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    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "SBM120tph-250tph mobile construction waste crusher creates higher revenue for users" Yesterday

      In recent years, SBM Industrial Technology Group manufacturers have produced a variety of mobile construction waste crusher that are sold in the market. They do not need to be promoted by themselves. They have been passed down by customers and have won praises in the market. Market reputation. Why is there such a gratifying scene? Take a closer look, the amount of information is really quite a lot, let's look at several key words of the 120tph-250tph mobile construction waste crusher:
      Keywords TOP1: More than 70 models are configured, and the crushing function is fully upgraded.
      Feeding, crushing, screening, conveying and other modules, 72 types of models can be equipped with more advanced E-breaking machine, counter-breaking, cone breaking, vibrating screen, sand making machine and other main equipment, efficient crushing, host The equipment is switched independently to meet the needs of diverse and personalized customers.
      Keywords TOP2: fast parking system, intelligent operation mode
      The vehicle-mounted body combination can be walked on the front of the car, and the tires and crawlers can be selected in a variety of ways. The parking function is more flexible and flexible, ensuring that the equipment quickly enters the work (broken) mode, eliminating the complicated and trivial on-site steel frame. Arrangement and site layout design.
      Keywords TOP3: comprehensive energy saving, environmentally friendly
      System upgrade, comprehensive energy saving, environmental protection, reduce the troubles caused by dust, noise, etc., and also a harmonious, green and safe construction waste crusher for users.
      Keywords TOP4: stand-alone operation & online crushing, both fish and bear's paw
      From single application to multi-end online operation, intelligent remote computer operation workshop, various types of on-site combination, users do not have to worry about insufficient equipment output or the fine grain size of the finished stone, and the fish and bear's paw can have both, ensuring that the equipment works more efficiently. high yield.
      The sales of 120tph-250tph mobile construction waste crusher is not accidental. It brings together the R&D, technology and production personnel of SBM Industrial Technology Group, and the high-tech, advanced technology concept, ingenuity and intentional production process. A high-yield, intelligent, and environmentally-friendly crusher can create higher returns for users and achieve higher user satisfaction, so that they can be so favored in the market! For more information about the equipment, please feel free to contact us online at any time.

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    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Is the 100tph construction waste crusher capable of continuous production?" 07.20.2018

      Every summer, it is also a high temperature device, will this 100tph construction waste crusher achieve lasting work? We first came to the equipment manufacturing workshop of SBM manufacturers. We can see that the production workers are processing this 100tph construction waste crusher. We are fortunate enough to interview the workshop work director. Let's consult this about the hot weather, 100tph building. The problem of continuous production of garbage crushing opportunities:
      Interviewer: Hello, may we continue to produce this 100tph construction waste crusher in the summer or when the weather is very hot?
      Workshop Director: Hello, this 100tph construction waste crusher is made of high-quality anti-pressure and anti-wear steel in the manufacturing process. The production technology is made of foreign and traditional crushing equipment. Although it is a very hot season in summer, this 100tph construction waste crusher can achieve normal work, but be sure to pay attention to the supply of lubricants or cool down when the party equipment is suddenly hot, because no matter which Mechanical equipment has a certain production capacity, so when the equipment exceeds the actual production capacity, then some unexpected situations will occur, but if this 100tph construction waste crusher encounters an emergency, it can realize automatic emergency stop, which can avoid some faults. .
      Through simple communication with the workshop director, we consulted that the summer is a hot season, as long as the equipment is within its own load range, the equipment can still achieve high-yield production, so the 100tph construction waste crusher is met in time. In the hot weather, as long as we do the assistance work, we can still achieve our ideal production goals!
      Walk into SBM and enjoy this 100tph construction waste crusher
      SBM manufacturers can directly see the rigorous working conditions of the workshop workers, as well as professional working skills, so if you have a need for this 100tph construction waste crusher, you can directly call the hotline 400-696-1899 021-58386699 free customer service staff. For detailed inquiries about equipment quotations and production power issues, let us walk into SBM and experience this 100tph construction waste crusher!

