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    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "FIFA 18 online - you have broken up with your opponents: how to solve this problem" 12.09.2017

      18 since last September, FIFA has become one of the best football simulator in recent years, thanks to its important improvement mechanism and new gameplay modes, such as Alex Hunter El Camino starring in the second quarter. In recent weeks, we've prepared a series of content, as a guide, FIFA 18 you know all the secrets in the game, to explore, for example , what is the best squad to real Madrid or what is the best pitcher in the game lost. So today we bring you a new guide to FIFA 18 Online, buy fut 18 coins,which details how you can solve the problem of disconnecting you and your opponent in the game.

      "You disconnected from your opponent" news is FIFA eighteen two patterns of online season one of the most common problems in the FIFA ultimate team, that is why, so we have ready the contents and some possible solutions to the EA sports football simulator uncomfortable questions. Then, we will provide some solutions and Suggestions for you to end the connection issue TIMORE 18 online.

      First, we recommend that the router be restarted because the problem may be in the device's particular fault or on the console connection. Therefore , you must close or unplug the router, then wait for a while, then reconnect and reconfigure the connection. If this option isn't for you, you can try switching from one wireless connection to the other using a cable. In fact , cable connections are more reliable, so if you can, try to enjoy this type of connection with online FIFA more than 18 people.

      It is possible that your router is not near the console, buy fifa 18 coins,nor is it connected by cable. In this case, you will have no choice but to use a wireless connection, but there is a solution that will help you improve connectivity. Since the walls of the house are to other electronic devices that may interfere with the signal, the reason may be that the location of the router is bad for the good reception of the signal. So , our suggestion is that you try to move the router and place it in an open space, near your console if you can.

      Change the wireless channel

      It's a more complex solution, because it's not only up to you, but if you live in a densely populated area, it's a great way to improve your connection. What you should do is contact your online service provider and ask how to search and change to another wireless channel. As we said, this solution involves some phone calls and a slower process, but the remedy may be final and help you enjoy a better online connection in FIFA 18.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "FIFA 18 1 . 07 Update Patch Notes Revealed For PS4 And Xbox One" 12.08.2017

      EA Sports has now released the seventh update for FIFA 18 on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. This takes the version number up to 1 . 07.

      This update was already launched a few days ago for PC owners.Fifa 18 Player Auction coins. If you missed the announcement, EA posted the patch notes on its official website.

      Addressed the following issues in Gameplay:

      A freeze happening, in some situations, during the goal celebration for a goal that was scored by the goalkeeper.

      The goal celebration being skipped, in some situations, after a objective was scored by the goalkeeper.

      Holding the sprint button will once again cause a goalkeeper to get up quickly if he is on the ground while holding the ball.

      The player sometimes being in control of the wrong player in a Skill Game.

      Stringing the juggle skill move together multiple times in the Practice Arena could cause your gamer to disappear.

      Updated the default FIFA Trainer settings for the Intro Match to show both Movement and Mechanics instead of just Movement.

      Addressed the following issues in Online Modes:

      Captains, or players that had just transferred captaincy to another player,cheap fifa 18 coins,getting disconnected or crashing after inviting another club to a match in Pro Clubs Friendlies in some situations.

      Made the next changes in FIFA Ultimate team:

      Added the ability to watch FUT Champions Channel replays in a slower (0. 5x) playback speed.

      When toggling the actual playback speed of the replay, it cycles through Normal –> Fast –> Slow.

      Removed the Single Player Camera from the list of available camera angles within FUT Champions Channel.

      Removed the non-functional Restart switch in the FUT Champions Channel Pause Menu.

      Renamed the particular FIWC Stadium item to FeWC Stadium.

      Addressed these issues in FIFA Ultimate team:

      FUT Squads which had default tactics values that were incorrectly set to over 100 have been reset to the normal default values.

      A visual issue where sometimes typically the kit that a player selected to play with would not be the kit that their opponent would see them playing with in FUT Online modes.

      The FUT Squad Battles Featured Squad image not loading properly after rapidly transitioning through screens.

