness standards," quoted Crictracker.
      Earlier this year, a boy from Delhi, Mohit Ahlawat, became the first cricketer to score a triple century off 72 balls in the shortest format of the game with the help of 39 sixes and 14 fours.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Mets’ easy decision will devastate Terry Collins" 05.25.2017

      Terry Collins expects a conversation with Curtis Granderson to be “the easiest one” if he has to reduce outfielders’ playing time when Yoenis Cespedes returns.
      But Collins manages human beings, and he manages in New York, and he manages for the Mets, which means he has had to deal with injury upon injury and controversy upon controversy. And the one player with whom he has dealt with neither is Granderson, who has defined durability and dependability as a Met.
      “He is as low a maintenance player as I’ve ever had,” said Collins, who is in his 13th season as a major league manager. “He is the easiest player I have ever had. He shows up ready to play every day. He is a lifesaver for a manager.”
      That is why it is going to be difficult for this manager to banish Granderson to the bench, even if the NL’s worst batting average (.166), on-base percentage (.231) and OPS (.562) makes the choice obvious. Cespedes and Conforto need to play Byron Scott Womens Jersey every day, and Bruce just about every day and Lagares needs to get mixed in against some lefties and play defense late.
      Which would leave Granderson, well, as a $13 million reserve. To which he — as you might expect — said, “If you look at these guys and you don’t play, I get it. If it wasn’t in the same category [of talent], then you might have questions you would ask.”
      Of course, this assumes Cespedes fully heals and gets back in the next week and Bruce — unavailable Wednesday night due to back tightness — doesn’t miss extended time. And as we have learned with the Mets, assuming health is like assuming warm weather at the North Pole.
      Collins, normally the most open and helpful managers with the media, was vague and terse in providing injury updates on Bruce, Cespedes, Travis d’Arnaud, Asdrubal Cabrera, Seth Lugo and Steven http://www.officiallakersshoponline.com/ Matz in his pregame press conference Wednesday. It was so out of character it is safe to assume upper management has told him to stop providing information considering how Keystone Kops the organization has looked over the years in dealing with injuries.
      Since the beginning of the 2014 season, the Mets had used the DL 70 times and lost 3,936 days. Zero belong to Granderson, who is in the final season of a four-year, $60 million pact. He has played 150-plus games each of those three years, one of 18 players to do so. But the only others in his mid-30s age range to also do this — Nelson Cruz and Albert Pujols — served roughly half their time as DHs.
      Even with his struggles, Granderson was tied for the team lead in games this year, at age 36. Besides “listening to my body” and staying hydrated, he said he has no magical advice on how to avoid the DL.
      And he says, yes, it matters to him to be a reliable, helpful employee, but that it “doesn’t cross my mind a lot. … I feel we, as players, should follow [the manager’s wishes] regardless of how much money you make or old I am.”
      So, if Collins says hit leadoff, he leads off. If it is cleanup, so be it. Last year, when Cespedes no Charles Barkley Youth Jersey longer wanted to play center, Granderson went there without complaint on 35-year-old legs and without having played the position regularly since 2012. It helped the Mets earn a wild card.
      Plus, on a team that is constantly dealing with issues such as Matt Harvey being AWOL, Noah Syndergaard refusing an MRI exam and Cespedes’ golf obsession, Granderson is controversy free. No, that is too simplistic. He is a leader. He is among the majors’ most involved players in charity (the winner of the Roberto Clemente Award last year). He finds a way to balance being active in the Players Association and an advocate http://www.official76erstore.com/Darryl_Dawkins_Jersey for player rights without being a problem whatsoever for his team.
      So what will happen if Collins tells Granderson he has to sit?
      “He will do what he always does when he doesn’t play,” Collins said, “he’ll tell me he’ll be ready in the seventh inning when I need him. … He just gets it.”
      It would be that player Collins would have to send to the bench upon Cespedes’ return. He said he would do what is right for the team, even if it is among the toughest things he has ever done as a manager. You see the low average, while Collins — constantly amid the Mets storm — appreciates the high character.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Yankees’ overworked bullpen blows it for Jordan Montgomery" 05.24.2017

      While the Yankees’ starting rotation looked to right itself over the last couple of weeks, Joe Girardi has had to rely more and more on what he called a “taxed” bullpen.
      On Tuesday, the workload caught up with the Yankees in a 6-2 loss to the Royals in The Bronx, as Adam Warren couldn’t protect a seventh-inning lead and the rest of the relief corps imploded — giving up five runs and three homers — as they Billy Smith Womens Jersey lost for the fourth time in six games.
      Warren, brought into a 2-1 game with no one on and one out to take over from a terrific Jordan Montgomery, immediately gave up a single to Salvador Perez and then a two-run shot by Jorge Bonifacio that gave Kansas City the lead.
      It was the third time in his last five appearances that Warren surrendered multiple runs in an outing as his excellent start to 2017 becomes a distant memory.
      Jonathan Holder put the Yankees into a deeper hole when Whit Merrifield led off the eighth with a homer to right-center to make it 4-2. Chasen Shreve replaced Holder and promptly coughed up a two-run shot to Mike Moustakas to make it 6-2.
      The late-inning issues spoiled what was easily Montgomery’s best http://www.cavaliersproshop.com/ performance since he made the rotation out of spring training.
      The rookie southpaw gave up just a run on two hits, walking none and striking out six against a lineup that scored five runs in five innings off him last week in Kansas City.
      Montgomery’s strong showing allowed the Yankees to take a 2-0 lead into the seventh before he allowed a solo homer to Lorenzo Cain with one out.
      After getting Eric Hosmer to line to second for the second out, Montgomery’s night Billy Smith Authentic Jersey was over after 98 pitches — and the evening soon soured for the Yankees.
      Warren allowed a single to Salvador Perez before Jorge Bonifacio hit a two-run homer to right to give the Royals their first lead of the night, 3-2.
      Still, it was a positive step for Montgomery, who had better control than in several of his previous starts and only permitted a third-inning single to center by Merrifield until Cain took him deep.
      Kansas City lefty Danny Duffy, who tossed seven scoreless innings against the Yankees in his previous start, got off to another strong start on Tuesday.
      After limiting the Yankees to three hits and a pair of walks http://www.officialislandersproshop.com/Anthony_Beauvillier_Jersey while fanning 10 in Kansas City last week, Duffy didn’t allow a hit on Tuesday until Aaron Hicks’ solo homer with one out in the fourth that gave the Yankees a 1-0 lead.
      The opposite-field shot, which just snuck into the right-field seats, was Hicks’ eighth homer of the season.
      Chris Carter, wildly unproductive for most of the season in place of the injured Greg Bird, smacked his fourth homer of the year — and second in as many nights — with two outs in the fifth, sending the ball into the bleachers in left.
      The Yankees then loaded the bases later in the inning with two infield hits and a walk, but Starlin Castro lined out to left to end the threat.
      The inability to add to the lead soon came back to bite the Yankees in the Royals’ three-run seventh.
      The Yankees got two runners on against Joakim Soria Authentic Deron Williams Womens Jersey in the eighth, but Chase Headley’s liner to first was grabbed by Hosmer.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "World Cup Final Against Australia Could've Been Different" 05.24.2017

      Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar believes the advent of Twenty20 format has changed batsmen's approach towards big scores in ODIs, something that would be of help if India were to replay the lost 2003 World Cup final against Carlos Martinez Jersey Australia in Johannesburg. A Sourav Ganguly-led India lost the 2003 World Cup final against Australia by 125 runs. Australia, led by Ricky Ponting, had scored a mammoth 359 for 2 and the Indian batters put up a dismal show to be bundled out for 234.
      Asked about the loss, Tendulkar said, "I feel if we were allowed to play that match today, the players will approach that game differently."
      "We were all charged up, we went out to field and right from over one, it was that big moment, unbelievably charged up. (If the) same players are given an opportunity, we will approach it (that game) differently," Tendulkar said.
      The 44-year-old was speaking to reporters here today after the highlights of his upcoming biopic "Sachin: A Billion Dreams" was shown to the media.
      "(Players would have approached) differently only because http://www.officialbaseballcardinalsstore.com/Dexter_Fowler_Jersey introduction of T20, in those days 358 (359) looked (a) herculean task, it will be today as well but it will be closer than 2003," he said.
      "We have also on number of occasions got 325-340 runs and that is because the format has changed, the rules have changed a little bit. The conditions have also changed (than) what we got there, I just feel the mindset has changed because of introduction of T20 and the calculations are different," explained the former right-handed batsman.
      Meanwhile, Tendulkar also heaped praise on Raj Singh Dungarpur, the former BCCI president and chairman of selectors, saying he helped him in his early days.
      "Raj bhai clearly told me focus on your exams, you are not going to West Indies (in 1989). This was during semifinals of Ranji Trophy, we were playing Delhi and I was having a net session in the morning.
      "(I) clearly remember Raj bhai walking up to me and said Sachin, after this Ranji Trophy, you focus on your SSC exams. You will play for India, but you are not going to West Indies. Raj bhai has always been extremely supportive. Raj Bhai has played huge role in my life," remembered the master-blaster. He also said his children Sara and Arjun have given a thumbs up to the upcoming movie, which Andreas Martinsen Authentic Jersey set to release on May 26.
      "For the world I am cricketer, but for them I am their father first, so how they react was important for me, when their reaction was positive, I said James (Erskine) has done a good job," he quipped.
      The star batsman also revealed that his coach Ramakant Achrekar will watch the movie on Wednesday.
      "Sir will be watching the movie tomorrow. Without him, nothing can happen," he added.

      Batsman Haris Sohail on Tuesday replaced Umar Akmal in Pakistan's Champions Trophy squad after the latter failed two fitness tests during a pre-tournament camp in Birmingham. Pakistan's national selection committee headed by Inzamam-ul-Haq had called Umar Amin, Sohail and Asif Zakir for a fitness test at National Cricket Academy. Akmal had failed to clear the test in the pre-camp for Champions Trophy in Birmingham. He was told to return home to work on his fitness.
      "The NCA trainer conducted the test of all three players and based on the reports submitted by the trainer and upon Pakistan's team management request Haris Sohail has been selected to replace Umar Akmal for the Champions Trophy http://www.officialavalancheauthentic.com/Ben_Smith_Jersey to commence from June 1, 2017 in England and Wales," the Pakistan Cricket Board said in a statement.
      Pakistan will open their Champions Trophy campaign against arch-rivals India on June 4.
      Haris, a left-handed batsman, has not played for Pakistan since mid-2015 as he sustained a knee injury, for which he had to undergo a surgery in Australia and has only recently returned to domestic cricket.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Yankees in weird position of counting on Michael Pineda" 05.23.2017

      I know no one who has followed his Yankee career is going to buy stock in that continuing, but where exactly would the team be without his 2017 reliability? Almost certainly not in first place.
      Pineda has not pitched like an ace, but he has performed like a strong No. 2, an asset made more valuable because the Yankees’ No. 1 starter, Masahiro Tanaka, continues a search for vanished excellence.
      Elsewhere, the Yanks have gotten the kind of erratic work you might expect from the youngest regular starting pitcher in the AL (Luis Severino) and the oldest (CC Sabathia) plus a guy who was not even on the radar to make the team when Bill Mazeroski Jersey spring training began (Jordan Montgomery).
      That has left a larger weight on Pineda, whose first start of this season — a 3 2/?-inning, four-run dud in Tampa — triggered a lot of “here-we-go-again” hand-wringing. Except since then, Pineda has started eight times and not given up more than three earned runs once. He is 5-1 with a 2.88 ERA in that time.
      Included in this was beating the Royals for a second time in five days by holding them to two runs in 6 1/? innings Monday in a 4-2 Yankee triumph. It was not a masterpiece, not something he would show off prominently as an example of his best http://www.authenticpittsburghpirates.com/Bill-Mazeroski-Jersey when he is a free agent this offseason.
      Yet, if you want to believe this isn’t “here-we-go-again” Pineda, but a more mature, refined edition, there were continuing clues here. For there were some blow-up moments available, the kind that the righty failed to tame last season, leading to 6-12 and a 4.82 ERA and wonder if great stuff would ever coalesce into a full season of even good results.

      Pineda went six up, six down to open his outing before Jorge Bonifacio crushed a homer leading off the third. With one out, Whit Merrifield slammed an infield single off Pineda’s body and Alcides Escobar followed with an RBI double. It was 2-0 Kansas City with the kind of snowball rolling downhill that Pineda could not stop in 2016, that led to an avalanche of big innings and bigger disappointment.
      But here he held the Royals at two runs in the third, the Yanks closed to 2-1 on yet another Brett Gardner homer before Eric Hosmer opened the fourth with a double.
      The key at-bat of the game had arrived. Salvador Perez fouled off eight straight pitches after getting ahead 2-0. The 11th pitch moved the count full. At this point, the Royal catcher had seen the whole arsenal — six sliders, three fastballs and two Adidas Brad Marchand Jersey changeups, and throughout the whole encounter Pineda had a recurring thought: “down, down” — do not elevate a ball to the Royals’ leading home-run hitter.
      One more slider on Pitch 12 of the at-bat induced a pop-up to first. Pineda would follow with whiffs of Brandon Moss and Bonifacio, both of those and, in fact all six of his strikeouts, finished off with that devilish slider. The Royals were hitless in three at-bats with a runner in scoring position in that inning, 0-for-8 against Pineda on this night.
      “The ability to get big outs when he needs them,” Joe Girardi said in explaining Pineda 2016 vs. 2017. “The difference between winning and losing is getting big outs when you need them.”
      Pineda allowed 15 extra-base hits, including nine homers, while yielding an .829 OPS last year when runners were in scoring position. He has permitted one extra-base hit (a homer) in 35 at-bats with runners in scoring position this year and has a .391 OPS against.
      “I am just calming myself down and executing my pitches,” Pineda explained.
      Is that a real thing? Is this just a small sample size? Or is this a better version of Pineda — strategy, serenity and fortitude now mixing with his A-list stuff?
      The importance is hard to overstate. The Yankee offense and bullpen are both deep and performing superbly. The rotation just needs to be competent — steady innings to not overexpose relievers, solid work to always keep the homer-happy offense http://www.authenticbostonbruins.com/authentic-brad-marchand-jersey one swing away from altering a game. The Yanks hit three more homers Monday and Girardi said they “just missed” an additional four or five by a fraction of an inch on the bat. They got 2 2/? more shutout innings from an Aroldis Chapman-less pen.
      They are going to need organization-wide detective work to find answers as to why Tanaka has plumetted — and him to then straighten out his season. But they also are going to need Pineda to keep on doing what he has been doing:
      Being — of all things — the consistently capable Yankee starter.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "How Aaron Judge is changing the Yankees behind the scenes" 05.23.2017

