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    • Scarlett Nelson has written a new post "What are the initial setup steps for Roku Express device? " 06.04.2018


      • Select the language: Once the Roku box powers on it will prompt you to choose the Language. So scroll through the options and select the proper language and press Ok from your remote. In case your Remote is not working correctly then feel free to get help for Roku Remote not working.
      • Make the internet connections for Roku: Select the name of your home network and click on connect. Provide your username and password if it prompts you for that. Choose the option for Show password to make the password visible while you are typing in the password. Once you have entered the password, then click on connect to the internet.
      • Give some time to your Roku to complete the software updates. If your Roku box is connecting to the Internet, then it will automatically perform the updates regarding the operating system of Roku device.
      • Make the Roku account and proceed towards the activation process of Roku Express. To do this, you first need to link the Roku Express to your Roku account. It is because your Roku account will maintain a record of how many devices you are using, list out the channels you are subscribing, retain the purchase logs, etc.

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    • Scarlett Nelson has written a new post "How to update Roku Privacy Policy And Roku Channel?" 05.28.2018


      Roku just like many other companies has updated its privacy policy. It seems like as if the entire business world is updating its privacy policy, therefore, Roku followed the trend as well.
      Roku has to make changes to its privacy policy after deciding to bring Roku channel to 3rd-party devices and gaming consoles. Roku has launched Roku channel as an ad-supported VOD on its Roku TVs and Roku streaming devices. Roku channels offer free, ad-supported access to over thousand movies and TV shows from popular production houses in the world such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, MGM, Lions gate and Warner Bros
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    • Scarlett Nelson has written a new post "How To Add Private Channels To Roku 4? " 05.24.2018


      If you search online, then there are more than thousands of private channels available which you can grab for your Roku 4 player. You can check on:
      • John Green’s crash course.
      • Boomerang News live.
      • Khan Academy.
      • NASA TB Hubble cast HD.
      • TED talks and Adult swim shows
      • Live local news.
      • PBS.
      • Live news from local areas.
      • Universal sports network.

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    • Scarlett Nelson has written a new post "How to add channels to your Roku Streaming device?" 04.02.2018

      • From your Roku Remote, click on Home button.
      • For opening the channel store, scroll the channels up and down and select Streaming Channels. On the top of channel store, list of all new, popular and featured channels category is displayed to explore. By entering the keyword in search channel, you can find channel as per your choice, there are different genres available to browse.
      • If you want to get knowledge about other channels, you can click on OK Button from you remote and can view all details. You can review the rating and synopsis and in addition, you can also preview the channel screenshot.
      • If the channel on your Roku is free then you can go for Add Channel option and can install the different channels as per your choice on your Roku device.
      • If the channel on your Roku is “Paid” that you can go for an option buy “$X.XX”, for purchasing and installing channels on your Roku.
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    • Scarlett Nelson has written a new post "How do I link my Roku to my account? " 03.09.2018

      1. Make sure you are logged into your Roku account. ...
      2. Connect your Roku to your TV and turn the Roku on. ...
      3. Enter this code on the web page from Step 1 and click the Submit button. ...
      4. Now you need to select channels to add to your Roku. ...
      5. You are now done linking your Roku to your account.

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    • Scarlett Nelson has written a new post "How to deal with Roku remote problems? " 02.15.2018


      • Make sure there is no object physically present in between the remote and Roku.
      • Try to use the remote pointing it straight exactly from the front of your box. If you can operate it, then the might be due to any obstruction.
      • Reset your Remote control: Pull out the pair of Remote cells. Wait for 10-15 seconds and then put them back to remote correctly. Check if now you can use the remote and if your remote starts working this time, then the problem might be due to loose cell connection.
      • Examine the state of batteries: Check if the battery has expired. If yes, then try replacing them with new ones.
      • Replace your Remote control: If your remote doesn’t work even after following the above troubleshooting steps, then you should get Roku help for more troubleshooting steps.

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    • Scarlett Nelson has written a new post "How Live television can be Paused on your Roku TV? " 01.25.2018

      Hello lilymitchell

      Live TV Pause is a feature that allow you to pause or stop the live TV up to the time of 90 minutes. This feature is only available on the Antenna TV input of Roku TV and needs a dedicated USB flash drive for recording the video.
      1. USB Flash Drive requirements
      For pausing a live TV you need a USB 2.0 compatible flash with at least 16GB of storage. 16 GB is the minimum size required to hold 90 minutes of paused TV. USB drives larger than 16 GB will not increase the time of paused TV. Live TV pause will reformat the USB drive and everything on the drive will be erased. Later, if you wish to use the drive for something other than live TV pause, then it will need to be reformatted. During the process of reformatting the drive will be tested to make sure that it can read and fast enough in order to support the live streaming video.
      2. Enabling Live TV Pause
      • Firstly, setup the Antenna TV input on your Roku TV. On its completion, you will be prompted to Set up live TV pause.
      • If the Antenna input is already setup, press the home button on your Roku Tv remote to go to the main screen of Roku and then perform the following:
      1. Highlight the antenna TV input, press the asterisk button for bringing up the options menu and select the option of enable live TV.
      2. Select the Antenna input to watch live television, press the play pause button and choose setup live TV pause.
      3. Go to settings > Tv inputs > antenna TV > Live Tv pause > and then select enable.
      • Follow the on-screen instructions for completing the setup.
      • In case of any difficulty, you can step ahead to Roku Com Link.
      4. Disabling Live TV pause
      5.Though unplugging the USB drive will automatically disable the live TV pause. Alternatively, you can press the home button on your Roku Tv remote for going to the main screen of Roku. After that highlight the Antenna TV input, then press the asterisk button for bringing up the options menu and select the option of disable live TV.
      6. Go to settings
      7 Tv inputs
      8. antenna TV
      9. Live Tv pause
      10. and then select disable. Disabling the live TV pause while watching live television will instantly jump you to the live point. For more information, you can navigate to www Support Roku Com.

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