      The actual Pause Menu countdown timer sometimes displaying throughout a FUT Champions Channel replay.

      The particular scrolling team lineup list sometimes displaying at the start of a FUT Champions Channel play back.

      The penalty shootout tutorial sometimes displaying during a penalty shootout in a FUT Champions Channel replay.

      Addressed the below issues in Audio / Visual / Presentation:

      Updates to the 2D portraits for some players.

      This is far from the last update that will be implemented in the game. EA Sports wants more feedback from fans and more updates are expected to be introduced throughout 2018 before the release of FIFA 19.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "FUT is a man of the journey" 12.07.2017

      FIFA18 has been around for months, but it still has a surprise. This time, fans of the ultimate team found an Easter egg.

      It turns out that a "secret" itinerary person can use a trick in the FUT mode. You can simply click on the transfer market and change the staff type to the coach. Then switch to bronze, and the lowest shot to 1200.

      When we roll, we find Goncalves once. He's not someone else - if we're on a journey, cheap fifa 18 coins,your lehet friend, who likes the start of the story, we'll be able to meet the Brazilian Favell intercity track (or a good player).

      Unfortunately, it looks like you can't play with him, but the group has already szerz's game dtethetjuk5000.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "The message is true here is the icon SBCS!" 12.06.2017

      It's Thanksgiving feast, but FIFA players will also thank EA for the Icon SBC!

      Obviously, it's not the cheapest, but if we have a frame, or even black Friday, we can easily get some ICONS.

      We can pick up four ICONS: Thierry Henry, Rio Ferdinand, fifa 18 coins,Roberto Carlos and gallo haji. We're talking about good CARDS, the best of which is the Frenchman Henry, who has a 93 rating. Since these are obtained from SBC, they will not be interchangeable, but the tradable CARDS will move over 1 million COINS.

      EA's ideas and timing are excellent, because black Friday is likely to create SBC, especially if they have such a reward.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "How do players score FIFA18 and 19? This is the EA method" 12.05.2017

      There are more than 700 clubs in the game, with 18, 000 players and a man overseeing 5. 4 million datasets and football lives, so FIFA18 is one of the most realistic football games we've ever seen.

      Michael Mueller-Moehring leads a team of 9, 000 people. It's actually a network, an observer, a coach, the season ticket holder whose job is to play as many games as possible.

      Instead of relying on advanced statistics, fifa 18 coins,data providers upload the subjective feedback of each player they watch - more than eighteen, 000 - which is strictly protected by EA.

      "There are too many games in the game, no statistical providers can provide relevant, reliable data of the teams and players, that is why we are working on their own online database. ""We can't buy that information anywhere. "Mullin said.

      If you use statistics alone to determine the player's value, we will get inaccurate and misleading ratings.

      "There tend to be attributes such as cheating, possession or combination. The single data has no specific value. From time to time, there are new players joining the club, and there is little information. How can we score? As long as our gamers don't see them in the game, we can guess. "Mulling continued.

      The mental state of the footballer is also important, but there is no tangible statistic. The player's champion and his research can be used for this.

      "If we say that messi league kick in Ireland, fifa ultimate Team 18 coins,then he will because he didn't play to the quality of the highest level and reduce, so we hope everyone obtain value for their performance. The world's strong footballers. "Mueller -Moehring explains.

      Then, all of the feedback information will be attached to the 300 different data fields, and classification towards the category of 35 specific attributes, finally determine the final score It does not seem to work, and we can understand the FIFA world works.


    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "EA Sports and FIFA 18 highlighted Rogelio Funes Mori" 12.04.2017

      Argentina's excellent football performance this week came in the 11th week of the team.

      FIFA will award this week's best player every week, and this time, the actual Rayados forward Rogelio Funes Mori has appeared in FIFA's "11th week team" as well as Griezmann, Sterling and casselmio.

      TIMORE has created a "double" special card in the "ultimate team" game,cheap fifa 18 coins, and they are more capable than usual.

      These special CARDS are more expensive and harder to obtain than ordinary CARDS. Congratulations on Rogelio!