      You saw The Catch. Here’s what you didn’t see: the way Aaron Judge pumps everyone up in the dugout, including another big man, CC Sabathia.
      This was a game Sunday the Yankees needed to avoid a three-game sweep. It was a day the Yankees tied a club record by striking out 17 times in a nine-inning game, and Judge had four of those strikeouts, but they still came away with the 3-2 victory over the Rays at Tropicana Field.
      They won because of Judge’s Superman-like dive and backhanded double-play Corey Kluber Authentic Jersey catch of Yankees killer Evan Longoria’s drive in the right-center gap in the sixth inning that looked like a game-tying RBI double, at the least.
      They won it because of Brett Gardner’s two-run home run in the Yankees’ three-run second off Rays ace Chris Archer.
      But they also won this game because of Judge’s pick-me-up approach that helped Sabathia (4-2) get through five innings for his second straight victory.
      “Judge is such a great teammate,’’ Sabathia told The Post. “He always gets the dugout going. He gets me going. His energy rubs off on everybody. He’ll come to me and say, ‘Let’s go, C!’ And I start yelling. For him to do that and be comfortable enough to be that kind of emotional leader for us as a rookie, that’s great.’’
      “CC has been around the game for a long time, and he doesn’t need my help,’’ Judge said, “but I like to say positive things to everybody. I tell CC, ‘Nobody can beat you, you are the best guy out http://www.officialavalancheauthentic.com/Calvin_Pickard_Jersey there. CC, you’re leading us. Let’s go. This is our game.’ ’’

      Judge then offered his gap-tooth smile.
      “Especially when I am 0-for-4 at the plate, I have to help him out somehow.’’
      Those words carry a lot more weight when you stretch your 6-foot-7 body as far as it can go and make such a spectacular grab.
      “It’s like he gained 12 feet at the end of the catch,’’ reliever Tyler Clippard said.
      “With the way he throws, the way he moves, runs, he’s an athlete, he could play any sport,’’ Sabathia said.
      Gardner, who has eight home runs over his last 20 games, batting .359 over that span, best put the amazing Judge in perspective, saying: “I think he is capable of doing some very special things and we’ve already seen some special things. He’s capable Authentic Erik Johnson Womens Jersey of doing things that nobody else in the game is capable of doing.
      “You throw [Giancarlo] Stanton’s name out there, pretty comparable guys, it’s hard to find anybody else to compare those guys to, but he is bigger and stronger than Stanton is,’’ Gardner said.
      “He had four punchouts today, but he is the same [expletive] guy as if we won 6-0, and he had two three-run homers, and you don’t find that anymore.’’
      No, you don’t.
      Judge is the perfect teammate and not just because he is hitting .321 and leads the Yankees with 15 home runs and 30 RBIs. He cares about his teammates. He pumps them up. He produces, and he does all of that with the same no-ego approach.
      The monster home runs, the must-see batting practice, the spectacular catches are all part of the package, but there is so much more to Aaron Judge that makes him the kind of player his teammates rely on in all http://www.officialindianstore.com/Cody_Allen_Jersey phases of the game and to set a winning tone.
      That is what this game is all about. The Yankees (25-16) are back in first place because of Judge’s heroics on the field — his home runs fly farther, and so does he when he makes the kind of awe-inspiring catch he made Sunday.
      But there is a different lift to his game as well.
      Aaron Judge not only produces on the field and at the plate, he lifts the spirit of his teammates. He helps carry them to success.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Mike Trout comes to Citi Field" 05.19.2017

      The baseball gods interrupt this Mets meltdown to bring you Mike Trout’s Citi Field debut.
      The Greatest Baseball Show on Earth will accompany his Angels to Flushing for a three-game series starting Friday night. Fresh off their miserable 0-6 road trip, and with a seven-game losing streak overall, the Mets must Alexei KovalevAndrei Markov Womens Jersey stop their bleeding by stopping Trout, the American League Most Valuable Player of 2014 and 2016 and the AL MVP runner-up in 2012, 2013 and 2015.
      The 25-year-old has started this 2017 season in characteristically spectacular fashion, with a .341/.451/.742 slash line and 13 home runs putting him among the early favorites for more MVP hardware.
      Mets fans, needless to say, have missed out by the luck of the draw. The last and only time the Angels came to Citi Field, in June 2011, Roy Hallenbeck, the baseball coach at Millville High School, drove up from South Jersey to watch his beloved Mets play, and thought to himself, “Maybe the next time the Angels are here, Mike will be up here.”
      Less than a month later, on July 8, Trout, Hallenbeck’s star player, got his first call to the big leagues. In the nearly six years that have passed, Trout has put himself on an extreme Hall of Fame track.
      He is the fifth player to capture two MVPs before his age-25 season, joining Johnny Bench, Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial and Jimmie Foxx.
      He is the eighth player overall and the fourth in AL history to tally 175 homers, 500 RBIs and 600 runs http://www.nikecowboysjerseys.com/anthony-brown-jersey-for-sale-c-72.html before his age-26 season, joining Foxx, Mantle, and Alex Rodriguez in the junior circuit.
      He has led the AL in runs four times, in OPS+ three times, in walks twice and in on-base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS, total bases stolen bases and RBIs once apiece. Also strikeouts once, just to stay fair and balanced.
      His career .972 OPS and 172 OPS+ pace all active players.
      He has won the Silver Slugger award in each of his five full seasons.
      With 51.3 career wins above replacement, per Baseball-Reference.com, he already has surpassed Cooperstown honorees such as Bobby Doerr (51.2), Kirby Puckett (50.9) and Orlando Cepeda (50.2).
      Trout stands as the quiet counterpart to a young, five-tool stud the Mets know much better, the Nationals’ Bryce Harper. Whereas Harper has a knack for upsetting rivals while helping to defeat them, and he talks openly of his free agency coming after 2018, Trout’s most notable off-the-field involvement has come Andrew Gachkar Authentic Jersey with appearances on The Weather Channel, and he has signed a long-term contract that will keep him with the Angels through 2020.
      Of course, what Trout is missing on his résumé, on this week when the Yankees retired Derek Jeter’s uniform number, is postseason success. Trout has played in only three playoff games, in the 2014 AL Division Series against the Royals. The Angels got swept, and at 22-21, they don’t reside as a strong bet to qualify this year, either. Trout is counting on Angels general manager Billy Eppler, Brian Cashman’s former deputy with the Yankees, to build a stronger team around him.
      Not that Trout would ever share any such frustrations. He’ll hold a news conference Friday, before the series opener, to better manage his time. Don’t expect any bombshell quotes to emerge.
      The drive from Millville, located near Atlantic City, to Citi Field takes about 2 1/? hours, so it won’t be a true homecoming for Trout; the Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park, where Trout played two games in 2014, sits far closer. Yet he’ll have some support there. Hallenbeck plans to attend Saturday night’s game with three friends.
      “Mike used to torture me when the Mets were collapsing in ’07 and ’08,” said Hallenbeck, who grew up outside Albany and became a Mets fan. “Mike was a Phillies fan.”
      The Phillies of course capitalized on those memorable Mets collapses and captured consecutive National League East titles. Hallenbeck said he wasn’t aware of who else from the area would come up to Citi, although he expected Trout [url]http://www.authenticcanadiensonline.com/Authentic-Brendan-Gallagher-Jersey[/url] family members to attend.
      The Mets will be the 27th team to play host to Trout, and on this very same road trip, the Marlins will become host 28. That will leave only the Cardinals, who visited Anaheim and former St. Louis icon Albert Pujols in both 2013 and 2016. The Braves welcomed Trout and the Angels to their old home, Turner Field, in 2014, and the Angels will host the Braves this season rather than pay a visit to new Sun Trust Park.
      If history holds, Trout’s visit to New York’s National League outpost will be Carey Price Jersey worth the wait. If the Mets can’t turn their season around, Trout’s visit might be recalled as a rare 2017 weekend when it was worth going to a game at Citi.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Kentucky star on switch to point guard?" 05.19.2017