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How to improve the production efficiency of ultra-fine mill in the grinding mill". 07.20.2018

    • The sand making machine has been used for a long time, and the crushing chamber will wear unexplained wear during use. What is the cause of this? Here, our SBM sand making machine engineers will come to analyze you one by one.
      First, the number of broken materials entering the parallel area of ​​the sand making machine during the start of the sand making machine (sanding machine) was the highest, and it dropped sharply thereafter. Therefore, the parallel zone is subjected to intense wear and the parallel zone is gradually changed after several days of operation of the sand making machine.
      Then, as the lining wears and the contour of the crushing chamber changes, the material that is broken along the height of the crushing chamber is evenly distributed. There is a change in the size of the crushing cavity in the limit wear range of the lining plate, especially the late parallel region does not exist, and the entire cavity shape completely loses the original contour. At this time, the size of the feed port is reduced by about 1.4-1.7 times, and the amount of material processed at the feed port is the largest. As the quality of the product deteriorates due to the absence of parallel zones, the output of the sand making machine equipment also decreases.
      In summary, due to the uneven wear of the lining of the sand making machine, the crushing cavity loses the shape of the original crushing cavity, resulting in low life of the lining and a decrease in technical and economic indicators of the sand making machine. Therefore, the old-fashioned sand making machine crushing chamber should be improved. The new VSI sand making machine produced by our SBM Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. combines the advanced features of the impact sand making machine to draw on the advanced principle of the world sand making machine. The sand making machine adopts a variety of feeding modes, and utilizes two breaking principles of "stone rock" + "stone hitting iron". It can easily realize the flexible conversion of a variety of broken fine stone shaping functions. Compared with the traditional sand making machine, the sand making machine has low consumption of consumable parts and reasonable cavity design, reducing direct contact between materials and wearing parts. , to reduce the wear and tear of the wearing parts.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How to distinguish sand making machine from stone shaping machine?". 07.19.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "How much is a 100tph vertical mill?" 07.17.2018

      Vertical mill is also called Raymond mill, a kind of mine sandstone grinding machine. 100tph vertical mill, which is a vertical mill equipment with a grinding capacity of up to 100 tons per hour. Therefore, there are not only one type of vertical roller mill under the output value, and the amount of consumables of different specifications is still different, so the cost is different, and the same output value is destined. The market price of 100tph vertical mill under different specifications is not Etc. Specific details about the price of such mills are as follows:
      How much is the 100tph vertical mill? First of all, it depends on how many specifications you choose. After all, there is more than one type of vertical mill with an output value of 100tph. The larger the selection, the more the corresponding consumables will be. The higher the natural market price will be, so it is recommended here. When customers purchase such vertical mill equipment, they must shop around and choose a more cost-effective equipment. Secondly, depending on where you buy? Under the premise of the same quality, compared with the quotation of 100tph vertical mill given in high-consumption production areas, such as: Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc., the Henan production area under the main low-end consumer market will be slightly more favorable, plus In addition, there are many direct sellers here. They not only have real workshops for users to visit, but also have a higher discount rate in equipment pricing. Therefore, it is recommended that customers purchase 100tph vertical mill equipment. Consider more considering the Henan producing area. As a large-scale direct-grinding mill equipment manufacturer under the umbrella of Henan, SBM has a complete range of mills, and the price is reasonable and transparent. If you have any demand, please feel free to consult online at any time to get the discount offer for the SBM100tph vertical mill!