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "FIFA 18 final team, TOTW#11 and sirigu, DE Vrij and Verratti" 12.02.2017

      EA Sports today revealed TOTW#11 of FIFA's 18 Ultimate Team. This week's team included two Italian champions and an overseas blue.

      This is the goalkeeper of Turin sirigu and the defensive center of lazio DE vieri, buy fifa 18 coins,who has found continuity in several injuries this year.

      The star of foreign countries, Paris saint-germain's midfield.

      Last week, Icardi, Nainggolan and Insigne were moved. Let's take a look at the whole of TOTW# 11: TITOLARI POR - Sirigu - 79> 84 DC - HUN Vrij - lazio - 3> 85 dc-ginter-borussia M'gladbach - 78> 84

    • EA Sports’ relationship with their FIFA community is declining recently, along with FIFA 18 suffering from so many issues and the recent #FixFIFA movement.

      First of all, I am one of the biggest fans of APP Sports’ football franchise, FIFA. Not only do I watch as much football as I can, whether it is the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga,fifa 18 coins, the Spanish La Liga or another obscure league together with crazy derbies like the Turkish league, but I invest myself in the world of football and FIFA. I play FUT Champions regularly and reach Gold 1 and Precious metal 2 consistently, so this is by no means a complain from a below average player. In fact , it is the cry of a passionate football fan and FIFA player.

      Football is a way of life and whoever watches football regularly as well as supports a club, knows how much it means to see your team lift the league title at the end of the season, except if you are a Liverpool fan, or be crowned the champions of Europe if they win the actual UEFA Champions League. All these are unforgettable moments for football fans, but unfortunately, the particular “beautiful game” isn’t that pretty in video game form.

      Whoever played the last few iterations of FIFA or even is a member of typically the game’s Reddit community, will know exactly the problems I am going to discuss already. Since the introduction of Ultimate Team, EXPERT ADVISOR has slowly shifted their entire focus towards the mode and also started neglecting other modes within the title. But just when exactly was Greatest Team implemented? There was a brief period of two years where EA Sports activities owned the rights for the UEFA Champions League competition, now owned by Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series. During those two years, the studio released a standalone “UEFA Champions Group 2006-2007” game, which allowed users to assemble a team full of their favourite players. Fifa 18 Player Auction coins.You could obtain these players through opening packs.

      FIFA 2009 is where gamers got to see the real introduction of Best Team as a new mode. The concept in itself was very attractive, especially to people who used to collect Panini stickers and trade using their friends to complete their collection. The idea kicked off right away along with performed tremendously, gathering a wide YouTube audience and football lovers who want to play with their own favourite players on one team. As years passed by, one by one, EA Sports starting adding new features, updating card designs, revamping the UI and sometimes even adding new modes after release, such as the FIFA 2014’s World Cup Ultimate Team mode.

      However , within FIFA 17 in addition to FIFA 18, the main issue lies in often the game’s broken gameplay mechanics, unstable servers, illogical ball physics and mind-boggling refereeing. In FIFA 17, several of these issues were raised, but since it was the first year associated with FUT Champions, a new competitive mode where players can qualify to regional plus international tournaments according to how many wins they manage to accumulate from the available 40 matches every weekend, that’s why it is dubbed the Weekend Little league. One of FIFA 17’s main issues had been inconsistent servers, disconnecting players from fits and giving them the loss for the match even though once you are started, you are sent back to the game’s menus and they are completely. Another issue raised was the irregular ball bounces wherever no matter how many times you tackle the player, it always falls back to the opposition.

      This year is no different, unfortunately. Fifa 18 Player Auction coins.FIFA 18 is the first iteration of the franchise I have played in years just where I can finish any match with both teams scoring more than 15 goals combined. That’s just not normal and never happens in the world of soccer. Once the kick off whistle blows, prepare yourself to see your team standing around and doing nothing while the opposition runs casually through your team and scores on the first minute. Now it’s your turn to kick off and even pull it back. You kick off together with score the equaliser in the exact same way, and the cycle continues until one of a person manages to break this. The problem is not just in the kick off boosted goals, some of them are the player’s fault of course, but when Tottenham Hotspur’s Son scores a 360 no-scope longshot from 35 yards out, what can I do about that really? When you consider TOOL Sports’ recent concentrate in switching FIFA into a competitive eSport with millions of dollars on the line, everything has to be adjusted to completely remove RNG elements to allow for a level playing field.