      The Knicks hope they will have a chance to decide whether Kentucky combo guard Malik Monk can play point guard in the NBA.
      Some NBA executives believe Kentucky’s leading scorer needs to make the switch to point to solidify himself as a viable NBA starter because of his size and wingspan.
      The 6-foot-3 sharpshooter, in some mock drafts, is slated to go sixth to the Magic, who need perimeter scoring after shooting 32 percent from 3-point range this season. With the seventh pick, the Timberwolves are leaning toward a wing Bennie Fowler Authentic Jersey player such as Monk over a bigger player. An NBA source said Tom Thibodeau, Minnesota’s coach and president, has considered trading down, too.
      The Knicks will have to wait on the Timberwolves because they pick eighth.
      “[Monk is] a volume shooter,’’ a Western Conference executive said. “He’s all about cutting and moving. He’s a helluva shooter. … With him, he needs to play point and it’s not a position he wants to play. He’s a talented kid, but a 6-3, two-guard is tiny.’’
      Before the NBA Draft Combine, CBS college basketball analyst Wally Szczerbiak told The Post he sees Monk as a fit for the triangle offense because he can play the point in Phil Jackson’s system, which doesn’t have an overreliance on a single playmaker.
      “He might be able to point in the triangle system,’’ said Szczerbiak, who also works for MSG Network as studio analyst. “A system for a guy who’s not a playmaker and used to playing off the ball would be perfect. Dribble the ball http://www.authentictigershop.com/authentic-17-denny-mclain-jersey.html up the floor and enter the ball into the triangle and running the cuts and motion to get him open looks. That would bode well for him. He’s really good off ball, coming off screens. The best player in this draft coming off the ball. [But] he’s a little streaky.’’
      Szczerbiak gave three comparisons. At worst, he said, Monk will be like former Knicks first-rounder Tim Hardaway Jr. At best, he will be another Ray Allen. Somewhere in the high middle, there’s Suns standout Devin Booker, formerly of Kentucky.
      “He’s not as consistent as Ray, but definitely has the ability to have explosive scoring nights like Booker,’’ Szczerbiak said.
      The athletic, dunking guard made 39.7 percent of his 3-point attempts as a freshman, averaged a team-high 19.8 points and torched eventual NCAA champion North Carolina for 47 points early in the season.
      “Don’t let him get hot. If he gets hot, it’s over,’’ Kentucky backcourt mate De’Aaron Fox said at this week’s draft lottery.
      “He’s as dynamic a scorer Kentucky has ever had there,’’ one assistant college coach said at the combine. “I didn’t think they’d get anyone like Jamal Murray [now with the Nuggets] again. They do it in different ways, but If Cameron Maybin Authentic Jersey Monk catches fire, he’s one of those who puts a team on his back and carries it.’’
      Monk did not play point guard as a freshman because of Fox’s playmaking brilliance. Fox is expected to be gone by the fifth pick, leaving the Knicks with point-guard options such as North Carolina State’s Dennis Smith Jr. and French League project Frank Ntilikina, as well as North Carolina small forward Justin Jackson, and Monk — if he drops — from which to choose.
      Phil Jackson made it clear he’s looking for a point guard, a shooting guard or a small forward because of his glut of bigs under contract(Kristaps Porzingis, Willy Hernangomez, Joakim Noah, Kyle O’Quinn, Marshall Plumlee). He also has Carmelo Anthony on the trading block.
      “We’re looking for the best player at this point to fit what we need,’’ Jackson said.
      Monk is the most accomplished and appealing. He led Kentucky to the SEC title before the Wildcats’ season ended with a last-second loss to North Carolina in the Elite Eight. But Monk has his warts: his size, streakiness and erratic defense. There were rumblings during his http://www.officialauthenticbroncostore.com/Nike-Andy-Janovich-Jersey.html AAU career of inconsistent effort: lightning in one game, lacking energy in another. He mostly dispelled the effort issue, but not the size issue.
      ESPN draft whiz Fran Fraschilla sees him as a career sixth man.
      “I wish he was 6-5 and not 6-3 with an average wingspan, because for me the poster child for Malik Monk is what Jamal Crawford has done in his career,’’ Fraschilla said at the combine. “Once he settles into his NBA career, he is going to be a scorer off the bench. I know he probably wouldn’t want to hear that, but he still is a volume shooter. He had the ultimate green light in high school. He had a green light at Kentucky. It actually hurt them at times.
      “But the fact he’s undersized, with a below-average wingspan for the position, He is going to have to become what I call a technician, really going to have to work on NBA footwork, creating space and separation. You get to mold them with your coaching staff. … His NBA future is a lead off-the-bench scorer.”
      No surprise, Kentucky coach John Calipari disagrees.
      “Malik Monk is special, folks,’’ Calipari said. “There’s stuff he does — you just iso him. He can play a 1 or 2, head’s on the rim, he’s fast, good with the ball, a scorer. But he can do other things. Defensively, he can be that guy. But they’re all young. They’re 19. They can’t get a beer or go to a club.”

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Giants’ only battles show training wheels are off" 05.18.2017