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "sand making machine" 07.16.2018

      Fluorite can be widely used in many fields after being crushed by crushers and sand making machine price. Fluorite is a coolant in refrigerators, also known as fluorspar. It is a mineral whose main component is calcium fluoride (CaF2). It contains more impurities. Ca is often replaced by rare earth elements such as Y and Ce, and it also contains a small amount. Fe2O3, SiO2 and traces of Cl, O3, He, etc. Fluorite in nature is often brightly colored and has a lower hardness than a knife. Half of the world's fluorite production is used to make hydrofluoric acid, which in turn develops cryolite for use in the aluminum industry. So which kind of sand making machine is the best for fluorite processing?
      SBM VSI's new sand making machine is the ideal choice for fluorite crushing and crushing. It can be used not only in the fluorite flotation line process, but also in the field of fluorite powder processing. The equipment has many functions such as crushing and fine crushing, sand making and stone shaping. It is an excellent equipment for investing in fluorite ore dressing production line and fluorite powder processing. The crushing fluorite using the characteristics of sand making machine device not only has a large processing capacity, but also has a good crushing effect, and the sand making device has low noise and no pollution. The unique air self-circulation system greatly reduces the amount of air discharged, reduces dust and is environmentally friendly. Very in line with national energy conservation and emission reduction requirements. It is the first choice for the fluorite processing industry.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How to ensure smooth running of slag ultrafine mill". 07.16.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "Adjustment method of automatic feeder of fly ash ultrafine mill" 07.14.2018

      In the grinding operation of fly ash ultrafine mill, due to the certain error of manual feeding method, it is impossible to ensure uniform uniformity of feed to fly ash ultrafine mill, which is easy to cause ultrafine fly ash. The material in the grinding chamber of the mill main machine is blocked by material accumulation or idling. The electromagnetic vibration feeding device can replace the manual automatic feeding of the fly ash ultra-fine grinding machine, which can realize continuous and uniform feeding, effectively avoiding various disadvantages of manual feeding, and has small power and stable operation. Easy to maintain and so on. Here, we focus on the adjustment method of the automatic feeder of the fly ash ultrafine mill.
      When the fly ash ultra-fine mill is used for grinding and milling, the automatic feeding automation is realized by the main motor and current. When the fan of the fly ash ultrafine mill is in normal operation, if the host current exceeds the rated current, the feed will be automatically stopped, and the current will be automatically fed after the current drops to the specified range. It can be said that this feeding mode is mainly to disconnect and connect the control voltage of the thyristor through the action of the current relay to achieve automatic feeding.
      In the operation of the fly ash ultrafine mill, when the automatic feeding starts, the main switch of the control cabinet should be turned to the automatic position, and the potentiometer R1 knob on the control cabinet should be gradually increased to reach the rated value. Within the range and remain stable. At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the current relay sliding wall according to the rated current of the host to change the operating current of the relay. When it rises, the normally closed contact will be disconnected, and the current will be closed immediately when the current is slightly decreased, so that the fly ash ultrafine grinding machine is always good. Working condition will not cause empty grinding or overload phenomenon, which ensures the benefit of fly ash ultrafine grinding mechanism powder.
      In addition, in the case of a fan failure, the automatic feeding device of the fly ash ultrafine mill will also stop feeding. There are 2 coils in the DDL-12/6 overcurrent relay. When connected in series, the operating current can be adjusted from 1.5-3 amps.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "How to debug the newly purchased vertical composite sand making machine?". 07.14.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "What are the uses of ultra-fine vertical grinding?" 07.13.2018

      Ultra-fine vertical grinding has the effect of over-grinding. It can be used for grading, drying and dispersing of complete equipment. It can be combined with vertical mill to form pre-grinding, mixing grinding, semi-grinding, etc. Grinding and other new process complete process, due to the principle of ultrafine mill, the new grinding system process can reduce the grinding power consumption system by about 50%, the output can be improved a lot, can be applied to cement or raw materials and cooked In the material, the new grinding system is suitable for the grinding of a variety of mineral powders, thus solving the current situation of insufficient grinding capacity with the new standard. The grinding system has been widely used in many industries.
      There are many models of ultra-fine vertical grinding. The fine ore fineness and high screening rate after ultra-fine vertical grinding process convey a large amount of production for refractory materials, cement, glass flux, building materials, paint, ceramics, chemical industry and other industrial parts. Good raw materials have improved the economic price of dolomite.
      The fineness of the ultrafine mill can be adjusted during the grinding process. When processing different ores and crystal materials, in order to improve the production time of the grinding material, the production can be reduced by reducing the consumption, and the particle size is selected to be smaller than The powder below 1mm is directly into the grinding machine, and the remaining more than 1mm is re-extruded into the main machine, which greatly reduces the particle size of the slag, which shortens the grinding time and increases the output of the mill. The grinding process and equipment also need to be adjusted accordingly.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "What are the influencing factors of the vertical mill production and operation?". 07.13.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "What are the characteristics of calcite mill?" 07.12.2018