      One thing we all have to take into consideration is how passionate FIFA fans want to play a good, balanced and stable TIMORE game. EA recently received massive backlash concerning Star Wars Battlefront II and their microtransaction-focused multiplayer progression system, making one of the game’s developer’s comment, the most disliked opinion in Reddit’s history. As a result, EA had to remove microtransactions through the game until a later date, and as of the time regarding writing, they haven’t been implemented back again yet.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "FIFA 18: There’s a way of making all your players absolutely massive" 11.30.2017

      FIFA 18 has a few tricks up its sleeve, but we’ve never seen anything like this.

      YouTuber DTT has discovered just one way of making your gamers either absolutely massive or tiny.

      The footage, which has been uploaded on his page, shows a match between Manchester United and Manchester City.

      As the players walk out, it’s clear City have the clear height advantage, fifa ultimate Team 18 coins,with Vincent Kompany almost three times the size of David de Gea.

      So , what team comes out on top?

      As expected, it was a tall order for the tiny United players as well as City walk away the 3-0 winners.

      United, although fast and also agile, were completely overpowered and couldn’t break through City’s towering defence.

      The actual footage is likely a mod from the PC version of the game, with the creator going in and tweaking some of the in-game files.

      If that’s the case, we may never see these giant players on console versions of the game – which is a shame.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "Why Pick ‘FIFA 18’ Over ‘FIFA 17’" 11.29.2017

      The problem with sports video games that get a new iteration every year is the question of whether to buy the new game or not. You’ve gotten used to the mechanics of last year’s game and got far enough in the ranks on the competitive side. Why should you get the new game? Besides, you’ll have to start again from scratch? This article will help you figure out why you should get FIFA 18 and why it is better than FIFA 17.

      FIFA 18 uses the Frostbite engine,buy fifa 18 coins, the same as FIFA 17 (only some versions of the game). The updated version features many refined graphics over last year’s game, including sharper details as well as stunning weather effects as those, appear.

      Facebook1Twitter2Google+0The problem with sports activities video games that obtain a new iteration each year is the question of whether or not to buy the new video game or not. You’ve received used to the technicians of last year’s game and got much enough in the rates on the competitive part. Why should you get the brand new game? Besides, you will have to start once again from scratch? This article will assist you to figure out why you should obtain FIFA 18 and also why it is better compared to FIFA 17.

      EA also added more details to the crowd along with field, creating a realistic and life-like presentation in FIFA 18. Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins.To push that effect further, the game has motion-capture for the movements of the players.


      While the graphics aren’t that much better, TIMORE 18 shines in its gameplay. Each following game slowly addressed past issues from the games before it, and the defense gets a boost, especially since animations are now unlocked. Tackling and stealing the ball is now simpler since action animations don’t have to be completed. No longer will games be finished without either aspect achieving a goal so that matches can have the actual thrilling suspense of a tiebreaker in overtime.

      FIFA 18 also features a dynamic weather system, where rain can make the playing field muddy and the ball slippery. It can also limit the field of view or visibility, making it hard to see the ball. Otherwise, extreme sunlight can quickly tire the players with its heat and glaring light. You’ll never know what to expect, and these weather results affect strategies in addition to play style.

      The game’s offline mode, “The Journey, ” continues in FIFA 2017. If you liked Hunter’s journey in the former game, this one features the continuation associated with his quest in the league. After a disastrous decision that put his career in jeopardy, how will you guide him through his time of crisis? There’s even a choice to start from where you left off in the last online game. For players new to the series an option to pick from which area of the English Premier League to start with is available.

      Then there are some other small gameplay improvements, such as negotiating for a new member is now a cut-scene where you view the managers talking to each other in an office. Other players’ skills, such as passing and crossing, have also been updated to factor in position plus kick strength for any more realistic activity. It also phases out passive defending and even forces you to be smart about your players’ positions and timing.