      Watching the Giants reassemble their defense this spring and summer will be a familiar and fascinating undertaking. There are always new players to mix in, but this time around, with this particular defense, almost all the gang is here again.
      Unlike his task one year ago, coordinator Steve Spagnuolo will not have to make mass introductions and, in painstaking fashion, explain his playbook and philosophy. There is not a crop of newly minted, multi-millionaire, marquee free agents to Dennis Rodman Jersey incorporate into the locker room and onto the field. There is not a first-round pick to install as a starting cornerback, never an easy transition. There is not the warning that Spagnuolo issued one year ago, that this would all take time, plenty of time.
      No, as the Giants continue with Phase 2 of their offseason program, Spagnuolo is talking about immediate excellence, not wait-and-see patience.
      “A year ago, when we did this thing, there were a lot of new faces, so it was still new and now the biggest thing to me is the continuity of the coaching staff is huge,’’ Spagnuolo said recently during a Giants media availability. “There are a lot of guys that we have worked with before. So look, does that mean that you automatically go out there and play again? I don’t think so. We have a lot of work to do.’’
      There always is work to do, but the work for Spagnuolo will be to add onto what was accomplished last season, when his defense finished 10th in the NFL in yards allowed, fourth in rushing defense and second in points allowed.
      Almost the entire cast of characters is back. Spagnuolo has three of his four starting defensive linemen — Jason Pierre-Paul, Olivier Vernon and Damon “Snacks’’ Harrison — and his entire starting defensive backfield — cornerbacks Janoris http://www.official76erstore.com/Henry_Sims_Jersey Jenkins, Eli Apple and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and safeties Landon Collins and Andrew Adams. Of the linebackers getting the bulk of the snaps in 2016, Jonathan Casillas, Keenan Robinson and Devon Kennard all return, with only Kelvin Sheppard gone.
      The Giants believe the options on the roster as potential replacements put the team in a position of strength. The only rookie they are counting on right away is Dalvin Tomlinson, who should slip into the defensive-tackle void left behind by Johnathan Hankins’ defection to the Colts. Young veterans Jay Bromley and Robert Thomas will challenge, but it will be an upset if Tomlinson does not emerge as the starter for the season opener against the Cowboys.
      “Between now and the time that we play Dallas, we will figure it out,’’ Spagnuolo said. “But we are excited about Dalvin.’’
      At middle linebacker, Robinson is in the running, though he probably is better-suited on the outside. The plan in 2016 was for B.J. Goodson to spend his rookie year on special teams then compete for the starting job this year. Goodson, a throwback Henry Sims Authentic Jersey thumper from Clemson, will be given every chance to man the middle, making for interesting training camp progress reports.
      “Anytime you come in, and all of these guys will tell you, the second time through, all of the little things that you couldn’t remember the first year are just natural now,’’ Spagnuolo said. “He looks a lot more comfortable.’’
      Last spring and especially last summer, the coaching staff could not contain its enthusiasm for Darian Thompson, a rookie safety from Boise State taken in the third round of the draft. Based on his poise, smarts and ball-skills, Thompson’s ascension to a starter role alongside Collins came quickly and easily but lasted just two games before he got hurt and eventually landed on injured reserve, needing http://www.officiallakersshoponline.com/Dennis_Rodman_Jersey surgery to repair a Lisfranc foot issue.
      Thompson expects to be ready to roll in plenty of time for training camp and, if he can rekindle the form that created such optimism last summer, he will regain a starting job that was handled last season by Adams, an undrafted rookie from UConn who, to the surprise of many, held up on the back end of the defense.
      There are spots to fill and decisions to make, but not nearly as many as this time a year ago.
      “The challenge is to keep them hungry,’’ Spagnuolo said. “The goal here is to pick up where we left off.’’

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "‘Russell Westbrook’ type whose red flags him a Knick" 05.18.2017

      With the Knicks falling back to eighth in next month’s NBA draft, dynamic if disappointing N.C. State point guard Dennis Smith Jr. has landed squarely in their crosshairs.However, his college coach, Mark Gottfried, told The Post he doubts Smith will be there at No. 8. Gottfried touted Smith’s “Russell athleticism’’ and charged his guy has been undervalued in mock drafts, blamed too heavily for Kyle Korver Jersey the Wolfpack’s anemic 15-17 season.In fact, Gottfried said Smith should be in the same conversation as Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, point guards expected to go first and second in the draft.Gottfried, let go after going 4-14 in the ACC, is mystified as to why Smith is blamed for being on underachieving teams, but Fultz (who led Washington to a 9-22 season) and last June’s No. 1 pick Ben Simmons (who led LSU to a 19-14 mark) get a free pass.
      MSG Network’s/CBS college analyst Wally Szczerbiak told The Post recently: “If he’s supposed to be that good and talented, how could you not have the team be a little better?”Gottfried, who attended last week’s NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, said in a phone interview Wednesday that Smith’s mock-draft ranking is inaccurate.“I’ve learned the actual NBA front offices and coaches I’ve talked to, they don’t necessarily buy the pecking order that’s out there right now,’’ Gottfried said. “If enough people say two guys are going 1-2, everybody believes those guys http://www.officiallakersshoponline.com/Dangelo_Russell_Jersey will go 1-2. It’s like telephone when you’re little, passing it from one person to the next.“Those guys [Ball and Fultz] are good players. Very, very good. But I think Dennis Smith has Russell Westbrook-type athleticism and is that type of competitor. All he needs is time to learn the next level of basketball.”
      The Knicks are intrigued by the 6-foot-3, 195-pound guard, but also are concerned about his basketball IQ, defense, his fit in the triangle offense and an ACL tear suffered in high school. Knicks president Phil Jackson also issued an odd remark last month, saying the Knicks weren’t looking for players in the draft who “can jump out of the gym and do a triple-double game.’’
      Smith became the first player in ACC history to post two triple-doubles against conference foes on the way to ACC Freshman of the Year honors. He led all ACC freshmen in scoring (18.1), led the league in assists (6.2) and ranked second in steals (1.9) but was panned for lacking on-floor leadership and for having bad body language.
      Most projections have Smith at No. 8 or worse.“I don’t think so,’’ Gottfried said when asked if he’ll be around for the Knicks. “I’ve talked to a number of clubs. Obviously draft night is unpredictable. A lot will be learned in the next three weeks, when teams bring players for workouts. There’s still a lot to be done. But from early conversations I’ve had, I’d be surprised he’s there at eight.”

      Gottfried’s defense of Smith is he didn’t have enough around him to succeed, while Ball’s UCLA club was stacked. Gottfried also said the ACC was stronger than the Pac-12, where Ball and Fultz played.
      “Dennis walks into a situation where we have a starting forward out for the year with injury [Lennard Freeman], young and inexperienced players all around him,’’ Gottfried said. “He had a completely different situation than some of the other players. [The losing] ended up hurting Dennis. I think that’s unfair. Certainly it had nothing to do with Dennis.”
      Ball has also been hailed for his athleticism, but Gottfried won’t give him the edge on Smith.“[Smith will] be one of the premier guards in a few years in the league,’’ Gottfried said. “His athleticism is better than anybody’s in the draft. And he’s that type of athlete D'Angelo Russell Youth Jersey after tearing an ACL.’’
      Perhaps the ACL issue has hurt his stock, with Gottfried remembering he was once talked about as a future No. 1 pick before the injury. Smith tore up his knee in August 2015 and missed his senior season in high school. His former coach tried to sell the knee injury as an added bonus.“Give him a year or two more, I’ve had players in the past with a torn ACL, and it takes a year and a half to gain confidence, get your game back right,’’ Gottfried said. “He came back after 11 months and was as good as any guard in the country. In time, when that [issue] gets fully behind him, then there’s no telling how good he could be.“We don’t know if [Fultz and Ball] would’ve torn an ACL in August of their high school senior year and turned around as http://www.cavaliersproshop.com/Kyle_Korver_Jersey freshman and averaged 18, six assists and five rebounds.”Smith was hardly a media darling on Tobacco Road and stopped talking to the press between games and sometimes after games.“He wanted to put our team on his shoulders,’’ Gottfried said. “It wasn’t a realistic thing for him to do. He got frustrated and bothered by it. That’s because of how competitive he is.”

