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    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "What are the advantages of the new sand making machine?" 17 minutes ago

      With the continuous development of sand making machine, the emergence of a number of new sand making equipment, new sand making machine equipment on the basis of the original improved, the structure of the sand made a corresponding adjustment, better play Sand making equipment itself performance advantages, improve production capacity.
      Advantages of new sand making machine
      1, the new sand making machine equipment production efficiency, relative to the old equipment is concerned, the output can be increased by 20% or more;
      2, the new sand making machine equipment, good sealing, the use of internal structure to improve, less dust;
      3, the new sand making machine equipment yield is high, the yield can reach 80-90%;
      4, the new sand machine equipment, good stability, vibration, noise has also been reduced;
      5, the new sand making machine main parts of the material to upgrade, to extend the service life;
      6, the new sand making machine equipment to improve the degree of automation, reduce labor intensity;
      The emergence of a new type of sand making equipment is a replacement of sand making equipment, although the principle of sand making equipment may be different, but the birth of each new sand machine equipment will enhance the technical level of the entire industry, Sand machine equipment related industry development.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How to deal with the phenomenon of peeling when the ball mill is working". 22 minutes ago

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Ultrafine mill to improve the production efficiency of ore in the milling process" Yesterday

      Ultrafine grinding can be processed a lot of materials, with ultrafine grinding to process the finished fineness of ore, customers and manufacturers are most concerned about the problem, most of the customers have a certain degree of fineness of the product has a demand, For the emergence of some of the ore market materials on the processing of the fineness of the material requirements are very strict, Ultrafine mill processing ore fineness of the factors that are the most important factor?
      The fineness of the ultrafine mill is affected by many factors in the processing. To improve the fineness of the mill, it is necessary to first understand the main factors that affect the superfine mill, and then from the source The size of the ore itself, the size of the size of the broken grain size, the size of the ore, the size of the grid sieve mesh adjustment, ultrafine grinding liner, ultrafine grinding model selection, grading blade wear and other aspects The degree of wear, ultrafine grinding speed of the size of the ultrafine milling machine spindle height, ultrafine grinding the size of the water supply, the level of the mouth of the amount of flushing water will have a certain impact on the ultrafine grinding.
      In order to improve the production of ultrafine grinding, the most important thing is based on ultrafine grinding in the processing of the problems encountered in the further analysis to understand the main factors affecting the fineness of processing, so as to in the future production and processing more Layer to grasp, so as to improve the production process of production efficiency, to ensure the smooth production of milling.
      ultrafine grinding to ensure that the fineness and production of grinding at the same time, but also to ensure the quality of the product, so in the milling process of production, it is more important to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of Ultrafine mill, Fine grinding in the production of a better performance, so users in the use of ultrafine grinding at the same time, pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, in order to make fine powder grinding better development.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Construction waste disposal equipment is produced for market demand". Yesterday

    • In today's development, construction waste crusher is no longer just rely on policy support and individual departments to promote, but gradually accepted by everyone, it is because people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually improving, awareness of their own production environment is also deepening , We have been farther and farther away from the era of landfill waste.
      Construction waste crusher on the treatment of concrete from the particularity of construction waste, in order to understand the principle must be clear its composition, steel, wood and so do not have to say, after sorting can be directly recycled, the work as early as the number of Ten years ago we have already done, the real core process is the treatment of concrete blocks, waste masonry.
      Through prolonged perseverance, it is common for people to understand that the concrete blocks can be used to produce recycled concrete after crushing, making color tiles, hollow bricks, etc., to replace ordinary masonry for roads Laying, but do not know why it can be recycled. The strength of the concrete mainly comes from the internal force of the particles and the internal friction, which determines the strength of the main factors have changed, but after the break, we can add other components to promote the role of recovery strength. Therefore, the standard of recycled aggregate aggregate can produce high quality concrete and a variety of building tiles.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How to reduce the grinding pressure". 10.14.2017

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Characteristics of gold ore crusher" 10.13.2017

      Gold ore crusher features a lot, the characteristics of the device as a manifestation of the advantages of the equipment for the production and application plays a decisive role, while the specific operation of the equipment and the use of equipment, the specific advantages of the customer is the customer The most concerned about the place, the following system for you to explain the characteristics and advantages of the following:
      1, the device structure is novel, reasonable and compact
      From the equipment chassis we can easily see the equipment structure of the equipment is very scientific, contemporary equipment towards the miniaturization and miniaturization of the direction, so the overall structure is very compact and reasonable, in order to make the equipment in the sales process has an absolute advantage and Dominant position, the appearance of the equipment is more innovative, this compound contemporary aesthetic equipment, is bound to have a great advantage in the sales market.
      2, the material size uniform, delicate, refined
      Equipment, the size of the material is the customer in the equipment purchase process to pay attention to the most and most intensive place, only the material size to meet the actual production needs of customers, customers of its recognition and satisfaction will be higher, hammer broken Machine in its design and manufacturing process, fully understand the point of the customer is of great significance, so we have done a detailed deployment for it, so the Red Star Group gold ore crusher in the material size can be completely To meet the maximum customer requirements.
      3, the running state is stable, reliable and stable
      Operation status is also a key performance indicators, only to ensure the reliability of the operating state, stability and stability, other advantages of the device can be effectively played out, so the operating status as a prerequisite for the production of the role is very large The Red Star Group operating conditions can meet customer requirements, because we use the best quality motor parts, excellent motor is to solve the operation of the equipment is the key, therefore, Red Star gold ore crusher running more scientific.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Raymond Mill operating notes". 10.13.2017