      The Verdict

      Since we covered our bases with the differences between FIFA 17 and FIFA eighteen, fifa 18 coins,certain ones are considered somewhat minor. On the other hand, a sequel in order to “The Journey” and also the updates to the gameplay should be enough to consider the new game over the old. Otherwise, some other FIFA gamers might think the added challenge from those little updates could be a load.

      No worries though! It’s nothing that practice can’t fix. Take the time to enjoy and learn the new mechanics of PAURA 18. Granted, the particular core gameplay doesn’t change much sport to game, but the little things are important too. Have fun managing your team together with winning leagues!

    • In addition to MOBA and FPS, football has always been an integral part of the Vietnamese gaming industry.

      In addition to MOBA and FPS, football has always been an integral part of the actual Vietnamese gaming industry. In addition to MOBA and FPS, football has always been an integral part of the Vietnamese gaming industry.Fifa 18 Player Auction coins. PS is full of the atmosphere of football, and the FO3 league always attracts a lot of people, which is evidence of passionate love. Therefore , when combined with the package "FIFA18 PS4" and the PS4 "bombshell" FIFA18, the most attractive price at the end of this year is an event that the player should not be ignored.

      A monument to the FIFA football match

      FIFA international soccer was launched in 1993, and after 23 years of company, FIFA has become a monumental monument towards the game. In addition to bringing exciting products to players each year, FIFA has also contributed in order to building the foundation of modern football games. In addition , this is one of the main games in e-sports.

      In Vietnam - really like football has more than 90 million people in the blood, FIFA's game was quickly received from day one. FIFA has appeared in many PS3, PS4, and FO3(FIFA Online 3) is also popular in iCafe rooms across the country.

      Because of that adore, the game was launched in late September 2017 at the time of FIFA18, fifa 18 coins,a game that really caused a stir among gamers in Vietnam. Notably, similar to previous versions, the particular PS4 is still considered by many players to be the best FIFA18 experience platform in the six systems that this game has.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "Fans Organise Black Friday FIFA Boycott" 11.27.2017

      A campaign named #FixFIFA has been started by fans of the series, asking fans of FIFA and FIFA 18 to refrain from spending any money in-game.

      A Change. org petition continues to be set up to address these issues and promote the boycott, Fifa 18 Player Auction coins,this petition has received over 26, 000 signatures as of the time of writing.

      Issues that the #FixFIFA campaign would like to resolve are as follows:

      Input Delay/EA Servers during online seasons/any online game mode including WL causing button delay ( Always been a problem but certainly does need addressing. )

      Freezing when trying to access ‘Featured Squad’ in Squad Battles

      Change of kit numbers

      Bug where when the ball goes out associated with play power bar/player name vanishes

      Matchmaking ( A new WL Format and Internet dating would do wonders )

      Sending invites on Pro Clubs does not work, scheap fifa 18 coins,ome state it does sometimes by following steps but many cannot confirm this.

      40 games in a weekend is both mentally and physically unhealthy. To encourage a child or even adult to play.

      The full list of issues the #FixFIFA strategy is targeting can be seen on Reddit.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "'Xbox' news: Xbox Store Black Friday deals available until Nov. 27" 11.25.2017

      Xbox Store is going all out with its Black Friday deals until Nov. 27. Several video game consoles, games, and accessories are now on sale for discounted price rates. Microsoft is offering Xbox One S consoles for as low as $189.

      Xbox Store's Holiday promo also includes movies, digital games, as well as discounted Gold membership fee. Xbox One S consoles are sold with one digital game. An Xbox 360 One S 500 GB costs $189. Fifa 18 Player Auction coins.A 500 GB bundle with the computer game "Minecraft" is sold at $229. Customers can also purchase a 1 TB console with either "Assassin's Creed: Origins" or "Shadow of War" for only $299. Microsoft slashed the price rates $50 each.

      Xbox Store's deals for Xbox 1 S consoles are the same with most video gaming retailers based on price rate. However , Microsoft's offer for the $189 S console includes one free game and a 1-month Xbox 360 system Game Pass Trial.

