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    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Details that are easily overlooked during installation of a small construction waste shredder" 08.16.2018

      Small construction waste shredders are one of the commonly used equipment in mining, but the installation of small construction waste shredders has many details that are easy to ignore. For example, the installation of horns generally uses the slurry method.
      Small construction waste crusher horn installation
      Since the small construction waste pulverizer belongs to a high-speed vibration machine, its foundation should be separated from other foundations or isolated as a vibration source. When the foundation was reviewed before installation, it was found that the base points were different in height and inclination. If the backing plate is directly placed on this basis, the level requirement of the backing plate cannot be guaranteed, and the contact area requirement between the upper surface of the backing plate and the bottom surface of the device cannot be achieved. Even if the base surface is leveled to ensure the level, it is quite difficult to ensure that the 32-pad foundation is at the same level. Moreover, the contact area between the bottom surface of the pad and the base surface is small, and the equipment is operated for a period of time, and the elevation and level of the pad must be changed, which deteriorates the running state of the device. The installation of the large rotating device requires strict horns. The quality of the product directly affects the service life of the equipment and the vibration after the equipment is turned, and even the problems of the small construction waste crusher in production will increase in the future. Therefore, the horn installation is a vital part of the installation quality of the equipment.
      Seat method installation
      By consulting relevant materials and construction drawings, and discussing and deliberating with the technical supervisor of the project, it is decided to adopt the paddle block method to pre-bury the bottom plate, and then install the non-shrinkage grouting material to pour the foundation and the equipment. The slurry method—simply puts concrete mortar between the horn and the foundation to achieve the purpose of horn installation and improve the installation quality of the horn. When the pulp is used, the level of the bottom plate is measured with a level meter, and the level above each base plate is measured by a water level meter to ensure that the heights of the respective bottom plates are the same. This also reduces the number of slabs, using only one bottom plate and one pair of slanting pads. The slurry of the slurry method is prepared by using sand, pebbles, cement, water, and the like. The mix ratio is an important part of the grouting method. The mix ratio directly affects the construction quality of the grouting method. The cement used in the grouting method uses non-shrinkage cement and high-grade cement.

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "SBM Raymond machine manufacturers cost-effective aspects of the pros and cons" 08.15.2018

      With the increasing number of Raymond machine manufacturers, the price of 4r Raymond mills in the market is also different. The price of raymond mill in the same region and different regions is different. The price of different models is not needed. said. For the choice of Raymond mill price, buyers need to compare the price and cost performance of each place, and finally find a supplier that meets their own needs.
      Industrial grinding equipment was first built in Berlin and is mainly used for coal-fired power plants. This role has been retained until now, and large-scale thermal power plants use modern coal-grinding equipment 4r Raymond mill, which has just been manufactured. The industrial grinding equipment is not called Raymond mill. Later, through some improvements, the first generation Raymond mill system was created. The structure is to erect a rotating spindle with plum blossom frame in the center of the machine. Three or more rotating grinding rollers are suspended on the rotating shaft, and the rotating shaft rotates at a certain speed to drive the grinding roller to swing outward, and is driven by centrifugal force to the grinding ring embedded on the inner wall of the cylinder. Although this system has changed, most of the work has not changed.
      Raymond Mill has grown from one country to the country, from the use of an industry to the use of many industries, from the grinding of a material to the processing of hundreds of materials, in the process also produced a lot of thunder The mutual exchange between the country and the country of the Mongolian machine factory, the production enterprise and the production enterprise promoted the development and transformation of the equipment.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How to choose the construction waste crusher lubricant in different seasons". 08.15.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "The way and application of Raymond grinding powder into the tank" 08.14.2018

      Raymond mill's conventional installation method consists of a main engine, a fan, a cyclone, a dust collector, and a piping system. Nowadays, a kind of installation method is more and more popular with users. That is, raymond mill uses fan power to directly transport the powder into the powder tank, no longer uses the cyclone separator, or only uses a part of the cyclone separator. The advantage of this method is that the powder after the Raymond mill grinding can be directly into the tank, which reduces the transportation and packaging of the powder, greatly saves the labor cost and saves the powder transportation cost. And this method is common on the size of the Raymond mill model, but it is different. The main difference is: due to the different sizes of Raymond mills, the height of the Raymond mill to the top of the tank has been limited. Restriction, the larger the Raymond mill, the larger the matching tank and the larger the storage volume. As for the height of each model can be matched, depending on the experience of Raymond mill manufacturers, do not blindly increase the tank, sometimes it may not achieve the expected results, but the investment tank will not cause The necessary loss. Therefore, although some methods are easy to use, they still need to refer to precedents. Welcome new and old customers to consult.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "The importance of the liner in the construction waste shredder". 08.14.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Several factors that contribute to the instability of the Raymond mill" 08.13.2018