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Matt Harvey stop downard spiral Mets’ pitching staff?" 05.17.2017

      This is how you fall into the abyss after two straight seasons of postseason baseball.
      The Mets have managed to pull off the daily double of pitching disgrace. Both their starters and relievers went into action on Tuesday night with ERAs over 5.00.
      On cue, Mets starter Tommy Milone promptly gave up five runs in a 5-4 loss to the Diamondbacks at Chase Field, the Mets’ sixth straight loss. They have lost all five games on this trip.
      The trip comes full circle with Matt Harvey on the mound Wednesday afternoon, his second start Jarome Iginla Jersey since being suspended. Harvey started and was the loser Friday night in Milwaukee in a 7-4 loss to the Brewers, lasting just five innings and surrendering five runs.
      SEE ALSO
      Mets get another poor outing from a starter as skid hits six
      Mets get another poor outing from a starter as skid hits six
      Manager Terry Collins desperately needs the struggling Harvey (2-3, 5.63) to come through. It’s Mayday in more ways than one.
      “The critical part is getting Matt Harvey back, make no mistake about it,’’ Collins said after this latest defeat. “That’s the most http://www.officialavalancheauthentic.com/Jarome_Iginla_Jersey important thing. If we come out of [Wednesday’s] game and we are excited about what we see out of Matt Harvey, we’ll take it.’’
      They will take any positive performance from a starter.
      No team in baseball can lay claim to such pitching slop. Everywhere the Mets turn there is arm trouble, starter or reliever. There are no answers right now. Only losses.
      The Diamondbacks winning run came on a solo home run by Mets-killer Yasmany Tomas into the pool in right-center in the sixth, one night after Tomas delivered the key three-run blast in Arizona’s 7-3 win.
      Before the game The Post asked Collins what his conversations are like with pitching coach Dan Warthen regarding all these pitching issues, Collins responded quickly, “ugly. They’re ugly conversations.
      “I got a great relationship with my pitching coaches [Warthen and Ricky Bones], they do a great job, we throw out a lot of stuff and ultimately the pitchers have got to make pitches,’’ Collins said. “That’s what it is all about.’’

      Pitches are not being made. Sometimes even instructions are not followed in exact form.
      “We’ve had situations where we try to hand out instructions of how to go about things and it’s just got to get executed because I will tell you, Dan has a good game plan,’’ Collins said. “You’ve got to go out and make pitches and they haven’t been making them.’’
      Mets starters came into the night with a 5.05 ERA, 29th in baseball, only the Reds were worse at 5.15. Mets relievers came in with a 5.26 ERA, 27th in the majors.
      Overall, the Mets’ 5.15 ERA is dead last. No one else is close. The Braves are 29th with a 4.75 ERA. The Mets also Christopher Gibson Jersey lead baseball in pitching changes.
      All the bad throws didn’t come from the mound. On this night the Mets allowed Paul Goldschmidt to steal home on a double steal in the third inning when Lucas Duda’s throw home was off the mark, World Series deja boo.
      “It was a terrible throw,’’ Duda said.
      But the bigger problem is the daily pitching disaster. This all can’t be blamed on injuries. General manager Sandy Alderson didn’t upgrade the bullpen over the offseason and the Mets are paying the price with Jeurys Familia out after suffering a blood clot in his pitching arm.
      Losing Noah Syndergaard was crushing, and no one has stepped into the void since Thor went packing with a torn lat. Robert Gsellman has fallen flat on his face. Harvey can’t get out of his own way. Jacob deGrom is searching for command. Only the returning http://www.officialislandersproshop.com/Christopher_Gibson_Jersey Zack Wheeler has been a bright light on the mound.
      In five games on this trip, Mets pitchers have managed to give up a stunning 41 runs. The Mets knew they were heading to two ballparks known to be hitters’ paradise but this is ridiculous.
      All this bad pitching is putting some good hitting to waste. The Mets lead the majors with a .318 (83-261) average with runners in scoring position and they own a .406 on-base percentage with RISP, the highest mark in the majors.
      The pitiful pitching has been too much to overcome.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "Using Cashman’s old map for Mets: fliers and Amed Rosario" 05.17.2017

      I know Mets fans hate any comparison to the Yankees, but stick with me on this one because it offers some hope at a dark time.
      Great results were expected from the 2005 Yankees. But on May 6, they were eight games under .500, nine out of first place. Their rotation was in physical shambles, their bullpen was mostly an ineffective mess and their everyday lineup Barry Bonds Jersey was infested with thirtysomethings.
      Those 2005 Yankees had a respected but severely fading veteran center fielder finishing a long-term contract in Bernie Williams. They had a diminished farm system from years of using it to make trades, and even George Steinbrenner did not want to throw any more money at this product.
      Sound familiar?
      A few weeks into the 2005 season, Steinbrenner invested Brian Cashman with more power than ever before, imploring him to salvage this mess.
      Cashman made a few large-scale decisions: 1) He summoned the best of his farm immediately (Robinson Cano and Chien-Ming Wang). 2) He vowed not to trade the best of the system for another bandage/expensive veteran, shielding Phil Hughes in particular. 3) He instead http://www.authenticpittsburghpirates.com/Barry-Bonds-Jersey hunted for solutions at the margins to try to help while hoping his proven veterans led a rebound.
      It worked. The 2005 Yankees won 95 games and the AL East. Veterans flourished, with Alex Rodriguez winning the AL MVP. Cano finished second for Rookie of the Year and Wang was solid. Aaron Small was an overnight sensation at age 33, going 10-0. Shawn Chacon was 1-7 and out of favor in Colorado when the Yankees made a minor deal for a guy who thrived down the stretch. The bullpen was turned over and over – veterans like Paul Quantrill and Mike Stanton jettisoned – to augment around Mariano Rivera and Tom Gordon.
      This is the road map for the Mets. There are no magic bullets now, no elixirs to make their injured players healthy quicker, no trade market open just for them in the second week of May.
      Sandy Alderson and his staff faced a similar plight last year. They plugged with at-the-margin pickups such as James Loney, Jose Reyes and Rene Rivera and got Chacon/Small-like success from Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo.
      The Mets have moved so much farm talent to go for it that there is a lot less to use now anyway. Which means turning to youth.
      Curtis Granderson, in the Bernie mold of being respected and fading in the final Adidas Bobby Orr Jersey year of his contract, already looks as if he will lose a regular job to Michael Conforto once Yoenis Cespedes returns from the disabled list. T.J. Rivera has earned full-time play with his bat. The Mets’ Cano is Amed Rosario, who is hitting .361 at Triple-A at age 21 (albeit in an offensive haven). Cody Bellinger, at nearly an identical age and number of minor league games to Rosario, has starred since being called up by the Dodgers.
      Youthful talent is king in the majors right now. So the Mets should summon Rosario for his energy and athleticism, because they lack both. If it means moving Reyes to the outfield, well, that is what happened to Tony Womack when he was displaced at second base by Cano in ’05.
      As for the pitching, perhaps Tommy Milone can come up Small. The Mets signed Neil Ramirez for their pen Tuesday, which mostly sent Twitter scoffing, much like it did last year when Loney, Rene Rivera and Fernando Salas were obtained. Ramirez had an 8.71 ERA early this year for http://www.authenticbostonbruins.com/authentic-bobby-orr-jersey the Giants, but if it needs to be stated, players with 1.78 ERAs are not available now.
      Ramirez has a big arm. The Mets will hope he has a few months’ run of competence. If not, there is more of this type of personnel available at the margins. The Mets need to churn through it for their ailing pitching staff.
      Like Cashman in ’05, Alderson is going to need to protect the best of his system and hope that with smaller pieces – Brandon Nimmo and/or Gavin Cechini – he can find undervalued or currently underperforming help on the market come July.
      This is not the easy path, of course, and the chances of success are not great. But for a team of great expectations, it does offer a path in a time of darkness.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "India Outclass New Zealand 4-0 To Clinch Bronze Meda" 05.16.2017

