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    • nataliasimmons has written a new post "How to disable SIP ALG on NETGEAR device using the genie interface?" 07.09.2018

      For Disable SIP ALG on Netgear following these steps>
      To disable SIP ALG on your NETGEAR device using the genie interface:

      1. Connect to the NETGEAR device using a wired/wireless connection.
      2. Once connected access the GUI interface of the NETGEAR device by typing http://www.routerlogin.net in the browser.
      3. The router login screen will ask for a login and password. If you have not changed the password then the default username is admin and password is the password.
      4. Once logged into the NETGEAR genie page, click ADVANCED.
      5. Click Setup.
      6. Click WAN Setup.
      7. On the WAN Setup page, disable SIP ALG by selecting Disable SIP ALG.
      8. Click Apply to save the settings.

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    • nataliasimmons has written a new post "Why my All emails going directly to the trash folder?" 07.09.2018

      I couldn't see all the sbcglobal emails on my iPhone and so I removed the email and when reset it back, my inbox was empty. I went to log in to the server directly and they were gone there too. I test it by sending messages and noticed that after a minute or so the emails move directly to trash. This is happening with any new incoming mail. All the old ones I had on the server seemed to have vanished. Wish I could get them back.

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    • nataliasimmons has written a new post "Who To Change RCN Email Settings On Mac Apple App? " 03.29.2018


      The steps to change the settings of RCN com login are discussed below:
      1. Go to mail icon from the desktop and click on it.
      2. Open Mac mail menu and go to ‘Preferences’ of the account. You will find this option in the mail menu.
      3. Click on the Mail account you want to edit. Like here we are talking off RCN email account. Select the RCN account from the list of account.
      4. Go to ‘outgoing mail server’ settings and click on ‘Edit SMTP server settings’.
      5. Open ‘Advanced’ tab and uncheck the option which says, ‘automatically detect the account settings’.
      6. Now, you need to enter the port number for this server. Enter 25 in this field.
      7. Select ‘Authentication’.
      8. Enter the RCN email login username and password. The username consists of the only first part before @ symbol.
      9. The outgoing server settings for your RCN email account are set up now. You can cross check the settings anytime by performing the steps mentioned above.
      10. Don’t forget to save the settings before exit from the settings window.

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    • nataliasimmons has written a new post "How To Solve The Problem Of Mediacom Email With The Outlook Account?" 02.16.2018


      • Problem 1: Too slow to respond
      o All the attachments and routine files keep on adding in the PST folder, which makes it bulky. The permanent solution to this problem is; keep on removing the old and bigger files from the folder. You can search the bigger size folders directly from the ‘Search bar’. If there are any mails which are of no use, then delete them as early as possible. You can save the attachments to your local drive for future use.
      • Problem 2: Outlook crashes all of a sudden
      o It sometimes looks bizarre when a problem solver starts giving the problem to you. There are add-ons installed in the Outlook program which helps to sort the things in a much professional way but if it starts giving problem, then it’s of no use.
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    • nataliasimmons has written a new post "HOW TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD OF YOUR PERSONAL MEDIACOM EMAIL ACCOUNT? " 02.09.2018


      • Log in to the account with the Mediacom email login details. Here, the login details refer to the username and password you used to login to the account.
      • Go to ‘Account Management’ page.
      • Select ‘Reset Password’ option and go to ‘Settings’ page given at the bottom of the page.
      • You need to answer some questions for your verification purpose. These answers are the one which are already entered by you during the password security process. So your answers must match with the previous answers otherwise you won’t get the recovery link.
      • Click ‘Submit’.
      • Enter the password twice to confirm the match. If the password entered is incorrect, enter it again in the box
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    • nataliasimmons has written a new post "How To Sign Up On Frontier Page Online With Simple Steps?" 01.24.2018

      Hello graciescott,

      To sign-up on the Frontier account, you need to create your ID after which you can access your mail and even pay bills for your Frontier services. You can then open your Frontier Email by simply entering the login details in the field. You will be given Frontier com login details after you create a Frontier ID.

      Steps to create Frontier ID:
      • Open Frontier sign-in page by entering the URL in the address bar. If you don’t know the exact URL, then enter Frontier email login in the space given. You will be directed to the sign-in page after this. Create your ID now.
      • Enter the information as asked from you. Enter first name, middle name, and the last name. The middle name field is optional. You can leave this field blank.
      • Enter the email address of your Frontier email or any other email service. This will later become your Frontier ID. If prompted, then enter the email address again to verify it.
      • Now, set the password for your account ID. It must consist of alphanumeric and one special character. The length of the password should be min 8 characters.
      • Enter the password twice for confirmation.
      • Enter your mobile number. This number should be in working condition because it will be used for future communication.
      • Now, Click on the box which says, ‘Agree to terms and conditions of Frontier account’. Read all the conditions carefully before proceeding further. If you find any problem, then you can take Frontier help from the online help link.
      • Authenticate yourself as a Human but not as a Robot. For this, validate the details and identity.
      • As mentioned above, you need to read all the agreement, terms and conditions in details only then submit your information. Because here, you will find an option where there is written that your data is being shared with someone so we need your consent. It simply means that your data will be authenticated and verified by the server. If you are still having any question in mind, then you can ask us by calling at Frontier email support number.
      • Click ‘Continue’.
      • Select the account to link it to the Frontier ID.
      • Enter the address and password in the box.
      • Now, enter the account number or mobile number in the next field.
      • Click to submit.
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