      Firstly, the nature of the material will affect the output of the raymond mill. The greater the hardness of the material, the greater the rolling pressure generated by the grinding roller on the grinding ring, and the more serious the wear of the equipment, so the production of the equipment The smaller the capacity, the lower the finished product output. Also, when the humidity of the material is too large, it is easy to produce fine powder adhesion during the grinding and milling process, reducing the production efficiency of the Raymond mill, causing equipment blockage at the air duct, analyzer, and discharge port, and the output of the finished product. The design requirements cannot be met. When using the Raymond mill for fine powder production, there are certain requirements for the fineness of the finished product. When the fineness of the finished product is finer, the Raymond mill is required to carry out the production work for a long time, so the production efficiency of the equipment is low, the production capacity is small, and the output of the finished product is affected to some extent.
      The Raymond mill achieves the fine powder production of the material by the grinding roller on the grinding ring. Therefore, the better the quality of the grinding roller and the grinding ring as the wearing parts, if the grinding roller rings are severe after a short time of use. Wear and tear, the material can not achieve sufficient grinding effect. The efficiency improvement of Raymond mill will become an important part of saving resources and energy. Today's mining machinery mill industry has passed the advantage of low labor force, conforming to the international low carbon development trend, and the rapid development of the industrial milling industry market. As well as the country's increased demand for energy conservation, environmental protection and consumption reduction, the Raymond mill will affect the output of the equipment if it is used improperly.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Suggestions for maintenance of construction waste counterattack". 08.13.2018

    • The ultra-fine mill equipment that can process more than 200 kinds of materials is produced by Shanghai SBM Machine Co., Ltd. The machine is developed by the advanced mechanical manufacturing technology of Sweden and the advanced fine-grading technology of Germany and Japan. It has been developed and improved by SBM experts. It can process ultra-fine grinding of more than 200 kinds of materials. Up to 325-2500 mesh, fine powder up to 3000 mesh.
      The structure of the ultrafine mill equipment capable of processing more than 200 kinds of materials includes main engine, blower, analysis machine, cyclone dust collector, dust collector and connecting air duct. Moreover, the device can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as a lift, a storage bin, an electric control cabinet, a powder feeder, a crusher, etc. according to the actual production needs of the user.
      It can handle more than 200 kinds of materials and ultra-fine mill equipment is very promising. Looking at the development trend of all walks of life, ultra-fine grinding technology has become a "popular trend". For example, in the papermaking industry of the main downstream enterprises of ultrafine powder, 10%-20% of ultrafine powder is generally added to paper sizing. In high-grade copperboard, the addition of ultrafine powder is as high as 40%, and the requirements for ultrafine powder are required. Higher and higher. Therefore, SBM's ultra-fine mill equipment will become the new product that dominates the world trend of micro-powder mills.
      So, what is the working principle of the ultra-fine mill equipment that can handle more than 200 kinds of materials?
      1. Inside the grinding chamber of the machine, the grinding roller assembly is suspended on the grinding roller hanger through the cross-supporting shaft, and the grinding roller hanger is fixedly coupled with the main shaft and the blade holder.
      2. During operation, the main motor drives the main shaft and each turntable through the reducer. The turntable drives dozens of grinding rolls to rotate in the grinding ring raceway through the pin. The bulk material is evenly sent to the upper turntable through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. In the middle part, they are scattered to the circumference of the circle under the action of centrifugal force, and fall into the grinding ring raceway, which is then rolled, ground and pulverized by the grinding roller.
      3. The pulverized material continues to scatter toward the circumference of the circle under the action of centrifugal force. After the material is broken through the layer, it falls into the second layer and the third layer, thus achieving the desired particle size in the pulverization of the multilayer.
      4. When the material reaches the third layer, it is taken to the classifier by the suction of the high-pressure centrifugal fan. The powder sorting machine classifies the material. Under the action of the blade, the unqualified coarse granular material is re-grinded, and the qualified fine powder is collected into the cyclone dust collector with the airflow and discharged from the lower discharge valve. The airflow with a small amount of fine dust is purified by a pulse dust collector and discharged through a fan and a muffler. This completes the ultra-fine grinding task.
      For detailed technical parameters and equipment quotations for SBM ultra-fine mill equipment that can process more than 200 kinds of materials, please click online customer service to get it, thank you for your support and trust!