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Raymond Mill's dust removal settings are easy to break out of the cause" 10.12.2017

      Raymond Mill dust is a protective measure, dust bag is Raymond Mill supporting facilities, is a traditional dust removal equipment. Many users have found cloth dust bag is easier to damage, to the normal work of the equipment has brought no small impact. Therefore, the current pulse dust removal equipment gradually replace the cloth dust bag dust bag is used to filter dust or control air flow of a device, which in the course of the use of parts is not easy to wear. However, the dust bag also has a service life and wear. Which led to Raymond Mill dust bag wear causes, mainly in the following two points:
      1, if the Raymond grinding after processing is a strong flow and friction of the dust, then the direct wear and tear dust bag, reducing the service life, such as common aluminum powder, silicon powder and toner.
      2, there is a dust also dust bag wear is very serious, that is, with a charge of dust or hot particles. This is because the chemical fiber filter is usually easy to charge, if the dust at the same time charge is easy to produce sparks, which is easy to damage the dust bag.
      With the continuous progress of technology, there are already a lot of Raymond Mill equipment into a pulse dust collector, this dust removal device than the traditional dust bag more advantages, can effectively improve the efficiency of equipment and extend equipment life.

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "What are the factors that affect the technical efficiency of Raymond Mill" 10.11.2017

      The main factors that affect the technical efficiency of raymond mill are probably summarized mainly by the following aspects.
      Ore Properties: The composition and physical properties of the ore are of great interest to the technical efficiency of the grinding process. For example, when the ore has a thick particle size, loose and soft structure, easy to wear. And when the useful mineral embedded cloth grain size thinning, compact structure and hardness, it is more difficult to wear. In general, the coarse grain level is easier when rough grinding, resulting in faster particle size, and fine is more difficult. Because the fragile surface of the material decreases as the particle size decreases, it becomes more and more solid, so the speed of the resulting particle size is slower. Therefore, the grinding efficiency of coarse grinding is higher than that of fine grinding.
      Equipment factors: equipment factors on the grinding efficiency have a certain impact. For example, the overflow type ball mill discharge speed is slow, large density of mineral particles is not easy to discharge, prone to smashing phenomenon. In addition, with the grinding machine into a closed circuit grading machine, when the classification efficiency is low, easy to crush, it will reduce the grinding technology efficiency.
      Operational factors: operational factors will undoubtedly affect the efficiency of grinding technology. For example, in the closed-circuit grinding, the return to the sand than large, and more than the normal mine through the ability, in the grinding products will appear running rough phenomenon. And return to the sand is too small, or no return to the sand, it is easy to cause crushing phenomenon. Another example is the load is too large, the grinding products running rough phenomenon is serious, and the load is insufficient, then crushed serious. Therefore, when the matte requirements to mine uniform and stable. To the ore when the large and small will affect the grinding technology efficiency.
      Grinding grain size of each section to determine the unreasonable, but also affect the grinding technology efficiency.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How to control the grinding mill fineness". 10.11.2017

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Ultrafine grinding for processing fluorite milling to improve production efficiency" 10.10.2017

      In recent years, with the continuous development of economy and science and technology, the efficiency of the use of the ore industry is constantly improving, such as fluorite, ultrafine mill ultra-fine grinding processing fluorite, ultrafine mill in the production has a great role, ,protect environment.
      Fluorite is also known as fluorite is a mineral, its main ingredient is calcium fluoride, containing more impurities, natural fluorite showing a bright color, low hardness, fluorite produced in many parts of our country, the use of fluorite basic There are two types of use: chemical industry and building materials industrial use.
      In the building materials industry, fluorite is widely used in glass, ceramics, cement and other industries, China's fluorite volume is the world's second, fluorite processing grinding, the use of high-pressure milling machine or ultra-fine grinding machine into powder, can be widely used In the construction, road construction and other industries. High-pressure mill and ultra-fine grinding (ultrafine mill) is a new type of equipment, ultrafine mill in recent years in the continuous development of these grinding technology is to attract foreign advanced technology and alloy materials, compared to the previous Raymond Mill and other Equipment, regardless of quality or production has a very high improvement, has been significantly improved. Fluorite milling machines become the necessary equipment in this industry, and can be installed to install different equipment to produce different fineness of fluorite powder.
      As a professional manufacturer of milling equipment, SBM has long been engaged in the production of milling machines, sand making machines, crushers and other equipment, always in good faith to treat customers, for every customer to provide the best quality service and become the industry Within the benchmark. In the choice of fluorite milling machine equipment, high-pressure milling machine, ultra-fine grinding and ultra-fine grinder equipment can be a good choice, according to the specific needs of customers to choose different equipment.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Analysis of Grinding Effect of Ball Mill". 10.10.2017