      Console Gold subscribers get bigger discounts with electronic video games. Xbox consists of the latest video game releases of November including "Call of Duty: World War II, " "FIFA18, " and "Assassin's Creed: Origin. " Gamers can enjoy up to $40 discount for electronic digital video games. Xbox Store's Black Friday deals offer 90 video game discs. Several video games are already out of stock. Some video games are available for only $12. The sale promo also applies to a few Xbox 360 digital games.

      Xbox live wireless controllers are also part of the promo.Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins. Players can choose from a variety of controllers with different designs.

      Xbox 360 game Store is also offering Xbox gift cards to customers for them to use it or give to someone as a gift. Given that Gold subscribers are given bigger discounts, the store is also offering cheaper subscription rate for Xbox Gold Live. One month Xbox Gold Game Pass can be availed for a single dollar. The Gold pass allows unlimited access to video games for an entire month. The Cyber monday deal of Xbox 360 console Store ends on Nov. 27.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "This happened on black Friday at FIFA's 18th flag fleet" 11.24.2017

      Also under the FIFA 18 model, Ultimate Sports EA Sports offers many discounts on black Friday. Goals show what you can count on today.

      To profit from the leaves even on the popular game FIFA 18 ultimate team mode, buy fifa 18 coins,holiday hit hard. You can expect a day of special offers throughout the new limit and a team building challenge.

      Black Friday is November 24th. EA sports began taking action from 3 p. m. last year. It is speculated that the distributor will add new packaging products to the Playstation and XBox stores every hour. There was a global restrict last year, which meant that the number of discount packages was limited. Those who are late may not have received one.

      Particularly popular are 50K and 100K sets, which are very rare. They only include rare gold players. The challenge of the flash team building is also expected to ensure that bags and special jerseys are safe.

      Prices fell before cyber monday

      However , because there is no free suit, cheap fifa 18 coins,you need enough money to try your luck upon black Friday. As a result, many sold players the other day, reducing the market price. You can get so many players at very cheap prices on Thursday.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article ""Rostelecom" held an online festival in nizhny novgorod" 11.23.2017

      The Cyber event organised by "Rostelecom" was held on November 18, shopping, in the central "Crimea", in central nizhny novgorod shopping. During the event, the city and the region's best online gamers fought in the popular computer game "tank world".

      The online world music festival's main prize winner - the 30, 000 game gold and "Rostelecom" victory cup - is a player from the RHINO team. All other participants received memorable souvenirs from Rostelecom.

      During the game,fifa 18 coins, the player USES a dedicated account, including access to combat equipment at all levels and a 100% water pump and crew.

      Eight children from the Taremsky orphanage also attended the event. These guys compete in the tank world, playing FIFA18 and radio control tanks.

      In addition , there is an anti-terrorist elite game: global offensive, FIFA18 and game console games.

      In addition to the film festival is held in the world's major competitive tanks unofficial game for those who want to try new upscale tanks - 44-100 - T ₽'s elite eighth grade of Soviet aquariums, it is to provide the tariff plan "game" of users for our company "Rostelecom company". The tank has good maneuverability as well as good maneuverability for difficult soil, and it is equipped to provide additional protection in the battle to protect the protivokumulyativnymi screen.

      Created by "Rostelecom" for fans of the game "tank world", fut 18 coins,the tariff plan "game". The user who connects to the fee receives high-speed Internet access and some of the advantages of the game: the unique top notch tank crew from the "battle brotherhood" and in the slot within the hangar.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "Peter Schmeichel includes no Manchester United players in FIFA 18 best XI" 11.22.2017

      Goalkeeping legend Peter Schmeichel has named his featured squad for FIFA 18, but has no place for any Manchester United player in his starting XI.

      Right-back Antonio Valencia is the only Red Devil to make the cut, fifa 18 coins,but he has been resigned to a place on the bench with Dani Alves chosen ahead of him in the first-team.