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Teach you how to avoid the trouble of reducing the amount of Raymond mill output". 08.11.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Influence of crushing method of sand making machine on mechanical sand classification" 08.10.2018

      In recent years, with the pull of domestic demand, the investment in infrastructure such as highways and railways has been increasing, and a large amount of sandstone is urgently needed. Natural sandstone resources are increasingly exhausted, and mechanism sand has gradually become a boost to the market. There are a wide range of raw materials for machinery sand, and processing equipment is constantly being updated. With the continuous updating of the sand making machine equipment, the quality of the mechanism sand has also made a qualitative leap. Practice has also proved that mechanical sand is superior to natural sand in both physical and chemical properties. The production of high-quality machine sand selection sand machine equipment is the key. Different sand making machine equipment crushing principle produces different quality and shape of sand. Below we will take a closer look at the impact of the crushing method of the sand making machine on the grading of the mechanism sand particles.
      There are many types of machine-made sand equipment, such as the common impact sand making machine, the counter-type sand making machine, the third-generation sand making machine, and the VSI sand making machine. These sand making equipment have different characteristics and each has different uses. The crushing method of the sand making machine is an intrinsic factor affecting the mechanism sand grading. At present, the crushing methods of the two types of sand making machines with wide application range are counter-crushing sand-making and impact-crushing sand making, among which the mechanism of the counter-type sand making machine is more angular and angular, but the grain shape is poor but sand The gradation is better; the sand particles produced by the impact sand making machine are round and granular, and the grain shape is better, but the grading has the characteristics of “more than two ends and less in the middle”. To this end, many combine the characteristics of the two types of crushing methods, using the combination of counterattack and impact crushing, so as to obtain a good granularity and grading mechanism sand. In addition, the new VSI sand making machine produced by Kefan is more advanced in design, combining the unique principle of “stone stone” + “stone hitting iron”. It has many functions such as crushing, fine crushing sand and stone shaping. It is the most advanced at present. Sand making equipment. The product produced by the sand making machine has excellent grain shape - the product is cubic, the shape is good, the gradation is reasonable, the fineness modulus is adjustable; it is the concrete mixing station, highway, high-speed railway, high-rise building, municipal, hydropower dam The preferred processing equipment for the construction of gravel aggregates.
      In summary, we can see that the crushing method of the sand making machine has an important influence on the sand particle grading. In order to produce high-quality machine sand, it is most important to choose an excellent sand making machine. The mechanism sand material resources are abundant, the conditions are mature, and the market demand is large. The market prospect of investing in sand making machine equipment to produce high quality sand stone aggregates is promising.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How to reduce the wear of the grinding ring of ultrafine mill". 08.10.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Which brand of construction waste crusher is good after sale?" 08.09.2018

      The construction waste crusher, also known as the garbage crusher, is called the new generation of star crushing equipment because of its low operation and maintenance cost, high output and low energy consumption. It not only plays an important role in the sand production line, but also in the construction. It is widely used in many industries such as highway construction and municipal engineering. At present, there are many manufacturers of construction waste crusher. Which brand of construction waste crusher is good after sale?
      First, the construction waste crusher brand selection criteria
      Standard 1: The construction waste crusher is of good quality. The quality of the construction waste crusher determines its performance. The better the performance of the equipment, the stable operation, the strong production capacity, the low energy consumption and the long service life.
      Standard 2: The construction waste crusher is low in price. If the price of the equipment is low, the user's production cost is relatively low. The construction waste crusher produced by large direct selling crushing equipment manufacturers generally has a relatively low price for construction waste crushers because it has no additional cost.
      Standard 3: Construction waste crusher is good after sale. Construction waste crusher manufacturers should be good after sale, so that equipment emerges in the production process, the user can contact the manufacturer to solve the problem in time; in addition, for the wearing parts of the equipment, the user can get the goods directly from the manufacturer, without running-in, directly into production.
      Second, the construction waste crusher brand recommendation
      Construction waste crusher not only has high quality and low price, but also good after-sales service, not only can ensure the production can increase the user benefits, Xiaobian recommends Shibang brand construction waste crusher.
      First of all, Shibang Industrial Technology Group is a well-known manufacturer specializing in the production of mining machinery and equipment for more than 30 years. The advanced production technology, mature production technology and rich production experience make the equipments exported to all over the world.
      Secondly, the construction waste crusher is a high-efficiency sand making equipment at home and abroad, with excellent quality and reasonable price.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Raymond mill needs to pay attention to the selection of accessories". 08.09.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "What is the cost of investing in sand making equipment?" 08.08.2018