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Features of New Type and old type Raymond Mill" 10.09.2017

      Raymond mill is one of the important equipment for deep processing of non-metallic minerals. Because of its stable performance, strong adaptability, high cost performance, since the introduction, it has been used for more than 20 years in our country. raymond mill has been popular used in the processing of non-metallic minerals. But as the ultrafine powder of the non-metallic minerals in recent years is widely used in the field of application development, downstream enterprises pay more and more attention to the requirement of ultrafine powder of non-metallic minerals. Especially for product fineness which field has higher requirements. This makes the traditional Raymond mill ragged.
      The problems of traditional Raymond mill has been plagued by mineral processing enterprises and equipment manufacturers. These problems mainly displays in:
      1. Low product fineness, ordinary raymond mill grinding fineness generally below 500 mesh, the equipment can only capture lower-end powder application market.
      2. High mechanical failure rate, big power consumption, noise, and exhaust emissions big
      3. System efficiency is low, the product collection system of the separation effect is not ideal, a large number of fine powder can not get effective collection and in the system of repeated cycle power waste
      4. Host had made a mistake, bellows duct design into the grinding zone material before the larger particles and grinding crushed particles are often gathered in cochlear box into bellows tail, and extends forward and make the air volume gradually reduce, easy cause traffic jams, not powder powder or less, affect the production.

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Avoid jaw crusher blocking material problems can improve its production efficiency" 09.30.2017

      Jaw crusher, although the tiger's mouth, but also in the production of the time will be blocking materials, there are many operators in the production of jaw crusher when the feed is relatively large, in order to increase production, so when the production of blindly Feeding, but do not know the fact that the jaw crusher is also easy to block material, and gold ore crusher after blocking the material is very troublesome, are generally stuck in the two between the jaw, when the jaw crusher work process To the blocking material, there is no other way to stop working clearly blocked material. The best way to solve the problem is to take measures to prevent the occurrence of blocking problems. This will reduce downtime, extend normal working hours, and thus improve work efficiency.
      The sound and light indicator can be used to directly indicate the feed. Because the crushing of the belt conveyor running current and the lower part of the material within the cavity how many associated with each time under the material within the cavity, easy to cause crusher jumper, so according to the plate conveyor current characteristics, developed a solution, That is, in the jaw crusher feed port to install a bell and alarm flashing lights, and electrical cabinets directly connected to the relay, when the plate conveyor reaches a set current value, the relay pull, the alarm light began to flash, the bell also sounded Come. If the downstream device jumps, the plate conveyor current is zero, the sound and light alarm will be prompted. At this time, stop the feeding can prevent gold ore crusher jam problem. Therefore, when using the jaw crusher to pay special attention to operational matters, so as to avoid blocking.
      Customers in the purchase of jaw crusher must be told after the production staff, in accordance with a reasonable way to produce, can not say for the sake of production and self-defeating, jaw crusher is no matter how good mechanical equipment, if not normal operation will be a problem, The emergence of blocking materials that could have been large, because this happens to the contrary, will waste a lot of time in the maintenance of equipment above.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How do maintenance personnel make sand making machines better?". 09.30.2017

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Construction waste crusher is widely used in construction waste disposal reasons" 09.29.2017

      In order to ensure people's health and environmental protection, energy conservation, the world attaches great importance to the development and use of environmentally friendly building materials, promote the use of pollution-free or low-pollution products, the implementation of environmental labeling system, Construction waste crusher become one of the important projects, At present, China's construction waste to the final disposal of the main backfill. Most of the construction waste is transported directly to the countryside or to the countryside without any treatment, and is handled by open pit or landfill. Domestic construction waste harmless, reduction and resource management level is far lower than the developed countries.
      But with the fog haze days in the country rampant, as one of the pollution sources of construction waste gradually get people's attention, at present, more and more people concerned about the construction waste recycling, for the construction of garbage crusher equipment technology upgrade is also more Concerned about the technical level of construction waste equipment is directly related to the availability of recycling, in the second for the benefit of mankind rather than become a source of pollution. For investment in construction waste disposal industry, investors are concerned about more or construction waste equipment itself, the cost of investment and the latter part of the benefits.
      Under normal circumstances Construction waste crusher can be based on different crusher equipment with its role and name is also slightly different. Jaw crusher, we often used for coarse crushing, composed of jaw crusher crusher, called jaw mobile crusher, also used for coarse crushing. Of course, and counterattack crusher with, called the fight-type mobile crusher, for the material of the coarse and broken in the main. And cone crusher with the cone is a mobile crusher, and its main used in the broken and crushed. Under normal circumstances, we are common is the three kinds of construction waste crusher equipment.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Operation jaw crushers need to pay attention to matters". 09.29.2017



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