      What is calcite? What is heavy calcium carbonate?
      Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, the most common of which is natural calcium carbonate. Therefore, calcite is a widely distributed mineral. Calcite has a variety of crystal shapes, and the aggregates thereof may be a cluster of crystals, or may be granular, massive, fibrous, stalactite, earthy, and the like. Knocking calcite can get a lot of square pieces, hence the name calcite. Ore Milling Equipment is heavy calcium carbonate powder, because the large amount of calcite is heavy calcium carbonate, heavy calcium powder is used for artificial stone, artificial floor tile, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, paint, plastic, composite new calcium. Plastics, cables, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, glass, medicine, paints, inks, cables, electrical insulation, food, textiles, feed, adhesives, sealants, asphalt, building materials, linoleum construction supplies, fireproof ceilings and household chemicals Used as a filler in other products. Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, the most common of which is natural calcium carbonate. [1] Therefore, calcite is a widely distributed mineral. Calcite has a variety of crystal shapes, and the aggregates thereof may be a cluster of crystals, or may be granular, massive, fibrous, stalactite, earthy, and the like. Knocking calcite can get a lot of square pieces, hence the name calcite.
      The distribution characteristics of calcite: China's calcite is mainly distributed in Guangxi, Jiangxi, and Hunan. Guangxi Western Jieshi is famous in the domestic market for its high whiteness and low acid insoluble matter. Guizhou has discovered the largest two calcites in China, and the calcite is widely distributed. Calcite can often see good crystals. Common crystal forms include hexagonal column {1010} and rhombohedron {0112} polymorphism, complex trigonometric triangular face {2131}, rhombohedron {0112}, etc., rhombohedron {1011} simplex Crystals (like the cleavage block shape) are relatively rare; they are common in (0112) polycrystalline twin crystals, which are the result of stress; also appear as {0001} contact twins. 3. The aggregate is granular, dense block, stalactite, tuberculous, scorpion, bean, soil (white peony).
      Calcite superfine mill
      The application of calcite to powder requires the use of calcite ultrafine mill equipment. We specialize in the production of calcite ultrafine mill equipment. For the grinding requirements of heavy calcium carbonate in various industries, our company has developed calcite ultrafine grinding. Powder machine. This equipment is ideal for grinding heavy calcium carbonate and is widely used in many heavy calcium carbonate manufacturers. Due to its high output and convenient adjustment of the classifier, it has become the first choice for grinding heavy calcium carbonate.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Internal problems of the E-type construction waste crusher". 07.12.2018

    • crushermachine169 has written a new blog article "SBM new ultra-fine grinding machine is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and strong" 07.11.2018