      The current sand making machine project is still the most popular investment project, so many friends are consulting the VSI5X sand making machine equipment, but the production cost of the whole project is not clear, and it is not clear how the benefits of investing in sand making machine equipment after production. kind. Today SBM Machinery will explain this to you:
      First, we analyze the cost of the sand making machine.
      The equipment cost of the sander production line depends on the scale of production and equipment selection. At present, the domestic equipment has a pure sand production capacity of 300-400 tons/hour or sand and stone linkage 600-800 tons/hour. It is equipped with vibration feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, circular vibrating screen and belt conveyor. , electronic control equipment, etc. If the scale of production capacity is increased, the number of equipment models or production lines can be increased, and the total investment price is basically increased proportionally. The price of imported equipment is generally 2-3 times that of domestic equipment, and the running power consumption cost and maintenance cost are high.
      Second profit analysis
      The profit margin of the river pebble sand making machine production line depends on: 1. The price of different quality sands in different regions, such as Shanghai artificial high quality sand (vertical shaft impact sand) 64 yuan / ton, ordinary sand (cone broken or counterattack broken bone Material) 46 yuan / ton; Hangzhou artificial high quality sand (vertical shaft impact broken sand) 52-60 yuan / ton, ordinary sand (cone broken or counterattack broken fine aggregate) 44-52 yuan / ton.
      After that, it is the operating cost of the equipment, which consists of workers' wages, utilities, and consumables. There is also the management of the sand making machine manufacturers, and the responsible management personnel and skilled operators are the foundation of the company's efficiency improvement. Investing in high-quality equipment can extend the life cycle of all parts, reduce maintenance costs, increase effective production time, and significantly increase production. This means that costs can be recovered in the shortest period, effectively increasing profit margins and return on investment.
      Here, SBM Machinery reminds customers that they should also be cautious when investing in sand making machine projects. If you are after the inspection, please come to our company to inspect the sand making machine equipment. Our company will provide you with free sanding machine process design and site construction, free trial. machine!

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How should the counter-attack construction waste crusher offer?". 08.08.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Ultra-fine grinding machine operation steps and precautions" 08.07.2018

      Before the operation of the ultrafine mill, certain operating guidelines are required, which makes the machine better serve us. Then we have to follow the rules when we use it.
      Before starting the mill, check that all access doors are closed and tight. Check whether the lining gap of the ultra-fine mill meets the feed size size, and adjust the speed of the analyzer to reach the approximate product size. Do not refuel at random during normal work, to ensure production safety. When abnormal noise or sudden increase of load occurs in any part of the mill, stop the inspection immediately and eliminate the malfunction to avoid a major accident. When starting up again, the excess material in the ultra-fine grinding machine must be taken out, otherwise the current will be too large when starting up, which will affect the start of the grinding machine.
      For the operator: When using the ultra-fine mill, the operator must receive pre-employment technical training to ensure normal operation. Develop a “Safety and Maintenance System for Maintenance and Maintenance” to prepare the lubricants and parts required for machine maintenance. This is a necessary measure to ensure personal safety.
      During use, it should also be ensured that it is regularly inspected and replaced with some wearable parts to ensure sufficient use of the lubricating oil and the bolts and nuts are in a tight state. When the grinding stick is used for more than half a month, it must be replaced, the rolling bearings should be cleaned regularly, the damaged parts should be replaced, and the grease gun can be used when adding lubricating oil. Manual refueling is also possible. The spindle of the ultra-fine mill is refueled twice a day, and the oil passage is cleaned regularly. The plum blossom frame should be filled with 50# mechanical oil. The bearing should be filled with 5# calcium-based grease every 10 days, and the analyzer should be cleaned only once in February. Also add 5# calcium based grease.
      When using it, be careful not to prevent the metal block from entering the machine, so as not to damage the ultra-fine powder machine. When feeding the mill, the size of the raw materials should be controlled, and the diameter should be 15~20mm, and evenly put into the mill. Adjust the gap between the hammers of the mill according to the actual situation, adjust the analyzer to keep the machine in good condition. When the remaining wall thickness of the grinding ring of the mill is not more than 10mm, it must be replaced.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Six reasons and characteristics of buying a construction waste crusher". 08.07.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Development direction of construction waste crusher" 08.03.2018

      At this stage, when we are dealing with construction waste, we mainly apply it to the pavement base layer and foundation filler after recycling and processing the construction waste, and produce concrete brick and concrete block. Therefore, we need to introduce a more effective construction waste crusher and carry out effective application.
      1. Towards the development of lightweight and reduction
      The current screening machines and crushers all have certain processing capabilities. However, because the equipment is heavy and the overall size is large, it is difficult to integrate on one platform, and the basic requirements for the mobile crusher are difficult to satisfy. Therefore, equipment with light weight and small size should be developed to ensure that construction waste can be handled more conveniently and flexibly.
      2. Evolution towards automation
      When dealing with construction waste, because of the high noise and harsh environment, a large amount of powder layer appears in the air, and the equipment threatens the safety of workers at high speed. When dealing with construction waste, minimizing the participation of workers and increasing the automation of the equipment will become an important equipment for handling construction waste.
      3. Develop towards a diversified mission
      In order to better construction waste crusher, we will be more demanding recycling technology, especially those recycled aggregate materials. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a more suitable construction waste treatment equipment, which has the ability to screen and crush construction waste, and ensure that these recycled aggregates can be better treated, thereby continuously improving the performance of recycled aggregates.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Is the sand machine a little leaky?". 08.03.2018



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