      Schmeichel has chosen his son, Kasper in goal, with the Leicester City stopper behind a centre-back pairing of Chelsea's Cesar Azpilicueta and Giorgio Chiellini of Juventus.

      Former Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo plays just behind Lionel Messi in a very attacking set-up, with Robert Lewandowski leading the line beside Eden Hazard, while Christian Eriksen also provides a objective and assist threat.

      A strong bench includes Bayern Munich trio Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels and Arturo Vidal, as well as Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne and Sergio Aguero.

      FIFA eighteen players can compete against Schmeichel's custom squad until Sunday, cheap fut 18 coins,November 26 as part of the Squad Battles section of FIFA Ultimate Team.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "FIFA 18: discussion of microtransactions following the collapse of combat 2" 11.21.2017

      With the premature and temporary abolition of the mini-trades in "Star Wars battlefront 2", EA has now sparked a debate on FIFA 18. The PAURA flag fleet has a similar but different balance system.

      Whether EA is suspending microtransactions on Star Wars line 2 is helpful. Because now there are other EA game players co. The most notable is FIFA 18, which has been plagued by the FIFA Ultimate Team for years.

      It's 55. 99 euros now. Not surprisingly, on Reddit, asking what you would do to do the same for FIFA 18, buy fifa 18 coins,why would you want to do all of this.

      However , this is not easy, because even if the two games' microtransactions are exactly the same, even if they are on the basis of Pay two Win. But that is better hidden in today's system. In FIFA 18, the real money was used to buy FIFA's points, and then into the trophy box containing various CARDS, including players of different qualities. If you invest enough money, of course you have a better chance of getting a particularly good player.

      However , it is widely believed that APP has a better balance on FIFA eighteen than "Star Battles 2". It is because the system is exposed and a construction site can be replaced every day. At FIFA 18, the talented player has the ability to beat a less talented but well-endowed player.

      In principle, you can spend 2 systems to gain a couple of corners. That sparked FIFA's condemnation of the 18th. Here, then, the customer should be the answer, because this set is much more widely, so than in "Star Wars: the front 2", more video game players already on the road, this is the way to a more normal. Through the switch, the community is likely to be immune to the Internet's insurgency.

      On the Eurogamer, it is reported that a 50-year-old Briton has put 320 pounds in to the race,fifa 18 coins, which is not that old. But he was also a lot of people, estimated to be 500 hours. So it's not that people with talent and time spend a lot of money. So what happened to the British? He works, he is a father, but he doesn't like acting as well as likes playing games. That's why the card problem is high value. He also said that he had a decent income that would allow him to use the things he liked. He wants to build his own team, like Arsenal fans, Henry, bergkamp and wala. He can only achieve this goal with cash at home and at work. With more time, he would give up more games, maybe money.

      Because FIFA 18 features a different community, the end of the aforementioned FUT microtransactions is also impractical, Eurogamer wrote. Or to put it another way: EXPERT ADVISOR has successfully built the system here, without much drama - even with the right balance. It should not be forgotten that "Star Wars battlefront 2" was also included in Disney after the tree had been burning for a week.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "Let’s Play FIFA 18: Atletico Madrid vs . Real Madrid" 11.20.2017

      When big games come around, it can be fun to help foster a conversation through some unique avenues. One of those avenues is by playing some FIFA eighteen and talking about the game.

      We’ll see how the FIFA simulator thinks Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid will play out, and then I’ll grab the controller and see what I can do playing as Real Madrid. In my version of the game,cheap fifa 18 coins,Actual Madrid are flying around making things happen. Much more goal-centric then the simulation.

      The lineups will be somewhat close to reality. FIFA 18’s live form does a decent job at accurately portraying form and injuries, so we’ll go with those lineup choices for the most part.

      Both of these videos are composed of some entertaining gameplay. The simulation is always fascinating to look back on once the game has taken place. It can occasionally be correct and display some of the interesting matchup problems that take place. Other times, its incredibly far off and doesn't mean a thing. Both scenarios are pretty enjoyable and make FIFA a fun "predictor" of actual events.