      China's mineral resources are of high quality. With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, scientific and technological progress has also been developed at a high speed, and the deep processing of mineral raw materials has also improved. The development of the split industry on the field has become more and more demanding. The higher the level, the more stringent, the ultrafine mill equipment plays a very important role in its field. The ultra-fine mill is the actual demand of SBM industrial technology group combined with the domestic market and draws on the more advanced processing abroad. Technology and process design and development of a series of ultra-fine grinding machine, this series of ultra-fine grinding machine technology is more advanced, unique and novel structure, compact, small size, light weight, easy to install and operate, late maintenance It is simple and convenient.
      At present, there are a large number of dust pollution problems in the domestic market, and environmental pollution such as air and rivers is serious, which has a great impact on the health of the people. For the majority of industrial split manufacturers, environmental pollution is also very A problem that is bothering, in order to solve the dust pollution situation, we must first carry out continuous innovation and improvement on all aspects of ultra-fine mill technology and industry.
      SBM Industrial Technology Group has carefully studied the actual production situation in China after long-term research in various regions, and then introduced a new high-efficiency and energy-saving superfine mill with the introduction of foreign advanced processing technology. Its advanced technology and power consumption. Low volume, high milling efficiency, stable and reliable operation, overall sealing performance, advanced internal circulation system, good environmental protection technology, can ensure clean operation of equipment in the workshop, no pollution to the environment, its environmental protection High efficiency and energy saving performance.
      SBM Industrial Technology Group has developed a series of new ultrafine mill with advanced processing technology, energy saving and environmental protection. It also has high requirements in the selection of various components. The inlet and outlet ports are equipped with special reminder devices, which can be effective. Controlling the speed of entering and leaving, can better ensure that the equipment is in a better operating state, can achieve the purpose of energy saving, and the finished product has a uniform particle size and can meet the market demand.
      In response to the call for national environmental protection requirements, SBM Industrial Technology Group continues to innovate and improve, so that the ultra-fine grinding machine has more outstanding environmental protection effects, more advanced processing technology, more stable and reliable operation performance, and higher output than traditional equipment. To meet the different production needs of users, its high quality, good performance, complete model specifications, can also be customized according to the actual production situation of users, its price is very economical. For more device details and discounted offers, click on the online consultation to learn more.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Is the sand making machine a little leaky?". 07.11.2018

    • Phosphate ore ultrafine mill equipment is a large-scale equipment, which is affected by many aspects of the quality and productivity of the mill. It mainly talks about the reason why the bearing temperature is high and the heat is generated at the end of the operation of the phosphate ore ultrafine mill equipment.
      The reason for the bearing heat after the general ultrafine mill is stopped is as follows.
      The unevenness of the bearing base is placed, or because the rotor of the motor and the rotor of the mill are in different states, which will cause the strong impact of the additional load during the working of the shaft, thus causing the bearing to overheat during long working hours. . When the bearing heat causes time due to the above reasons, we must stop immediately to avoid early damage to the bearing. The bearing of the mill is caused by excessive heat, too little or aging of the internal lubricant, causing damage to the bearing. We need to add lubricating oil according to the requirements of the operating instructions. The general lubrication only accounts for 70%-80% of the bearing space. Too much or too little lubrication is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. Bearings can prolong their service life. In the same way, the bearing cover and the shaft of the mill are too tightly fitted, and the chamber is easy to cause the bearing of the mill to generate heat. If the bearing and the shaft of the ultra-fine mill equipment are not properly fitted, the bearing will be overheated. . As long as this problem occurs, in the normal operation of the equipment, there will be a strong sound and a significant swing. At this point, we need to stop the phosphate rock ultra-fine mill equipment and then remove the bearing and repair the entire friction part. And then reassemble as required. Similarly, if the quality of the bearing selected by the customer is poor, the material is poor, the non-authentic imported bearing, and the grease is not resistant to high temperatures, high temperature is inevitable. Therefore, the process of selecting the phosphate ore ultrafine mill equipment should be tested for the details of the material. Our super-fine grinding machine of Shibang Industrial Technology Group believes that our quality is king and we are not afraid of testing. At the same time, it will also give the user a guarantee of one year.
      In the purchase of ultra-fine grinding machine, the user should pay attention to the details, although the appearance is important, but the value of the phosphate ore ultra-fine grinding machine is reflected by its working ability. In the future news, we will introduce more questions and precautions about the details of the ultra-fine mill equipment.

    • crushermachine169 has created the topic "Quarry crusher workflow". 07.10.2018



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