      India defeated New Zealand 4-0 to clinch the bronze medal in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament in Ipoh, Malaysia, on Saturday. Rupinderpal Singh was the hero as he converted two penalty corners in the match that set up the win. Rupinderpal sent identical ground drag-flicks into the corner past New Zealand goalkeeper Richard Joyce's outstretched right hand in the 17th and 27th minutes. SV Sunil then Bryan Trottier Womens Jersey scored his first goal of the tournament in the 48th minute as he captitalised on a cross from Mandeep Singh into the goalmouth, while Talwinder Singh rounded off India's scoring in the last minute.
      Earlier, Malaysia defeated Japan 3-1 in the playoff to decide the fifth place in the tournament standings.
      Having failed to earn a place in the final after a listless show in the last preliminary league encounter against Malaysia, India gave an improved display to clinch the bronze medal - a shade below their silver medal behind http://www.officialislandersproshop.com/Casey_Cizikas_Jersey Australia in the tournament last year.
      Rupinderpal opened the scoring on India's third penalty corner, his stinging grounder leaving the defenders gasping. In the 27th minute, Mandeep had a good run on the left flank. After charging into the circle, his cross found no takers, but an obstruction on Mandeep earned India a penalty corner. Rupinderpal's shot on the fourth penalty corner struck a defender's foot and another penalty corner was awarded, which he duly converted with a fine low shot.
      After failing to feature in goal-scoring action in the entire tournament, Sunil finally made en entry on the score-sheet by deflecting in Mandeep's cross from right in the 48th minute.
      Talwinder Singh also got among the goal scorers for the first time in the last minute of play after picking a pass from Manpreet in the circle. Talwinder created some space for himself and sent a reverse shot into the boards.
      India lost 0-1 to Malaysia in their last Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament league match in Ipoh on Friday. Needing to win by a two-goal margin after Great Britain beat New Zealand 3-2 earlier in the day, India failed to produce Derrick Williams Authentic Jersey cohesive game and lost to the hosts, thereby ending their hopes of making the final. With seven points from five matches, India will take on the Kiwis in the bronze-medal play-off match on Saturday. The final will be played between defending champions Australia and Great Britain.
      This was India's second loss in the league stage, having lost to Australia earlier in the week. They had drawn with Great Britain in the opener and had beaten New Zealand and Japan.
      An Indian victory by two goals would have pushed the British team to the bronze medal game, but Malaysia turned the tables on India who gave a disjointed exhibition of hockey.
      In the day of the underdogs, World No. 16 Japan pulled off a most stunning upset with a 3-2 victory over reigning world champions Australia, who still remained on course to defend their title by topping the standings roster due to their superior goal difference. Australia have won the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup nine times, while Great Britain are in the final after 23 years. The Britons won the title in their lone entry into the final in 1994.
      India failed to make an impression on the Malaysian defenders. After a listless first quarter, India earned three penalty corners in the next 15 minutes but Malaysian goalkeeper Subramaniam Kumar didn't let the ball go past him.
      India showed more purpose in the second half, but their attack was not cohesive and the strikers turned out to be error-prone after reaching the top of the circle.
      India's desperation was evident at the start of the last http://www.cavaliersproshop.com/Iman_Shumpert_Jersey quarter when they took off the goalkeeper and made Harmanpreet Singh the kicker-back. The goalkeeper was back within a minute when Manpreet Singh was sent off with a green card. Malaysia opened the scoring in the 50th minute with a penalty corner conversion through Shahril Saabah's measured drag-flick to the right of the goalkeeper.
      Going all out in search of goals, India made three forays into the rival circle in the last four minutes and even earned two penalty corners, but the Malaysians stoutly defended their citadel.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "This means Yankees will need to score a ton" 05.15.2017

      When you circled Derek Jeter’s No. 2 retirement on your Yankees schedule last December, you would’ve traded something of real value — let’s say one of your Andy Pettitte bobbleheads — for the team to depart Yankee Stadium that Cody Allen Youth Jersey night with a 22-13 record.
      So you’ve got that going for you, which is nice. Yet this showcase weekend against the Astros, one that produced a doubleheader split Sunday and Houston taking three of four overall to remain the industry’s best team at 26-12, presented http://www.officialindianstore.com/Cody_Allen_Jersey pretty clear road map for what it’s going to take to keep this upset machine going:
      “Our starting pitchers had a tough time in this series,” Joe Girardi said late Sunday, after the Yankees followed an 11-6 victory in Game 1 with a 10-7 loss in the nightcap. “It wasn’t how we wanted this series to go. But to me, we had chances in three of the four games.
      “We’ve had some shots. We keep getting those shots, and we’re going to be all right.”
      Actually, if they keep putting up a 9.72 starting pitchers’ ERA in each series, they’re not going to be all right. Especially after losing their closer Aroldis Chapman to the 10-day disabled list on Sunday.
      Game 1 starter Luis Severino, unhappy with home-plate umpire Gabe Morales’ strike zone, lasted just 2 1/? innings, allowing three runs as he threw 77 pitches, before Girardi gave him the hook. The Yankees tied a season high with nine extra-base hits as they overcame a pair of deficits to halt their losing streak at three games.
      Then, following the outstanding Jeter ceremony, with the full house making the new Stadium arguably as loud as it ever has been, Masahiro Tanaka took a pummeling to the tune of eight runs, a career worst, over 1 2/? innings, tying the shortest outing of his time with the Yankees. That the Yankees actually brought the tying run to the plate in the bottom of the ninth, with Aaron Hicks ending the three-run rally with a comebacker to Houston closer Ken Giles, improved the optics somewhat.
      Nevertheless, this Yankees team, still leading the Orioles (22-14) by a half-game in the American League East, face the very Achilles’ heel we all expected them to have at the outset: Shaky starting pitching.
      After Monday’s travel day, they’ll turn to the slumping CC Sabathia to stop the bleeding against the Royals, the majors’ worst offense with 119 runs scored, in Kansas City. Sabathia and Tanaka were supposed to serve Benardrick McKinney Authentic Jersey as the reliable veterans; instead, at 5.77 and 5.80, respectively, they own the two highest ERAs in the rotation.
      Tanaka blamed his lack of a slider and splitter on “a mechanical flaw” and insisted he wasn’t injured. While he has earned the benefit of the doubt on the health front, he also has never delivered a pair of stinkers like this one and his Opening Day loss in Tampa Bay.
      The Yankees have totaled 201 runs, most in the AL.
      “We’re gonna score runs,” Girardi said after Game 1. What he should have said, if he were to be fully frank was, “We’re gonna have to score runs.”
      All the more so after Chapman’s deactivation with http://www.texansproshops.com/Benardrick_Mckinney_Jersey_Cheap inflammation in the rotator cuff of his left shoulder.
      “He’s not replaceable,” Girardi said. “You can’t replace an arm like that.”
      The Yankees’ bullpen, so good so far, has been shortened;Girardi gave new closer Dellin Betances some mop-up work in Game 2 just to get him some action. The more runs the Yankees score, the more comebacks they post like that in Game 1, the more pressure they can alleviate on their pitching teammates.
      Chase Headley, whose three-run, seventh-inning triple broke a 6-6 tie in Game 1, said, “Obviously, when you’ve done it before, I think it gives you confidence that you can do it again.”
      How deep that confidence well goes could determine the 2017 Yankees’ fate.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "The Mets are in an all-out free fall and no job is safe" 05.15.2017