    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "FIFA 18 solves players' use of CPU" 11.18.2017

      There are no restrictions on tramps in the video game, and there are no restrictions in FIFA 18. The EA sports game has caused a bug that has been fixed by the latest patch. And anyone is faced with new game mode, but it also has benefited from what is to prevent others leave his failure in their game of CPU, becoming aggressive and start to appear problem, until sanctions are yellow, of course , see the second they fired.

      So , to find out,buy fut 18 coins, EA Sports has managed to cancel the latest update from FIFA. So far, players have been able to lure machines by using "low price bronze" as a "lure", a screwdriver. But when you can have a numerical advantage or win a game directly, there's no need to compete like an angel, leaving fewer than eight opponents.

      The Eurogamer certification has been corrected, and artificial intelligence is now "subject to the same limitations as human players". The developer did not clarify the operation, but it should now be the reason for the actual error.


    • alina17705 has written a new blog article "FIFA 18 FUT: update eliminates the use of small teams in combat" 11.17.2017

      EA released another patch after FIFA's 18th title up-date, for good reason. After all, players have accumulated a lot of points, especially in the FUT mode battle. We'll tell you what the bug did.

      With the new update of TIMORE 18, EA SPORTS FIFA has eliminated some of the FIFA players' use to make FUT COINS faster and easier to cheat. The patch can be used for PC, PS4, as well as Xbox One.

      In the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, getting more COINS in a simple way has become possible.Fifa 18 Player Auction coins. Especially in small group battles, gamers can get more points to earn lucrative weekly rewards. Users can activate computer-controlled participants to get red or yellow red CARDS faster. Pushing and also pulling sweatshirts can be critical. So of course , it's easier to win the game for a team that is highly defeated. Upgrading should not be possible.

      Best player in FIFA 18

      FIFA's third headline upgrade on March 18 has brought some big changes. This is how EA handles the passing game. The pass-through effect that blindly takes between 90 and 270 degrees is poor - so the speed along with accuracy are much lower. In addition to improvements to the goalie, a general optimization and error has been eliminated.

      The original message

      In the official PAURA BBS, players may submit their improvements to FIFA eighteen. According to these recommendations, EA has now released its first soccer simulation patch.

      Initially, the patch was only available for personal computers, but now EA has followed suit, releasing console PS4 in addition to Xbox One's revise 1 . 03, reporting game magazine Segmentnext.

      FIFA professionals have criticized the new change

      This update provides several game customization, cheap fut 18 coins,which we'll cover in the next article. Especially when it comes to love, the patch hasn't been met yet. FIFA's professional "VfL_Salz0r" even calls it "wasteful". Within the video of Twitch, a streaming portal, he explains why he sees it that way.

      VfL Salz0r criticized the CPU's adaptive defense behavior. After the update, people no longer need to defend themselves, but they can easily protect the CPU. VfL_Salz0r added: "this thing breaks the game.

      Game improvement plus visual innovation

      One of the most important changes is playing. Fernschusse now demands a higher level of difficulty, with a slight decline in the requirements of "amateur" and "semi-professional". In addition , goalkeepers should be more intelligent now. Especially in corner shots, it's hard to rely on a goalkeeper.

      Career mode and FUT adjustment

      But EA will not only change the FIFA 20 game, but it will also need to adapt to different models - such as within career mode. Payment to a player, agreement transfer fee, cannot renegotiate the contract. After the update, you can now. In addition , its simple contract extension is now allowed to directly delegate, unable to do this yourself.

      Among other things, there are expected changes in the FIFA 16 flagship model. The image of the borrower offers adapted to the current season, and many FUT projects have been improved. When the ball enters the actual goal, the animation of the net has also been improved. Just such a detail is part of a realistic feeling.

      Some serious mistakes have been eliminated. cheap fifa 18 coins.For example , before the update, players may become part of the transfer transaction, breaking news is not always updated. Such improvements have been made throughout the game.

      For players from Germany, it could be one of the more interesting innovations of the bundesliga to the 2017/2018 time of year. The detailed patch for FIFA 17 can be found in official APP BBS. It's always worth looking at our tips and tricks for FIFA 19 and the potential for expert models.



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