      Mets starters can’t get the job done, the relievers are fire starters, any pitching move Terry Collins makes blows up in his face and it all came to a head Sunday afternoon at Miller Park as the Mets managed to blow a six-run lead and come up 11-9 losers to the Brewers.
      Talk about a hangover.
      This was a game the Mets led 7-1 heading to the bottom of the sixth with Jacob deGrom, their most reliable starter, on the mound.
      Catcher Manny Pina delivered the death blow with a two-out, three-run home run off Andrew McCutchen Jersey garbage slider from Addison Reed in the eighth, and this wasn’t a simple bat flip by Pina, this was a bat slam, an exclamation point to the Mets’ bullpen atrocities.
      The loss was the Mets’ fourth straight — this losing streak started with an epic bullpen failure by Jeurys Familia on Wednesday, but that was not nearly as ugly as Sunday’s debacle as the bullpen managed to allow seven runs to the Brew Crew.
      General manager Sandy Alderson was present in the morning, but was said to be flying back to New York during the game. Imagine his shock with the final result.
      Now, all bets are off as the Mets continue to collapse. You have to think that no jobs are safe here — including Collins’, as the Mets head to Arizona for a three-game series.
      Collins admitted it was the most frustrated he’s been all season.
      “We didn’t get an out when we needed an out, we didn’t make a pitch when we needed to make a pitch,’’ Collins said. “We have a clubhouse full of veterans, they’ve all been through a game like this, they’ve all been through http://www.authenticpittsburghpirates.com/Andrew-Mccutchen-Jersey series like this. You have to rise out of the ashes and get back on the horse.’’
      Yep, it’s been that kind of week. Horses-ashes.
      As for the trying week, Collins said: “You get up in the morning around here and you just don’t know what you are going to face. You start with Matt [Harvey], then we’ve got Jeurys, then [Asdrubal Cabrera] gets hurt [thumb]. It’s part of the game. You got to play over stuff.’’
      The pitching is killing this team and even deGrom could not get the job done Sunday. You have to go all the way back to May 6, 1995, to find a game where the Mets lost a bigger lead. That day a seven-run advantage evaporated.
      The Mets seem to play short-handed every night and it is catching up to them on Adidas Adam Oates Jersey daily basis. The Mets could use a jolt with the addition of young shortstop stud Amed Rosario, something, anything to get them going.
      When The Post asked Collins if the Mets have enough weapons to survive, he said, “If we play well we do.’’
      They cannot continue to run Curtis Granderson into the outfield as his average is sitting at .144, 125 at-bats into the season. It appears time has finally caught up to Granderson at the age of 36.
      Don’t forget all this really started when Harvey called in sick, was suspended, and the Mets wound up with a sacrificial starter Adam Wilk in a 7-0 loss to the Marlins last Sunday.
      The Mets also made a critical base-running mistake in the fifth when Granderson hit into a double play, first base unassisted and then a tag play at second on Lucas Duda as Neil Walker, who was on third, did not cross the plate before the last out of the inning.
      “That’s on me,’’ Walker said.
      It would have helped if Duda read the situation better and got hung up http://www.authenticbostonbruins.com/authentic-adam-oates-jersey and did not slide into the out. But that is the kind of mistake the Mets continue to make.
      Bad pitches, bad plays.
      Reed, a home-run delivery system, said, “It was a slider right down the middle of the plate.’’
      In the three-game wipeout by the Brewers, the Mets allowed 29 runs.
      Reed said he had no idea why he has surrendered five home runs over 18 2/? innings. “It’s frustrating but it’s baseball.’’
      Yes, really bad baseball.

    • pinkpink has written a new blog article "What to expect as rookies begin Giants journey" 05.13.2017

      Amid the excitement of the NFL draft, throughout the rush of the post-draft signing frenzy there was the sobering reality that all the youngsters selected are rookies, and with that comes a mountainous series of challenges.
      With that, the Giants’ three-day rookie minicamp opens Friday.
      “Let’s get them here, let’s get them a helmet, let’s get them a playbook and we will see how they do,’’ coach Ben McAdoo said.
      It has been 15 days since the Giants selected tight end Evan Engram in the first round, 13 days since they made their last pick, taking offensive lineman Adam Bisnowaty in the sixth round.
      This weekend, for the first time, the six draft picks arrive Chris Baker Jersey the Giants’ practice facility and each one will get to hold up his new uniform for the first time. Engram gets No. 88, Dalvin Tomlinson No. 94, Davis Webb No. 5, Wayne Gallman No. 30, Avery Moss No. 91 and Bisnowaty No. 66.
      Webb will throw his first pass with the Giants, Engram will run his first route.
      Considering that Eli Manning’s first pass of rookie camp in 2004 clanged off a tackling dummy, there figures to be plenty of rough moments.
      “The most important thing is that there are a lot of nerves involved early on in that process,’’ McAdoo said. “So you want to make sure that you take them out early, give them a chance to walk through some things, jog through some things http://www.authenticbostonredsox.com/Andrew-Benintendi-Jersey before you actually practice with them because there are a lot of nerves.’’
      Tomlinson, the 310-pound defensive tackle from Alabama, already has agreed to terms on his contract and the other draft picks, contingent on passing their physical exams on Thursday, likely will sign. There is little in the way of negotiations with these rookie deals, with pre-ordained slots already in place.
      Tomlinson will get a four-year, $4.57 million contract that includes a signing bonus of $1.46 million. Engram, the first-round pick from Mississippi, slides in with a four-year deal worth $10.7 million, with a signing bonus of $5.93 million. Others will fall in according to their placement in the draft. Webb (third round) will get a four-year, $3.4 million deal (bonus of $766,417). Gallman (fourth round) will get Andrew Benintendi Jersey four-year, $2.8 million deal (bonus of $419,641). Moss (fifth round) will get a four-year, $2.64 million deal (bonus of $254,770) and Bisnowaty (sixth round) will get a four-year, $2.54 million deal (bonus of $146,532).
      The Giants also will announce the signings of several undrafted free agents, with as many as 15 expected to already have agreed to terms.
      Of that group, the Giants were especially pleased to secure two offensive linemen — guard Jessamen Dunker of Tennessee State and Chad Wheeler of USC — they believe have legitimate chances to make the final roster. They also will bring in Travis Rudolph, a productive receiver from Florida State best known for his act of kindness when he sat and ate lunch with an autistic middle-school boy, a gesture that went http://www.authenticnikeredskinshop.com/chris-baker-jersey-for-sale-c-43.html viral on social media.
      In addition to the undrafted free agents, this camp will also include nearly 20 players — including some drafted by Canadian Football League teams — on the scene for tryouts.
      “As long as they are here, they have a chance,’’ McAdoo said. “Late-round picks, undrafted free agents, we view them all the same. They are going to have an opportunity to go out and compete for a job and whether you get drafted high, drafted low or don’t get drafted at all, you are going to have an opportunity.’’



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